24 Burning Mouth Syndrome Home Remedies

burning mouth syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome brings patients a painful burning similar to the burning caused by an allergic reaction or acid reflux reaction. However, this burning will still occur even when you apply some treatments. Besides, if you are suffering from burning mouth syndrome, your daily activities like speaking and eating are also quite painful.

Now, in this article, I want to reveal some burning mouth syndrome home remedies in details, so if you are facing symptoms of burning mouth syndrome and want to treat them naturally at home, keep your eyes on the list of home remedies for burning mouth symptoms below.

I. What Is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Burning mouth syndrome has some alternative names and regardless of its names, this syndrome involves burning pain in the tongue, lips, gums and the mouth’s inside. If you observe no visible symptom, your pain can range from mild to severe, and in some cases, your pain’s intensity can be similar to the pain resulting from a toothache. This syndrome can last for a few weeks, months and even years. In fact, there is no treatment to prevent this disease.

II. Symptoms Of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Most patients with burning mouth syndrome have little or no pain while sleeping. And this disease’s intensity increases day by day, especially before bedtime.

  • Unpleasant sensation as well as painful burning feeling on the palate, throat, lips, tongue, throat, gums
  • Numbing or tingling sensation in the mouth or on the tongue tip
  • Tooth decay
  • Bad breath
  • Sore mouth and dry mouth
  • Excessive thirst
  • Loss of appetite
  • Metallic and bitter taste
  • No mouth ulcers or sores

Besides, burning mouth syndrome can result in some unwanted side effects, such as depression, anxiety, irritability, having difficulty in eating and sleeping. Even, this oral disease can cause social interactions and personal relationships.

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If you suspect that you are suffering from some of the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome, you should consult a doctor to get a diagnosis on time. The doctor needs to do some tests including salivary measurement tests, GERD test, allergy tests, psychological tests, blood tests as well as oral cultures. Also, he or she might request a CT or MRI scan to determine underlying health diseases that are triggering your burning mouth syndrome.

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Actually, the treatments for burning tongue syndrome depend on your underlying causes. In some cases when the exact cause of your burning mouth could not be found, it may be hard to treat this disease completely. And you are just able to apply some natural treatments to reduce the discomfort and pain caused by this syndrome.

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III. Causes Of Burning Mouth Syndrome

While the main causes of burning mouth syndrome have not been found, this syndrome is divided into two major categories: ‘primary’ and ‘idiopathic’ burning mouth syndrome. Some possible causes of burning mouth syndrome that you should know:

  • Gastric acid reflux
  • Nerve damages
  • Dentures (stressing muscles or tissues or allergic reactions)
  • Mouth irritation caused by excess tongue brushing
  • Use of ACE or angiotensin-converting enzymes inhibitors
  • Consuming too many acidic drinks
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Oral cancer
  • Chronic infection
  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy oral habits such as thrusting tongue, grinding teeth, and biting tongue
  • Dental diseases and procedures
  • Deficiencies of B vitamins, folic acid, zinc, niacin, and iron
  • Allergies such as toothpaste, foods, and mouthwash
  • Oral candida
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Blood abnormalities
  • Some certain medications
  • Dry mouth
  • Type- 2 diabetes
  • Hormonal deficiencies or abnormalities

IV. Home Remedies For Burning Mouth Syndrome

Apart from medical support, you can make some changes in lifestyle to deal with the burning mouth syndrome.

Now, in this article, I will reveal some of the best home remedies for burning mouth syndrome that you can apply at home with ease. These home remedies are proven to be effective in treating the symptoms of burning tongue syndrome

1. Lavender Oil

lavender oil

This is another great one of the burning mouth syndrome home remedies that you should try making use if you want to treat symptoms of burning mouth syndrome without using any kind of pill, drug, or medication.

Lavender oil is well-known as a great treatment for any oral diseases, including burning mouth syndrome. According to a study about health benefits of lavender essential oil  [1], using the lavender oil can help you reduce the pain and inflammation naturally and effectively. At the same time, it can also help in dealing with your stress and calm all of your senses. So, people with burning mouth syndrome should rinse the mouth with about 40 mg of lavender oil twice a day until they achieve their desired result.

Actually, this is one of the greatest burning mouth syndrome home remedies that you and my other readers should learn and remember to apply for good!

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2. Mint

Mint is also known as one of the most useful burning mouth syndrome home remedies that you can use to reduce the mouth burning sensation. According to a study about health benefits of mint [2], this cooling herbal remedy offers powerful antibacterial power that can inhibit the bacterial growth inside the mouth. And these home remedies can help in preventing health problems related to infections. Here are 3 natural methods with the support of mint that you should apply at home to treat the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome:

  • Simply, you try chewing 2-3 fresh mint leaves or mint gum on a daily basis to relieve the symptoms of your burning mouth syndrome.
  • Otherwise, place a cup of mint tea in the fridge for about 30 minutes. And then, drink this tea 2 – 3 times a day for the best results.
  • Alternatively, you can add 1 handful of fresh mint leaves to a boiling jug of water. Cover it and then allow it to steep for about 1 hour. Strain this tea and then drink a glass of mint tea about 3 times a day.

3. Switch Your Toothpaste

When it comes to burning mouth syndrome home remedies, you should not skip out the fact that switching your toothpaste can help you treat burning mouth syndrome symptoms effectively. To treat the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome, you need to switch your regular toothpaste, especially in case your toothpaste contains sodium lauryl sulfate. A good suggestion for you is to use baking soda. Addition to this, when you are in the bathroom, check out the mouthwash that you are using to make sure that it does not have alcohol.

Actually, this is also among the most useful mouth syndrome home remedies that I want to reveal in this article and want all of my readers to know and try to switch their toothpaste to treat the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome effectively.

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4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is one of the greatest home remedies for burning mouth syndrome that I would like to reveal in this article today. According to a research about aloe vera mouthwash for dry mouth [3], aloe vera can support to protect sensitive tissues inside the mouth and treat mouth dryness, which is one of the common causes of burning mouth syndrome. Look at these simple home remedies and then take the following steps to treat symptoms of burning mouth syndrome:

  • You can try rinsing the mouth off with the fresh aloe vera juice about 2 – 3 times daily.
  • Alternatively, you can wash an aloe vera leaf and then take out the liquid inside. After that, you apply it directly on your infected tongue. Allow it to sit on for 15-20minutes. And then, you rinse your mouth with the help of cool water. Repeat this home remedy about 2-3 times daily until you achieve your desired result.

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