Top 24 Home Remedies To Increase Breast Size

home remedies to increase breast size naturally

It is hard to find any other feature that can represent the feminine more than the women’s breast. Owning the beautifully set breasts is always a desire of many women all around the world. Even in the modern time, when the small breast is highly appreciated in the high fashion, many women are still seeking for ways to boost the breast development.  Nowadays, the beauty industry provides a lot of services and products that can make that wish come true. Hormonal injections, pills, creams, and surgery are these methods that will give you the bigger breast in just a blink of an eye. However, not everyone wants to try these ways due to their s side effects as well as the high cost. In this case, the home remedies to increase breast size will be the best choices for people to have the desired breast naturally.

Our breast is made of glandular, fatty, and connective tissues. In certain periods of time, the breast tissues can develop to adapt to the body, such as during the puberty, during the menstrual cycle, and during pregnancy. For example, in the puberty, the hormone inside the body will change, especially two types are important for the breast development, Progesterone and Estrogen. As a way to adapt to the hormone changes, your breast will develop and get bigger for a short time before getting back to the normal size. Based on the hormone effect, many home remedies to increase breast size have been created including herbs, seeds, and natural ingredients that can boost the level of female hormone inside the body. In this article, will introduce 24 best home remedies for the breast development that are collected and sorted carefully from reliable sources to help readers have better options. Although most of these remedies will require time, patience and consistency to provide desired effects, they are mostly safer and cheaper than the above methods. Therefore, if you want to improve the breast development at home in a natural way, you should not miss this article.

Top 24 Home Remedies To Increase Breast Size

1. Consume Estrogenic Foods

Another choice among 24 home remedies to increase breast size suggested in this article is estrogenic food. It is clear that the various types of hormones can affect the development of the breast. The high level of testosterone, one kind of male hormones, will hinder the size of your breast while the estrogen will be responsible for the big firm ones. Therefore, if you don’t want to have the small and underdeveloped breasts, you will have to add some changes to your diet to make sure that the estrogen level can overweight the level of testosterone. Consuming more estrogenic foods will be your choice to increase the breast size as well as the attractiveness. Some suggestions on food items that you can try to raise the estrogen level include chicken head soup, legumes, sunflower seeds, eggs, flax seeds, vegetables, sesame seeds, anise seeds, and fruits. They are all natural and healthy to be put into your daily meals in order to increase the breast size.

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2. Amino Acids

Amino acids will be a good option for anyone looking for home remedies to increase breast size. Including properties that promote the production of essential hormone for the breast to increase, amino acids can also be effective in burning the excess fat stored inside the body while slowing down the process of aging. For that reason, it is considered as one of the most effective home remedies to increase breast size. All you have to do is consume amino acid supplements regularly and your breast will get bigger quickly.

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3. Vitamins

The increase in the size of breast requires the efficiency of vitamins. If you want your breast to grow in a bigger size, it is important for you to take in these vitamins in an adequate amount through your food and supplements. Different types of vitamins (such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and vitamin E) can be beneficial in separated ways. Vitamin C can help to restore collagen and fullness of cellular tissues in the skin and breasts while vitamin A will be effective in refreshing your skin and supporting the skin cell regeneration. Moreover, the new blood cell formation of the breast, as well as the whole body, will require a sufficient amount of vitamin B6 while the vitamin E is responsible for balancing the level of cholesterol in the body and preventing the excess fat from building up. Therefore, the combination of all these vitamins will be essential for the development of the breast.  The deficiency of vitamins will not only slow down the development of the breast but also negatively affect the performance of the whole body.

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4. Radish

home remedies to increase breast size - radish

Radish will be the very first one in the list of home remedies to increase breast size that is revealed in this article.  It is indicated that the rise in blood circulation to the breast will help increase the breast size gradually and effectively. Meanwhile, radish is believed to enhance the blood flow to local tissues around your breast due to its potent astringent properties. Therefore, to have the bigger breast, you should eat radish more regularly in your daily meals.

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5. Onion Juice

It is a good new that you can easily own the bigger breast with the help of this familiar remedy, onion juice. To apply this method, you will need a combination of onion juice, a little of honey and turmeric powder. Use this mixture and massage your breast gently with it at least 2 times a week. This solution can not only enhance the breast development but also firm up your breast. If you patiently practice with this solution continuously for a period of 2 months, you will get the expected result without any side effects on the health. However, there are two things for you to consider. First of all, you will have to apply this solution before the bedtime and leave it over night until the next morning to wash off with water. Secondly, the smell of onion is quite uncomfortable so you may have to find a way to deal with this smell on your body as well as your clothes.

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6. Bananas

The breasts of human are comprised of tissues and fat from the mammary glands. More clearly, they are all the fat. It is more common for an overweight woman to have bigger breast than a skinny one due to the fat level. Therefore, as one way of home remedies to increase breast size, you can increase the fat level to improve the breast size with the suitable option, bananas. Not only be beneficial for the fat level, bananas can also be helpful for your overall health. 2 or 3 bananas per day will be the best portion for people who have small breast due to the lack of fat. It is much safer and healthier than the junk and fast food that can be harmful to your health. Let add bananas to your diet and see how effective they are after a short period of time.

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7. Dona Quai

Dona Quai, a plant that grows mostly in China will be one of the home remedies to increase breast size that you should know about. The extracts and roots of Dona Quai are used widely for many health purposes, such as heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure [1]. Moreover, this plant can be helpful in improving the estrogen production, which plays an essential part in the increasing the breast size. If you are looking for home remedies to increase the breast size, you should try this method at home to check its power.

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8. Marshmallow Root

The next option on effective home remedies to increase breast size will be the marshmallow root. For this method, you will need to extract the marshmallow root and use that extract to apply to your breast. Let use a thin towel and dip it into the extract and massage your breast with that towel. This practice will help your breast get bigger gradually. Or you can try a simple way as drink the marshmallow extract for few month to get the same result.

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9. Lady’s Mantle

For anyone looking for home remedies to increase breast size, lady’s mantle can be a potential choice. Found mostly in the form of cream and supplement, this remedy is believed to benefit women by enhancing the breast development. Containing astringent properties, the lady’s mantle supplement can promote the blood circulation to the breast while increasing the fat level inside the body. The cream form can also be applied to dab in your debt and it also provides the same result.

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10. Soy Products

It may not be a surprise for a lot of people to know that soy products can make your breast bigger gradually. However, not many people understand while these soy products are named as one of the most effective home remedies to increase breast size. The answer is quite simple. Soy is full of the hormone called phytoestrogen. Similar to estrogen, the female hormone that can benefit your breast, phytoestrogen is able to provide positive effects on your breast development [2]. When you add more soy-based food to your diet, you can increase the level of phytoestrogen inside your body. In comparison to estrogen, phytoestrogen is more likely to be found and supplied through food items. Therefore, if you want to have the more attractive breast, you can try various soy-based products such as soy milk, soy nut butter, bean curd, and edamame bean as the alternatives.

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11. Essential Oils

It will be a shortcoming if essential oils are absent from the list of home remedies to increase breast size. In fact, these oils are not able to make your breast bigger but they can help your breast to be fuller and firmer [3]. First of all, you only need to choose your favorite oil such as clary sage, lavender, rosemary, jasmine, geranium, lemongrass, and frankincense essential oil. Then, mix 15 drops of the chosen oils with some teaspoon of almond, coconut, apricot, or olive oil. Use that mixture to massage your breast area daily before the bedtime and after waking up in the next morning. Let give these essential oils a bit of time so that they work out and help your breast development.

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