7 Home remedies for kidney failure

Kidney failure is a state of the kidney function deterioration, including the function of excreting excess water in the body and excreting toxins in the body due to metabolic causes, and (dragging) the kidney function decline in producing some hormones produced by the kidneys.

For people with kidney failure, a proper nutritional plan will help to control blood pressure levels, weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, making the disease progress slowly.

Home Remedies For Kidney Failure – Healthy Eating Habits:

Patients with kidney failure usually have some symptoms: headache due to high blood pressure, facial edema, abdominal edema, edema in limbs, or whole body edema due to fluid retention in the body, tiredness, mouth bitterness, loss of appetite, nausea, blurred vision, reduced concentration and decreased libido, dizziness, pale skin, pale nails, and pale eye mucous membranes due to anemia. In addition, it can be expressed through dark lips, dull teeth, bone and teeth aches, and bleeding tooth feet.

Chronic kidney failure results from chronic kidney disease such as chronic glomerulonephritis, congenital or hereditary kidney disease, and the kidney disease due to lead poisoning, hypertension, or due to taking some painkillers or some kind of antibiotics…Today, in this article, I would like to reveal some of the best home remedies for kidney failure that are proven to work effectively for this health issue:

  • Consume More Vitamins
  • Energy
  • Reduce The Phosphorus Intake
  • Increase The Protein Intake
  • Lower The Potassium Intake
  • Limit The Salt Intake
  • Water And Weight

1. Consume More Vitamins

home remedies for kidney failure-consume more vitamins

This is the first out of the most effective home remedies for kidney failure that I want to reveal in this full writing.

Normal people without disease do not need to add more vitamins because their daily diet provides enough nutrients for the body at all. However, kidney dialysis patients will lose some vitamins, especially the water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin B group and vitamin C. Therefore, they might need to add more of these vitamins.

In summary, patients with kidney failure are not required to absolutely avoid any type of food, but they should only eat foods in moderation with just the sufficient amounts for adequate protein, energy, and vitamins. People should limit eating foods high in potassium and phosphorus. In fact, eating healthily is also one of the best home remedies for kidney failure that people should not look down!

Read more Healthy Daily Diet With 3 Week Diet to get more knowledge about how to get a healthy diet plan which can help to combat many diseases and health problems, including kidney failure.

2. Energy:

home remedies for kidney failure-energy

Energy should be sufficiently provided in order to support the body’s use of protein. Normally, the body needs 35 to 40 calories / kg / day, and this amount of energy can be provided in the form of sugar or fat. Sugar can be found in foods processed from wheat and rice, such as bread, rice, and pasta. This is also one of the most effective home remedies for kidney failure that people should learn and apply carefully to relieve the condition and overcome its symptoms right at the comfort of your own home.

3. Reduce The Phosphorus Intake: 

home remedies for kidney failure-reduce the phosphorus intake

Phosphorus is rarely filtered through artificial kidney. Phosphorus is presented in most foods, especially those that contain lots of protein, and milk is the best among them.

When phosphorus in the blood is increased, it will lead to the increase of the activity of parathyroid, and together with calcium, it will stick closely to the walls of blood vessels.

These drugs which inhibit the absorption of phosphorus in the blood are not enough to control the blood phosphorus increase, so people living with kidney failure should reduce the intake of foods that contain a lot of phosphorus, such as milk, cheese, crab, egg yolk, venison, and dried vegetables. This is also one of the best home remedies for kidney failure that people should not look down!

4. Increase Protein Intake: 

home remedies for kidney failure-increase protein intake

Protein is the major structural substance of our muscles. Protein is an indispensable substance for the life of the cells in the body. However, the use of these substances will produce urea and urea will be accumulated in the body when the kidneys get failed. Therefore, before taking dialysis, patients have to reduce their protein intake in the diet. However, after the hemodialysis process, the artificial kidney will be able to excrete waste from the body, so patients can and are forced to consume an equal amount of protein to normal people.

In the daily diet, people should add meat, chicken, fish, and eggs (whites) because they contain high quality protein, which helps to compensate for the daily operation of the mechanical system. In addition to animal protein, people can also use vegetable sources of protein, such as soy beans, green beans … but be careful because the beans contain a lot of potassium. This is also one of the most effective home remedies for kidney failure that people should learn and make use for good.

5. Lower The Potassium Intake: 

home remedies for kidney failure-lower the potassium intake

Potassium was stagnant in the body when the body is suffering from kidney failure. Potassium at the higher level than 6,5mmol / l would be extremely dangerous because it can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and sudden cardiac arrest, causing fatal anytime without warning symptoms. Therefore, patients with kidney failure should avoid eating foods high in potassium, such as fruits, especially orange, banana, grape, peach, lemon, grapefruit, strawberries… Some fruits contain less potassium, such as apple, pears, watermelon… Some fruits, dried nuts like peanuts, cashews, chestnuts, chocolate, cocoa…contain a 10 times higher amount of potassium than a banana.

Fresh vegetables are also very high in potassium, but it can be consumed after cooking 2 to 3 times with the broth removed. Rice, pasta, noodle… contain low levels of potassium.

To reduce the somewhat amount of potassium in the blood, people can add 5g to 15g of Keyexalate per day. The price of constipating drugs which are sold currently in the market is quite high. This is actually also one of the best home remedies for kidney failure that I want my readers to learn and make use!

6. Limit Salt Intake: 

home remedies for kidney failure-limit salt intake

Another thing on the list of home remedies for kidney failure that I would like to reveal in this article is that people should limit their salt daily intake if they are suffering from the kidney failure disease. Normally, our body absorbs about 8 to 12g of salt per day. Most of the salt will be disposed via the urine as it is not necessary for the body. When both of your kidneys are impaired, salt will not be removed but stagnant in the body. Meanwhile, edema and hypertension will appear, leading to heart failure, fluid in the lungs, and damage to the blood vessels. Therefore, people need to get maximum limitation in the salt intake to avoid the risk of hypertension. Once the blood pressure has not been normal, the body still contains too much salt.

Artificial kidneys can help to eliminate salt as long as the salt intake is not too high. When the blood pressure returns to normal, patients can use a little more salt, but be very careful and it will be best to avoid consuming salt as much as possible.

Patients must not increase more than 0.5 kg in weight per day and the blood pressure before hemodialysis should not exceed 160 / 90mmHg.

If patients with kidney failures get excess weight gain or too high blood pressure before hemodialysis, they should check to see if the salt intake is too high (excess weight gain is often caused by excess salt consumption). As people get excess weight gain, they need to draw a lot of water during taking hemodialysis, and this is not easy and often causes many complications and unwanted side effects.

The salt diet regime is not only imperative in not to adding salt to food dishes, but also in avoiding all foods that contain a lot of salt, such as dried fish, fish sauce, soy sauce, soya…

7. Water And Weight:

home remedies for kidney failure-water and weight

This is the last out of the home remedies for kidney failure that I want to reveal in this entire article.

During the long term period suffering from kidney failure, and before taking hemodialysis, the patients will need to get weight reduction as if their weight is not reduced; there might be an accumulation of salt and water in the body. There are many patients who have lost more than 10kg in the short time period taking dialysis because the amount of excess water and salt have been withdrawn. Thanks to this, many cases of high blood pressure will disappear without medication.

The thirsty feeling depends very much on the amount of salt absorbed in the body. Therefore, if you can reduce the salt intake in the diet, the amount of water taken into your body will be automatically decreased as the patients will feel less thirsty.

Now, after introducing the collection of home remedies for kidney failure that might be very good for you and other readers who are also suffering from this health issue, I – author of Vkool – also want to recommend readers to spend time reading one more article which introduces a full collection healthy eating tips for people who want to improve kidney health and kidney function naturally at home – the Improve Kidney Health With Kidney Diet Secrets article. This is an article which introduces general information about an e-book which can help people who are suffering from kidney health problems and need a healthy diet improve kidney function without using any type of drugs, pills, and medication. The diet suggested in this e-book is proven 100% safe and natural so that people should learn and make use of this book without concerning about any possibly harmful side effects.

The full article I revealed above is the gathering of natural home remedies for kidney failure that readers of VKool.com and other people who are also concerning about this uncomfortable and dangerous heath issue. These treatments are 100% based on nature and easy to follow so that readers should learn and make use of them to improve their own kidney disease situation.

If you think that the natural home remedies for kidney failure that I released in this writing are exactly what you need to know to combat your own kidney failure situation, and if you think that these natural treatments might be also effective for other people you know who also want to get rid of this health problem, do not hesitate to do this. Moreover, as an author of VKool, I really want to see my readers’ responses and personal thoughts about my articles, so do not forget to leave your feedbacks and comments in the form below!


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