How to treat watery eyes naturally at home – 8 tips

It is natural when you cry because of a weepy movie, some sad or happy news. However, when your eyes cry too much for no good reasons without psychological or emotional trigger, it means that you are suffering watery eyes disease. The tears will easily roll down your cheeks even when you are happy and calm. It makes other people around confused or distressed when they look at you. Overly watery eyes will interfere in your daily activities and in the long time, it will lead to loss of vision. In the severe case, it may be dangerous.

What is the watery eyes disease? Why does your tear keep watering so much? Is there any way that helps you to cure water eyes?
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Therefore, it is time for me to introduce to you some effective solutions and home remedies on how to treat watery eyes naturally at home.

How To Treat Watery Eyes Naturally At Home – Effective Solutions And Home Remedies

Watery eyes mean that your eyes produce too much tear uncontrollably. Everyone at any age can experience the watery eyes; however, it is the fact that it is the common ailment in young babies and the people at the age of over 60. Watery eyes can lead to sticky eyes, sore eyelids, and blurred vision. It is important for you to see the doctor when you suspect that you are suffering watery eyes. This disease is caused by the dysfunction of Meibomian glands which is located in the eyelids. These glands release an oily substance which helps to slow down the tear’s evaporation. Due to dysfunction of Meibomian glands, it can lead to dry patches on the eyes. As a result, extra tears will release, which causes watery eyes. Other factors causing watery eyes include sagging lower eyelids, eye irritation, narrowed or blocked tear ducts, an allergy, and pink eyes. If you suspect that you are suffering from watery eyes with its common symptoms, it is important to see an optometrist to get diagnosed and proper treatment. If necessary, an ophthalmologist would be referred in order to have further examination and investigation. If the watery eyes are caused by dry eyes, eye drops are required in order to ease the symptoms. The doctors or optometrist (eye specialist) also advises that you should avoid activities that make the symptoms worse. You can use medications or prescribed drugs to treat watery eyes which are caused by infection or an allergy. In the case that a tear duct is narrowed or blocked, surgery is required in order to treat watery eyes. If watery eyes are not too annoying, uncomfortable, you do not really need to have treatment. However, depending on the different causes of watery eyes, some home remedies and natural techniques on how to treat watery eyes naturally at home you should try will help you to ease the symptoms and improve watery eyes. Therefore, if you concern, please read this article on to know more.

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1. Treat Blocked Tear Ducts With Massage:

how to treat watery eyes-treat blocked tear ducts with massage

Blocked or narrowed tear ducts are the common cause of watery eyes. Blockages will keep the tearing from draining away. Narrowed or blocked tear ducts not only cause watery eyes but also eye infection. Babies are vulnerable to watery eyes. The possible reason may be that a tear duct of babies opens slowly. As the way on how to treat watery eyes, you should massage the corner of the eyes towards the baby’s nose gently. This treatment will open the tear ducts gradually and improve watery eyes.

However, it takes you for a while. So, this treatment should be repeated several times a day. In some severe cases that happen in adults, surgery is required in order to open the tear ducts. Another way is using antibiotics that are effective in treating eye infection.

2. Treat Conjunctivitis With Baby Shampoo Solution: 

how to treat watery eyes-treat conjunctivitis with baby shampoo solution

Eye irritation can lead to the watery eyes when eyes release so many tears uncontrollably. Conjunctivitis is one of the main triggers of eye irritation. Conjunctivitis is an allergic reaction which can lead to inflammation. When you experience the conjunctivitis, your eyes will try to ease irritation by releasing tears. However, sometimes it cannot control the problem. Therefore, if you suffer from conjunctivitis which leads to watery eyes, the best way on how to treat watery eyes is curing conjunctivitis first. You can do that with baby shampoo solution. Dip a clean cotton pad in the mixture of baby shampoo and warm water. Finally, try to clean areas around your eyes gently. It is important to stay away from makeup or contact lens because they will make the inflammation get worse. Some patients who get diagnosed with watery eyes due to conjunctivitis find relief when they try herbal remedy. Therefore, chamomile, Oregon grape, barberry or goldenseal is recommended.

3. Treat Entropion With Botox: 

how to treat watery eyes-treat entropion with botox

Entropion means that the eyelashes grow inward in the front of your eyes. It results in watering eyes and causes inflammation. A 2024 study showed that Botox is effective in treating entropion as well as easing the symptoms of watery eyes.
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Moreover, study in 2024 from Australia found out that Botox is also the excellent facial exercise that can helps you treat facial problems.

4. Treat Dry Eyes With Castor Oil And Vitamin A:

how to treat watery eyes-treat dry eyes with castor oil and vitamin a

Tear contains fat, water and proteins. Dry patches are formed if tear has a low fat content and cannot spread easily. As a result, dry eyes cause eye irritation which makes your eye produce too many tears. It is found that castor oil is effective in treating dry eyes. You can apply a few drops on your eyes before bedtime. Moreover, vitamin A eye drops can help you to ease dry eye syndromes as effectively as traditional eye drops. You can also ease symptoms of watery eyes or dry eyes by consuming a lot of foods which are rich in vitamin A.

5. Treat Ectropion With Massage: 

how to treat watery eyes-treat ectropion with massage

Ectropion happens when lower eyelids are not proper position. It turns away from your eyes; therefore, the tears cannot drain away in the tear ducts. In this case, you should consult the physical therapy expert who can guide you to massage and manipulate your face. Massage is considered as the effective way on how to treat watery eyes naturally.

6. Treat Uveitis With Vitamin C And E: 

how to treat watery eyes-treat uveitis with vitamin c and e

Uveitis is caused by eye injury, eye infection and other health conditions. Uveitis can make your eye water too much. It is recommended consuming vitamin C and E diet as the good way on how to treat watery eyes at home. Many evidences showed that vitamin C and E can improve your vision and control tears.

7. Treat Blepharitis With Warm Compress: 

how to treat watery eyes-treat blepharitis with warm compress

Blepharitis is eyelid inflammation which causes itchy, stinging eyes and makes it difficult for the tear to spread cross the eyes. As a result, your eyes will water uncontrollably. In this case, it is suggested that a warm compress over the eyelids may help to treat irritation due to blepharitis.

8. Wash Your Eyes Regularly With Warm Water: 

how to treat watery eyes-wash your eyes regularly with warm water

If the particles in your eyes are trapped due to dust or grit, the excellent way on how to treat watery eyes is good eye hygiene. It means that you should wash your eyes regularly with warm water in order to loose crusting, blockages and trapped particles.

These are 8 tips on how to treat watery eyes naturally at home you should remember. I hope that you will find these tips and home remedies effective and helpful. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comment bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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