Top Biggest Reasons For Divorce That Many Couples Overlook

divorce that many couples overlook

In reality, divorce does not happen by accident. It tends to build up slowly when people overlook the things which matter most. And, divorce is not a bubble that is ready to burst. Most couples assume that a divorce is a shocker, and is something that comes out of the blue when it is least expected. Maybe, to friends and family, that might be the case. However, to the couple involved, that might be something they would have witness all along. Normally, a divorce which is taken for granted has a big chance of ending in divorce. In this article from, we offer everyone top biggest reasons for divorce that you should pay attention to, take a good look and work on them before it is too late.

Top 19 Biggest Reasons For Divorce – Every Couple Must Know

1. You Think You Are Too Good 

reasons for divorce

Let me ask you questions: have you ever experienced a feeling like you are too good for your spouse? Do you think you deserve someone better than your partner? Normally, it might seem like a funny and petty thought now, yet dissatisfaction over time might trick you into making pitfall that you might end up regretting. Your spouse might have many qualities, only if you could get your own head out of the clouds and take a better look at him or her.

2. You Feel Constrained 

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Have you ever felt as if your marriage keeps holding you back from gaining your real potential? The potential can be a career chance, or racking up notches on the bedpost. Once you feel like you are tied down and you are too good to be so, the chances are, you will look for all opportunities to break out of the cage as no one is looking.

3. Poor Communication 

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A commonly heard phrase to successful marriages is that “Communication is key”. Communication is not only about talking to each other. It is about understanding the other person and learning more about your partner. It is pointed out that lack of communication or negative communication could rapidly mar feelings of romance and love. Most people talk, yet do not communicate. Such a relationship without effective communication is the bomb which is waiting to explode. Once parties stop communicating with the positive attitude, marital troubles which cause divorce are not too far behind.

4. Abuse 

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In this list of reasons for divorce, abuse might be one of the most common reasons. Physical, emotional, and mental abuse are common reasons why couples get divorced. Continuous fighting whether it is just verbal or physical is totally not healthy for both parties. Finally, most people involved in the volatile marriages reach to a breaking point and seek divorce. So, staying in such an abusive relationship is neither safe nor healthy. Getting the advice from experts might help abused spouses make the decision to seek to make a change.

5. Over Expectation 

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For a lot of couples, marriage is the next step in the good way of life. However, it is not the case of all. When a couple gets married, they all have some certain expectations from the relationship and each other. At times, these expectations are not really mutual and might end up distancing the two people who have not communicated the wants and expectations of each other at the time of marriage.

6. Incompatibility 

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Fact is, nothing stays the same, over time. People will develop, grow and change. Perhaps, individual growth means growing apart from their partner. Once the lives, interests, and dreams of two parties become significantly incompatibility, as the consequence, the marriage could start to suffer. Furthermore, incompatibility could lead to a partner seeking interaction with another person of the opposite sex, leading to infidelity.

7. Difference In The Backgrounds Of Culture 

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Initially, the differences in friends and families, and differences in religious beliefs might seem worth a petty fight and cute. Yet, after several months, the suppressed ideas as well as opposing thoughts might wreak havoc in the marriage.

8. Do Not Understand Each Other’s Wants And Needs 

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This is so common than most couples assume. People all have their own wants and needs from life. Have you ever felt like your spouse does not really understand your interests and passions in life?

9. Unhappiness

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Unhappiness might lie at the root of a large number of divorces. Often times, individuals do not recognize that love in and of itself is not enough to keep them happy. Besides, some couples get married, and then recognize that they are not ready for marriage. Either way, severe unhappiness may mean the death toll for the marriage.

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10. Immediate Changes In Lifestyle 

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In reality, a marriage is not just the ring covering around the human finger, but a completely new life as well as new lifestyle. If you have not moved in with each other, you might never understand the real problems behind living together. If you love having your own privacy and space, and also hate having another person breathing down your neck day by day, maybe moving in together first might be a better manner to test the marriage.

11. Trust 

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Trust is always a matter of a marriage. Do you trust, really, your partner? Trust is so important in marriage. If you could not build trust in your marriage or cannot trust your partner, then you absolutely could not survive your marriage.

12. Age 

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When it comes to biggest reasons for divorce, then age might also matter. The age at which two lovers get married plays a role in the likelihood of a divorce. Couples that get married at the young age usually deal with lack of maturity, financial problems, poor communication, and problems that develop from growing apart. Age apparently can add on maturity that could assist a marriage in working. This is the result proven by a study finding that couples who get married later in life, usually have the lowest divorce rates.

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13. Insecurity And Jealousy 

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Considered as a little worm, insecurity can crawl into the heart and develop over time. Insecurity might be the fault of your partner, or they might have nothing to do with it. And, jealousy might be cute at the beginning, yet not if it causes big fights or confusions.

14. Inability To Manage Or Deal With Conflict 

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Lack of maturity disables one to handle conflicts and deal with personality differences or “irreconcilable differences”. Thus, it is considered as one of top biggest reasons for divorce.

15. Inflexibility 

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Intellectual incompatibility might create misunderstandings. The smarter spouse will feel angry whilst the less smart spouse is made about not getting to the level of intelligence of the other and makes life miserable for herself or himself for the others also.

16. Infidelity 

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This is one of common reasons for divorce that always crops up in a marriage at some point. You can find someone else strongly interesting or might find yourself constantly trying to cheat, either for the excitement or in the expectation of satisfying your own urges. Fact is, what really matters here is to figure out whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

17. Money 

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According to a study, a husband’s unemployment could be a key factor behind divorce. In reality, lack of money could usually result in marital issues and then end up with divorce. Money, actually, has a way of making life worse or better. A married couple coping with financial difficulties might suffer from a lot of stress, which in turn might result in constant arguing as well as lack of communications. Those couples who do not see eye to eye on spending habits or that are in relationships where one partner controls the finances, usually cope with marital strain which will culminate in divorce.

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18. Priorities Change 

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Any marriage is a lifetime of being together. As individuals, people’s priorities in life change all the time. If you really want to have a happy marriage, and avoid divorce, you should learn to understand your partner’s priorities. You should not expect your spouse to stay the same for good. Just simply talk to each other and help your spouse become a better version, and you will fall in love with each other more and more.

19. Differences In Sexual Interests 

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When a relationship grows, the sexual excitement and arousal begin to change. It is because you see just the only naked person every night. Is it really possible to get hard or wet in an instant, every time you see your naked partner nightly lying in bed?

Sometimes, one of you might love having sex while the other does not enjoy sex anymore. Or, maybe things have recently started to get boring. Truth is, sex plays a significant part in most happy marriages. So, you should pay attention to it and get better at it.

In conclude, there are a lot of other reasons for divorce apart from the 19 listed reasons above. Pay attention to these signs and if one or some of them are affecting your relationship, then you should fix it now, before it’s too late.

If you have any comment on this article of top biggest reasons for divorce, feel free to drop your words below this post. We will feedback soon.

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