11 Tips On How To Get A Boy To Like You Are Exposed To Girls

how to get a boy to like you

Men often say that they do not understand women. However, most women do not get where men are coming from either. Hence, in an effort to help women have a better understanding about men and know how to get men fall in love with them, VKool has completed this article about tips on how to get a boy to like you. Check out below!

How To Get A Boy To Like You – 11 Secrets Of Attraction 

1. Keep Your Thoughts Zen

how to get a boy to like you

In fact, men like women that they could understand. Yet, it does not mean that you should dumb yourself down, but rather uncomplicated things when you could. Avoid playing head games. If a man thinks you are too complicated or too much trouble, then it might be very hard to get them to like you.

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2. Just Be Yourself 

how to get a boy to like you

Everybody hands out this tip. However, it might be the one that many women ignore the most. You should not try to become the ones that men want you to be. Be yourself. Men could see through the fake, so if you want to get a man to like you for a long time, you should not be someone else you are not.

3. Make Use Of Your Body Language 

how to get a boy to like you

Usually, but not always, physical attraction is the instigator for conversations or the first introduction. It might not be love at the first sight, but more likely attraction at the first sight. Therefore, in order to get a boy to like you, you should maintain physical attraction, be it through your appearance or your gestures. The human beings tend to naturally blink faster when they are emotionally excited. Thus, you should bat the eyelashes to let your crush know you are interested without even saying any word.

Graze his arms when the two of you are talking. Skin-to-skin contact will spark the release of oxytocin, the connection hormone, so it can make him immediately feel more focused on you.

4. Be Friend With Him

how to get a boy to like you

How to get a boy to like you? Learn to be a friend with him. Talking to the guy you love is not one of the easiest things to do, even when you are his friend, yet it is a must. By talking to him as a friend, you will get to know him better more easily.

5. Tease Him A Little

how to get a boy to like you

Emphasize on a little. No man likes a woman who is too nice, or who is too mean for that matter. Just simply playfully make fun of him once on a date. If he apologizes for something stupid, then you can pretend to be upset with him for a few minutes, then laugh at him, say you were just kidding.

6. Be Flirty 

how to get a boy to like you

That means you can use your touches. Make sure that you touch him in such cute manners, like fixing his hair or feeling the material on his own clothes. Avoid touching him in improper ways, this might definitely send the wrong message and it will be likely to get you in trouble. Get close to his face without kissing and keep the conversation going. That way, you will drive him wild.

7. Compliment Him 

how to get a boy to like you

Find something really specific and special about him that you want to compliment. For instance, you can tell him that he is really good at reading your own emotions, or that you love his shoes and you could not stop starring. Yet, be cautious with your compliments. Make it rare but sincere.

8. Have Good Hygiene 

how to get a boy to like you

To know how to get a boy to like you, you need to look presentable. That means you should have your clothes, hair, and face clean. Wear a great perfume that he will not be able to resist.

Lightly flip your locks when your crush is near. Scent is the sense that most closely tied to memory, so he will associate that sweetness with you when he thinks about you later.

9. Text Him 

how to get a boy to like you

Yet, you should not text him first more than a couple of times per week, or you might risk looking desperate. Then, when he texts back, you should not text back right instantly, instead, wait for a few hours or a day before texting back saying sorry and explain with a vague or flirty reason.

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10. Show Him Your Talents

how to get a boy to like you Are you a good speaker or writer? Then, let him proofread a story or a speech you have written or spoken. Rather than bragging about whatever you are really good at, you should let him see you in real situations and actions so he could figure out how awesome you are by himself.

Also, have your opinion. If your crush asks you what you want to do, suggest that restaurant you love or the film you are dying to see, all whilst maintaining an air of I-am-down-for-whatever. The fact is that you will know what you like and are not allowing him to control you.

11. Think Of A Way To Approach Him 

how to get a boy to like you

Timing is important when it comes to getting a boy to like you. You can mention how his nice shoes are not tied, ask what football team is playing, or give a comment on the weather (though that might sound boring, it is a great conversation starter which is popularly used by couples). Just be confident and avoid spitting out those random words. Talk to him as you are a friend of him.

Apart from the tips on how to get a boy to like you, you should be aware that you do not tell a lot of people about the guy you like because it will finally get back to him and he may become overwhelmed. Also, do not pin your hopes on this one boy because he might not be the right one for you.

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