16 Tips how to treat cough naturally in toddlers

A cough is an action that clears the mucus airways and it is caused by a lot of problems such as smoke, dust, or other health problems. A cough is a common health condition that many people have, especially the infants, toddlers, and babies, who still have weak immune system. You can treat a cough by using pills or drugs, however, you should try the natural solutions first because they are safe and easy to do at home. In this article, VKool.com will show you top 16 tips how to treat cough naturally in toddlers.  The writing is for informational purpose only, so you should have the toddlers see the doctor if the problem is severe.

Top 16 Tips How To Treat Cough Naturally  In Toddlers  

1. Elevate The Head

how to treat cough - elevate the head

In toddlers, a cough can result from bronchiolitis, croup, or whooping cough. It is very inconvenient to sleep at night, and the younger children might cry a lot. So it is important to arrange best for night sleep and elevating the head is one of the simplest tips how to treat cough naturally at home. You should put the pillow under the back, head, or shoulders, so your child is in the upright position. By the way, she will breathe easier. For baby, you can put a pillow under the mattress to raise the head.

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2. Steam Up

how to treat cough - steam up

Steaming is so great for treating cough, cold, and you can apply this method for the toddler. According to the Baby Book’s author, William Sears, MD, you should have your child go into a steam room, close the door, run the hot water and sit in the room for 15 minutes before going to sleep, and you do it for 15 minutes in every morning. The steam will loosen nasal and chest congestion and help your child blow it out easier. You also can drum on the chest and back of the toddlers to break up the congestion.

3. Take Advantage Of Humidifier

how to treat cough - take advantage of humidifier

A cough will be more serious if the weather is dry, especially in the winter. Make sure that you keep your child’s airways moist and clear. If the weather does support, you can run a humidifier. Specifically, you open the windows in the morning, air out your room. How to treat cough naturally in toddlers?

Keep reading the article and find out more.

4. Help The Toddler Cough Out

how to treat cough - help the toddler cough out

After steaming, the mucus will loosen and you should stimulate him to cough out. Then, you use the tissues or nasal aspirator to clear the sinuses. The toddler is old enough to clear the mucus from the nose and you should practice this technique whenever he can. If not, you can use a bulb syringe to help him do the best job. Actually, toddlers are old enough to know how to cough out and throw the mucus effectively.

5. Use Saline Solution

how to treat cough - use saline solution

One of the most common secrets how to treat cough naturally is to use saline solution. Keeping your nose clean and clear is very important to speed up the healing process. After using a nasal aspirator, you can clean up the nose by spraying the saline. You can apply this remedy several times to help your child breathe easier. The best way is to prepare a saline bottle in your house.

6. Honey

how to treat cough - honey

Honey here is pure, fresh, and have a good standard. However, the honey is not recommended for children under age 6 and you can use it for a toddler. The method is:

  • Take a teaspoon of honey and have your child get it before bedtime.
  • Babies under age six should not use honey, but they can take maple syrup after consulting the doctor.

7. Drink More

how to treat cough - drink more

Drinking water is a very helpful remedy for treating cough. If your child is lazy to drink, you should encourage them to drink more frequently. Drinking water will help the body stay hydrated and the mucus will be thrown out easier. You can drink more fluids through the meals or drink extra fluids.  Also, your child should drink more milk to improve your health as well as soothe the condition more effectively.

8. Chicken Soup

how to treat cough - chicken soup

Discovering about the ways on how to treat cough, you cannot forget chicken soup, which can supply vital fluids as well as nutrients for the sick body. It is easy to cook and easy to eat when the child is weak. The soup can ease the coughs and soothe the sore throats very well as it contains a lot of healthy ingredients for him. Make sure that other recipes are also easy to eat and soft to consume. Make sure that you supply the toddler enough nutrients and try to encourage him to eat and drink.

9. Gargle

how to treat cough - gargle

Chicken soup, drinking more are not enough. So what can you do next to stop a cough at home? You prepare a warm salty water and encourage him to gargle several times per day. The water will reduce the swollen throat and reduce the discomfort from the throat.

The remedy is so simple:

  • You add a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water.
  • Let your child gargle the fluids.
  • Repeat it during the day.

10. Keep Your Home Clean

how to treat cough - keep your home clean

Your children usually play the toys, touch every furniture, and they can get allergies, asthma from the dirty things. As the result, you should clean up the house and refresh it every day. Parents should not wear the perfume or use fresheners, ban the cat or dog into the room, remove the dust collectors from the bed, and do not smoke when your child is there.

11. Houttuynia And Rice Water

how to treat cough - houttuynia and rice water

This is a natural treatment to treat a cough in the toddler that parents might do at home immediately. It is simple to make and brings quick result. The method is:

  • Prepare a handful of houttuynia, wash and blend it smoothly.
  • Then mix the washing rice with the houttuynia leaf.
  • Spoil and steam it for 20 minutes and filter the water.
  • Have your child drink 3 times each day after the meal about 1 hour.

12. Grilled Oranges

how to treat cough - grilled oranges

Sound strange but you can try this useful treatment for your toddler’s cough. The direction is:

  • You need to have an orange, wash and microwave it.
  • Have your child eat grilled oranges and it will help reduce mucus.

This is one of the best answers for the question how to treat cough you should give a try. Now keep reading the article and get more useful information about cough in toddlers.

13. Lemon Basil Leaves

how to treat cough - lemon basil leaves

Lemon basil leaves are effective home remedy for cough and if you are discovering how to treat cough without taking drugs, you should try to use it. This ingredient contains essential oils that can clear up the phlegm effectually. This herbal treatment is very useful for the toddler’s cough and you can try it now:

  • You prepare 4 green cranberry, 10 lemon basil leaves, and some alum.
  • The first treatment with the leaves is to mash up the basil leaves, mix with some boiling water, alum, and filter the water. Let your child drink twice per day.
  • The second way is to wash the leaves, cranberries and blend them smoothly. Add some alum and steam about 20 minutes. Drink twice per day until easing the cough.

14. Rosy Lemon With Honey

how to treat cough - rosy lemon with honey

Rosy lemon is a helpful ingredient that many moms use to treat a toddler cough.  This fruit is easy sweet and your child will love it. You can mix honey and rosy lemon slices in a glass container. You also can replace honey with the alum and your child takes 2-3 teaspoons of the mixture each time. Get it twice per day until a cough goes away. The rosy lemon contains vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and it can reduce the inflammation, infection, and cool the sore throats.

15. White Radish

how to treat cough - white radish

White radish is not only a good food for health, but it is also an excellent ingredient for treating cough. You can follow the direction as below:

  • Cut 4 slices of white radish and boil it with a bowl of water.
  • Steam it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Let your child drink every day to reduce a cough, phlegm, sore throat, and dry nose.

16. Kumquat

how to treat cough - kumquat

You can take advantage of green kumquat  to treat toddler’ cough like this:

If you want to get more useful information about health care, you can visit our main page about Home Remedies. The article about 16 tips on how to treat cough in toddlers, I hope that you have learned some useful information to take care of your child naturally at home. However, if your child has a high fever, cough up the blood, has stridor, barking cough, wheezing, and cough more than two weeks, you should discuss with your doctor. If you have any problem, please leave your comments below.

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