Inflammation Causing Foods List: 6 Worst Picks For Inflammation

inflammation causing foods

While it does not exactly make you feel fuzzy and warm, inflammation is the totally health response of the human body to infection and injury, a way of defending ourselves by sending the immune cells and key nutrients to the regions that require them most. The causes of the chronic inflammation condition could vary person to person, yet contain being overweight, experiencing stress, and even breathing polluted air. In addition, lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise or smoking also play a role in causing inflammation. And, the foods you opt for eating or not eating could also impact inflammation. That is why you should consider this inflammation causing foods list to choose the right ones for you if you want to prevent inflammation beforehand. Take a look from!

6 Inflammation Causing Foods – A Quick List Of Worst Picks For Inflammation

1. Sugar

inflammation causing foods

It could be hard to resist pastries, sodas, chocolate bars, desserts, and even fruit juices. Nevertheless, it is warned that process sugars can trigger the release of inflammatory messengers named cytokines. High amounts of sugar in your diet can lead to an increase in AGEs, which result in inflmmation.

Those sugar-sweetened drinks such as fruit drinks, soft drinks and punches are also other main sources of dietary sugars which many people have skipped. A can of Coke is also as good as sucking ten sugar cubes. When you are looking out for sugar in the list of ingredients, note that sugar has many names: dextrose, corn syrup, fructose, maltose, golden syrup, sorghum syrup and sucrose are some creative names often used.
So, what you could do is to cut out processed foods, candies and sodas to decrease your risk of inflammatiom. As an alternative, you could opt for natural sweeteners such as honey, stevia, or blacskstrap molasses. Natural sugars in dried or fresh fruits and fruit preserves without added sugar are good choices also. They could satisfy your sweet teeth and also provide you with vitamins, fibers and antioxidants that you will not find in most sugary drinks and foods. persimmons, kiwis, dates, figs, tangerines, and a variety kinds of berries are soe healthy snacks you could sink your teeth into.

2. Processed And Fried Foods

inflammation causing foods It is shown that cutting back on the consumption of processed and fried foods, like fried meats as well as prepared frozen meals could decrease inflammation and help restore the natural defenses of the human body. What you could do is to cut down the intake of processed and fried foods you are consuming and add more fruits and veggies into your diet.

3. Dairy Products

inflammation causing foods Among inflammation causing foods, dairy products might be the most well-known. In fact, dairy products might contribute to arthritis pain because of the kind of protein they include. For some individuals, this type of protein might irritate the tissue surrounding the joints. some arthritis sufferers find success by switching to a vegan diet containing no animal products. Instead of getting protein from dairy and meat, you should get the bulk of your protein sources from veggies such as nut butters, spinach, beans, tofu, lentils and quinoa.

Also, milk, is a popualr allergen that could trigger inflammatory responses, like constipation, stomach distress, diarrhea, acne, hives, skin rashes and breathing difficulties in those susceptible people.

Except for obvious milk products such as cheese and butter, foods with hidden dairy content contain cookies, breads, crackers, cream sauces, cakes, and boxed cereals. In order to avoid those inflammation causing ingredients, you should scan the ingredient list.

To substitute for those inflammation causing foods, you could opt for Kefir as well as unsweetened yogurt. They are easy to digest and friendly with the human stomach because the proteins and lactose in the milk have been broken down by the beneficial yeasts and/or bacteria.

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4. Tobacco And Alcohol

inflammation causing foods Alcohol and tobacco could result in many health problems, containing some that might impact your joints. The smokers are more at the potential risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, whilst those consuming alcohol are at the higher risk of developing gout. If you want to have healthy joints, you should follow a healthy balanced diet along with a proper exercise regime and an adequate amount of rest. However, all of them could be compromised by tobacco and alcohol. Regular high consumption of alcohol has been known to lead to inflammation and irritation of the esophagus, larynx and liver. When time goes, the chronic inflammation might enhance tumor growth and increase the risk of cancer at the sites of repeated irritation.  Thus, you should reduce your intake of alcohol and tobacco and build good eating habits with healthy choice, adequate quality sleep and regular sleep. Opt for cups of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory jasmine green tea.

5. Salt And Preservatives

inflammation causing foods

Foods with high amount of salt and preservatives are also inflammation causing foods you should avoid. Fact is, many foods include excessive salt as well as preservatives to increase the length of their shelf lives. For some individuals, excess consumption of salt might cause inflammation of the joints. It might be worth trying to decrease the intake of salt to prevent chronic inflammation.

Before purchasing any foods, you should read the label to avoid additives and preservatives. Less salt might help you in managing your arthritis pain, so you need to avoid prepared meals. Though they are convenient, those microwavable foods are usually high in sodium.

6. Corn Oil

inflammation causing foods

Many snacks and baked foods include corn as well as other oils which are high in omega-6 fatty acids. Whilst these treat could satisfy your taste buds, they might trigger the condition of inflammation. According to some studies, by taking advantage of fish oil which include omega-3s, those people with rheumatoid arthritis could relieve their joint pain naturally.

Thus, you should replace foods with omega-6 fatty acids with those anti-inflammatory omega-3 alternatives like nuts, olive oil, pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds.

So, how many of these 7 inflammation causing foods are in your diet and nutrition plan? If you are serious about preventing inflammation and arthritis pain, then you should cut them out of your meals right instantly.

If you have any ideas about this inflammation causing foods list, share your thoughts with us by dropping words below the post. We will feedback soon.

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