13 Quick Home Remedies For Head Lice And Their Eggs That Work

home remedies for head lice

Head lice are parasites that live on the hair shafts and scalp where they feed on blood. This is a common problem among young children. In fact, people can use some shampoos to kill head lice fast, but these products contain a lot of toxic chemicals that are not good for children. Therefore, quick home remedies for head lice and their eggs will be safer cures that really work. Check out the following home remedies to know how they help eradicate lice parasites forever:

Top 13 Quick Home Remedies For Head Lice And Their Eggs That Work

I. Head Lice Life Cycle

First of all, let’s talk about head lice life cycle and some facts of this type of parasite. Understanding about their life cycle can help children get rid of head lice once and forever. Head lice have a short life for 32 to 35 days. They start reproducing around days 16 to 19. Eggs are laid for 1 or 2 days after mating and the female lies from 3 to 8 eggs for about the next 16 before dying.

The fact those chemical treatments are not recommended being used over again. If children still have head lice after using the treatment, try other types of chemicals that are different to what the children have ever tried. Because head lice may become resistant to pesticides or chemical the children are using, and at that time, it’s more difficult to eliminate head lice.

Instead of applying chemical treatments, try more natural and safer solutions such as making your own shampoos or oil with extra care to get rid of this problem permanently. Here are some typical home remedies for head lice that you can try doing.

II. 13 Home Remedies For Head Lice And Their Eggs

1. Coconut Oil

home remedies for head lice - coconut oil

Coconut oil with its lubricating nature can stop head lice from moving around the hair shafts freely and preventing these parasites from multiplying.

First, rinse the hair thoroughly with apple cider vinegar and leave it until dry.

Then saturate the scalp and hair with coconut oil. Cover the head with a shower towel and leave it overnight or for 6 to 8 hours. In the next morning, comb the hair and shampoo it as usual.

Repeat this remedy daily for a week to eliminate head lice. To make this cure more effective, you can add a few drops of anise oil to coconut oil.

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2. White Vinegar

home remedies for head lice - white vinegar

Another cheap and safe method for eradicating head lice is white vinegar as it possesses acetic acid that are powerful to destroy this type of parasite.

Dilute an amount of white vinegar with an equal amount of water. Then, saturate your scalp and hair with the solution and wrap a towel around your hair for 1 or 2 hours.

Next, dip a comb with small multi-teeth in white vinegar and comb the hair. Focus on a small section of the scalp and hair at a time. Then, rinse the hair with white vinegar before shampooing, and after then.

3. Try Oil & Vinegar

Mix ½ cup of vinegar with ½ cup of olive oil for about 1 hour before you take a bath. Apply this mixture to the hair and scalp for 1 hour. After then, wash your hair with a regular shampoo.

4. Sesame Seed Oil

home remedies for head lice - sesame seed oil

Sesame seed oil is rich in antifungal, antibacterial and natural insecticide agents, so it can be used to eradicate head lice.

Prepare 1/4 cup of sesame seed oil, 1/8 cup of neem oil, 1 tsp of tea tree oil, 1/2 tsp of eucalyptus, rosemary oils and 10 drops of lavender oil. Mix all these ingredients well. Then, rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar. Leave it until dry.

Apply this mixture to your scalp and hair. You can cover your hair with a shower towel or cap and leave it overnight.

In the next morning, comb the hair to remove dead lice and then shampoo normally.

Repeat this remedy daily for 1 or 2 weeks.

5. Full-Fat Mayonnaise

home remedies for head lice - full-fat mayonnaise

Mayonnaise includes a lot of oil with viscosity properties that can suffocate live head lice.

To start, apply the mayonnaise liberally over the scalp. Cover the hair with a shower towel or cap and leave it overnight or for 8 hours. Next, shampoo and comb any remaining lice and their eggs out of the hair. Repeat this treatment daily for 1 week or 2 weeks.

In fact, you must be patient when using this method to get rid of head lice naturally. As a benefit of the safe solution, you won’t get chemical and some harmful effects from shampoos for lice.

6. Garlic

home remedies for head lice - garlic

The strong smell of garlic helps suffocate lice and ultimately kill them.

Grind about 10 garlic cloves into a smooth paste. Then, mix this paste into 2 to 3 tsps of lemon juice. Apply this mixture thoroughly on your scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse your hair with hot water.

Alternatively, make a paste by combining cooking oil, fresh garlic juice, green tea, lemon extract and some shampoo. Coat your hair thoroughly with this paste. Then, cover the scalp with a shower or towel cap for about 30 minutes. Next, wash the hair with a regular shampoo. To get the most effective result, repeat this treatment for 1 to 2 months.

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7. Baby Oil

home remedies for head lice - baby oil

For another easy natural treatment for head lice, you will need baby oil, laundry detergent and some white vinegar. It is believed that baby oil, too, helps suffocate the head lice.

Apply some baby oil on your hair and then comb your hair slowly so that lice start falling from your head.

Then wash your hair with laundry detergent and hot water.

Before bed, put some white vinegar on your hair and cover your head with a shower cap or towel. Leave it on overnight.

In the morning, wash your hair with regular shampoo and then apply some conditioner.

Repeat this process for at least three to four days to get positive results.

8. Olive Oil

home remedies for head lice - olive oil

Olive oil can smother and suffocate head lice effectively. Apply olive oil to your hair before going to bed. Remember to cover your hair overnight. In the next morning, comb out tiny parasites and wash the hair with an herbal shampoo including tea tree oil.

Another option is to mix 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup of conditioner and add liquid soap to make your own shampoo. Apply this shampoo onto the scalp and hair. Leave it for 30 minutes. Next, rinse out the hair and comb the hair to remove dead lice. You should repeat this treatment again after a full week to get the best results.

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9. Salt

Salt is a powerful remedy to eliminate head lice and their eggs through desiccation.

Mix 1/4 cup of salt and 1/4 cup of vinegar well. Gently spray this mixture onto the hair. Put on a towel or shower cap. Leave it for 2 hours. Next, wash and condition the hair. Repeat the solution every 3 days to get the best results.

10. Petroleum Jelly

home remedies for head lice - petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can be used to kill roaming lice. Apply petroleum jelly to your scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap before going to bed.

Leave it overnight. In the next morning, use a baby oil to remove petroleum jelly and comb your hair to remove the dead lice. Remember to repeat this remedy a few nights in a row.

11. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is actually a natural safe insecticide that gives an effective solution for head lice and their eggs. Mix 1 tsp of tea tree oil, 1 ounce of organic shampoo and 3 tbsps of coconut/olive oil. Apply this mixture gently throughout the hair and cover the head with a shower towel. Leave the head covered for a30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Next, comb through the hair while it’s still wet to remove all dead lice and their eggs. Note to avoid applying tea tree oil directly to your scalp.

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12. Almond Oil

home remedies for head lice - almond oil

Coat the comb with a thick layer of almond. Separate your hair into small sections and comb your hair thoroughly. Next, rinse out the comb regularly under hot water to remove live head lice out of your hair and scalp. Then, use a regular shampoo to rinse and wash. Make sure that you will wash your towels and clean the comb without live and lice.

13. Mixed Essential Oils

Essential oils have been found to be effective, along with using a small multi-teeth comb in eradicating head lice and their eggs. Before using any essential oil, put a few drops of the oil on the back hand to check out whether you have allergic reactions to that oil or not. If you are allergic to oil, move on to the next one. The oils showing effectiveness include tea tree oil, lavender oil, neem oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, aniseed oil, cinnamon leaf oil, red thyme oil, peppermint oil and nutmeg oil.

home remedies for head lice - mixed essential oils

To start this remedy, mix 2 ounces of olive oil with 20 drops of an essential oil. Apply this mixture to your scalp. Leave the mixture on your hair and scalp at least 12 hours. Next, comb out, shampoo, rinse and repeat several times.

An alternative method is to mix 20 drops of essential oil with 4 ounces of alcohol. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle; next saturate your hair with it. Leave it for about 12 hours. When the head lice have been eradicated, the alcohol spray is used as an effective preventive treatment.

Here comes the last word of the article, it’s hoped that you can make use of 13 quick home remedies for head lice and their eggs that work. For more writings about Disease & Condition, search for more remedies in site Vkool.

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