How to prevent pancreatic cancer naturally – 10 tips

Pancreatic cancer often begins in your tissues of pancreas with poor prognosis. Signs and symptoms of this disease are often difficult to see until it is advanced.
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Until these signs and symptoms appear, they are often upper abdominal pain, loss of appetite, blood clots, depression, weight loss, yellow skin and white eyes.
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The main factors can lead to the risk of pancreatic cancer are excess body weight, chronic inflammation of the pancreas, smoking, family history of genetic syndromes.

Tips On How To Prevent Pancreatic Cancer Naturally That You Should Know

In order to prevent pancreatic cancer effectively, you need to know the main factors that have great influence on the pancreatic cancer very well and then, apply the suitable methods to protect yourself from pancreatic cancer. This writing includes 10 tips on how to prevent pancreatic cancer naturally that we want to show you, including:

1. Stop Smoking: 

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-stop smoking

20 to 30 % of pancreatic cancers are from smoking. If you want to prevent pancreatic cancer, you have to quit smoking. Smoking is also the main reasons of many other diseases like heart problems, lungs cancers. If you are addicted to smoking and unable to stop by yourself, you can visit a doctor or support groups for advice.

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2. Stop Drinking: 

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-stop drinking

Like smoking, alcohol is one of the common causes for pancreatic cancer. Drinking too much alcohol can have bad effect on your body. If you drink alcohol regularly and want to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, you should try to minimize the amount of alcohol you drink. The best way is to stop drink it. Alcohol can lead to many severe diseases.

3. Avoid Harmful Workplace: 

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-avoid harmful workplace

How to prevent pancreatic cancer naturally also includes avoiding harmful workplace. This action can help you reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer effectively and very useful for protecting yourself from other harmful factors to your body in general. Harmful workplace often includes dangerous substance for our body like certain pesticides or chemicals.

4. Keep Your Healthy Weight: 

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-keep your healthy weight

If your weight is healthy, you need to maintain it. If you are overweight, you should have plan for losing weight. You should remember that losing weight slowly and steadily will bring you a healthy body. In addition, a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables, whole grains and fruits will help you get necessary nutrients for your body without worrying about gaining weight. A healthy diet should be combined with doing exercises regularly to get the best result.

5. Do Exercises:

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-do exercises

Some large studies show that obesity and inactivity are also the potential risk for pancreatic cancer. Doing exercises regularly can help you decrease the risk of pancreatic cancer up to a half, at the same time; contribute to lose your weight quickly and healthily.

6. Healthy Diet:

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-healthy diet

A healthy diet with rich anti-cancer nutrients is a good recommend for you. Most of fruits and vegetables are good for preventing pancreatic cancer. Besides that, you should supplement the foods that are low in saturated fat and high in whole grains to your meal. Some foods that are effective in preventing pancreatic cancer include high fat foods, foods with strong odors, bran foods and toast, dairy foods and high fiber foods, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, coconut….

7. Supplement Vitamin D: 

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-supplement vitamin d

Some studies show that vitamin D also plays an important role on how to prevent pancreatic cancer naturally. The studies found that the people that consumes about more than 600 IU of Vitamin D from foods and supplements has lower risk of pancreatic cancer than the people consumes fewer than 150 IU of vitamin D daily. This rate is about 40 percent. Moreover, vitamin D also helps to prevent other diseases such as cancers, osteoporosis, high blood pressure. Some foods that are rich in vitamin D like salmon, reduced-fat cheese.

8. Avoid Excess Protein: 

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-avoid excess protein

Most of us often eat too much necessary protein for our body. An excessive protein intake to your body can impact on the growth of cancer seriously. If you are not an athletic or pregnant, you should consider decreasing your protein levels in your diet. Limiting the protein intake and replacing the healthy fats intake may be better for you. Your protein levels should be from 35 to 75 grams. As you reduce the protein levels, it means that you must replace it with other calories source. It should be high-quality fats that contain in eggs, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados.

9. Limit The Canned Foods: 

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-limit the canned foods

Limiting the canned foods is also one of the good ways to avoid bisphenol-A or BPA. This is an endocrine-disrupting chemical that linked to cancer and other health problems. BPA is used popularly in plastic containers, the inner lining of cans as well as food packaging. Some researches show that canned foods contain greater BPA levels than plastics. Hence, limiting the canned foods is an effective prevention from pancreatic cancer.

10. Garlic: 

how to prevent pancreatic cancer-garlic

It is not amazing when garlic is used for preventing pancreatic cancer. Some studies show that it can offer up to 39 different anti-fungal, bacterial, parasitic and viral agents. It is also known as a powerful healthy food with the most effective anti-microbial agent. Using garlic also helps to prevent cancer effectively. Moreover, it is also rich in selenium that known to reduce the risk of cancer to 20 percent.
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There are many ways to use garlic. Combining it with your foods is one of the easiest usages. One to three grams per day is a great intake for your body.

However, you should control the intake of garlic because excessive intake can be harmful to your health.

Here are 10 tips on how to prevent pancreatic cancer naturally that we would like to share with you. We hope that they are very useful for you. If you have any question or suggest for this topic, you can write your comment in the following form of this post and we will reply as soon as possible. Your comment may be very useful for us and other readers.

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