20 Natural Home Remedies For Sore Eyes

home remedies for sore eyes in children

Human eyes are undoubtedly vulnerable. They easily get hurt by the tiny undisruptive dust, let alone other external or internal factor. It is quite simple to understand why there are various eye conditions people have to face every day. One of the most common problems on eyes that seem to be harmless but actually very complicated is sore eyes. The statistic shows that out of every 13 people, there will be one person getting affected with sore eyes. Caused by the impurities existing in the environment or the carelessness of people on taking care of their eyes, the sore eye is a real problem making a lot of troubles for the human. The long list of home remedies for sore eyes is a credible evidence to prove the attention people pay to this condition. However, not all the remedies are trustworthy or effective, making it hard for decision making. Thus, VKool.com is going to introduce top 20 useful home remedies for sore eyes so that you can make up your mind in an easier way toward this eye condition. It will be a pity if you miss this informative article for your own health.

20 Natural Home Remedies For Sore Eyes

1. Home Remedies For Sore Eyes – Green Tea

The very first remedy for sore eyes is green tea. Being well-known for many benefits toward body health, green tea is believed to effectively relieve the eye condition due to is powerful anti-inflammatory content. A scientific report published in 2024 has proved the significant effects of green tea extract on several eye problems like retinal degeneration [1]. Let see how to make one of the most natural home remedies for sore eyes with green tea:

  • Add 2 green tea bags into a cup of distilled water.
  • Then, let them steep and cool off.
  • Use this green tea solution to flush the sore eyes twice per day until the symptoms disappear.

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2. Cold Milk

Many people are surprised to know that the favorite drink, cold milk, can be one of the home remedies for sore eyes. If you are having troubles with this condition, you can easily make a remedy with cold milk on your own with the following instruction.

  • Use a cotton ball to dip it into the cold milk.
  • Rub the ball around your sore eyes.
  • Apply this remedy at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

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3. Water With Salt

It can be said that water with salt is one of the most convenient home remedies for sore eyes that you can try at home. Both of them are easy to find and beneficial in curing sore and painful eyes. For a long time, this remedy has been used widely due to its safety and quick result. The combination of salt and water creates the effective eyewash, particularly for inflamed and irritated eyes by flushing the debris away from the eyes. In addition, salt is also an antibacterial agent that helps kill bad bacteria. Below is the direction of using water and salt as one of your home remedies for sore eyes:

  • Stir a teaspoon salt in a cup of water then continue boiling until the salt completely dissolves.
  • Let the solution cool off then use it to wash your sore eyes
  • Use this remedy several times per day for at least 2 days.

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4. Home Remedies For Sore Eyes – Vegetable Juice

If the above solutions are recommended to apply directly to the sore eyes, vegetable juice is taken in as an inside remedy. The juices of raw vegetables, especially spinach and carrots, are very helpful in treating the sore eyes. You can consume them separately or mix them together to get a more tasteful drink.

You should drink 2 glasses of favorite vegetable juice twice a day to achieve an itching relief. But remember to consult your doctor in case your vegetable juices are not suitable for your body and try other home remedies for sore eyes if this one cannot offer significant effects.

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5. Chamomile

home remedies for sore eyes - chamomile

The next home remedy for sore eyes can be made easily at home with the main ingredient as chamomile. It is a versatile herbal that is widely used in many health and beauty recipes. As one of the most ancient remedies in the world, chamomile has been proved to be effective in diabetes, eczema, sore throat, cancer protection and so on, according to a study about its effects on health [2].  The homemade eyewash from chamomile is proved to provide a cooling and soothing impact on the sore eyes.

  • Steep a teaspoon dried chamomile flowers in 1 cup of hot water for 5 minutes
  • Strain the tea and leave it cool off
  • Wash the sore eyes with this solution
  • Alternatively, make other eyewash by stirring 12 drops of chamomile tincture in a cup of hot water, leave cool off, and use as usual.

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6. Cold Spoons

Another common home remedy for sore eyes is using cold spoons. This method is believed to provide quick pain relief. With this remedy, you just need to use metal spoons as a cooling compress after making them chilled with ices. These cool metal spoons can constrict the blood vessels thereby reducing puffiness and redness in the eye area.

  • Place 4 metal spoons in a fridge or glass of ice water until they are chilled.
  • Put 2 spoons on the affected eye and keep them until they become warm up.
  • Switch out with another cold spoon and in the meantime, chill the warm one again in the glass of ice water.
  • Apply this remedy until the swelling subsides.

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7. Home Remedies For Sore Eyes – Potatoes

Another natural remedy that is often used for children and babies is using potatoes. It is a food item that can be found easily in every household. Potato slices can be rubbed on the eyes to reduce the symptoms. With the astringent properties, potatoes can quickly relieve the itchy eyes as well as inflammation and redness. Let see how we can create this home remedy at home with these following instructions:

  • Peel and cut a potato into slices then store them in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Place these chilled slices on your sore eyes for 15 minutes.
  • Do this remedy each night before going to bed for at least 2 days.

8. Milk And Honey

You can find honey as the main ingredient in many methods for a sore throat or cough. On a research published in 2024, honey has also been recorded to have effects on Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis, a common dangerous condition [3]. This powerful natural gift is also one of the common home remedies for sore eyes that you can take a look at. As a rich source of antibacterial properties, honey can be effective in treating conjunctivitis. When applied with warm milk, honey’s power will be enhanced by the relieving effects of warm milk. Now is the way to make this eyewash with warm water and honey:

  • Mix equal parts of warm milk and honey then stir until the honey becomes smooth.
  • Drop 2 to 3 drops of the solution by an eyedropper into your eyes 3 times daily.
  • Alternatively, apply the mixture as a compress to your sore eyes.

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9. Cold Water

Without any extra support, cold water can still act as an effective remedy for sore eyes at home. This remedy is especially suitable for children and babies, whose eyes are extremely sensitive to even the natural herbals. To apply this method, simply, you wash your eyes with cold water. If it is not helpful enough, you can use some ice cubes, wrap in a clean towel, and place it on your affected eyes. Also, you can use ice packs instead of using ice cubes, to reduce soreness and discomfort effectively in your eyes.

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