11 natural home remedies for cracked heels are uncovered

home remedies for cracked heels - causes of cracked heels

Also known as heel fissures, cracked heels are a popular problem impacting males and females all around the world. That is why this article from VKool.com introduces to you all necessary things about cracked heels, including causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment. To put in simple words, you will learn home remedies for cracked heels that can be applied right instantly using natural ingredients. Chu de cách chữa nứt gót chân

I. Home Remedies For Cracked Heels – What Are Cracked Heels?

home remedies for cracked heels

In normal, cracked, dry heels are one of the symptoms of lack of attention to foot care instead of overexposure or lack of moisturizers. In terms of medical aspect, cracked heels, oftentimes, are called heel fissures. Fissures are the regular linear cut wounds and mostly impact the surface level that comprises of the epidermis. It might take deep into the dermis and be painful, sometimes. Such excessive pressure on the feet pads might make the human feet expand sideways. When the skin surrounding the feet’s sides are dry, they will crack and lead to cracked heels. Appearances of cracked heels indicate omega-3 fatty acid and zinc deficiency.

Although cracks of the human skin might arise anywhere, the most popular area is the rim of your heel, and web of toes. These are the most constantly or frequently used body parts. Xerosis or dry skin is considered as one of the most popular causes of cracked heels. Most of problem involved in feet arise because of neglect or oversight regarding feet care. Corns, cracked feet, and other common feet problems could be avoidable easily.

In fact, cracked heels are not harmful except if the fissures are too deep, and skin starts to bleed. As a result, the sufferer will get infection. Generally, this is avoidable situation for those already suffering from those chronic illnesses, like lowered immune system or diabetes because of age or the ailment which might retard the cure of cracked heels.

Oftentimes, cracked heels are a popular occurrence for those seniors or those who constantly stand on their feet, exerting the pressure on their feet pad. Aside from this, sebum production will reduce with age, so seniors might suffer from cracked and dry heels. Excessively peeling skin, dry skin, or dry and cracked skin on the heels also are some of the most popular skin issues among seniors. These problems could impact either both the heels or one of the heel. However, most commonly dry and cracked heels impact both the feet.

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II. Home Remedies For Cracked Heels – Causes Of Cracked Heels 

When it comes to cracked heels, there are some most common causes leading to this problem, which are:

  • Naturally thick dry skin or dry skin around your heels which will be more likely to crack is usually because of excessive feet activity
  • Prolonged standing at home or work. Also, hard floors might lead to cracked heels.
  • Being overweight is also another reason of cracked heels, increasing the pressure on the usual fat pad under the heel, thereby causing it to expand sideways. If the skin is not flexible enough, the pressure on feet will result in cracked heels.
  • Back-open shoes or sandals make the fat under heels to expand sideways and enhance the ability of cracked heels.
  • Disorders and diseases like psoriasis, athlete’s foot, thyroid disease, psoriasis, diabetes, and other skin diseases might lead to cracked heels.
  • Constant exposure to water, particularly running water, could rob the natural oils of the skin, leaving it rough and dry. Besides, standing for prolonged stage is such a damp area like a bathroom also leads to cracked heels.

Apart from the listed caused above, there are some other reasons leading to this skin problem, which are:

  • Age – thick dry scaly skin lose elasticity with age and therefore cracks have much higher risk with age
  • Ill-fitting shoes, changing in walking posture of standing for a prolonged time
  • Unhygienic conditions or circumstances
  • Dry, unhealthy scaly skin because of diseases and climate
  • Deficiency of zinc, minerals and vitamins

The majority of people do not try to recognize the causes of their cracked heels. Nevertheless, some of the causes are more serious than others and should be addressed by a professional expert or doctor. Thus, you should consult your dermatologist or doctor about this problem, before trying it on your own.

III. Home Remedies For Cracked Heels – Symptoms Of Cracked Heels 

home remedies for cracked heels

Symptoms and signs of cracked heels might be simple indicators of faulty internal activity or an external abuse. If you observe your body and its manifestations, minutely you can avoid some diseases and disorders by handling them before they take on such a destructive path. Fact is, feet care takes a little attention and when there is a problem happening to your feet, it might be an indicator of not caring well the feet.

1. Flaky Or Red Patches 

home remedies for cracked heels

This is usually one of the initially symptoms of cracked, dry skin and if you neglect it, it might worsen over time. Dry skin is vulnerable to infections, so it is crucial for you to treat the condition right instantly.

2. Cracked And Peeling Skin 

home remedies for cracked heels

This sign generally follows the initial symptom of flaky or red skin. Cracked and peeling skin is a sure sign of dry cracked heels and instant measures need to be taken in order to treat the condition. You need to warrant that you do not pull of the pieces of your dry skin because it might damage the skin it is attached to. In case you need to remove a long piece of dead skin, then you could make use of some pair of scissors to carefully and slowly clip away your dead skin cells.

3. Itchy Skin 

home remedies for cracked heels

This is resulted by the abnormal shrinking of the upper layers of your dry skin. This excessive shrinking leads to stretching of the skin below as well as around your affected skin areas. Consequently, this will lead to itchiness and discomfort. That case, you will have to eliminate the upper layers of your dead skin cells before using any kind of treatment for cracked heels.

4. Bleeding Or Discharge From Cracks 

home remedies for cracked heels

Discharge or bleeding from your cracked heels is a serious problem because it implies that the cracks not only impact the upper layers of your skin but also the lower ones of tissues. Those deep cracks in your heels also enhance the risk of suffering from any skin infection within this area. If you wear closed shoes without socks whilst you have cracked or dry heels only lead to further enhancement of an individual’s risk of suffering from cracked and dry heels fungus infection because closed shoes supply yeast infections and fungus with the adequate, even perfect habitat to reproduce.

IV. Home Remedies For Cracked Heels – Prevention From Dry Feet 

home remedies for cracked heels

Acknowledging your skin problems beforehand and taking action to prevent skin ailments, in general, and cracked heels, in particular is always essential. Here are some tips for you:

  • Talk to a doctor about the OTC lotions, moisturizers or creams you are using to help manage your dryness.
  • Avoid rubbing or scratching your affected area. Rather than doing so, you can try applying cold compresses or ice packs to those itchy areas for several minutes at a time
  • Avoid washing too often. Also, avoid fragrant soaps, bubble baths as well as other beauty products which might dry your own skin. Remember to let the skin dry when you finish rather than rubbing the towel over the body. Besides, use tepid water, not hot water. The heat from the hot water might contribute to your dry skin.
  • Avoid steam baths or saunas if you can
  • Moisturize after showering or every time the feet come into contact with water
  • Wear those shoes which can allow the feet to breathe easily. Also, avoid excessive sweating
  • Avoid blasting the heater within your house and use the humidifier to keep moisture of the air in your office or your home. Those heating units could be notorious for drying out air.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which could worsen redness and itchy feeling

V. Home Remedies For Cracked Heels – Top 15 Tips Are Uncovered tip chữa trị

Here are some most effective natural home remedies for cracked heels for you to try out using only easy-to-find ingredients in your kitchen or local stores.

1. Vegetable Oil

home remedies for cracked heels

This is one of the most useable home remedies for cracked heels that everyone can try out instantly. There are many types of vegetable oil available like coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, or other hydrogenated vegetable oil which could be used to cure as well as prevent the cracked heels effectively by supplying necessary moisture.

  • Before going to bed, you can scrub your feet with the pumice stone and then wash them thoroughly.
  • Then, apply a little bit vegetable oil on the soles and heels
  • Use a pair of clean socks to put on your heels and leave it overnight.
  • In the next morning, you will notice that your heels become softer than usual
  • Repeat the routine regularly for several days till your cracks disappear

2. Rice Flour

home remedies for cracked heels

This acts as a wonderful homemade exfoliating scrub that could be used to exfoliate the skin on the heels or feet, removing dead skin cells caused from cracking and dryness.

  • You can take a handful of the ground rice to mix with a proper amount (a few teaspoons) of both apple cider vinegar and honey.
  • Then, stir it well to create a thick paste. add one tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil (if you cracked heels are serious)
  • Now, soak the feet in the tub filled with lukewarm water for 15 minutes or so before applying this paste to your heels
  • Scrub them with this paste to remove dead skin cells
  • Remember to apply moisturizers after cleaning and washing the feet thoroughly
  • Do this process regularly till you get good results

3. Indian Lilac

home remedies for cracked heels

In fact, Indian lilac is also called as neem or margosa which includes anti-fungal properties, helping to cure cracked heels.

  • Take several fresh Indian lilac leaves; crush them to make a good paste.
  • Add about 3 teaspoons of turmeric powder into, mix it up
  • Apply the paste onto your cracked heels; wait for 30 minutes or so
  • Wash the feet with lukewarm water; let it dry out on air or by using a soft, clean cloth
  • Apply this method for several days till you get rid of this problem

4. Lemon 

home remedies for cracked heels

Lemons contain natural acids helping work to clean the dirt, antibacterial playing an active role in softening and preventing cracked heels. Twice a week, soak your feet in a pot of warm water, squeeze half of a lemon into it, and then use the grinding stone to gently rub the heel. That can help take away dead skin easily and soften the skin.

Another option is to take a lemon and squeeze it extract the juice. Apply the juice on your rough skin directly. Or, you can soak your feet into the warm water mixed with lemon juice for no less than 10 minutes. Do not use hot water as it might worsen your problem.

Rinse the feet with soap. Pay the feet dry with soft towel. Do it regularly to get cracked heels rid of your feet.

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5. Olive Oil, Lavender Oil, And Lemon Oil 

home remedies for cracked heels

You could make use of several types of essential oils to relieve your cracked heels naturally. The cream made from these oils could bring to you good results almost instantly.

  • You can take one tablespoon of olive oil and add several drops of lavender oil and lemon oil to it.
  • Then, you stir it well; pour the oil mixture into such a small bottle before adding an equal amount of water to it.
  • After that, you just need to shake it well so that the oil and water will create a thick milky solution
  • Make use of this natural homemade cream whenever you need. Keep in mind that you need to shake the mixture well before applying it.

6. Glycerin And Rosewater 

home remedies for cracked heels

Because glycerin can soften the human skin, and rose water can add vitamin A, C, B3, D and E, providing your skin with essential moisture, so the combination of glycerin and rose water is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for cracked heels. Also, thanks to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of this combination, the skin of your heels will be softened and protected from infections naturally.

You can take equal quantities of rose water and glycerin then mix them well. Apply this solution on your cracked heels and feet. Make use of this method before going to bed so that the effect will be more long lasting. In the next morning, you just need to rinse the feet thoroughly. Do this method daily for several days until your cracked heels are gone away.

7. Jojoba Oil And Oatmeal 

home remedies for cracked heels

Jojoba oil if mixed with oatmeal could bring about an excellent moisturizing effect, helping to heal cracked heels.

  • You can take one tablespoon of oatmeal powder, the mix it with a proper amount of jojoba oil to create a thick paste
  • Next, you apply the paste on the cracks and massage it onto your heels for several minutes
  • Leave it on your heels for 30 minutes or so before rinsing it off
  • Pat dry and do it regularly daily until you get good results

8. Paraffin Wax 

home remedies for cracked heels

Paraffin wax will supply you with a rapid relief from the cracks. Especially, if you have a bad condition causing too much pain, then the result you get will be more noticeable.

  • Take a small amount of paraffin wax and then mix it with some mustard oil or coconut oil
  • Heat the mixture up till the wax melts entirely and allow the mixture to cool down to the room temperature
  • Now, apply it onto your cracked heels and start massaging gently
  • For more effective results, you can use this method before hitting the hay and wash them in the next morning

9. Banana 

home remedies for cracked heels

Because bananas could supply people with the essential moisturizer and eliminate dead skin cells if used, so you can use banana as one of your urgent, cheap home remedies for cracked heels.

There are several ways to use bananas for this purpose, including:

  • Ripe Banana chuối chín
  • Ripe Banana With Coconut Flesh And Avocado chuối với quả bơ
  • Take one ripe banana to mash it into a good paste.
  • Then, apply this paste onto your clean feet where cracked heels are available
  • Wait for about 15 minutes or so to let your skin absorb all of the natural nourishments
  • Gently wash the feet with lukewarm water before soaking the feet into cold water for several minutes
  • Do this routine daily for several weeks to keep your skin soft and smooth without cracks
  • Take one ripe banana to mash into a good paste
  • Add a half of avocado paste or the flesh of a half of one coconut. Because coconuts and avocados are high in some foot brushes to eradicate dead skin which lead to cracked and dry heels
  • Now, blend them plus with banana to create a creamy and thick paste
  • Apply the mixture onto your cracked heels and wait for 30 minutes or so
  • Wash it off with water and dry it out entirely

10. Honey And Milk 

home remedies for cracked heels

As milk is high in vitamin A as well as calcium, helping repair and rebuild your skin, so it could be used to treat cracked heels naturally. On the other hand, honey acts as natural humectants, helping to trap and seal the moisture, thereby making it ideal to apply to dry heels. Also, honey can ward off bacteria. The combination of honey and milk could create such a wonderful solution for cracked heels.

Some ways to use honey and milk are:

  • Honey And Milk mật ong và sữa
  • Milk, Honey And Orange Juice mật ong và sữa và nước cam
  • Take one cup of the honey and then add it into about 2 cups of milk before stirring them well. Pour this into a certain basin for foot soaking. Soak the feet into that solution for 15 minutes. Wait about 10 minutes to let the essential nutrients to be absorbed into your skin and start massaging the heels. Keep doing so for 10 minutes before washing the heels with tepid water.
  • Do this daily till you get good results.
  • Take one cup of organic honey to warm it up lightly so that you can spread it more easily.
  • Stir the honey in 2 tablespoons of milk and a half of tablespoon of orange juice. Mix them well.
  • Use a pumice stone to slough off callused skin before spreading a thin layer of this combination on the heels evenly
  • Apple the mixture onto your cracked heels, let it cover all the dry parts thoroughly
  • Wait for 45 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water and dry it thoroughly
  • Apply this method twice per day, once at morning time and once at night time before hitting the hay.

11. Warm Salt Water 

home remedies for cracked heels

In reality, warm salt water can provide additional care to keep the feet and heels as well moisturized.

  • You can fill half of a tub with warm water before adding salt to it
  • Mix the mixture well and then soak the feet into the water for no less than 15 minutes
  • Instantly soak the feet in cold water
  • This can help you boost blood circulation to the feet and reduce pain
  • Pat the feet dry with a dry, clean, soft cloth and apply your foot cream or petroleum jelly in order to lock the moisturizer
  • To get more effective results, you can wear a pair of socks for preventing the moisture from evaporating
  • Do this process regularly to remove cracked heels and achieve soft and smooth heels

These 11 home remedies for cracked heels above hopefully have helped you discovered some of the effective ways to get rid of cracked heels. Apply these natural remedies frequently for a prolonged amount of time; you will never see any crack heel any more.

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