How to relieve itchy eyes naturally at home – 7 tips

It is known that itchy eyes disease results from allergies. Sometimes, pink eyes also lead to this problem. Other triggers of itchy eyes include fatigue or eye strain. If it causes a lot of pain and difficulty, you should see the doctor immediately to get diagnosed and treatments. However, the good news is that if you suffer from itchy eyes, there are available alternative options on how to relieve itchy eyes naturally at home.

How To Relieve Itchy Eyes Naturally At Home – Effective Techniques & Home Remedies That You Should Know

Itchy eyes are one of symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. This disease is more common in adults than in children. However, it can affect any people at any age. The pain of itchy eyes can vary from acute to chronic. In some serious cases, itchy eyes can result in blurred vision or swollen eyelids. Two types of allergic conjunctivitis will cause itchy eyes. The first type is seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. It happens in the spring and falls. The patients will be affected by itchy eyes when they get exposed to seasonal allergens such as pollen, weeds and grass. The second one is perennial allergic conjunctivitis that happens all time of the year. The patients will get itchy eyes because of exposure to household allergens including dust, mole and pet dander. Moreover, the patients who get diagnosed with blepharitis and dry eyes face the more risk of developing itchy eyes than anybody else. However, if you suffer from itchy eyes which are not called by allergies, you should consult the doctors or eye care professionals immediately to get diagnosed. There are a lot of symptoms of itchy eyes, including swollen eyelid, red bloodshot eyes, watery eyes, inability to open eyes, blurred vision, congestion, wheezing, short of breathe, runny nose or sneezing. When you get exposed to allergens, your body system will release histamines which cause red, itchy, irritated eyes. You should avoid rubbing your eyes because rubbing eyes will make your body release more histamine. As a result, it will make the symptoms worse. Others get itchy eyes when they are allergic to contact lens. Contact lens will cause itchy, discomfort, redness and inflammation. Allergies can develop when you age. It means that when you never suffer from allergies before, it is possible for you to be attacked by allergies later. When you see the specific symptoms, please see the professional such as ophthalmologist, dermatologist or allergist in order to define the causes of itchy eyes. Some tests including blood test for allergies, food allergy test, allergy skin test or physical examination. You can prevent itchy eyes causes by allergies by a lot of ways such as wearing eye glasses, avoiding smoking, vacuuming regularly, so on. However, if you experience the itchy eyes, I would like to introduce to you effective techniques and home remedies on how to relieve itchy eyes naturally at home. If you concern, please read this article on to know more.

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1. Wear Eye Glasses When You Go Out:

how to relieve itchy eyes-wear eye glasses when you go out

It is the first tip on how to relieve itchy eyes you should know. By wearing eye glasses or sunglasses, you will avoid exposure to some allergens from outside. As a result, the symptoms of itchy eyes will reduce. Moreover, you should avoid other allergens as much as you can in order not to make the symptoms get worse. If you are allergic to pet dander, you should not try touching the pet and then rubbing your eyes.

2. Wear Glasses Instead Of Contact Lens: 

how to relieve itchy eyes-wear glasses instead of contact lens

We all know that wearing contact lens is one of the factors causing itchy eyes as some people are allergic to contact lens. In this case, you should switch the contact for the glasses in order to avoid allergic reaction.

3. Apply The Cold Compress Over The Eyes:

how to relieve itchy eyes-apply the cold compress over the eyes

A cold compress is considered as the good way on how to relieve itchy eyes because it will help you to ease the redness and swelling. In order to use this treatment, all you need to do is dipping the washcloth in the cold water. However, if you do not feel comfortable with cold compress, you can try dipping the washcloth in the warm water. It has the same benefits as the cold compress. Apply the treatment over the closed eyes and try to relax for 20 minutes. You can repeat this treatment several times a day in order to achieve the satisfactory result.

4. Avoid Eye Strain:

how to relieve itchy eyes-avoid eye strain

Eye strain and eye fatigue can lead to itchy eyes. When you stare at something for two long, for example watching TV for hours, seeing computer screen or reading a book, you may increase the risk of developing itchy eyes as well as other eye problems. Therefore, if you ask the ways on how to relieve itchy eyes at home, I would like to recommend that you should reduce these harmful activities. Moreover, reading book in the dim light is also harmful for your eyes. When you suffer from itchy eyes, it makes the symptoms get worse. Adding the light will help you prevent or treat itchy eyes. However, light of computer and television is too bright that it can cause eye problems. To adjust lighting is important to prevent or reduce the eye fatigue.

5. Wash Eyes With Chamomile: 

how to relieve itchy eyes-wash eyes with chamomile

This home remedy on how to relieve itchy eyes is effective. In order to use this treatment, you should mix a teaspoon of dried chamomile flower with a glass of boiling water. Wait for 5 minutes to let it warm. This home remedy is often used as the eyewash or eye compress. This treatment should be repeated several times per day. You can see the significant relief for a few weeks.

6. Try Cucumber Slices:

how to relieve itchy eyes-try cucumber slices

Cucumber slices are proven to be effective in treating inflammation and eye irritation. All you need to do is cutting the slices of cucumber, storing them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to let it cold. Apply the cucumber slices over your closed eye lids. Cool cucumber will help you soothe the irritation. You can lie on the floor and close your eyes. Try to relax completely. This treatment also helps you ease soreness.

7. Try Tea Bag:

how to relieve itchy eyes-try tea bag

Want to know how to relieve itchy eyes naturally? Try tea bag. The possible reason may be that tea bag contains bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids can protect your body against viral and bacterial infection; therefore, it helps to reduce inflammation. Place moist black or green tea bags on the closed eyes for a few minutes. If you suffer from swollen eyes, you should place the tea bags in cold water before applying it on the affected eyes. The reason why tea bags treatment is considered as the excellent home remedy on how to relieve itchy eyes may be that it contains tannic acid. Moreover you can use tea to wash your eyes. It has the same benefits.

These are 7 techniques and home remedies on how to relieve itchy eyes naturally at home that I want to share with you. If you find this article effective and helpful, please let me know by leaving your comments bellow the post. I am glad for your contribution and will answer your questions as soon as I can. Thanks you for reading.

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