1,000 Calorie Challenge Pdf Review – Does The Book Really Work?

1,000 calorie challenge

How To Reduce Body Fat With 1,000 Calorie Challenge?

With this complete 1,000 calorie challenge review, you will discover all about 1,000 calorie challenge with 6 below parts:

1. How To Reduce Body Fat – The Author’s Claims

2. About Arnel Ricafranca & Joel Marion – Author of 1,000 Calorie Challenge

3. How 1,000 Calorie Challenge Works

4. 1,000 Calorie Challenge – Advantages

5. 1,000 Calorie Challenge – Disadvantages

6. 1,000 Calorie Challenge – Conclusion

How To Reduce Body Fat – The Author’s Claims

The 1,000 Calorie Challenge is an exceptional system with fat burning diet program and fat loss workouts that will guide you on how to reduce body fat. The author claims that 1,000 Calorie Challenge System can stop one from maximal fat loss within just 4 weeks or less in a natural way. Moreover, he also adds that the system is the fastest calorie burning progression system ever developed. So, 1,000 Calorie Challenge is a smart solution for complicated weight-loss problem. This system also provides learners with high-calorie diet and fat-burning workout to reduce body fat in the fastest way.

1,000 Calorie Challenge system makes use of what called R-Quattro™, S² Progression, and Massive Afterburn to destroy fast stores. Also, the author stresses that the beauty of the program comes with the implementation of three tactically planned 1,000 calorie diet days each week. However, the author advises that learners have to be serious, ready to put for the effort, and fully dedicate 8 short weeks to enhance the effectiveness of the program.

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About Arnel Ricafranca & Joel Marion – Author Of 1,000 Calorie Challenge

Arnel Ricafrance and Joel Marion are the co-developers of 1,000 Calorie Challenge system. They are top experts in the field of fat burning. Both of them have a degree in Exercise Science and have sport nutrition and personal training certifications to boot. 1,000 Calorie Challenge offers an intuitive solution that will take exactly anyone at any level of fitness and progress them from doing 300 calorie workouts all the way to full-blown 1,000 Calorie Workouts in 4 weeks or less. If people have any question specific to 1,000 Calorie Challenge, people can visit the following support address

How 1000 Calorie Challenge Works

The 1,000 Calorie Challenge is the complete 10-component system as follow:

  • Component 1: The Phase 1 Training Manual.
  • Component 2: The Breaking-through Pre-test Challenge.
  • Component 3: The 1,000 Calorie Training Manual.
  • Component 4: The Diet Manual.
  • Component 5: Workout Log Sheets.
  • Component 6: The Exercise Database.
  • Component 7: The 1,000 Calorie Challenge Audio Interrogation.
  • Component 8: The Supplementation Guide.
  • Component 9: Pre-program Quick-start Checklist.
  • Component 10: The Success Journal.

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This 10-component is the mixture of fat-incinerating 1,000 Calorie Workouts with a pre-designed 1,000 Calorie Diet Days, as well as abundant advanced fat loss methods within a strategic 8-week.

The system is divided into 2 phases of fat-annihilation:

– Phase 1: Progressing from entry level 300 calorie workouts to full-blown 1,000 Calorie Workouts via R-Quattro™ technology and S² Progression systems.

In R-Quattro™, there are 4 training variables: Reps (the number of repetitions performed for each exercise); Resistance (the load used for each exercise); Rest (the length of rest periods between exercises and rounds); and Rounds (the number of times a circuit of exercises is completed). In order to get effectiveness of R-Quattro™, users have to follow the weekly set-up program:

  • Monday: baseline workout for reducing belly fat
  • Wednesday: reps and resistance are increased
  • Friday: rest decreased, rounds are increased

In combination with R-Quattro™, S² Progression is used each week for a synergistic weight-loss  effect.

1,000 calorie challenge oder

– Phase 2: Fat-annihilating 1,000 Calorie Workouts

On top of the entry level 300, 450, 600, and 800 calorie fat loss workouts provided in the program materials, “Modified Exercise Video Database” and “Resistance Band Versions” of all the workouts are added for free as picking up the 1,000 Calorie Challenge.

1000 Calorie Challenge – Advantages

  • 1,000 Calorie Challenge System includes step-by-step instructions that users can understand without a doubt.
  • 1,000 Calorie Challenge System contains details tutorials that help people follow plainly.
  • 1,000 Calorie Challenge System is suitable for even beginners and people at any level of calorie rates.
  • The program is not scam because it gives a guarantee policy of back 100% money in 60 days.
  • The entire program will be available via download right after the purchase without shipping fees or waiting time.
  • 1,000 Calorie Challenge program does not discriminate based on age, gender, or any other factor, so it still works for considerably older people.

1000 Calorie Challenge – Disadvantages

1,000 Calorie Challenge program brings users a lot of benefits, but it is only a training course. So, the result still depends crucially on learners’ time and effort.

1,000 Calorie Challenge – Final Verdict

This article is a full 1,000 calorie challenge review made by me truthfully to know whether 1,000 Calorie Challenge Program is viable or not. After enlightened consideration, I highly recommend you should put it on your worth-buying list.

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