20 Ways How To Surprise Your Girlfriend At Work On Weekdays

how to surprise your girlfriend at work

Girls are always the secret that boys want to discover time to time. Finding an ideal girl for your life í difficult, doing something to keep her staying with you forever is more difficult. Although you love your girl sincerely, which comes from the core of your heart, you should not always express your love in the same ways and try something new on how to surprise your girlfriend instead as the way to make her feel special and maintain the magic alive in your love relationship.

You may think that all the girls are expecting some huge gifts from their boyfriends but the fact is not absolutely alike. Instead of these calculated things, you should do little acts of kindness and true love or sometimes a few surprises to amaze and make them happy. Depending on the characteristic of your girlfriend, you can choose some suitable and impressive ways to receive the best results.

At present, VKool.com would like to show you 20 ways on how to surprise your girlfriend at work on weekdays. All of the suggested ways are really necessary for all guys who want to surprise their girlfriends thereby making their relationship new and warm. Spend little time reading the article to know more ways to surprise your girlfriend!

20 Ways On How To Surprise Your Girlfriend At Work On Weekdays

1. Get Her Something Little

Buying or making something little is the first way on how to surprise your girlfriend. All the girls always expect for love gifts from their boyfriend that are not compulsory to be very expensive. In other words, they will love your gifts when you put all your thought and feelings into them instead of abusing your money to buy or make those gifts. Just little gifts such as a rose, a package of chocolates, or some cookies made by your own can surprise her even lighten up all the day. The occasions are not important, you can get her anything whenever you want to surprise your girlfriend and express your love in a lovely way.

In addition, in a Women’s Dating, the personalized gifts are always more highly appreciated. For example, you can get her favorite singer’s latest album, a book written by her favorite author, or tickets to a show she has died to see. By this way, your girlfriend will realize how well you understand her favor thereby helping her to gain them. These gifts also indicate that you are putting more thought in them than settling a typical romantic token.

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2. Write A Love Letter

how to surprise your girlfriend - write a love letter

It may sound strange nowadays but writing a love letter is sometimes a good way on how to surprise your girlfriend.  You have your own phone by which you call her, send her messages and emails each day, but you can stop these convenient things and send her hand-written love letters that are much more sentimental instead. Your girlfriend will be certainly surprised with these romantic and thoughtful letters that she will keep them thoroughly with her forever as her beautiful memories. In addition, if you find awkward to say some romantic words out loud, letters are really alternative ways for you and she may appreciate reading them on paper.

In the most romantic and thoughtful way, you should wear your letters a certain smell that should be a perfume add a spritz to them before sending them to her. And if you find difficult giving them to her directly, place them in her bag or slipping them into her locker. Just think how surprised he will be when recognizing a love letter in her bag and locker.

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3. Make A Photo Album

Making an album with various photos of memories is not difficult but there are not many boys doing that for his girlfriend. In a modern life, you may use a computer and smartphone to store memorial photos while not thinking of taking them out and connect them to span the length of your relationship. Arranging your photos in the order of time in which your love has experienced both of happiness and sadness, breaking up, and returning to form an album is really a romantic way on how to surprise your girlfriend. And besides these memorial photos, you can take some notes about your feelings and thoughts toward her. In addition, you can add, for example, some food labels and ticket stubs that have sentimental meaning to the album and leave a message below a photo like that “The best day with you I have ever had in my life. Thank you, my darling” to symbolize your anniversary. It is also suggested to leave some pages blank as your desire to get more memories with her in the future as well.

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4. Show Off Outside Her House

You may have planned dates that are exciting and romantic with her but unplanned visits always give you both maximum joy. One thing you should do is showing up outside her house or even office by getting a bunch of flowers before she intends to come out, which is also considered as a way on how to surprise your girlfriend. Another example is calling her up and making some excuse to let her out like “Could you help me to go downstairs for a while and collect the packet from my friend, please”. She will then come out and find that you have prepared a pretty bunch of flowers for her indeed. She may be very surprised and happy even come hugging you immediately.

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5. Make Her A Cd

how to surprise your girlfriend - make her a cd

Making a special CD with her favorite songs is another way on how to surprise your girlfriend. This CD is really a nice gift when your girlfriend likes to music during doing her exercises or has a commute letting her listen to music. Especially, you should burn a CD with certain songs meaningful to your relationship or reminding her of you. Or more easily, you can pick some songs of her favorite bands that you know she likes.  In addition, you can give an extra personal touch by inserting a personal message for her with some memorial photos at the beginning of your CD.

It may be not easy for all the girls when waking up every morning which means you can make her mind conscious by setting her alarm clock with a special song so that she can start a day with the best energy. You can also record your voice and set it as the ringtone to wake her up every morning. In a romantic way on how to surprise your girlfriend, you can note her with the lyrics of a love song then place then in somewhere she may see during the day such as on her toothbrush, on her shoe, or even on her steering wheel.

If your girl drives a car, it is a good idea to put your recorded CD inside which not only makes her happy but also keeps her conscious when driving. Because girls always love things with a personal touch, you should make a CD with special songs mixed in exciting ways or even record your songs as well. Playing an exciting music CD is also a way to show others who may sit in her car that she has a good boyfriend always taking care of and understanding her favorite well. Or in other words, you are making yourself impressed to her family and friends indeed.

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6. Plan An Outing

Every girl likes to have a day out with her boyfriend doing something exciting or romantic. It is more impressed when she finds you have made the effort to prepare and plan a proper date with her rather than just saying “Today we will go anywhere you want and we will do anything you like”. Of course, your girl may be sometimes bossy but she also loves to experience something you take the lead. For example, if you are both living together, you can pick a dress from her closet along with some suitable accessories and a nice pair of shoes then leave her a note with a time and place you want her to go. Don’t forget to remind her that you will be waiting for her, in a restaurant, for instance, expecting her to reach on time. In another way on how to surprise your girlfriend, you can ask her just to be ready at home then you will get by and pick her up. By this way, your girl will not bear any stress such as what to wear, what time to go, and where to go and just be relaxed to go on a dating.

In addition, you should follow her all the day just to do something she loves though you are not interested in indeed. For instance, you can spend a full day going shopping with her or taking her to a concert, or watching her favorite film. In brief, you should do something that regularly comes up for discussion and make it in a natural and funny ways to keep her surprised. To receive better results, you should check her schedule as well as yours before deciding the day of dating so that she will be excited and make sure that she has enough time for the dating with you.

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7. Take Her A Good Dinner

If she or you cannot spend much time for a dating, you can just go out with her to get a good dinner. The chosen restaurant should be a new place with positive reviews or an old place that you both like but long time no visit. In addition, if you wonder how the restaurant should be, you can ask her close friend who knows exactly what she likes before deciding so that she will enjoy the dinner with you in an exciting way.

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8. Get Travel Information Together

If you have decided to go somewhere with your girlfriend, you may have to get information about this place including costs of living, eating, where and when to reasonably go, which you can do with your girl. In fact, every girl gets excited about the preparation of any trips indeed, so letting her discover on her own is also a way how to surprise your girlfriend.  You will get some brochures, discuss what to do, and calculate the costs of the travel together. By this way, you are proving that you afford it and you finally make the dream vacation come true. Remember to choose a place you are both interested in instead of only you in case she refuses to go with you.

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9. Relax Her By Yourself

how to surprise your girlfriend - relax her by yourself

When your girl gives you a massage every day, you should sometimes tell her that you want to relax her on this way. After a hard day of working or even an entire day of dating, you should comfort and pamper her by helping her with chores, preparing a meal, and offering a massage as the ways on how to surprise your girlfriend indeed. You can schedule these things on a weekend or whenever you find her get tired with work and chores. Of course, this type of surprising acts is the best when you are both living together. However, there will be certain ways on how to surprise your girlfriend when you do not stay with her like buying her a cup of coffee, if she likes, after work or offer her a shoulder rub when getting out of work.

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10. Help Her With Chores

Many people think that chores are the responsibility of women even in a modern society but it is absolutely a wrong thought. If you are living with your girlfriend, you should help her with the chores she has to do every day such as cleaning, going to the market, cooking, washing dishes, and washing clothes…. For instance, if she often washes dishes, you can surprise her by washing them all one day before she gets home. If she usually goes to the supermarket each weekend to by cooking materials, you can tell him to stay at home taking a rest and complete alternatively. If she always wakes up early each morning to get you and your kids ready for work and school, you should reset her alarm to let her sleep more and prepare enough for your children before getting on the bus. There are just some typical examples how to surprise your girlfriend but in fact, you can do much more than these because the works your girl has to do each day are various indeed.

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11. Try An Old Standby

Trying an old standby is a unique way on how to surprise your girlfriend. Something like roses, or a bunch of her favorite flower, some boxes of chocolates, jewelry, and toy animals are really classic romantic gifts that you can give her on an occasion or anytime you find reasonable. However, you should not choose something at random and pick one that she will really like. For instance, if she likes yellow roses, you will then give her a bouquet of yellow roses on a dating. Or if she is interested in peanut butter cups, you will then get her package of peanut butter cups to surprise her. And if she is a fan of superman, you can buy her a model of superman as well, which may sound weird but very effective.

In addition, you can share boxes of chocolates as the way on how to surprise your girlfriend. You can come to a store with her buying boxes of chocolates together then keep them on the kitchen table in order to enjoy over the next week. It is very exciting to discuss your favorite flavors as well as sharing samples together.

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12. Leave Her More Notes

When you always take a lot of notes in your working table to remind you what to complete in a day, why don’t you apply them to your girlfriend to remind her to take care of herself better? In fact, leaving text notes with something sweet all around the place is a cute and romantic way on how to surprise your girlfriend indeed. For example, you can stick some in the fridge that “Drink a cup of milk before bed” or “Have dinner with grilled pork… and some on the working table like “Don’t stay up late” or “Relax with a coffee”… Moreover, you can also write compliments for her like “Reasons I love you my dear” with cute icons and leave them in her apartment as well. By these ways, not only does she feel surprised and happy but she is also encouraged her to work every day. Your girl the becomes so acquainted with your notes that she always find out them everywhere you come as a habit, which means you are successful.

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13. Set Her Photo As Cell Phone’s Wallpaper

how to surprise your girlfriend - set her photo as cell phone's wallpaper

Setting a photo of your girlfriend as your cell phone’s wallpaper is another way on how to surprise your girlfriend, which may be widely applied. However, if you have never done before, try one time to see how she will react. You can set a picture of her or you together as the wallpaper of your cell phone and hers if possible. A funny picture appearing when she slides her phone may make her surprised indeed. You then let her notice your wallpaper on her own and tell that you always want to see her smile, particularly when you are away.

In addition, you can charge her cell phone when necessary not letting her see. There will be sometimes when your girlfriend forgets to charge her cell phone, so you should charge it for her to make a nice surprise. For example, you will plug it in before leaving her house or paying attention to do something else like watching a movie or reading book.

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14. Give Her A Compliment

Any efforts need certain stimulation and support from the others and your girlfriend is similar to this. In fact, compliments always bring a welcome surprise. If her work has not completed perfectly as expected or she has cooked not a good meal, you can also give her a compliment so that she is out of stress and happy with her works. One morning, you will tell her that she looks so beautiful in a new dress or praise her as a brilliant person after she describes the movie she just watched before. Giving fun compliments is also a way on how to surprise your girlfriend indeed.

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15. Host A Gathering

That a girl is whether excited about gathering or not depends on how her characteristic is but your girlfriend will always want to enjoy a gathering of her family and close friends at least. That means you should not surprise her with a gathering you are not sure she will enjoy it but you should not ignore to organize her something as well. In a reasonable way on how to surprise your girlfriend, you should a surprising party on her graduation day or her birthday if she enjoys being attended on the ground. However, if she is often shy or introverted, you should choose some more intimate ways instead. Don’t forget to invite her family and friends to enjoy with.

For example, you are expecting to organize a party on the first Christmas together. The most important thing may be how to call her and urge her to come and enjoy the party with you. You can call her directly and say something sweet but if you find it difficult, you can leave her a message. You will then have to talk to her all siblings and friends, reserve and decorate the area (your house or hers), and order her favorite food. In addition, you can stick a lot of balloons on the back side of the door to make her surprised when opening it. You should come in advance turning off lights and hide and then surprise her when she comes.

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16. Prepare A Meal

When a boy always wants to find his girl’s extraordinary culinary skills, she considers a boy who cooks well to be so hot and sexy. This is the reason why you should bring some culinary skills to surprise your girlfriend sometimes. She will appreciate if you prepare a meal with dishes she likes or if you want a safe feeling, you can do some dishes that you cook the best. Remember that the way you present is more important than the final food because even if you are not good at cooking, you will also recognize how you have made an effort to make her more special. The final things how to surprise your girlfriend are setting up a table with a couple of chairs in a room or on your terrace, lighting some candles in the table center and turning on lights on the terrace walls.

If you feel confident on your culinary skill, make a gourmet meal for your girlfriend by yourself. Otherwise, you can make something simpler such as ramen noodles or grilled cheese. In fact, the meal is not necessary to be something fancy but it must be one she will enjoy. It is a good idea to cook a meal together if you cannot make it on your own, which is a chance of fun time for you both with romantic gestures.

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17. Surprise Her With Lunch

how to surprise your girlfriend - surprise her with lunch

Once day when you do not have to go to work, you can prepare her for lunch, otherwise just leave your workplace for a while buying her something to eat. When your girl has her lunch at her company every which sometimes makes her bored, preparing a lunch is an ideal way on how to surprise your girlfriend. You can meet her on the first floor or even show up at her workplace with a meal of her favorite fast food and a cup of coffee. It will be highly appreciated when you make sandwiches, salads, or wraps at home for her in advance. However, you should pay attention to her schedule in case she goes out for work or participates a long meeting. If you do not want to show up at her workplace, you can pack a picnic lunch and take her out eating at a park for example on a random day.

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18. Drive Her To Secret Place

You may have some secret places where you often come whenever being stressed and it is a good idea to take her to there and say that “My stress is gone away anytime I come here. If you find your mind complicated, free yourself here”. By this way, you are showing that you love and believe her much, so it is also considered as a way on how to surprise your girlfriend. Besides, you can take her to a place where you two met at the first time or associated with some significant events of your relationship. All the things you have to do are making her sit in your car, blindfolding her, playing some romantic music while making light conversations in order to keep her engaged. Finally, make her surprised when reaching the place where has been recreated to describe your first date and remind your precious memories.

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19. Get Her For A Karaoke Or Game Show

In fact, a relationship can be maintained when you keep adding playful and fun elements to it. If your girlfriend likes somewhere bustle like bars, adventure sports, or game shows, you can take her to a bar sometimes or register for you both participating in a game show. Free you two in a karaoke night is also an exciting way on how to surprise your girlfriend indeed.

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20. Prepare A Flash Mob Performance

Performing a flash mob is used when a boy makes a proposal to his girlfriend and you can also do that but just in her birthday party. A performance of 7 to10 people dancing together under a love song’s soundtrack just for the expressions is priceless indeed. You can gather your and her friends convincing them to do something different by doing a well-choreographed verse for your girl when she leaves the mall for example. This will be crazy but awesome!

With the article on 20 ways on how to surprise your girlfriend at work on weekdays in our main Relationship & Dating page, hope that you can find out more effective ways to surprise your girl on your anniversary or just on a weekday as well. Please leave your questions below and feel free to share your own ways to surprise a girl.

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