How To Find The Right Guy To Date And Marry

how to find the right guy

Finding a perfect guy seems impossible, yet it’s possible to find your Mr. Right who is well-matched with you. We won’t let you wait anymore, just check out this writing on VKool site in the line of Relationship to explore expert tips on how to find the right guy to date and marry.

How To Find The Right Guy To Date And Marry – Top 10 Expert Tips

1. Change Your Attitude

how to find the right guy

Before thinking about how to find your Mr. Right, learn how to become Ms. Right first. If you never stop learning to perfect yourself, then you will be more confident and have more chances to find a potential boyfriend or husband candidate.

In short, it means that you have to think about relationships from the two sides. If you are self-centered, lazy, boring or you see thing from one dimension, it is ironic to find a good guy that all women desire.

Instead, learn to perfect yourself first though it’s hard to be a perfect one. In fact, men always like to date women who are interesting, caring, unselfish, kind, and humorous or something like that.

To do these things, you should open your mind to learn new things. Never stop learning new things. Complete your education. Widen your knowledge. Change your new perspectives. Be more sociable. Get a hobby. Expose yourself to more people. Volunteer more. Travel abroad more. Listen more. Get more counseling. Share your feelings to others. Forget the past. Forgive yourself. Encourage yourself. Be open in relationships. Learn to be happy and satisfy with yourself, and so on. In reality, you don’t need to think about how to find the right guy. Just enjoy your life, then he will come to your life naturally. Sometimes you may forget that the best things in life can come without any promise in advance.

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2. Evaluate Your Physical Attractiveness

how to find the right guy

The fact is that not all of us are models in fitness or fashion magazines, yet we still need to evaluate our physical attractiveness to know our strength and weakness. As a man, your guy will be proud of you if you always care about your beauty and charm. For instance, he will be happy in front of his friends if you look sexy and confident. He will also be proud of you if you are aware of your weight control, healthy dieting, your body shape, your skin care and your fashion.

So, consider wearing clothes that fit your figure. Don’t try size 6 if you actually a size 10. Learn to accept your body. Some guys like women with sexy bodies, but no one really wants to be with a slob. Though you are fat or thin, be stylish in your own way and your personality. If some men don’t like you, it’s just because you haven’t found the right one yet.

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3. Know What You’re Looking For In Your Guy

how to find the right guy

Next to tips on how to find the right guy, get clear about some qualities in a healthy relationship, including similar culture, common values, ability to forgive & be forgiven, ability to be confronted without defensiveness, common goals and desire to raise children. Ask yourself why you want to stay in this relationship? To find myself? To lose myself? To complete something that you lost in your childhood? To keep you so excited that cannot be depressed? To be a fix until you decide you want to do something better? To boost your self-esteem? To be in control? For security? To show off to your friends that you are able to get a good man? To get your parents off your back? To run away from your responsibilities? To find a guy to support your children?

Just ask yourself what you really want from him. Beside, don’t forget to question what type of a guy you want to have? Is it real to find a guy like that? How hard to find this guy that fit your personality. Be honest to evaluate your situation and find him soon!

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4. Forgive Yourself & Forget The Past Mistakes

how to find the right guy

Mind yourself that you’re not doomed to a series of losers. You are just a half-way to your dreaming guy by seeing what you’ve learnt from mistakes in the past. You can’t change the time, yet you are able to correct something that realized in the past as big lessons. Congratulations! You now are on the way to develop humility that’s a better trait. Be free from self-pity and improve your self-esteem. We can be mature after many failures and mistakes. Don’t waste your time and harm yourself with negative thoughts. Give you a change to perfect yourself by forgiving someone, forgetting your mistakes and looking forwards your future. Just think that you will find your Mr. Right one day and you have to open your heart to freedom and grace from shame. You can be forgiven and you are awesome, you are loved.

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5. Talk To Your Friends & Family About A Man You Want

how to find the right guy

Your friends and family may be trustable ones who you want to talk to. When it comes to tips on how to find the right guy, share your story about your dreaming guy with them. They maybe know how to help you. For instance, they will introduce a good guy for you who are reliable, and you will reach him faster. Your friends and family also are the best ones who understand you so that they will give you good advice to choose a good guy who can be your soul mate and be a good father of your children.

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6. Be Open To The Internet & Matchmaker Services

how to find the right guy

Nowadays, it’s easy to make friends online via the Internet or matchmaker services. Many women find their boyfriend on dating website successfully? How about you? Have you ever made friends online or chatted with some guys? It maybe depend on your luck and you may meet a good one and go to a date with fun, then more dates and a happy marriage. You can try, just be open to think about a new relationship. Break the ice to talk to a strange guy. Use your subconscious mind to stay or get out of a relationship. If you believe in your fate, you will find a good guy soon!

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7. Consider Blind Dates

how to find the right guy

When it comes to ways on how to find the right guy, you can find him via online dating sites as mentioned above. However, though this is a traditional dating or online dating, be careful to get rid of blind dates and harmful relationships. For instance, if you are aware that you are dating a wrong guy, stop dating him. If he wants sex before the 3rd time of dating, you should consider your relationship with him. Also, it depends on your desire, just be yourself to choose a good one of your dream.

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8. Find A Guy With Qualities You Value

how to find the right guy

Actually, there is no rule in various forms and types of relationships. It depends on qualities you value. Even relationship experts just can support you to have the best solutions for your relationship problems, but they can’t help you solve everything with happiness. You are the only one who knows your situation, your feeling and you have to take action.

If you desire a guy of faith, you may find that man in a church than searching him in a bar.

If you want to find a guy with direction and purpose in life, then ask him what this guy really wants to do or major in. If he answers “I donno”, you should forget him and talk to another guy.

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9. Expect A Good Guy, But Not Someone Perfect

how to find the right guy

Next to expert tips on how to find the right guy, mind yourself to expect a good guy, but not someone perfect. This way of thinking may occur because of your perspectives. If you a perfectionist, you will often dream about the perfect guy and you will be disappointed soon.

In fact, people just learn to be a perfect ones and no one can be perfect in other people’s eyes since we can’t satisfy others and each one has his own point of view of the perfection. You may be perfect to this person but you are not to some others. Hence, change your perspective to find a good one that you really like and love.

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10. Be Patient

how to find the right guy

Last but not least among ways on how to find the right guy, this is to learn to be patient in your relationships. As you know, “Rome was not built in a day.” Hence, if you are having any doubt about your relationship with a guy, ask him to know whether he is in the same way with you or not. If you both have something to maintain this relationship, be patient to know how suitable he is for you and vice verse for him. The truth may hurt you, if you realize that he is not your guy. But don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time. You will find him next time, there are still a lot of good guys out there and you will. Keep that in mind and never stop making you more beautiful and more attractive to men.

Bottom line:

These are all top 10 tips and ways on how to find the right guy to date or marry. Hope that you find something significant to act and start finding him immediately. Thanks for reading! Comment on the post and read more related articles on VKool site!

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