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Bad reviews, basic ingredients, and unimpressive unproven claims are made for this simple supplement. Even with their reformulation it’s clear the company is banking on their name to sell a product. To find out the reasons why this was poorly rated, skip to the table of contents to read about this brand.

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Leyzene Overview

All the ingredients in this are found in some of the most simple and generic supplements for male enhancement. This wasn’t the only issue we found; the fact that a wide majority of customers saw no benefit was another issue. We reviewed this and found it wasn’t as impressive as they claim it to be, even after making another blend in their version 2 reformulation.

This second version of the supplement was changed likely to take away the potentially dangerous stimulant, but still, this was too lacking to consider it a useful supplement.

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Leyzene Claims

All the intended benefits are fairly simple. More blood flow, fast acting performance, improved endurance, and a synergistic effect for maximum effect. 6 specific improvements are suggested which are essentially the same, other than the enhancement of testosterone.

This all sounds like an impressive change but they do not provide any actual proof. Worse yet for unknown reasons they do not have an ingredients list, you have to find it 3rd party. It’s also important to notice they made a major change to their ingredients.

They decide to make their ingredients more simple and free of their former stimulant. They call this new formulation as version 2 which is indicated on the front of the package.

An interesting thing about this product is that nowhere on their website do they claim this is for sexual enhancement, only for “natural performance”. It is clear from the added Horny Goat Weed that it is for sexual function. There is no explanation why this is so, but it may be because they want it to seem more for all-around performance. Typically a band wouldn’t use this kind of ingredient unless it was especially for sexual function.

Because you can’t see any actual proof of why it was considered for immediate results it’s hard to take this brand seriously. The claim that it is the only product with “highest quality and purest ingredients” may be true, but highly unlikely and without cited proof; there is no way to determine how they came up with these claimed results.

They do have a 30 day money back return but this is only if the:

“unused Leyzene… (sent back) within 35 days from shipment”

While their return policy sounds great as they advertise it being for 30 days with no questions asked, the fine print admits this is only if you send it back unused. Therefore if you were to not notice any benefits, they would still keep your money if you bought a package you tried and failed to see a change from.

Another thing to keep in mind is that though they say “thousands are getting instant results” all they have to support it is the pictures of 3 smiling men. This is clearly not actual proof since they do not cite any actual testimonials. Many may have used it but there is no way to know if all these men truly did enjoy it. Judging from the amount of negative opinions online, though many did use it, there was a majority of complaints rather than positive feedback.

There are a lot of reviews we looked over and the following 10 are useful for enhancing sexual production.

Leyzene Ingredients

  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Arginine HCL
  • Black Pepper Extract
  • Ginger (10% gingerols)
  • Gluconolactone

The unique ingredients in this include Ginger and Gluconolactone. Glunolactone is most commonly used in skincare products, and it is used for curing and preventing free radicals from spreading. Essentially it’s an antioxidant which can hydrate skin, prevent UV breakdown, and prevent sunburns. It is never explained why this is added however it’ not often that you’d find this in a performance enhancing supplement, only in topical aids.

Ginger is a digestive aid which can reduce inflammation, nausea, and other stomach related issues. Black Pepper Extract is only used to help improve the uptake and digestibility of other ingredients.

Arginine HCL and Horny Goat Weed are the only actual general aphrodisiacs ingredients. Horny Goat Weed is meant to enhance libido, blood flow, and overall sexual function. Arginine HCL is used for blood flow to help support the strength of erections.

For unknown reasons the official website never mentions any single ingredient, this is particular confusing since they have reformulated and there are images of their original version online. Fortunately there were up to date 3rd party websites which mention they have listed the supplements facts to the version 2 offering of Leyzene. It would have been useful had the creators listed what’s inside so customers can safely take this supplement knowing full well what’s included.

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The Science Behind Leyzene

They do say it is formulated and made for natural support with a high standard, but no evidence is ever provided. The claimed 30 minutes to 2 hour window of activation is never backed up by any actual science either. Many great clams such as thing being the “most effective supplement” are also never proven.

Their ingredients Arginine HCL are useful for nitric oxide production. This means it can be useful for more blood flow and even growth hormone production. This is why Web MD it can be useful for:

“erectile dysfunction and male infertility”

Horny Goat Weed is considered an “erectile aid and aphrodisiac” which Examine.com says is useful for both men and women. They even link a study which was able to “increase testosterone”.

There really isn’t much support offered by this supplement, these 2 mentioned additives are the only ingredients used for male enhancement.

Black Pepper Extract can help with absorption and there is a lot of support for it but it has no direct male enhancement benefit. The other 2 ingredients are added for unknown reasons. That’s one of the major faults with this product, a lot is claimed but no direct proof is ever provided to prove their claims.

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Word on the Street about Leyzene

“Just take a look at the reviews, it’s just not effective. I had an upset stomach and it didn’t really do much for the amount I paid for. Way too pricy and not good at all”

“Took a serving size didn’t work, took some more, still nothing. Tried it another day and still, nothing. Have to ask for a refund now because this was not good”

“Nothing at all for me, I made sure to take it just like the box said I should and I felt like it was a waste of my time and money”

“If you look at the positive reviews you’ll see that they only reviewed this brand. IT’s clear they are lying about the results because I didn’t see a change”

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Is Leyzene Worth a Try?

This is not worth your time or money. The cost is high, there’s not much added to it, and the consensus is incredibly negative. You can read review after review of disappointed customers saying it did nothing at all.

Just take a look at the ratio on Amazon.com, 701 customers had nothing but bad things to say about it. 66% of the people who reviewed it had nothing but bad things to say with only 12% giving it a favorable 5 star review. Judging from this alone it’s clear the majority had a bad experience with this overpriced supplement. There seemed to be a major disappointment from people who felt it wasn’t worth the high cost.

There are also a lot of claims about how this can deliver fast, effective, and noticeable results yet they fail to provide any evidence. The marketing hypes this up like it’s truly the best but keep in mind, the ingredients are common to countless other similar male enhancement products. There’s really nothing unique about this standard blend.

This cost over $21 for a 5 to 10 day serving, making it very expensive when compared to similar products. The only way you can get a return is if you return backed unused portions, so single package purchases which are used will not be refunded. All costs have to be paid for by the customer which may mean you lose out on money.

We factored in all the necessary criteria and determined that the top 10 supplements for male enhancement are as follows.

Leyzene vs Viagra

In order to be eligible to use Viagra you have to have it recommended to you by a doctor. There’s also the necessity to not have any cardiovascular related complications, since it can be dangerous. Viagra is also more expensive and not going to boost sexual desire.

Leyzene does not have much added to it so it also is very poor as a libido enhancing supplement. The cost of Viagra is naturally going to be more since it is a prescription. You can’t use Viagra for a repeat period consistently since it may be too harsh.

Leyzene vs Extenze

Extenze is a major male enhancement supplement that although popular, has shad a questionable history such as a recall and shady business practices. The ingredients in Extenze are natural, but keep in mind they do use yohimbe bark, a potentially harsh stimulant.

This is really seen in the amount of unfavorable consumer reviews. Leyzene is slightly more basic with the kinds of ingredients they use, but the major difference is that there are no stimulants in Leyzene. Extenze is considerably more expensive even though the ingredients are common to many other brands. Grand marketing claims are also made without proof.

Leyzene FAQ

  1. Can I find Leyzene at Walmart?
    They do sell it online and in stores at Walmart.
  1. What are the directions to Leyzene?
    They advise using 1 to 2 pills 2 hours to 30 minutes before physical activity. No more than 2 pills in a full 24 hour period are advised, likely due to potential side effects.
  1. What is Leyzene used for exactly?
    They claim it’s a fast acting performance enhancement for all-around endurance, testosterone, and overall physical health. They never specify if it we used for sexual performance, only endurance in physical tasks. Judging from the ingredients it is clear it is meant for sexual benefit however.
  1. Can I find Leyzene at Amazon?
    At this time it appears they have a listing there, but it is unavailable. So it’s likely to be temporarily out of stock for an unknown time period.
  1. Where is a good source for Leyzene pills reviews?
    Amazon has the most with a total of 849 reviews at the time this review was written. There you can find reviews from people who have purchased it by checking if they are “verified purchasers”
  1. What is Leyzene v2 all about?
    They reformulated and only kept one ingredient. Now they use family standard ingredients you’d expect from a brand like this. All of it is natural and it is used for endurance, more testosterone, and overall vigor.
  1. What do Leyzene reviews have to say about it?
    Most simply said that it didn’t work at all even when taken as directed and after finishing an entire container. There was a lot of disappointment from unsatisfied customers since it failed to do anything. Some did enjoy it however this was from a small minority.
  1. Do I have to worry about Leyzene side effects?
    There were some complaints as well such as headaches, migraines, stomach aches, nausea mood changes and sudden aggression.
  1. Can I find Leyzene at CVS?
    Their official website doesn’t carry it, so it’s likely they also do not have it in stores.
  1. Can you summarize your Leyzene 2 review?
    The formula is basic, most customer reviews were negative, and it’s pricy for what’s offered. No money back return is offered on any opened containers either. Nowhere on the official website do they have any actual evidence and all they provide is the images of 3 men who appear to have enjoyed it because they’re smiling.

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So What Really Works?

In order to get a noticeable improvement in male enhancement we found no better brand than Viritenz. The ingredients ae not only natural, but each one is added in the proper amount for there to be a change in sexual performance. It’s been used to help increase stamina, mood, overall health, testosterone, and erections strength using a complex blend.

Each ingredient has a lot of research to support its use in 3rd party studies. Best yet, there is a simple explanation to help customers know what it’s all about and what kind of benefits it can deliver. No better explanation is given into the value of Viritenz than this review offered here; you can understand what’s in it and what customers had to say.

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