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New diets come along every year, but not all of them are safe – and of those that are safe, not all of them work. Customers should always been wary of what they’re being pitched by diet companies. That’s why we decided to look at one of the biggest recent diets, and do a little research into what it’s about and if it’s worth the hype. The results were pretty alarming.

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Pure Slim 1000 Overview

Pure Slim 1000 (or PS1000) is a diet that consists of a program of prescribed meals (in two phases), and a daily supplement called “Metabolic Burst,” which is supposed to increase your weight loss. The diet’s first phase is very low in calories (as low as 1000 a day). The diet is offered in three different “packages,” although the only real difference between them is how long they last – 30, 60, and 90 days. The price starts at $129, making this one of the more expensive diets we’ve seen.

Pure Slim 1000 appears to be made by a company called Trust Safe Pay LLC, a strange name for a health company. They’ve been flagged by the Better Business Bureau for misleading advertising, and despite being warned, the company has not changed anything about their advertising or their language to properly observe ethics in advertising, which is a red flag for us.

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Pure Slim 1000 Claims

Pure Slim 1000’s claims are pretty simple. They claim that with their program you will lose weight quickly, as well as maintain your desired weight goal. It claims that it will increase your metabolism and your energy, regulate your blood pressure, and even improve your memory. Their rigid diet is intended to be done alongside their “exclusive” daily supplement formula, the aforementioned Metabolic Burst, and with these things combined, they say that this diet works better than any other diet out there.

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Pure Slim 1000 Ingredients

Pure Slim 1000’s Metabolic Burst formula has a large list of ingredients, some of which can be read below:

  • Maca
  • Potassium
  • Arginine
  • Glucomannan
  • Ornithine
  • Glutamine
  • Glutamic Acid

Maca is an interesting addition, a plant from the Andes mountains of Peru that’s supposed to regulate your hormone levels. The additions of mineral supplements like potassium could help with mineral imbalances due to poor nutrition, and arginine can promote better blood flow.

Other ingredients in this product just don’t impress us, though.

Glucomannan is a fiber derived from konjac, a plant, which is claimed to increase weight loss. Unfortunately, a study by the Rush University Medical Center determined that it does not promote weight loss at all (Keithley, Joyce, et al: “Safety and Efficacy…” J Obes, 2024). Glutamine is an amino acid the body makes itself, but doesn’t really have a place in this formula, since it doesn’t help anyone except those who have a glutamine deficiency (Examine.com). Ornithine is another amino acid that’s supposed by some to be helpful, but “there isn’t enough reliable information” that confirms that it’s safe to take as a supplement (WebMD).

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The Science Behind Pure Slim 1000

1000 calories a day would make anyone lose weight – but not in a healthy way. According to SELF, anything less than 1200 calories a day could negatively affect your metabolism and your muscle mass. The actual foods they want you to eat, which include fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and eggs, are not bad by themselves – but you don’t need to pay someone $129 to eat healthy.

That leaves their Metabolic Burst. As our above research shows, many of the ingredients in the formula are practically useless, and we seen no case that the supplement can promote extra weight loss beyond what diet and exercise can do.

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Word on the Street About Pure Slim 1000

Pure Slim 1000 has several testimonials on their main website, but we’re always cautious when it comes to websites controlling their own reviews. We looked at some reviews of the PS1000 diet on Amazon, where the results were mixed.

Some claimed they “lost over 40 lbs with the diet” and others said they “highly-recommend the diet to anyone.

Others, however, weren’t impressed. “It didn’t do anything” one reviewers said, adding “and the cost is outrageous.” Another commented that “the 1000-calorie-a-day diet is too hard to follow” and that “the drops don’t do anything.” “Haven’t seen any results” reported others. These reactions concur with some of our own findings listed above.

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Is Pure Slim 1000 Worth Trying?

For a product this expensive, you’d want to know if you were getting your money’s worth. After what we learned, it just doesn’t seem like that’s the case. For $129-$215, you’re basically getting a meal guide and a liquid supplement that contains many ingredients that are have no real benefits. On top of that, you’re expected to eat a potentially-dangerous number of calories per day, which some customers have reported caused them to stop doing the diet.

When it comes to your health, you have to be vigilant, and make sure that what you’re being sold is safe and effective. From what we know about the company, the diet, the supplement, and the feedback from customers, it looks like you’re better off avoiding it.

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Pure Slim 1000 vs Omnitrition

These are very different diets. For one, PS1000 is a diet that anyone can buy, mainly via their website. Omnitrition, on the other hand, is a direct-sales program that urges people to become “distributors” and sell the program to others for a commission (like an MLM). Pure Slim 1000 consists of a very low-calorie diet for the first phase, plus supplemental intake of their proprietary serum, while Omnitrition starts you off with a high calorie diet before dropping you to as low as 500-700 calories a day (which is dangerous).

Omnitrition is gluten free, while it appears that Pure Slim 1000 isn’t.

Pure Slim 1000 vs HCG

These are also very different from each other. Pure Slim 1000 is a full diet, with meal plans, calorie directives, and a liquid supplement. HCG is another word for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone, and the HCG diet consists of taking HCG while on a low-calorie diet. Both require people to eat very sparingly (1000 calories for PS1000, 500 for HCG). Unlike PS1000, the HCG diet has been labeled a “fraud” by the FDA and it’s currently illegal in the U.S. to sell products containing HCG to people without a prescription.

Pure Slim 1000 vs Liquid Amino Diet

These diets both claim to help you lose weight quickly. Both consist of a diet plan combined with a supplemental formula that’s supposed to quicken weight loss even more. Pure Slim 1000’s formula contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, and amino acids, while the Liquid Amino Diet’s formula consists mainly of amino acids and a berry extract. It appears that the Liquid Amino Diet is cheaper than PS1000, but it doesn’t look like it’s necessarily more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I read a sample menu from Pure Slim 1000?
    It looks like you can find some on the PS1000 forums.
  2. Where can I read reviews of Pure Slim 1000?
    You can read them on Amazon, or on the Pure Slim website.
  3. Does Pure Slim 1000 come with a diet cookbook?
    Their website contains recipes you can use.
  4. Is there a Pure Slim 1000 coupon code?
    Not that we know of.
  5. What’s on the Pure Slim 1000 approved food list?
    You’d need to get a copy of the book to see that.
  6. Does PS1000 include snacks?
    Yes, the diet includes two low-calorie snacks a day.
  7. Does PS1000 come with a program booklet?
    Yes, that’s part of the package you buy.
  8. What are the ingredients in the PS1000 drops?
    Maca, glucomannan, beta-alanine, glutamine, ornithine, serine, glutamic, rhodiola, arginine, pyridoxal 5 phosphate, African mango, glycine, valine, tyrosine, methyl B12, potassium, niacin, vitamin E, riboflavin, panthothenic acid, folic acid, zinc, magnesium.

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So What Really Works?

We’ve reviewed lots of diets, but the best one we’ve ever reviewed is called the 18Shake diet. It’s basedon scientific principles to keep you happy, healthy, and energized while you lose weight. Their shake contains top-quality, all-natural ingredients that help to reduce your hunger, boost metabolism, and manage cholesterol levels, among other benefits. It’s also made in an American facility that’s not only GMP-certified but also monitored by the FDA for quality purposes.

If you’re not satisfied with the results, the company offers a money-back guarantee that’s hard to beat.

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