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What is Einsteinium?

Einsteinium is a cryptocurrency coin used specifically to help with any and all “charitable missions” for scientific research. As long as the project has some sort of scientific goal in mind, this helps provide secure funding. The group behind it has even secured their non-profit status in Montreal.

It uses similar technology as Bitcoin with peer-2-peer exchange without any added fees. We’ll delve deeper into Einsteinium to explain how it works and what you can expect.

What does Einsteinium offer?

The name Einsteinium or EMC2 is a tribute to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. They are a legitimate government approved non-profit out of Canada and they were the first to focus on philanthropic science.

They have a total of 245 million coins and of every mined coin, 2.5% of it will be given to the group.
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2% of this is used for science based projects while the other .5% is given to marketing, faucets, and donations.

They offer a detailed explanation into what kind of projects they fund, and what they intent to accomplish with their coin. A major benefit of this coin is that it’s meant to help bring together different kinds of people, from miners looking to earn a profit to charitable groups who want to learn more about science.

Epoch Explanation

They define each Epoch as the time it takes to mine 26,000 coin blocks which is accomplished in roughly 25 total days. After these 25 days, they select another scientific project to invest money into.  They take the time to decide which specific project would be most fitting.

Their goal is to run through 730 different epochs, and the more mining that goes on there will be less distributed EMC2 tokens until it reaches just 1.

Wormhole Event

They use what’s known as a Wormhole Event which is their way of describing a random time within each epoch where there is a lottery. This means that at random there is about 180 blocks where 2,973 EMC2 is given as reward.
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This helps ensure that people stay interested in mining, since even when it’s possible to get just a single token, there may be a random increase of nearly 3,000 EMC2.

If the coin were to increase in value, this would make it more likely that people would stay interested in it. Miners for example have the opportunity to randomly generate a much greater prize, so there is continued value in it.

Historical Trading

With the recent change in the cryptocurrency market the price went from hitting a major increase to now stabilizing to slightly higher than what it was when it first came out. It is now worth $0.295585 which is a boost from early 2024.

Seeing as how the company has a fully laid out roadmap, this may be a major reason why it has still held its value over its starting point.

Where to Purchase

Looking at current markets it’s possible to exchange it for BTC on Cryptopia, Poloniex, Upbit, Bittrex, and for KRW on Upbit.  For current news you can also read about the trade websites which offer it on the official website.  They even provide a direct link when you click on the specific company banner.

What Wallets are Available?

The top header of the Einsteinium website mentions the available wallet. They provide a specific EMC2 wallet they created as a free option. You’re able to download it direct for Linux, Windows, and Apple.

They also allow for a mobile download on Android.

As of this writing there is no other source for EMC2 storage, so you have to rely on the networks free version.

Future of Einsteinium

Many of the goals they set forth to accomplish are outlined on the roadmap. They made sure to produce a web wallet and desktop wallet for multiple platforms for example. They also have an e-commerce site where you can buy and sell with EMC2 tokens, this includes footwear and shirts. You can also pay a small amount to secure you funding.  These are all goals that were accomplished since the roadmap was produced.

They even have a debit card where you’re able to use it similar to any other debit card.

The ease of use and amount of usable tools center tit all around the EMC2 coin, which improves its functional use and scope.

Einsteinium vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and it does have a much greater value than any alt coin like Einsteinium. The major difference of course is that EMC2 was made only to help fund scientific projects, while BTC can be used for any kind of trading. The inherent value of EMC2 is that since it’s for a single goal, this means more resources can be made available to funding science.

Einsteinium vs USD

It’s difficult to compare a cryptocurrency to a fait currency, but at this time the EMC2 coin has a market cap of $63,973,744 USD and a volume of $7,120,140 USD. A coin is worth less than a total dollar, but this can change drastically depending on how the market is doing, which sometimes changes as a whole.

Einsteinium vs Qtum

Qtum uses a unique blend of Bitcoin infrastructure with Ethereum. This is intended to be an applicable tool for businesses to help build different kinds of applications.  They even helped launch a satellite in order to gain advantage in the blockchain market.  They also offer a wallet, full roadmap, and they are active online.

Einsteinium vs Cardano

With Cardano there’s a blockchain that uses a smart contract said to be more advanced than the competition. They say it holds a much better chance of remaining secure than other forms of blockchains. You can also use their Daedalus wallet to run different kinds of decentralized application, which is available as a free download.

Einsteinium vs GXShares

You can perform secure data and credit transactions using this unique blockchain. This is also traceable and quick, while also protecting user from having public information from becoming exposed. They compare themselves to other options and add how they use real-time data, use for all, and data lease is authorized before actualizing.

Einsteinium FAQ

  1. Where can I find Einsteinium coin news?
    The best resources include the company’s social media and their official website in the top right hand corner where it reads “News”.
  2. What is the current Einsteinium coin price?

    A grand total of $295585.
  3. Where can I buy Einsteinium?
    Upbit, Bittrex, Poloniex, and Cryptopia.
  4. Is there an Einsteinium hard fork?
    Yes the company announced in December 10, 2024, that it was a success and that the supply was reduced from 300 million to just 245 million. This means it is more secure and better likely to be invested into the future.
  5. Is Einsteinium mining easy?
    It does take some dedication with a full computing rig that can be somewhat noisy and can become hot if the fan isn’t running.
  6. Is there an Einsteinium Reddit page?
    Yes and it can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/einsteinium/
  7. What can you tell me about the Einsteinium cryptocurrency?
    This was created solely as a way to help fund scientific projects and it offers a lot of different resources as a non-profit.
  8. What is the Einsteinium price?
    Markets can change every second and at the time of this review it was capped off at $295585.
  9. Where is there Einsteinium announcement news?
    The official website and their Twitter are both good resources to stay updated on Einsteinium.
  10. What is the Einsteinium Twitter handle?
    It’s this: einsteinium coin
  11. What’s a good Einsteinium price prediction?
    We can’t say for certain and there is no way for anyone to accurately predict what the market value will be in the future.
  12. What is good Einsteinium mining software?
    The official website offers a few different mining pools to choose form which they recommend. Supernova, H2C, HashWiz, Inetrader P2POOL and Chainworks Industries Pool are mentioned.
  13. What’s good Einsteinium hardware?

    This can vary on different factors but your best bet is to look at the suggested mining software sites and see what they recommend.
  14. Is the Einsteinium coin frozen?
    They only had it available on Cryptopia for some period but the company assured that this has been corrected.
  15. Where can I find an Einsteinium mining calculator?
    There are a few different resources online which you can use for free when you type in “Einsteinium mining calculator”.


A major benefit of Einsteinium is that it helps fund the future with the progress of science in mind. The company also lays out the full details of what they aim for in the future, and what they have accomplished. This includes a lot of different projects such as a web wallet, -commerce store, debit card, protection against possible crashes in the market, and all to realize scientific projects.

The great mining system also ensures that there is added incentive for people to continue to work on extracting more coin. With the lottery style of winnings it entices people to want to keep hitting this random number. It also makes sure that there is an increase of wealth for all who take part, miners, the non-profit, and those who use EMC2.  This helps connect a larger network and makes it better suited for all kinds of people.

Peter Lehmann

Peter is a blockchain investor and cryptocurrency writer at Vkool.com. Since 2014 Peter has advised blockchain startups and ICOs on content marketing, strategy and business development.

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