How To Fall Asleep Fast: 25 Easy Ways For Kids, Teens & Adults

how to fall asleep fast for kids

In this modern society, there is no strange that many people would like to improve the quality of their sleep every night. Turning, tossing, waking up too frequently, struggling to fall back asleep are what people complaint about their sleep. People nowadays are notorious for letting bright lights or screens into the bedroom, and letting doses of anxiety daily hit their bedroom. These are seemingly subconscious habits that leave people annoying alert than relaxed and calm. Lack of good, sufficient quality sleep takes a toll on nearly all aspects of the life, everything from mood, to health, to safety, to job efficiency. However, these is still good news – all is not lost. With a bit of proper knowledge, a bit of planning, and also a bit of persistence and patience, we all could learn to fall asleep fast.

If you are constantly looking for real tips on how to fall asleep fast for kids, teens and adults, then now you are at the right place because here will show you 25 easy ways to make it come true. Just take a quick look!

I. How To Fall Asleep Fast – Reasons For People To Sleep Well & Fall Asleep Fast

What differences could 60-minute sleeping make in your life? There are actually several things you will experience, according to experts. Researchers showed that the gap between getting too little sleep and getting just enough sleep might leave some impacts on your weight, your mood, your health, and even your sexual life.

If you are having less than the necessary 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night, here come 9 reasons that you should turn off the lights, shut down your computer, and go to sleep 60 minutes early right from today.

1. Stronger Immunity

how to fall asleep fast - stronger immunity

This is the first reason – actually the first benefit of proper sleep for human beings that people should learn and make use.

Do you know that having sufficient amount of sleep can help to prevent common colds? A preliminary research makes a test to check out this idea. Researchers tracked more than one hundred fifty people and monitored their sleeping habits for 2 weeks. Then, they would be exposed to a virus that causes colds.

One of the most important reasons that people should get enough sleep and fall asleep fast is to get a stronger immunity, so get it!

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2. Better Memory

how to fall asleep fast - better memory

Are you feeling that you easily forget everything around? This could be due to sleep loss. Researchers have stated that while people sleep, the brains process and consolidate all memories of the day. If you are facing the sleep lack problem, it seems like your memories may not be stored properly – and you can lose these memories.

In addition, some researchers suggested that sleep can help to decrease the risks of having false memories. In many experiments, someone was required to look over some words. Later, they had to answer some questions to determine which they could remember after all. Those did not sleep in between were more prone to having false memory – remembering wrong words – those they had not actually looked at before.

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3. Clearer Thinking

how to fall asleep fast - clearer thinking

Have you ever woken up due to a bad night’s sleep, feeling easily confused and fuzzy, feeling like your brain cannot start working normally?

In fact, sleep lack could affect your thinking negatively. It could impair your decision-making, your attention, and your cognition. Researchers have discovered that people who lack sleep are noticeably worse at solving math or logic issues than when they are well-rested. They are also more prone to making odd mistakes, such as leaving a key in the fridge accidently.

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4. Better Weight Control

how to fall asleep fast - better weight control

Having sufficient amount of sleep at night can help a lot in maintaining a healthy weight level – and conversely, sleep deprivation can be associated with higher risks of weight gain. The reason is that part of this issue is behavioral. If you are too tired after work, you may have not enough energy to go for jogging or cooking a healthy dinner.

The other effect of this issue is physiological. The hormone leptin has an important role in making people fuller for a longer time period. As people do not sleep enough, their leptin levels would get dropped. As a result, tired people are just hungrier, and they seem to specifically want to consume high-calorie and high-fat foods.

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5. Better Mood

how to fall asleep fast - better mood

Having sufficient amount of sleep will not ensure a sunny disposition. However, people may be noticed that when they are exhausted, they would be more likely to get easily cranky. That is not all. Sleep lack can affect the emotional regulation negatively. As you are overtired, you would have higher risks of snapping at your boss, start uncontrollably laughing, or even bursting into tears.

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6. Lower Risk Of Injury

how to fall asleep fast - lower risk of injury

Getting sufficient amount of sleep could actually keep people more secure. Sleep lack has been related with a lot of notorious issues, such as the grounding of the Exxon Valdez and the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger. The Institute of Medicine estimated that in every five auto accidents in the United State, there is one accident resulting from a drowsy driver, equivalent to nearly one million crashes annually.

A Ph.D., an author of Sleep Deprived No More, and a psychology professor at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia said that certainly, every kind of accident would be more likely to occur as the drivers are exhausted. As you are having a fatigue, you would be more prone to cutting yourself while chopping veggies, tripping, or falling off a ladder. Many household accidents could leave dangerous consequences.

7. Less Pain

how to fall asleep fast - less pain

If you are suffering from an acute pain due to a recent injury – or a chronic health issue – having sufficient sleep might actually help to reduce your hurt feeling. Many researches have shown a relation between lower pain thresholds and sleep loss. Unluckily, getting pain could make it hard for people to fall asleep.

Researchers have discovered that having goodnight’s sleep could give you a natural treatment for pain. If you usually wake up at night due to pain attacks, there are also treatments available that combine a sleep aid with a pain reliever.

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8. Better Sex Life

how to fall asleep fast - better sex life

According to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, up to 25% of people said that their own sexual life tends to become bad as they are suffering from excess tiredness. There is some evidence that in males, impaired sleep could be related to lower testosterone levels – even though the exact nature of the relation is unclear.

Certainly, sleep lacking could influence your sexual life in indirect ways as well. If you are 28 years old, who is so tired, then you are falling asleep during watching a movie, that is really unhealthy.

9. Better Health

how to fall asleep fast - better health

Having sufficient amount of sleep at night will not grant your immune system from the condition. However, research after research has discovered a relation between sleep lack and some severe health issues, including obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease.

In many cases, the health risks from sleep deprivation just turn to be severe after years. However, that may not always be true. A research simulated the influences of the patterns that disturb the sleep of shift workers on ten healthy and young adults. Just after 4 days, 3 of them saw blood glucose levels that were equivalent to pre-diabetic.

Those got just 7 hours of sleep per night or less were almost 3 times as more prone to getting diseases and ailments as those got 8 hours of sleep per night at least. More studies should be conducted to set a real relation; this research was small and other factors might have affected the results. Still, people could not go wrong getting 8 hours of sleep as possible.

II. How To Fall Asleep Fast – 25 Tips For Kids, Teens, And Adults

 How to fall asleep fast

1. Keep Your Partner On Track

how to fall asleep fast - keep your partner on track

This is actually the very first one out on the list of the most effective tips on how to fall asleep fast and naturally that everyone should try at home without facing any difficulty to improve sleep quality and save much time at night.

If you are facing some difficulties falling asleep due to a sleeping partner that you sleep together in a bed, then you should notice them about your issue. If they do not touch you enough, touch you too much, snore, or any other reason, then you two should discuss to find out a proper solution so that you could know how to fall asleep fast.

2. How To Fall Asleep Fast – Regulate The Sleep Cycle

Waking up and going to bed at the same times on a daily basis can notice the body about the time it would get tired and want to sleep. With a busy social life and work schedule, this task could be a little bit difficult. However, regulating the sleep schedule would be very good for everyone and their overall health for a long time further. Finally, how to fall asleep fast? You should keep your bedtime every night at the same time and set an alarm to wake up on time every morning. As a result, you will not need to keep track of these habits anymore and the body would regulate itself to get you coming with proper and timely sleep at night.

3. Try Not To Nap

Another useful tip on how to fall asleep fast that we would like to give all of you today is that you should try not to nap during the daytime as a nap can prevent you from falling asleep on time at night!

As you are fully exhausted and it has been a long, tired day, the most favorite thing that all people, including you, would like to do is taking a nap – one of the most common things people often do every day to give the body a rest. Nevertheless, this habit could affect your sleep cycle and make it more difficult for you to fall asleep timely as usual. If you have to take a nap, then you should try to keep the sleeping time around and not over twenty minutes to keep lining your hormones.

4. How To Fall Asleep Fast – Do Not Work Out At Night

Change your workout routine and get them all implemented in the morning; evening workout could keep people buzzing into the hours as you should be asleep soundly. Do not perform workouts within four hours of heading for bed. Nevertheless, if you are not following a workout routine, then you should plan one for you! Doing workouts does give us a huge positive effect on quality of sleep and speed of falling asleep. It just needs to be done on time. This is actually one of the most effective tips on how to fall asleep fast and naturally without having to use any type of drugs, pills, or medications so that everyone visiting who are also suffering from trouble sleeping at night should learn this tip carefully and try it as soon as possible for good!

5. Have Dinner Earlier

how to fall asleep fast - have dinner earlier

Our body needs time for good digestion, and could do it best when you are standing or sitting. Laying down when your body processes all the foods you have consumed would make it hard to fall asleep fast. Try having dinner at least 3 hours before your bedtime; this would help a lot in preventing digestion from affecting your sleep need.

6. Keep Your Bedroom As A Sanctuary

Keeping the bedroom as a sanctuary means that you should keep your bedroom clean, free from distractions and junk, and you should always keep it fresh. Change your sheets every week, fluff up your pillows every day and try to get some fresh air at least circulating through your bedroom every day. Keeping your bedroom as the place just for sleeping can help enormously. Certainly, it is good for you to have a quiet place to do whatever you like, but having distracting and cool stuff around can bring about trouble sleeping issue.

7. How To Fall Asleep Fast – Count Sheep

how to fall asleep fast - count sheep

Well, do not really count sheep, but you should try counting! Doing a repetitive, mundane task inside your head would bore you into exhaustion and distract your mind a lot.

8. Use Aromatherapy

Making use of aromatic essential oil extracted from some natural ingredients is also a good tip on how to fall asleep fast naturally within a short time that both men and women who are suffering from trouble sleeping should learn and make use as soon as possible for good!

Researchers showed that making use of lavender essential oil can help a lot in creating a comfortable surrounding for sleeping and relaxing the body. Add about 5 drops of lavender essential oil to your pillowcase or pillow to support in your sleeping journey.

9. Chance Your Sleeping Surface

how to fall asleep fast - chance your sleeping surface

If the mattress in your bed is getting pokey or saggy, then you should flip it over. If it is excessively firm, then you should use a foam pad to cover it. If your bedroom at night is too hot, then you should flip over your pillow. If you have uncomfortable or scratchy blankets or sheets, then you should get a new one. Nothing would be more important than having some rest. If the bed is chronically an uncomfortable, then you should purchase a new bed to place your back and body with more ease.

Wondering how to fall asleep fast? Keep reading to know more!

10. How To Fall Asleep Fast-Make Yourself Comfortable

Avoid uncomfortable or tight clothes, such as hairbands and socks. Make sure to use your bathroom just before your bedtime; a constant need to pee would prevent people from falling asleep and the thoughts of getting too cold or too tired to get up and go could simply make you stay awake for long.

11. Take Melatonin

how to fall asleep fast - take melatonin

Do not feel scared or worried about making use of melatonin as it is also a good agent for those looking for tips on how to fall asleep fast at home. In fact, you can take this right at the comfort of your own home and see how amazing it would work for you and your current situation!

This is the hormone that is responsible for causing the sensation of sleep you would have at night. A low dosage of pills could work better than a high dosage when you take at every night. Soon enough, as a result of the effects that this natural hormone leaves on, you would be slumbering away.

  • You do not need to take the supplement though; you could find out melatonin naturally in cherries, tomatoes, oranges, pineapple, oats, bananas, as well as others foods.

12. How To Fall Asleep Fast – Take A Supplement

This is also one of the best and most effective tips on how to fall asleep fast and naturally that everyone can make use without having to spend too much time, money, and efforts yet still can achieve the best results as desired.

Many minerals and herbs have been used for several years to support in improving the sleep quality of human beings. Before heading on your pillow to enjoy bedtime, you should try to take some supplements every evening and see how they can help you a lot in improving your speed of falling asleep at night.

  • Magnesium and calcium can work effectively together in harmony to help us fall asleep faster and better. Take 200mg of magnesium and 600mg of calcium at every night and wait until you achieve the best results as desired.
  • Hops are not just needed for producing beer. However, they are also very ideal for creating the lethargic feeling that every one of us would need to fall asleep. It can help to reduce the signs and symptoms of insomnia as well as relieving anxiety. Take 30 – 120mg of a hops supplement every night before your bedtime.
  • You can also try taking a supplement of wild lettuce. Wild lettuce supplements can help to reduce signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sleep. A knockout! Take 30 – 120mg every night.
  • Take an L-theanine supplement every night to increase your alertness throughout the day and your sleep quality at night. You could also try drinking green tea in every morning, which may have trace amounts of this amino acid.
  • You can also make use of valerian root supplement as it is one of the oldest treatments known for curing insomnia. In fact, this agent can help both in boosting the falling asleep speed and in improving your sleep quality. Take 200 – 800mg of valerian root supplements nightly.

In brief, this is also among the best and the most effective tips on how to fall asleep fast and effectively at home that everyone who is also looking for the solution for trouble sleeping or sleep lack should learn carefully about and make use without concerning anything. Try this tip and follow the suggestions it revealed, and you will soon see your whole life changes from now. Enjoy your brand new life with this effective solution.

13. Exercise During The Day

how to fall asleep fast-exercise during the day

We all know that exercise can improve the human health. In fact, it also improves the sleep quality by decreasing stress. However, you should not exercise within 3 hours before your bedtime as the adrenaline will keep you awake.

14. Limit Caffeinated, Alcoholic Drinks 

how to fall asleep fast-limit caffeinated, alcoholic drinks

You should not use caffeinated drinks if you want to know how to fall asleep fast. Caffeine might make it hard to fall asleep, we all know. Yet, we might not be aware that alcohol also interferes with your sleep as well, as does drinking too much water before hitting the hay.

15. How To Fall Asleep Fast – Prep Your Body

how to fall asleep fast-prep your body

When you hit the sack, you should try this progressive relaxation technique. Firstly, curl the toes tightly for a count of only seven, then relax. After that, repeat this routine through each of your muscle groups, working up from the toes to the neck.

16. Take Notes 

how to fall asleep fast-take notes

Another good way on how to fall asleep fast is to take notes. This sounds irrelevant to your purpose of falling asleep fast. However, it does. Your daily routine impacts how well you sleep. A sleep log could help you make those connections. Each day, you record how much caffeine you drink, the time and the amount of exercise you practice, what you eat, and when you go to bed as well as wake up, and your total sleep duration. Then, share this log with the professional in this field.

17. Keep Cool 

keep cool

People tend to sleep faster and better when the temperature of the room is on the cooler side. Thus, you had better set the thermostat to about 65 degrees or lower. In case that hot flashes, or perimenopausal night sweats make you get out of the covers, you should use a cooling mattress pad, a pair of breathable cotton pajamas, or moisture-wicking sheets.

18. How To Fall Asleep Fast – Take A Hot Bath

how to fall asleep fast-take a hot bath

This is one of the most effective tips on how to fall asleep fast that many people use. Increasing the temperature of the skin will enhance the feelings of sleepiness and make your journey to deep sleep occur faster. Just simply take a hot shower or a hot bath for about 30 minutes before your bedtime and then you can reap the benefits they supply.

Just make sure that the water is above 38 °C so you can get the best possible results. Water that is too cool will not supply the desired benefits as hot water.

Hot baths tend to be better for inducing relaxation, yet regardless of whether you take a hot shower or a hot bath, you still need to warrant that you enjoy the water for 20 minutes or so.

19. Keep The Room Dark

how to fall asleep fast-keep the room dark

This is a basic tip on how to fall asleep fast. Bright lights, even not just from the electronics, could be a huge damper on falling asleep. In fact, they make you think that it is too early to sleep, and also prevent an enhancement in hormones responsible for sleepiness. Thus, you should turn off the overhead lights, lamps and night lights in order to fall asleep faster. Do not forget to close the blinds, of course. If you want to write or read before hitting the hay, you can use a small book light rather than a desktop lamp. These things should be small enough that they will not impact the hormones much.

20. Read A Book 

how to fall asleep fast-read a book

Well, this is a great technique how to fall asleep fast. Reading is a good way to decrease stress and anxiety, helps your own mind unwind. You can opt for the favorite book and read instantly before your bedtime. Remember, you should avoid reading the action or horror books as they might have the opposite effect on your sleep and leave you laying in bed even much later than you often do.

Learn ways to stop teeth grinding while sleep here to have better sleeps.

21. Go For A Warm Drink

go for a warm drink

Drinking something warm and calming before your bedtime will help relax both your body and your mind. However, you should avoid drinking anything with alcohol or caffeine as mentioned earlier in this list of tips on how to fall asleep fast. Drink something soft, small and sweet shortly before bed. Just a cup of warm milk with chamomile and honey added is a great option for your drink. Pair the drink with the writing and reading choice that you set.

22. Change The Angle 

how to fall asleep fast-change the angle

Sleep position matters. Do you know that if you sleep on the back, the airways will be blocked off and enhance the chance of snoring? Therefore, you had better sleep on your sides in order to reduce the risk of snoring during the night, and also remember to encourage your partner to do the same if it is their problem. Also, make sure that every part of your own body is comfortable. Lie in the same position each night, so your body will become accustomed to falling asleep in the same manner.

23. Follow Breathing Techniques 

how to fall asleep fast-follow breathing techniques

If you find that an anxious, busy mind is your main sleep destroyer, then it might be the time for you to finally give meditation a try. While doing meditation, you should notice where you feel that breath move inside your own body. That helps you start the process of relaxing the tense muscles. And, this physical change will help you let any negative or stressful emotions and thoughts hardly come and easily go when you remain tied to the body and breath. Accomplish the breathing technique for about 8-10 minutes to take all the advantages of it each night.

24. How To Fall Asleep Fast – Adjust The Pillow

how to fall asleep fast-adjust the pillow

Before asking how to fall asleep fast, you should pay attention to your neck – make it a straight line. Position the pillow between the knees to keep the hips in such a neutral position. You can also use two pillows, one for the arm, and one for elevating the head. Or, you could tuck a few pillows around you. Do either of these ways to keep yourself feel comfortable and in-line best.

25. Decrease Unwanted Noise

how to fall asleep fast-decrease unwanted noise

This is the very last one out on the list of the best and most effective tips on how to fall asleep fast at home that we would like to bring to the readers of and also want to encourage all of you to make use of it as soon as possible if you are among those suffering from trouble sleeping or sleep lack at night!

You should turn on the white noise generator or a file of sounds from nature. The low-level, constant sound will drown out other noises that might prevent you from falling asleep. Listen to the relaxing or soft music you love. There are a few pieces of music that are believed to support sleep.  Experiment yourself with different kinds of music so you can get the best sleep tunes.

Another advice is to use earplug to remove any annoying sounds. And, also try to not fall asleep with regular headphones in because they might slip around and become annoying and painful against the ear as well as face when you sleep.

There, you have learnt most effective but simple methods about how to fall asleep fast for kids, teens and adults. Remember that falling asleep fast requires a little bit of preparation, following a regular routine and sleep comfort. Apply some of them at the same time to get the best results possible in a short span of time. Good luck!

Another thing that I would like to do right after revealing the list of best tips on how to fall asleep fast and naturally at home is to introduce another interesting writing that can help all of the readers visiting improve their own sleep quality right at the comfort of their own home without having to spend too much time, money, and effort – the Top 18 Best And Worst Foods For Sleep Revealed! article. This is actually an entire writing that introduces a combination of foods that are bad or good for improving sleep quality and are proven by science. Aiming to help everyone, people of all ages to get better sleep at night, this recommended article comes from the natural basis and will not lead to any harmful side effect. People will be able to get better sleep without having to spend time and money on any type of drugs, pills, or medical interventions. Briefly, those having troubles in sleeping should read this recommended article, and make use of the tips and techniques how to fall asleep fast revealed inside without concerning anything about the safety or effectiveness of them.

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