What are the top cancer fighting foods? – 13 natural superfoods

Nowadays, cancers are more and more popular and becoming one of the most interested problems in our life. The popular types of cancers including lungs, esophagus, oral,pharyngeal, and esophagus cancers in men and  breast and cervix cancers in women. Most of them have the cause from smoking, genetics, diet and lifestyle. The best way to deal with cancer is prevention. There are the different ways on preventing them. One of them is an anti-cancer diet, one of the excellent methods to fight the risk of cancer. Some research found that some certain foods can be useful in preventing cancer.

What Are The Top Natural Cancer Fighting Foods?

– Let’s Find The Answer!

A healthy diet filled with different kinds of fruits and vegetables can be the important factors for fighting many diseases including cancers, diabetes, heart problems. Some researches showed that most of foods that have plant origin are linked closely to preventing cancer because they contain less calories and fat with phytochemicals, and antioxidants that are very effective in lowering the risk of cancer. Here is the list of top natural cancer fighting foods should be included in your diet so as to get the healthy body and strong immune system to fight other diseases like inflammatory:

1. Garlic: 

cancer fighting foods-garlic

Some studies discovered that eating garlic regularly can help to minimize the development of different kinds of cancer in your digestive organs. The ingredients in garlic can be good for preventing cancer cells in you body from developing and multiplying, boost the DNA repair. For example, garlic has a substance named phytochemicals that can halt the formation of carcinogens – nitrosamines in your stomach during your nitrates intake. Besides that, it can help fight esophageal, colon, and breast cancers. However, there has been no quantity of garlic to prevent and fight cancer yet. You can try a clove of garlic for fighting cancer.

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2. Berries:

cancer fighting foods-berries

The top cancer fighting foods also includes berries. As we know berries have powerful antioxidants that are very useful for preventing the natural process of producing free radicals that can damage the cells in your body. Berries also contain some compounds like ellagic acid that can be helpful for keeping cancers from not growing and spreading. That is why you should add some kinds of berries like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries to your diet to fight cancer. In particular, blackberry raspberries are ver high in phytochemicals named anthocyanins, a substance that can lower the growth of the premalignant cells. They are the most useful for skin cancer, colon cancer, esophageal, oral cancer. In addition, the strong antioxidants in berries are also good for skin and your health in general.

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3. Tomatoes:

cancer fighting foods-tomatoes

Tomatoes have a lot of healthy benefits for your body that you can be amazed. Eating tomatoes can help the men protect against prostate cancer. Drinking tomatoes juice can help protect the DNA in your cells from damaging, one of the main reasons causing cancer. A powerful antioxidant named lycopene in tomatoes can help to fight endometrial cancer cells against growing. Besides that, they also contribute to protect you from stomach, prostate, lung, endometrial cancers. Your body can absorb lycopene the best from cooked tomatoes.

On the other hand, a lot of fruits have the same healthy benefits as tomatoes, first and foremost, the fruits rich in powerful antioxidants, other minerals and vitamins like avocados, chilli peppers, figs, grapefruits, grapes, oranges and lemons, papayas, berries.

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4. Cruciferous Vegetables:

cancer fighting foods-cruciferous vegetables

What are the top cancer fighting foods? Are they Cruciferous vegetables? Of course, cruciferous vegetables are considered as one of the best foods that prevent cancer cells effectively including cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli is also believed to be good for protecting against cancer. Another compound of enzyme is sulforaphane in broccoli works as a type of antimicrobial agent can help detoxifying harmful substances from the environment in your body, thereby, lower the risk of cancers, especially of the mouth, stomach, esophagus.

5. Carrots:

cancer fighting foods-carrots

Scientists believe that beta-carotene, an antioxidant in carrots can help protect against the toxin damage of cell membranes. And the others phytochemicals and vitamins are contained in carrots are good for fighting cancers of mouth, stomach, and esophagus. Furthermore, falcarinol in carrot will lower the development of cancerous tumors. The best intake of carrots to get the best effect is to cook it.

6. Whole Grains:

cancer fighting foods-whole grains

It is not amazing to see whole grains are one of the top cancer fighting foods as well as good for many other diseases. It is found that lignans working as antioxidants and saponins preventing cancer cells from multiplying. If you want to get more lignans, it is a whole wheat bread with sesame or flax seeds.

7. Spinach And Other Dark Green Leafy Vegetables:

cancer fighting foods-spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables

Spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables are known as a super carotenoid, zeaxanthin, and lutein source that can remove the free radicals from your body, thereby protect your body from cancer of the stomach, esophagus, and mouth. Besides that, folate and fiber in these vegetables also contribute to product new cells and repair DNA in your body. They especially help the women protect against neutral tube defects in developing fetus. Some other dark green leafy vegetables like collard greens, romaine lettuce, swiss chard also have the same benefits as spinach.

8. Teas:

cancer fighting foods-tea

Tea with some types like black, green, white, oolong has been considered as a good beverage and medicine in the world for a long time. Both of green and black tea are very rich in flavonoids and polyphenols that are strong antioxidants. Catechins is one class of flavonoids in tea that can fight cancers well. However, green tea has about 3 times quantity of catechins than black tea has. Some researchers found that, green tea can make the development of cancer cells  in most of our parts in the body slow down at the same time, prevent cellular mutations.

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9. Pomegranates:

cancer fighting foods-pomegranates

Pomegranates are high in ellagic acid that can prevent from cancer cell growth as well as deactivate the cancer-causing compounds. Other foods high in ellagic acid that can be replaced for pomegranates like berries, walnuts, pecans, grapes to be a great foods that prevent cancer cells. Pomegranates are the tropical fruits that are favorite in many places.

10. Turmeric:

cancer fighting foods-turmeric

Like garlic and ginger, turmeric is also one of the popular items in your kitchen. Turmeric contains an active ingredient named curcumin that works as an antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that can fight cancer and inflammatory diseases. It is very easy to absorb turmeric. You only need to add it into your meal and enjoy without worrying about calories.

11. Wild SalmonAnd Oily Fish:

cancer fighting foods-wild salmon and oily fish

Another cause is linked to cancer is low vitamin D levels in your body. Scientists think that vitamin D can help prevent the development of cancerous and precancerous cells. Some other vitamin D-rich foods include milk, yogurt, herring, egg yolks, sardines, mackerel. Furthermore, oily fish like wild salmon is also very rich in omega 3 fatty acids that play an important role in cancer prevention as well as reducing inflammation, the possibility of cellular mutations.

12. Seeds And Nuts:

cancer fighting foods-seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts often contain lignans, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids that can be effective in protecting you against the cancer. Especially, nuts have the antioxidants like quercetin and campferol that can stop the cancer cells growth. In addition, it also contains a lot of selenium that can help the process of DNA repair itself.

13. Seaweed And Other Sea Vegetables:

cancer fighting foods-seaweed and other sea vegetables

The top natural cancer fighting foods also include seaweed and other sea vegetables. Seaweed and other sea vegetables are high in chlorophylones, fiber, vitamin B12, protein, beta-carotene that are known as important substances to fight breast cancer. Furthermore, they are also high in minerals like iron, iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium that are good for your body in general.

According to a healthy diet rich in cancer-preventing foods, you also should pay attention to your lifestyle. You had better stop smoking and alcohol, do exercises regularly, have a deep sleep, reduce the stress, limit the fats, maintain a healthy weight, protect yourself from the sunlight and avoid the foods that can cause the cancer as well as keep away from your risky behaviors.
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Following all these actions in your life will make you get a healthy lifestyle and strong immune system to prevent cancer effectively as well as other diseases related to your body.
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So, after reading this writing, I am sure that you got the answer for the question: what are the top cancer fighting foods? If you have any question or suggestion for this topic, you can leave your comment by writing your idea in the following form of this website and we will reply for you soon.

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