How to prevent divorce & save marriage – 14 ways to improve marriage

how to prevent divorce from happening

In fact, children are much better off in a nuclear family; however, unfortunately there are so many families that are failed. According to statistics, the number of divorces can reach up to millions annually. So, how do you precisely save your current marriage as well as prevent divorce? Though there are sure fire signs of marriage in trouble, knowing the causes and fixing them will be never too late to start trying. Our website discussed about relationship tips for many times, yet now, in this updated writing, we will provide you, who want to build a solid and sustainable marriage naturally and permanently, with tips on how to prevent divorce. Keep reading to discover how to save your marriage and protect it from divorce easily!

How To Prevent Divorce – 14 Simple Tips For A Happy Marriage

1. Take Ownership      how to prevent divorce and save marriage

As we know, disagreements can breed hostility. Thus, rather than arguing continually who is definitely right and who is wrong, just try to stop and back down. That does not mean you are weaker than your partner, but it proves more than that. In reality, it may take lots of maturity and courage from you to concede your mistakes.

In case your partner bring up something that she / he dislikes or disagrees about your action or behavior, just admit it if it is true. It is not good idea to throw back certain accusation. Instead of resorting to destructive behavior, you had better get familiar with constructive language to make positive conversations.

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2Turn The Mirror On Yourself     

Rather than pointing fingers at your partner, just think about your play and your responsibility in a certain incident. Put yourself in the other’s shoes and build your empathy for his or her feelings. It is recommended that when you admit your partial responsibility in the problem, instead of blaming all for the spouse, your relationship will be improved vastly. Becoming more aware of your own play and behavior is a necessary skill for everyone who wants to have a happy relationship permanently.

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3. Make Time For Each Other

No matter how long your marriage lasts, it is great if both of you can create a honeymoon habit. It seems difficult because not all couples can retain their love as the first day of loving. But, if you can spend your time on eating dinner together, or taking a walk, or even just watching TV together, you will create huge positive changes in your relationship. It is better for you to find shared interests as well as activities to hang out with another, or talk openly about your marriage, such as learning a brand new food recipes and cook for a romantic dinner together. By this way, you will not only understand your spouse more, but also refresh your relationship naturally.

4. Banish Divorce From Your Thoughts

Nothing can be worse than the thought of divorce continually dominating in your mind. If you have an idea that you would be better off outside the marriage that thought alone could cause a main break in your motivation of making it better.

If you think divorce is totally not an initial option for your marriage, then you will concentrate on what you could do rather than on what you do not wish to do.

5. Compliment

The next tip on how to prevent divorce that you can make use of instantly is to compliment. That means you should compliment your partner regularly both in your private space and in front of others.

Even your spouse seems embarrassed or shrugs it off at first, but the glow from your sincere praise will last long time.

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6. Love Your Spouse In The Way She / He Wants

how to prevent divorce after an affairThe majority of us usually assume that things touching our heart the most deeply are going to impact our spouse in the same way. For example, you might think that red roses will be the perfect gift, but your spouse might think it is a waste of money or allergy attack. Then, you had better do find out what your partner yearns for, though it seems so “stupid”. Remember that the best gift might be something your partner wants, not merely what you wish him or her to have.

7. Pay Attention To Your Appearance

Appearance is not only important for couples in the dating stage, but after a marriage, too. Try to look your best for you partner. Many of you turn to wear too simple, even untidy after your marriage, yet it can ruin your image in the eyes of your partner. Thus, wear something you can wear comfortably while still turning-on your spouse. This also means taking care of your healthy – containing exercising regularly and eating properly.  The more you take care of yourself, the more likely your partner will be to take care more of his or her appearance too.

8. Let Your Spouse Know You Want To Repair Things

Follow this carefully if your spouse has no idea that you think your marriage may be on the rocks. Try to show your feelings in sentences that can describe you. For instance “I feel lonely”, “I miss spending time with you”. These sayings might be better than ones that express directly your idea, like “You do not spend time with me recently”. You might feel unhappy in your marriage, yet, possibly your spouse also feel the same.

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9Share Housework

Sometimes, the quarrels are resulted from things which seem so simple, housework. When one of you does all the housework, while the other is watching TV, it might be impossible not to begin a fight at some point. Even, over the time, these quarrels and complaints might lead to the possibility of the divorce. Share the work with each other to help both of you feel comfortable with the responsibility and the relationship.

10. Share Financial Budgets And Expectations

Nowadays, finance seems to be so important in most issues of the life. And, the demise of a lot of families involves in finances. Often, each of you brings different expectations about money to your relationship. Reaching to the agreement on how two of you deal with money is an ultimate component of success. Just live within your limits by choosing a proper approach to the debt. It is also necessary for two of you to learn difference between a want and a need. Make sure your demands are met.

11. Respect And Be Polite With Your Partner As You Are With Strangers how to prevent divorce in islam

We tend to be less polite to those people who are so close to us. At first, it will not be a problem to both of you; nevertheless, over time, this might lead to certain psychological wounds. So, try to be more careful with your spouse and do not forget to say “thanks” when you “receive” something from him or her, time to time. By this way, you partner will feel he / she is respected and be more likely to do better things for you.

12. Give Your Partner Chance To Speak And Do Not Interrupt

During a quarrel, the best way you should do if you want to save your marriage is let your partner have a chance to talk without interruption. It is the time for you to find whether he or she is hoping for reconciliation or preparing his / her own escape. Now that you have talked about your feelings and concerns, let your spouse do the same. By giving him / her space as well as time he /she need to collect his / her own thoughts. Resisting or expecting your spouse answer or come back with questions just set you up for disappointment, particularly when the subject gets involved in divorce.

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13. Avoid Making Decisions Based On Anger And Spite

Try to avoid making such knee-jerk emotional decisions. Those decisions which are made when we are anger are often improperly. The decisions you make will affect your family and you in terms of economic future as well as welfare. Thus, take time to think carefully and you will not make rash and irrational decisions.

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14. Think About Your Children

The last but sometimes, it is the major reason of why you should not divorce is children. While you are undergoing the challenging time in your marriage, keep in mind that your kids are watching you. They can feel your stress and pain and might turn it on themselves. Commonly, children will feel that they are the reason of your divorce; even just minor reasons can turn into enormous offenses in their mind. The young brains of your children are not mature enough to absorb rational explanations. Their world simply just contains black and white. Though letting your children know what is happening, it is best to give them simple explanations to protect them from witnessing ugly scenes.

Especially, do not use them as the pawns to gain your financial targets. Do not lie to them as well. Your situation might be worse later.

Take these tips on how to prevent divorce into serious consideration, then you will simplify the divorce process and begin paving the way to your new happy life.

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