29 Home remedies for insomnia in adults and elderly

home remedies for insomnia

Read this writing to make use of powerful home remedies for insomnia in adults and elderly. All of the 29 remedies below definitely will amaze you.

29 Home Remedies For Insomnia In Adults And Elderly – Vkool

1. Apply CBT-I

Apply CBT-I

Firstly, in the home remedies for insomnia this is CBT-I (Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia). This is considered an effective treatment for insomnia. The scientific evidence supports this method, according to neurology instructors and sleep researchers at Feinberg School of Medicine.

Typically, the treatment involves meeting with the therapist for different sleep assessments, and insomnia sufferers need to keep a sleep journal as well as change their sleep habits to get rid of this sleep problem effectively, according to the U.S. National Sleep Foundation. Also, as the diagram below, you need to combine 3 factors in the general cognitive behavioral therapy to improve the quality of sleep, including behaviors, thoughts and emotions.

2. Meditate


Next to home remedies for insomnia is meditation. Meditation is considered a powerful therapy as it helps you feel relaxed and get balanced. Related to sleep, mediation combined with deep breathing helps you have clear mind and a good preparation for sleep. There are different meditation techniques, some specific techniques are designed to treat insomnia. According to a study in 2024, the researchers shown that individuals who applied a 10-step meditation method slept better and longer. On other hand, by finding quietness and calmness, you will train your mind to forming a good sleep habit. Your body will stay in the relaxing state after a long working day. Your health and condition therefore will be also improved systematically.

3. Try Muscle Relaxation

Try muscle relaxation

Muscle relaxation is a technique developed in 1915. This method reveals relaxation exercises for muscle. You will do the exercises to relax the body muscle groups. They work to promote your physical relaxation, reduce and improve your sleep quality. Also, according to the journal Everyday Health, women doing muscle relaxation techniques also reduce the risk of breast cancer, beside benefits for insomnia.

Just try the simple muscle relaxation exercises daily to get rid of insomnia naturally. Simply, if you want, practice some stretches before the bedtime that can work the same for you to have good night’s sleep.

4. Break A Sweat

Break a sweat

Doing regular exercise helps you release sweat and achieve better sleep, according to a study at the National Sleep Foundation, USA in 2024. According to researchers in the foundation, the forms of exercises and performing timing are not as important as you move. The evidence suggests that people who do mild exercise have better sleep than people who do not or over do. So, think about break some sweat, but not do intense workout. In other words, do physical activities you want to achieve your better sleep. Among home remedies for insomnia, breaking a sweat is not as hard as enhancing six pack abs or building fitness.

5. Get Out Of Bed

Get out of bed

Stop thinking that going to bed can help youfall asleep easily. In fact, if you get insomnia, you need to do something before as a sleep therapy. For instance, you can practice CBT-I method, as I mentioned above. You can go out of your bed after 30 t0 40 minutes. Do anything you think that need to be done such as making your weekly schedule, reading books, chatting with friends, preparing foods for your breakfast and a lot more. By getting out of the bed, you are having some physical activities, so your blood flow can run well and you will easily fall asleep.

6. Do Yoga

Do yoga

Yoga or yoga combined with meditation is one of powerful home remedies for insomnia. This is considered a mind-quieting activity that helps you achieve relaxation fast. As a result, with yoga practice, you will fight off all triggers of your insomnia. For more details, you will get rid of anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and nightmare. You will quickly achieve calmness, peacefulness and solve sleep problems naturally. There are different schools of yoga, find one that suits your age and focus on your health condition. According to experts, calming poses are really good for doing before the bedtime.

7. Sniff Aromatherapy

Sniff aromatherapy

Essential oil, pillow, lavender, bath scrub and candles, all of these ingredients make the aromatherapy become attractive and hard to refuse to try it. According to a study in 2005, a whiff of the essential oil lavender before the bedtime can help you stay in a deeper sleep. Another study released in 2024 by the Wall Street, also showed that lavender smell helped women suffering from insomnia get better sleep. In fact, women or anybody can apply the aromatherapy to fall asleep easily. You can practice this spa therapy at your own home and improve your insomnia.

8. Reset Your Bedroom

Reset your bedroom

You suffer from insomnia that may come from different causes, including your bedroom setting. Check our bedroom location and reset it to get rid of bad sleep. Your bed should not be next to the bathroom to get rid of toilet smell. You should not set it near the main doors as you can get noise from the outside clear. If your bed is near windows, rearrange your curtains to get less bright light for better sleep.

Also, you should pay attention to the temperature at your bedroom. It should not be too hot or too cold so that you can enjoy good night’s sleep.

9. Quit Smoking

Quit smoking

Smoking is not only harmful for your overall health, but also for your sleep quality. For insomnia patients, they need to quit smoking immediately. This addiction includes nicotine that is linked to sleep disturbances at night. In a study in 2024, the researchers indicated that smokers increased sleep problem by 4 times, in comparison with the non-smoker group.

In fact, it’s not easy to quit smoking in a short time. So, if possible, improve your lifestyle with more activities and healthy diet plan that can aid you in getting rid of insomnia fast.

10. Consider A Supplement

Consider a supplement

Among home remedies for insomnia in adults and elderly, you can take some sleep supplements at drug stores. In other ways, you can supply your body with food ingredients that are packed with healthy nutrients for sleep. For instance, you can take melatonin supplement, a good sleep hormone to overcome jet lag. This hormone will help you produce natural relaxation for deeper sleep.

Next, found in green tea is an amino acid that can promote good sleep. However, a high dose of tea drinking can give you negative effects. Some people like to choose the pure L-theanine supplement, instead of the L-theanine in the green tea or other ingredients.

11. Limit Caffeine Before The Bedtime

Limit caffeine before the bedtime download

Like cigarettes, caffeine also makes your insomnia become a chronic sleep problem. If possible, get rid of caffeine, especially before your bedtime. This addiction harms you by making you awake through the night. When you are lack of sleep, you will fall asleep during the working day and make you unproductive. If this situation lasts long, it may become insomnia. Your overall health will be reduced, your skin will look unhealthy, your eyes will get dark for less sleep and you will look tired.

We cannot negate some benefits of caffeine, but for insomnia patients and people with sleep problem, they should quit caffeine until this condition is improved.

12. Drink Herbal Tea

Drink herbal tea

Like caffeine, tea is also an addictive ingredient. However, tea is good for insomnia sufferers. Many kinds of teas can promote your sleep quality such as chamomile tea. Simply, make a cup of hot chamomile tea and drink it before going to the sleep. Sip it slowly while it is still hot. According to experts, chamomile can aid in reducing muscle tension, reducing anxiety and soothing digestion. You can drink chamomile or some other herbal tea twice a day in the morning and at after dinner.

13. Take A Warm Bath

Take a warm bath

Beside the bedtime, you can take a warm bath to get relaxed and fall asleep easily. Remember not to take a bath too late, as it will increase the risk of some strokes. Ideally, take a bath before 10 PM. To enhance a better sleep, you can take a bath with essential oil or using the spa therapy such as soaking and massaging to achieve the best relaxation. By getting relaxed, your brain will be refreshed and it is easy for you to fall asleep. Besides, remember not to take a bath too long, as your body temperature can be reduced fast and you may get cold, after then.

More effective home remedies for insomnia in adults and elderly will be revealed below!

14. Supply Your Body With Magnesium & Calcium

Supply your body with magnesium & calcium download

As I mentioned above, you should pay attention to your dieting to supply your body with healthy nutrients for good sleep. Concretely, calcium and magnesium are powerful sleep boosters. They work with each other together to increase the effectiveness. According to scientists, magnesium can aid in controlling heart diseases. But high doses of magnesium (over 200 milligrams) can cause diarrhea. A dose of 600 milligrams of Calcium supplement is safe enough.

As natural sources of magnesium-rich foods and calcium-rich foods, dark leafy green vegetables and seafood can help you get rid of anxiety, cramps, irritability. Some other sources with these benefits include whole grains, almonds, wheat bran, blackstrap molasses, cashews, brewer’s yeast and a lot more.

15. Consider Wild Lettuce

Consider wild lettuce

Beside common foods for insomnia, you can make use of wild lettuce as a powerful herb to reverse insomnia naturally. The scientific evidence suggests that this herb can help in reducing headaches, anxiety, join pain, muscle pain and restless legs syndrome. You can take about 30 – 120 milligrams of wild lettuce supplement before the bedtime and see the result.

Wild Lettuce is popular in tropical areas. If this herb is not available in your living place, opt for other herbal tea I recommend you using above. They can work the same for insomnia.

16. Know About Melatonin

Know about melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone controlling natural sleep. Many studies indicate that low doses of melatonin in the body are beneficial for your good sleep. However, higher doses of this hormone can raise high risk of infertility, depression and even cause toxicity. So, be aware of the function of this hormone in the body as it is directly associated with your sleep quality as well as your potential insomnia. Meet your doctor to check out your melatonin levels and take melatonin supplement if your melatonin is low. If it is high, ask the doctor the way to control and regulate it.

17. Use Valerian

Use valerian

Next to one of the powerful remedies for insomnia in adults and elderly is valerian. Numerous studies and researches have shown that valerian can improve sleep quality and the falling asleep speed. However, to get the best effectiveness, you must to be patient to use this herb for a long time. Take about 200 – 800 milligrams of Valerian before the bedtime. This herb helps you feel relaxed and energized. Moreover, valerian can help you improve digestive system and slow down aging. Don’t skip this herb if it is available in your living place or local stores. Read more home remedies for insomnia below!

18. Learn Visualization

Learn visualization

Similar to meditation, visualization help you be controlled and empowered your mind to get rid of anxiety and stress for falling asleep more easily. It is recommended to practice imagining in bed before 15 – 20 minutes. By imaging that you are in a beautiful island, you are listening to the sea waves, you are on a travel with sweet scent, all will make your feel relaxed and happy. As a result, you will fall asleep fast and may be have sweet dreams, instead of nightmares. Try this method once. In reality, it’s not hard to perform. It depends on your thought and the way you train your mind to have good visualizations.

19. Learn Hypnosis

Learn hypnosis

Like visualization, you can learn hypnosis to be more aware, more focused as well as open to suggestions. Don’t try to explain what hypnosis is. Just imagine that hypnosis is a physiological method that can change your mind, then affect your mental health to reduce heart rate, regulate blood pressure, increase alpha wave in order to fall asleep quickly. Similar to other meditation techniques, hypnosis also helps you have deep relaxation, achieve sleep quality and sleep duration.

If you like this method among home remedies for insomnia, try it once and it absolutely will work for you as other home remedies for insomnia.

20. Apply Lemon Balm

Apply lemon balm

Lemon balm or melissa officinalis is a type of herb. It is said that the herb can aid in relieving anxiety and calming your nerves. Scientific evidence suggests that the herb can help to cure insomnia. Simply, take about 300 milligrams of lemon balm extract twice a day in the morning and after dinner. The herb works by reducing anxiety, decreasing guilt, hyperexcitation, fatigue and agitation.

Beside lemon balm, you can use alternative herbs as valerian and chamomile; or you can consume nutrient-rich foods such as almonds, wheat bran, blackstrap molasses, cashews and brewer’s yeast.

21. Consider Acupuncture

Consider acupuncture

Next to the list of home remedies for insomnia, pay attention to apply acupuncture. Acupuncture can help in treating insomnia effectively. According a study at the University of Pittsburgh, acupuncture is an effective treatment for many health conditions, including insomnia. There are different types of acupuncture and there are specific acupuncture methods developed to cure insomnia. A study had shown that 5 weeks of the acupuncture helped increase melatonin in the evening so that sleep could be improved significantly. In fact, this is a traditional Chinese therapy. Nowadays, many people take advantage of this method to cure a lot of health problems related to headaches, pain, and other common diseases.

22. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional chinese medicine download

Discovering more traditional Chinese treatments for insomnia, ancient Chinese disease treatments have shown that insomnia is associated with weaken kidney functions. So, to stop the root of insomnia, the patients need to improve their kidney functioning first. The signs of kidney problems include tiredness, fatigue, low back pain and burst of energy in the evening. Women with menopause experience insomnia much more than other cases. Also, people who take anti-estrogenic drugs or ingredients like tamoxifen also suffer from insomnia more often. In general, Chinese herbs in curing insomnia are safe and natural. However, you need to be patient to take these herbs for a long time to get the best results.

23. Ayurveda


In the Ayurvedic medicine, sleep problems and insomnia are often linked to with the Vata imbalance. As usually, Vata regulates circulation and breathing. People with their Vata imbalance may be noticed anxiety, irritability and the fear of insomnia. Ayurvedic treatment is an application of essential oil on feet and head. For Pitta type, coconut oil and room temperature will be prepared. For Vata type, sesame oil will be applied, and finally for Kapha type, mustard oil is applied.

This method is not too different to aromatherapy as it works with essential oil. Keep discovering amazing home remedies for insomnia below.

24. Consider Light Exposure

Consider light exposure

Get out of all triggers that makes you can’t have deep sleep. In fact, light exposure directly affects your sleep duration as well as sleep quality. Especially for insomnia patients, they should handle this trigger immediately. Don’t turn light while sleeping. Remember to lose the curtains before going to bed. Turn on a small sleeping light bulb. Train your eye to love the darkness. Use yellow sleeping light bulbs, instead of white or bright sleeping light bulbs. According to sleep specialist, light expose plays a great role in your sleep quality. Using light bulbs therefore becomes a light therapy that helps insomnia cure their insomnia more effectively.

25. Consider Food & Diet

Consider food & diet

Foods and diet affect all aspects of your physical and mental health. Insomnia is associated with both of these health conditions. To cure insomnia, take care of your health with appropriate ingredients and nutrients for better sleep. Eat foods with tryptophan, an amino acid that helps convert to melatonin and helps you fall asleep fast. In addition, eat more carbohydrate snacks such as grain before the bedtime. Plus, supply your body with vitamin B6-rich foods such as sunflower seeds, bananas, and wheat germ as these foods can enhance the conversion of tryptophan in the body.

26. Cut Down On Sugar

Cut down on sugar

Of course, you can eat a little sugar that is packed in some snacks. However, don’t be a sugar addicted. Sugar can increase the burst of energy and cause high blood sugar levels. As you know, people with high blood sugar levels get a lot of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and including insomnia. So, if you love sugar, try to get rid of sugar cravings soon. As a result, your bad sleep or insomnia will be improved after that. Just try following this tip to cut down on sugar, and you will achieve better sleep naturally.

27. Consider Chaste Tree

Consider chaste tree

Chaste tree or vitex agnus castus is another powerful herb that is proven to treat insomnia during women’s menstrual periods. In fact, insomnia can be a side effect of the premenstrual syndrome in women. In a study, women with premenstrual syndrome were free from their insomnia with the help of the vitex agnus castus extract. The participants got rid of all symptoms of menstrual cramps including lower abdominal pain and cramps, headaches and lower back pain.

28. Get Comfortable

Get comfortable

Next to home remedies for insomnia, try to get as comfortable as possible. Try to get rid of noises. Sleep in a quite room with appropriate temperature. Have sex before sleep. Sleep with perfume. Get rid of arguing with other people. Turn off the lights, TV and radio. Don’t eat more foods before the bed time. Don’t overwork and stop all triggers for staying in the comfort zone.

Imagine that insomnia is just a hard-to-sleep condition but it occurs in a long time as a chronic problem. To get rid of insomnia, you must change your working time, lifestyle, your habit, your dieting for rearrange your whole life.

29. Limit Alcohol

Limit alcohol

Like caffeine and smoke, alcohol is also a trigger that causes headaches and makes you unable to fall asleep. Be ware of this condition, don’t try to drink much and get drunk. Alcohol does not only harm your sleep schedule but it is also not good for your digestive system, full bladder, brain, livers and your mental health. I just recommend you limiting drink alcohol before the bedtime. Of course, you can keep your habit and if possible, drink alcohol in the right way to get its benefits.

I’ve shown you totally 29 home remedies for insomnia in adults and elderly. Hope that you can make use of all the tips and ways to fight off this sleep problem as soon as possible. Read more articles on Home Health at our Vkool site. For any feedback, please leave it at the bottom of the page.

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