Top 15 health benefits of qigong exercises are revealed

Qigong is pronounced cheegong and it includes series of self-massage, meditation, breathing, and slow movements. There are many styles of qigong exercises including spiritual, medical, and martial. Some qigong exercises are like taichi and they are easily adapted.  The typical feature of qigong is its ability to practice from mind to any part of the body. This is an excellent exercise to balance your mind and body. With the purpose of supporting people understand more about qigong and its benefits, decided to release a writing of top 15 health benefits of qigong exercises that you can follow easily at home.

Learning Top 15 Health Benefits Of Qigong Exercises

1. Increase Power

Increase power

Qigong works well for your muscles and it will increase your looseness and effortless power while other stretching or aerobic exercises can build flexibility and strength. When doing qigong exercises, you will feel clearly about the strength that comes from muscular contraction. The movement in qigong exercises may fewer than other sports, but it may improve your strength and flexibility perfectly. Also, qigong exercise will provide you the feeling of relaxed power, which is released from the opening up movement. Energy will flow naturally when you do this practice.

2. Strengthen Your Organs

strengthen your organs

One of the biggest benefits of qigong is to balance and strengthen your internal organs. There are typical qigong exercises to enhance your organ health. For instance, you may prevent heart attack, tuberculosis, or hepatitis through specific qigong exercises. Although you have some chronic diseases or weakness, you may learn to do qigong exercises to reverse it and reduce dangerous problem to your health.

3. Improve Your Brain

improve your brain

Benefits of qigong not only focus on the organs, muscles, and energy, but it also helps you improve your nerves or brain. You can contact, communicate, work, and do everything due to nerves. As the results, nerves are very important in your body and it should be cared every day. Many qigong exercises will work on nerves as they touch with your body and clear out the blockages. They also accomplish through the system of nerves. Through qigong practice, your body will be stronger; certainly, your nerves are also enhanced accordingly. In particular, qigong exercise will be beneficial for people who have poor coordination and motor problems. Qigong exercises have function of strengthening your nervous system and you can take advantage of this practice to reduce stress and reverse the weakness.

4. Protect Your Heart 

protect your heart

Physical activities will strengthen your heart and increase circulation. Increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels to improve circulation is one of the top health benefits of qigong exercises. This practice may reduce blood pressure as well. Do you want to protect and strengthen your heart? In fact, qigong exercises may regulate the heart rates and it can adjust blood pressure very well. People suffer from hypertension may feel comfortable to do qigong exercises because it will manage your health and hypertension naturally. While many people choose taking drugs or pills to cure heart-related diseases, you should choose qigong due to its advantages including healing heart diseases. Some movements such as downing your legs or raising your neck or arms have significant meanings to maintain a healthy heart.  Almost of the people know that aerobic exercise is perfect for strengthening lungs and heart. However, not everyone knows that qigong has the same benefit to your health. Regular movement, breathing, and some regular qigong exercises will help work for oxygen in the tissues. Probably, after reading this article, you will change your mind that some sports like qigong will provide you plentiful benefits as same as other sports bring to you.

5. Increase Your Strength



Some popular sports that can help you strengthen your body are running, weight training, calisthenics, etc. but you can find some problems like weakness and organ problem when you take rest. You may get longer time to recover your problem. With qigong exercises, you will increase your capacities without many movements. Just sitting or standing, you will build up your strength well and effectively. Actually, there are many ways to heal your problems nowadays, but what are the best and the most natural ways without drugs or supplements? A strong body will improve your life and improve vitality. The benefits of qigong are unacceptable including vitality increase. When you are weak, overweight, tired, or lack of concentration, let do qigong because it improve your health and restore your energy very well.

6. Prevent Injuries

prevent injuries

Injuries or accidents may occur when you do exercises and the joints will be locked or the ligaments are easily overstretched in injuries. Reversing those joints will require more time and you may get difficulty with this issue. Preventing injuries and strengthening your bone are the excellent benefits of qigong exercises. Specifically, qigong will teach you how to move correctly without straining, how to move joints without locking them, and how to relax your body during the practice. Moreover, qigong exercises will increase your flexibility, improve fluid circulation, increase energy, and prevent injuries during the exercise. There are for 70% of qigong learners avoid injuries and prevent restriction from joints. Additionally, qigong may prevent weakness and avoid some harmful health problems. Of course, you can move and exercise normally if the injury is light. The movements will increase the circulation of the fluids and energy flow to all parts of the body. The energized lymph system will improve the immune system. Having enough energy will heal the natural health problems rapidly.

7. Help Your Body Relax 

help your body relax

Qigong is not only perfect for injury prevention, but it also helps you relax your mind and body including the parts injured and the parts that are not injured. Doing qigong exercise will speed up the process of pain recovery.

8. Build Athletic And Martial Arts

build athletic and martial arts

Qigong is known as the basic Chinese martial arts like bagua, hsing-I, and taichi. This is a smooth and gentle movement and can improve practitioner to protect you from the street fighter. Practice qigong can help you have that ability and improve your internal power and your chi perfectly. People who do qigong accept that the exercise helps them much in surpassing the athletic abilities and physical strength.

9. Balance Emotions

balance emotions

One of the most factors that contribute to stress is your emotion. Almost of the physical activities can relieve your stress and anger but people realize that physical exercises cannot help them balance the emotions. The process of qigong will repress strongly and over express emotions spontaneously. Many of qigong movements can locate the problems such as irritability, frustration, grief, and depression. In modern society, stress or stress-related problems are getting worse. As the result, it is needed to have a proper way to reverse the destructive and negative emotions. The ability of anxiety reduction is partly based on the management of the nervous system.

10. Good For Meditators

good for meditators

A routine that can weaken your body is sitting too long in a same place. The reason is that the fluid circulation will be sluggish and the tension will increase that can strain your nervous system and can lessen the ability of your mind to awake or concentrate on prayers or meditation. One of the most purposes of qigong is to stabilize your body internally and increase energy to improve mental health. Qigong is an excellent exercise for sedentary workers, who sit all day at the desk before the computer.

11. Good For Weight Loss

good for weight loss

If you get extra weight and feel ashamed about your body, try to do regular exercises every day and the new activity for you is qigong. Qigong practices not only helps you build power, strengthen your core, and reduce anxiety, but it also helps you lose weight successfully. When following qigong workouts, you will reduce cravings, improve metabolism for fat loss and burn fat fast.

12. Sleep Well 

sleep well

Another benefit of qigong is to help you sleep well. If you cannot sleep or get insomnia for a long time, qigong is perfect exercise for you because it will help you relax and balance your mind, body. When your mind is peaceful, your body relaxes; you will sleep well every night.

13. Good For Your Skin

good for your skin

Almost of exercises are good for your skin including qigong. According to Chinese medicine, qigong exercises will improve your skin health as it eliminates the toxins from your body and support your skin clear.

14. Have Great Attitude

have great attitude

Were you always sad before? Did you usually feel disappointed or stressed? Move to qigong exercises, you will laugh much and have greater attitude. Enjoying qigong, your emotions and mood will chance optimistically.

15. Excellent For Your Eyes 

excellent for your eyes

If your eyes are tired of work and have some vision problems, qigong exercises will benefit your window of your soul as it will master your eye health. Doing qigong exercises will help your soul and spirit luminous and your heart will be openned.

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After reading my writing of top 15 health benefits of qigong exercises, I hope that you have got the most helpful and effective information about qigong. As the article concerned, this exercise is beneficial for your health. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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