Symptoms Of Over Exercising: Signs, Dangers, And Side Effects

over exercising

Exercises are very helpful for your health while they can make you feel stronger, have more energy, have more perfect body, and can prevent some diseases. However, over exercising seems to be terrible because it makes some problems for your health. In fact, many people still think that they can do exercise as much as possible. Recently, has released a writing of top 15 symptoms, signs, dangers, and side effects of over exercising with the target of helping people understand more about the harm of over exercising and avoid them as soon as possible.

Symptoms Of Over Exercising: Signs, Dangers, Side Effects, And More

1. Alter Your Heart Rate 

over exercising

One of the most common signs of over exercising is to change your heart rate. Normally, exercising will increase your heart rate. Between the workouts, you should take time to have rest. Overtraining will hurt your heart and causes some injuries for your heart such as abnormal rhythms, patchy scars, and some transient cardiovascular altering.

2. Reduce Confidence 

over exercising

Many people feel obsessed with exercises no matter at gym or at home. Some athletes even feel better if they stop exercising. They lose or reduce confidence when training and working. Probably, they get side effects of the insomnia, depression, or lack of concentration when doing workouts. They have not felt confident any more.

3. Feel Greedy Thirsty

over exercising

Exercising will make you feel thirsty but over exercising will make you feel greedy thirsty. You start drinking lot of water and you want to drink more and more during exercise. That is a clear symptom that you may get if you over exercise, as the rule, you feel thirsty but it does not mean that you always feel thirsty during the workouts.

4. Get Insomnia

over exercising

If you do exercise too much, you will feel difficulty sleeping, particularly in night. It is due to the change of the hormone and the nervous system. Regularly, you will get easier to sleep but it seems to be more difficult to sleep at night, it means you may suffer insomnia from over exercising and it is very harmful if your insomnia lasts longer.

5. Feel Anxious 

over exercising

Exercise will make your brain feel happier and your body will be stronger. However, if you feel more depressed or anxious, you should think of the dangers of the over exercising. Doing physical activities too long without resting also causes depression or anxiety.

6. Change Your Personality 

over exercising

Another side effect of doing exercise too much is to chance personality. It is rare to alter your emotions, or sometimes it changes to positive emotions. But you should take care of some side effects such as depression, irritation, aggressive feelings, etc. They are normal cautions you should notice when practicing exercises.

7. Usually Feel Sick

over exercising

Workouts will make you stronger and more active. Generally, exercises will give you chance to improve your health and prevent diseases. Anyhow, you always feel sick and get sickness; you may get the symptoms of over exercising. If you have that, you should have the rest, reduce training workouts, and eat more healthy foods in your diet.

8. Get Awful Feet 

over exercising

After doing exercises or do workout routine, you may feel pain in toes and feet. If so, you should choose the right shoes, right socks to support your feet. Cut the nails if necessary. Generally, you have to feel comfortable in feet before doing any workouts for legs. You should stop doing leg workouts if the feet are more painful.

9. Lack Of Concentration 

over exercising

One of the most dangers of over exercising is to lose concentration. After going to gym and doing workouts, you feel lack of concentration on everything such as driving, talking, and taking care of yourself. That is very dangerous and you should reduce workouts and take the long rest.

10. Increase Injury 

over exercising

Do you get injury more often recently? Do you feel pain in the old injuries? If you say yes, you probably are getting overtraining. It is because you do not have enough time to recover injuries while following so many workouts. If you want to lose fat fast, you also should not take too much time on doing workouts because it may bring the opposite effects for your health.

11. Reduce Motivation

over exercising

After staying at gym, do you want to come back? Commonly, you will feel willing or urged when coming to gym to do workouts, but you reduce motivation after time to join in. You fear of training at gym and fear of starting exercises that means you feel tired of doing workouts.

12. Break The Progress 

over exercising

Did you usually effort in doing exercises? Have you ever thought of stopping to do those workouts? If so, you may suffer from overtraining. Make sure that you divide proper time to do exercise and have the break to repair your muscle pain. Importantly, you should perform exercises more regularly and do not break or do the exercises in a long time in a day.

13. Affect Your Hair And Skin 

over exercising

If you see your hair like straw and your skin is rougher, you should take care of them because you may be over exercise and it will cause skin and hair problems.  You can have some natural masks to moisturize your hair and skin, protect your hair and skin from the sun, and supply more nutrition for them through daily diets.

14. React Chemical 

over exercising

Chemically, your body may get dangers from over exercising. This is due to the intense workouts you do. They can change the blood chemistry and the metabolism in the body during the exercises.

15. Get Muscle Burning 

over exercising

Actually, it is not strange if you get muscle pain after exercises for one or two days. But if you feel painful in a long time more than 3 days, you should take break and have rest. If you continue to do exercise, you will get more side effects of over exercising along with the muscle burning.

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After reading my writing of top 15 symptoms, signs, and side effects of over exercising, I hope that you have learned the helpful notices and understand more about the danger of overtraining. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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