VirMax Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The customer feedback was unimpressive, the ingredients are basic, and the overall simple explanation makes this a basic blend. Not the worst product we reviewed but overall, just not worth the time and money.

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VirMax Overview

All you need is about a pill a day and while it does have some solid ingredients, overall it’s not at all impressive enough to consider it among the best. Customers often said it didn’t do anything and by looking at the simple additives, it’s clear it’s because this does not have much included.

It’s not a terrible supplement but consider the fact they do not offer a money back return. Many had a mixed experience with it, it’s just not comprehensive enough to consider it a quality enough product. There were a lot of people who also said it took a while for it to kick in, while other higher rated brands don’t require such a long waiting period. You don’t want to have to wait for there to be an improvement in the bedroom when you want to be sexually spontaneous. A supplement shouldn’t take weeks for it to finally have some kind of a change.

Noticeable male sexual improvement benefits are possible for more virility, mood, erection strength and overall sexuality.

VirMax Claims

There isn’t much said about this other than that with one tablet a day you’re meant to experience a change in sensation, performance, and overall sexual function. That’s all you get, no testimonials or much else of an explanation into the specifics behind this supplement.

Whether or not they did any actual research or if they did some sort of analyses of their blend is not known. This isn’t a surprise however when you factor in what kinds of ingredients is used.

It would have been real helpful had they mentioned some sort of claim that isn’t already made by virtually every other male enhancement product. It’s never a good sign when they leave the customer to have to do their own research to determine what’s truly possible. No testimonials, studies, explanation of the ingredients, or deeper explanation is given other than 4 different sentences and a supplements facts list.

Clearly there has to be more present, especially when there is little information known about the company. They also have a questionable claim that all you needed is one capsule, but you can take another if you’d like. More information is needed to determine if this is likely safe and how to best determine if another serving is necessary.

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VirMax Ingredients

Proprietary Blend, VirMax Herbal Blend 475 mg

  • Panax Ginseng (whole herb)
  • Saw Palmetto (berries)
  • Ginkgo Biloba (leaves)

Proprietary Blend, Amino Potency Power Blend 416 mg

  • L-Lysine HCI
  • L-Glutamic Acid
  • L-Arginine HCI
  • L-Alanine

Proprietary Blend, VirMax Stamina Blend 200 mg

  • Cnidium Monnieri (fruit)
  • Angelica (root)

For their inactive ingredients they also add FD&C Blue #1, an artificial food coloring that is unnecessary. The rest is fairly standard including the entire proprietary blend of amino acids.

The stamina blend does have Cnidium Monnieri which can be useful for male enhancement.

Panax Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, and Ginkgo Biloba are all commonly used in male enhancement products and they are used for different benefits. They can help increase endurance and wellness. Ginkgo in particular is used for more circulation, making it easier to keep an erection.

Angelica or wild celery is most commonly used to help reduce the risk for premature ejaculation, by allowing for there to be more sensation in the penis. Essentially it’s meant to withhold orgasm by letting there still be a good feeling, but delaying ejaculation.

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The Science Behind VirMax

Like we mentioned previous, the official website is underwhelming and they do not add any real details about its use. No information is cited to help prove any of the claims; all you get are standard supposed benefits you’d find in other products.

Saw Palmetto is often used for its diuretic benefits and in order to boost sexual desire. You can find a lot of information about it and fortunately Web MD has verified this is “likely safe”

The only questionable active ingredient is angelica which Web MD also says is lacking information to know if it will actually be effective in “medicinal amounts”.

The entire amino acid blend can help boost blood flow by making more nitric oxide in the body. What this does is allow an easier flow so whenever aroused; this can translate into stable erections. The more blood flow the better and this can make erections longer and stronger.

Overall what you’re getting here is fairly decent but it’s also too basic to consider it an actually useful male enhancement aid. Only 9 ingredients ad 4 out of 9 are amino acids which you can find in nuts, seeds, meat, dairy, eggs, and other protein rich foods.

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Word on the Street about VirMax

“Thought it was working but after some time I found no benefit. Luckily it didn’t lead to any side effects”

“after a few weeks it started to kick in a bit, just enough to notice what it can do. I thought it was pretty decent”

“Not bad but it wasn’t any better than similar supplements that I have used in the past. So really I wouldn’t try it again”

“Not at all what I was hoping for, it just wasn’t that good for me and my needs. I’d avoid it at this cost and for what it took”

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Is VirMax Worth a Try?

Avoid this; no good reason is given to try it. Every single ingredient is fairly common and already used in many other male enhancement supplements. The price is about what you’d expect but you also aren’t able to make a secure purchase, they do not back this up with a return policy. So if you’re like the many mixed opinions online, you’d end up losing out on money.

There’s also the unnecessary use of food coloring. There is never a good reason why a product would feature this kind of substance.

The only good thing about this is what a few real stores have it on sale, but overall it’s about as basic as you can get. You can already get the majority of ingredients by adopting a protein rich meal plan. This leaves only 5 real unique active ingredients, and 1 of them has not been proven to work so realistically you’re only getting the support of 4 ingredients.

There were far too many customers who saw no change in their sexual function to consider this a worth supplement. Far too basic and not varied enough to consider it for lasting male enhancement. The official website doesn’t offer a real good representation or explanation as to why this should be used. All you get are a few standard claims that amount to only 4 sentences and a supplements facts list.

For $19.99 and potentially only 15 days of use there is not a good enough reason to consider trying it.

We handpicked these male enhancement products for their ability to enhance sexual desire, virility, and overall function.

VirMax vs Extenze

This is a fairly popular supplement with a controversial history. There were lawsuits filed against them as well as issues related to customer service. As far as the effects, many had mixed results. Also added to this is a blend of many average ingredients you’d normally find in a male enhancing product.

The only controversial issue is the yohimbe bark. Not only is there a lot of studies which show this can be dangerous, but customers have experienced dangerous stimulant related side effects. There is no need to ever use a supplement for male enhancement.

VirMax vs Viagra

There is just one possible benefit from the prescription Viagra and it’s the ability to keep blood flow so an erection is easier. This won’t improve mood, overall sexual enhancement, or endurance. So there still is the risk for premature ejaculation and performance anxiety.

Worse yet, Viagra can be pricy and it’s not recommended to take it repeatedly for a long period due to the possibility for side effects. There are better options which don’t require a prescription. This can be too extreme for some and there’s a risk for damaging side effects for some.

VirMax vs Nugenix

The basic version of Nugenix is made up of Testofen as a main ingredient. This is a proprietary ingredient that is intended to help raise testosterone. The quality of advertising is very misleading however; they make it seem a lot better than it actually is. There are actual lawsuits against the makers of Testofen for exaggerated male enhancement claims,

Reviews were also not always favorable, with many negative opinions you can read from different websites. It’s also much more expensive than other similar products. Many customer service complaints were filed against the company for shady practices.

VirMax vs Libido Max

Inside of Libido Max is a basic blend with the unnecessary yohimbe stimulant which can produce some unwanted side effects. This ingredient may help prevent erectile dysfunction, but there is a high risk for dangerous side effects. The majority consensus for Libido Max is also negative, mainly due to unwanted side effects.

These symptoms included typical stimulant related issues such as rapid heart rate, spasms, and general anxiety. Worse yet, there were customers who had to call for medical support due to the severity of their side effects.

VirMax FAQ

  1. What are some common VirMax results I can expect?
    There isn’t any actual common result, most customer reviews were mixed. The formula is very common to many other male enhancement supplements so predicting what is likely cannot be determined.
  1. What can you tell me about VirMax T?
    Inside of this are slightly different herbs like fenugreek, tribulis Terrestris as well as horny goat weed. They add fewer ingredients but they do use a high amount of Zinc for testosterone enhancement. This also cost slightly more than the standard VirMax supplement.
  1. Can you tell me about VirMax for Her?
    Strictly made for women only, the supplement is used for women of all ages. The biggest difference is that the use slightly different aphrodisiacs such as goldenseal and chasteberry. The same kinds of amino acids and the stamina blend are exactly the same. There also happens to be a lot more inactive ingredients including a different form of food coloring.
  1. What are common VirMax male enhancement pill reviews?
    The support is very mixed. Some saw no changes at all, and others did say it worked for them. Overall there isn’t a typical outcome, both extremely negative and positive reviews ae available.
  1. Can I find VirMax at Walgreens?
    You can get it on their website and in person for $14.49 for a 30 count serving.
  1. What’s the price for VirMax at CVS?
    It costs $19.99 for a 30 count package of the men’s natural male enhancement product.
  1. What is VirMax exactly?
    This is the simple brand name for a line-up of products for sexual enhancement. This ranges from prostate health, blood sugar regulation, a female sexual enhancement, their standard men’s blend, and a testosterone booster.
  1. Are there any VirMax side effects?
    Judging from the ingredient it typically wouldn’t cause side effects though there were a handful of complaints from users. Mainly nausea and stomach related complications. There may also be side effects from using the food coloring, especially if taken for a long period.
  1. What can you tell me about VirMax 8 hour?
    The official VirMax website no longer features this supplement, and the only source is 3rd party websites. There isn’t any evidence that it will actually work for an n8 hour period and its unknown if it is still made fresh. Fewer ingredients are used than the standard version, though they add a lot of it with over 400 mg of an herbal and amino acid blend.
  1. Does VirMax for Him work?
    Reviews are mixed which is never a sign of a quality product. Some said it did nothing and others said it had noticeable benefits. No supplement can be truly shown to never work but judging from the reviews, it seems unlikely for it to have a lasting benefit. For some it took them a few weeks before noticing even a minor improvement.

Every product in this top 10 list was considered to be optimal for natural male enhancement support.

So What Really Works?

To get a real boost in male enhancement we advise using Viritenz. This is for the simple fact it has optimal dosage strength, a ton of great reviews, and the ingredients are good enough for reliable support. This can help improve sexual function with ease and there ae no questionable ingredients like unwanted stimulants.

The consensus was extremely positive with not just an enhancement od endurance and sexual vigor, but overall erection strength. You also get a great money back return policy so you know it’s backed. Here is a detailed insight on what made Viritenz a great functional male enhancement product.

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