Top 20 natural kidney cleansing herbs, foods and drinks

kidney cleansing herbs

The kidneys are our organs which filter out toxins and waste from the bloodstream. As toxins could impact your whole body, there is no question that assisting your kidney is important for keeping your overall health in check. Without a balanced diet, body cleansing and purified drinking water, toxins could build up and impact the functions of your kidneys, liver as well as other neighboring organs and might even result in kidney stones and many other health issues. Check out what top natural kidney cleansing herbs, foods and drinks are by reading the following article, from!

Kidney Cleansing Herbs, Foods And Drinks – Nutrition Advice For Healthy Kidneys

1. Chanca Piedra 

kidney cleansing herbs

Chana piedra, or “stone breaker”, is considered as a favorite in South America for helping the kidneys and clinical trials have widely confirmed the plant’s efficiency. It is popular in the area and its widespread use has earned it such a positive reputation in Ayurvedic medicine as a beneficial herb for kidney, liver, and bladder health.

2. Goldenrod 

Goldenrod was used extensively among a lot of Native American tribes for enhancing urinary tract health. It is shown that the herb tones the urinary tract and is useful for detoxifying the kidneys.

3. Hydrangea Root 

kidney cleansing herbs

This type of herbs was common among Native Americans and early settlers, both of whom used the plant for enhancing bladder and kidney health. This herb acts as a solvent and is often thought to be able to smooth the jagged edges of those kidney stones. In addition, hydrangea root also appears to help the human body appropriately use calcium, an action that might be useful for reducing kidney stones from building in the first place.

4. Horsetail 

kidney cleansing herbs

This is one of the most effective kidney cleansing herbs. Horsetail, in fact, is a popular weed with diuretic properties; it is useful for enhancing urine output to remove the kidneys and urinary tract. Also, it has antioxidant properties and benefits the human kidneys and renal system. Whether you use it as your tea or in a capsule, horsetail is a really good herb to add into your daily healthy diet.

5. Celery Root 

kidney cleansing herbs

Both the seeds and the root of celery have been used for many centuries as a natural diuretic. So, what makes this herb become so popular? It is because this herb can help eradicate toxins within the human body by increasing urine output. Celery root has long been considered a stimulating tonic for the human kidneys as it includes nutrients such as sodium and potassium.

6. Gravel Root 

kidney cleansing herbs

Gravel root is effective in cleansing kidneys because of its euparin content – a solvent with properties of fighting off harmful organisms. Thus, this might explain why many people believe it is helpful in discouraging infections.

7. Uva-Ursi 

kidney cleansing herbs

This herb is also called as “bearberry” which has been used by a lot of cultures. It is an astringent which could soothe as well as tone the urinary tract. According to many studies, this herb is traditionally used to cleanse the human kidneys.

8. Marshmallow Root 

kidney cleansing herbs

Considered as a soothing herb, marshmallow root can calm the tissues of the human urinary tract. Also, it is a gentle diuretic which encourages urination.

9. Dandelion Root

kidney cleansing herbs

In fact, this is often mistaken as an annoying weed that seems not to have many benefits. However, it is loaded with benefits, both the root and leaf. Especially, it is a diuretic and can enhance waste elimination.

10. Parsley 

kidney cleansing herbs

One of the most favorite of chefs, parsley is a flavorful, aromatic herb popularly used in herbal medicine. As a diuretic, it is useful for decreasing the formation of toxins within the human kidneys and whole entire urinary tract.

11. Watermelon 

kidney cleansing herbs

Watermelon includes plenty of water and also has a function of diuretic which could make people produce much more urine so as to eliminate more wastes from their body.

12. Lemon Juice 

kidney cleansing herbs

Is lemon juice your favorite drinks in hot summers? Apart from being a favorite option for people to relieve their thirsty during hot days, it also can help decrease kidney stone buildup. You can add to your water ½ cup of lemon juice per day. Also, use apple cider vinegar instead of a lemon to get the same effect. Just need to mix 6 teaspoons into about one gallon of purified water and then drink it throughout the day.

13. Berries 

kidney cleansing herbs

In fact, berries are one of the most nutritious fruits in the planet, which are rich in antioxidants and also include a lot of disease fighting properties. Also, they could help flush out uric acid from the human kidneys therefore keeping them stronger and healthier. Blueberries and cranberries are two best options among all types of berries because they include a substance which washes away the urea and uric acid from the kidneys.

14. Red Grapes 

kidney cleansing herbs

The color in red grapes comes from some flavonoids, which are good for the human heart. This is because they can prevent oxidation and decrease the risk of blood clots. Resveratrol, one flavonoid in grapes, might increase the production of nitric oxide, thereby enhancing muscle relaxation in the blood vessels for more fluent blood flow. Flavonoids also assist in protecting people from cancer and also prevent inflammation.

In order to make use of red grapes properly to cleanse kidneys, you should choose those with purple or red skin grapes which have the highest flavonoid content. Or, you can eat grapes as a great snack. If be frozen, they can make a good thirst-quencher for those people who are following a fluid-restricted diet.

15. Egg Whites 

kidney cleansing herbs

Do you know that egg whites are pure protein? Actually, they supply the highest quality protein along with essential amino acids. In case you are on a kidney diet, it is great for you to note that egg whites have less phosphorus than many other protein sources, like meats or egg yolks.

Go for egg white sandwiches or egg whites for omelets. Also, add them to your shakes or smoothies. You should hard boil eggs and use in green salads or tuna.

16. Apples

kidney cleansing herbs

Consuming one apple per day can help you keep doctors away. Thanks to the high content of fiber and anti-inflammatory properties, apples can help decrease cholesterol, prevent constipation, and protect against heart disease and reduce the risk of cancer. Renal-friendly apples could be consumed raw or cooked. Or, you can get their great benefits by drinking apple juice or cider.

17. Fish

kidney cleansing herbs

This is another good source of protein. It is recommended that people should contain fish in their meal plan from 2-3 times per week. In addition to being a good source of protein, fish also includes anti-inflammatory fats named omega-3s. These healthy fats can help in preventing many diseases like cancer and heart disease. They also help in lowering the bad cholesterol – LDL – and raising the good one – HDL.

And, the kinds of fish containing the most omega-3s are albacore tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring and rainbow trout.

18. Olive Oil

kidney cleansing herbs

Many studies showed that people in those countries where olive oil is used instead of other kinds of oil tend to have lower rates of heart disease and cancer. In reality, this is believed because of the good components inside olive oil. The first is oleic acid, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid which can help protect against oxidant. The second is polyphenols that can prevent inflammation and oxidation. Make use of virgin or extra virgin olive oil because they are higher in antioxidants. Olive oil could be used to make salad dressing as a marinade for veggies and as a dip for bread, or in cooking.

19. Water

kidney cleansing herbs

This might be the simplest options when it comes to tips to cleanse kidney. Staying hydrated and keeping your own urine diluted is crucial for keeping healthy kidneys. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially in the hot weather or when you exercise frequently. And, it is worth noting that if you are suffering from any kidney disease, you might not need as much water because damaged kidneys could not get rid of additional fluid as they should. Basing on the current state of your kidney disease and your remedy, your doctor will tell you to limit the fluid consumption.

20. Cranberry Juice 

kidney cleansing herbs

Cranberry juice is well known for its benefit in supporting urinary tract. It is shown that cranberries could help to beat off urinary tract infections, possibly by reducing the adhesion of bacteria to the urethra and bladder. In addition, cranberries might be useful in cleansing the human kidneys of excess calcium oxalate, which is among main contributors to kidney stones. Upon buying cranberry juice, you should opt for the varieties which are certified organic and without added preservatives, sugars, and artificial flavors. Or, if possible, make your cranberry juice using a juicer.

If you are concerned about the health of your kidneys  or somebody else’s, then these 20 kidney cleansing herbs, foods and drinks should be on your grocery-shopping list. That way, you will be able to get healthier and stronger kidneys naturally without having to resort any kind of drugs or supplements.

If you have any nutrition tips about kidney cleansing herbs, foods and drinks, share your thought with us by dropping words below the post. We will feedback soon.

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