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Vi-Shape is a meal replacement shake that makes up a part of the Body by Vi Challenge Kit. According to the official website, this product comes with great flavor–in fact, the site touts this shake as “the shake that tastes like cake mix.”

Vi-Shape was created to help you boost your weight loss goals with its low fat, low sodium, low calorie, low sugar, and low-carb blend. Ultimately, the product works, as it helps users cut back on calories without needing to pay too much attention to counts.

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Vi-Shape Overview

Vi-Shape is a meal replacement shake that claims to taste like cake batter. The site claims that the product works to keep users full through the patented Tri-Sorb protein blend, which consists of three proteins that help the user build lean muscle, as well as Fibersol, a prebiotic blend made to keep you full. The product also contains an enzyme blend that helps the body maximize protein.

The shakes are made with a sweet cream base, and dieters have the option to add additional flavors to the product.  According to the official website, dieters are advised to replace one or two meals a day with the shake and may snack on things like fruit, low-fat cheese, nuts, and vegetables in between.

The Vi-Shape diet is a moderate approach to using shakes to lose weight. The site states clearly that in addition to the shakes, you should be exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet with fewer carbs and calories than you would normally consume.

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Vi-Shape Claims

According to the official website, Vi-Shape is low in fat. And the web copy claims that eating less fat equals less fat on your body–not something we agree with, but some people require a low-fat diet, so this may be a good option for them.

Each serving comes with 75 mg of sodium and one gram of fat–both important counts for people concerned with their heart health. Additionally, the shake is gluten-free and low in sugar.

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Vi-Shape Ingredients

According to the official Vi-Shape page, the product contains the following ingredients:

  • Tri-Sorb Protein Blend
  • Fibersol
  • Aminogen

Tri-Sorb protein blend—A unique blend of three proteins that work together to help keep you satisfied, and help to support lean muscle. Our mix includes two forms of whey protein and soy protein.

Part of this protein blend is the ingredient, soy protein isolate, is a contested ingredient. This element is an easily blended source of plant protein, but it does contain isoflavones, a plant compound that may increase the body’s production of estrogen.

Phytoestrogens aren’t necessarily unhealthy, but they may cause problems for some users and send hormone balance out of whack.

Fibersol is a patented prebiotic fiber blend used to keep you full after drinking one of these shakes. The idea is, adding this ingredient to a shake mix will help you stay full for longer than you would from your average meal.  The other benefit of Fibersol, versus other types of fiber, is, you’ll stay full, minus the bloating and gas.

Prebiotics are present to help any incoming probiotics (good bacteria that lives in your system) multiply and thrive. This helps protect your immune system, support regularity and have other health benefits.

Aminogen is another patented and clinically tested ingredient, an enzyme blend that helps your body maximize its protein and nutrient absorption. Finally, users can expect to get 26 vitamins and minerals–making this a more complete meal than some of the other shakes we’ve seen.

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The Science Behind Vi-Shape

Looking at the ingredient profile of Vi-Shape it’s certainly appealing in a lot of ways. The fact that it tastes like cake batter and is low sugar, low sodium, and gluten-free makes this seem like a pretty viable option for those looking for a protein shake that meets their taste requirements and

And, what’s more, is, Vi-Shape seems like a good option for users trying to reduce their sugar intake. We also like that users seemed to like the taste, and that the product contains ingredients like prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, and calcium.

It’s great that the soy protein is non-GMO, but soy protein isolate delivers a high amount of a substance known as isoflavones, which acts a lot like estrogen in the body.  Replacing meals with soy-based shakes means you are adding more isoflavones into the mix.

Unfortunately, of the 12 grams of protein included in this formula, we don’t know what percentage is soy. The benefit of soy protein isolate is, it’s a concentrated form of soy that allows for more protein per serving than tofu or some other whole, food source of soy. According to WebMD, large amounts of soy protein might not be safe for everyone.

The reason for this is, soy protein isolate contains soy isoflavones, which mimic estrogen production. While this may be a positive thing for people with low estrogen, it may lead to excess hormones or an imbalance in the body.

Think about it; if you’re replacing one or two meals a day with this product, you’re likely getting a lot more soy protein isolate than you would normally.  Side effects may include mood swings, irritability, lethargy, and restlessness.

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Word on the Street about Vi-Shape

Vi-Shape is well-reviewed on Amazon across multiple listings. Customers report that the product really does have a great, cake-like taste, with no pronounced chemical flavor. Most users, however, did not report weight loss with use but liked the shake as a way to add some protein to a smoothie or enjoy a convenient breakfast food.

Many past shoppers complained that the brand started selling less product for the same price–shrinking the package size. The package is currently sold for $53 a bag–whereas, some users report the product once was sold for $49.99 for more shake.

Other criticisms had more to do with the lack of efficacy. For example, one user reported that they felt full not long after drinking the shake. Vi-Shape was made to function as a

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Is Vi-Shape Worth a Try?

This product sounds pretty appealing in a lot of ways. It’s low in calories and sugar and is specifically designed to keep you full. Not to mention, it’s supposed to taste like licking the cake mix out of a bowl.

But, upon looking more closely at the formula, there are some potentially harmful additives that take away some of the appeal.

The product contains several thickeners and additives designed to make the product mix better when combined with water or milk, but some may cause some unwanted effects. Some consumers reported that Vi-Shape made them nauseated or gave them gas. Nothing too serious, but long-term, these symptoms could reduce your quality of life, particularly if you’re feeling uncomfortable much of the time.

Additionally, the product can keep the sugar content down, while maintaining an optimal level of sweetness by adding sucralose. While sucralose–or Splenda–is deemed safe for consumption by the FDA, it may interfere with the overall health of your gut’s microbiome. Additionally, some studies have shown that artificial sweeteners can undermine your weight loss goals.

In the end, Vi-Shape does have some good attributes. The shake has a decent vitamin content and provides a good-size serving of protein in each shake.

Vi-Shape FAQs

  1. What is the Body by Vi Diet?
    The Body by Vi Diet is a meal replacement plan where users drink Vi-Shape in place of two meals a day, usually breakfast and lunch.
    On top of the two-shake diet, the company makes other products like bars and cereal that can supplement you throughout the day.
  2. Where Can I Buy this Product?
    According to the makers of this product, Visalus, shoppers can purchase this product from a Visalus Promoter or through the site,
    Promoters are part of an MLM system, so Visalus tries to discourage people from purchasing these products through more straightforward avenues. That said, shoppers can find this product through several Amazon sellers.
  3. How much does this product cost?
    Since Vi-Shape shakes are part of the Body by Vi diet, the company encourages users to purchase the shakes in kits. The Body by Vi Shape Kit, which features 60 servings of the sweet cream shake mix, plus ten flavor add-ons. The kit sells for $124.99, but users who enroll in the monthly autopay program can buy the product for $99 a month.

What Really Works?

After looking at all kinds of weight loss products, we’ve found that 18Shake works best, as compared to other shakes on the market. This product is made with a range of vitamins, fruits, and nutrients, plus Fibersol, which works to keep you full throughout the day. Head over to the official website to get more details on getting started with 18Shake.

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