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The website screams gimmick with its claim that an adult star recommends using it. The customer reviews also made it easy to see that this is not nearly as good as the official website would have you believe.

We have the best options for male enhancement ranked in order within this top 10 list.

PHGH Overview

They make it seem like they’re just a small company fighting against the bigger competition by making a product that is of a high quality. The problem is that even if this is true, the formula is added in such a small amount that it’s unlikely to be effective. It was clear after reviewing customer reviews that many had the exact same problem we suspected after reviewing the ingredients, it simply didn’t work.

This is overpriced and since the consensus was clearly negative, it’s hard to see any value in this.

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PHGH Claims

The owner of the company says that the difference between this brand and others is that this is made with quality ingredients that he uses himself. Apparently after being an adult film start and trying different approaches, he would find the most successful male enhancement by trying a blend of ingredients which he would eventually mix into PHGH.

This is intended to drive up “sex drive… (to its) highest”. He also says it can maximize blood flow, and make men reach their “full potential”. So what it is meant to do is increase penis size by examining the maximum blood flow allowed, which may be true as that’s exactly what a male enhancement is often meant to offer.

They emphasize the benefits of blood flow, which is what the only goal is of this brand according to the website. They say that this works “when it matters”. To back this up they offer no proof.

They add that this won’t appear on a drug test, but they also say that they can’t guarantee and that customers should do their own research. This is a very strange way to admit that they really don’t know what they’re talking about. It has banned substances or it doesn’t, it’s not a hard to understand answer if this is formulated as special as it’s claimed to be.

A simple 5 different promises are mentioned which we summarize as being:

  1. Erections will become longer and harder as well as long lasting
  2. Erections will come at a faster rate without the fear of impotence.
  3. Recovery time is reduced so sex can continue on.
  4. Orgasms will feel more powerful.
  5. After a few weeks it will truly work in the body, helping to boost sex drive to teenager levels.

The only support for this is their money back guarantee; they fail to provide any science. Still, this seems like a solid guarantee since its 100% money back. That’s until you research what their guarantee entails. Keep in mind they say it can only be retuned if it is:

“unused supply”

So essentially if you open it, try it and see no benefits, you won’t be able to get a refund. How this benefits the customer is never explains, you are forced to buy two bottles which is pointless since you’d still miss out on money for a full bottles worth.

In either scenario the company is going to keep your money.

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PHGH Ingredients

Proprietary Blend, 500 mg

  • Arginine
  • Tongkat Ali
  • L-Carnitine
  • DHEA
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Epimedium
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Muira Puama
  • Maca
  • Piperine

There’s a lot of support for this supplement, many of the ingredients are what you’d hope to find in a male enhancement. Epimedium, Maca, Catuaba Bark, Tribulus Terrestris, and Muira Puama are all used for their aphrodisiac benefits.

Ginkgo Biloba, L-Carnitine, and Arginine are all used for circulation, making it easier for erections to come on strong.

DHEA is offered in the American but not Canadian version since it’s banned there. This is used for its hormone support, making it easier to make male sex hormones. Piperine is a black pepper extract that makes the other ingredients easier to absorb, improving their uptake so they have a stronger effect.

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The Science Behind PHGH

4 of their ingredients are explained in detail as to what kind of science they have to support their use. None of the other ingredients are explained, though they do admit that the sole benefit of this is more blood flow.

There’s a lot of science to back up the use of the entire formula. You know exactly what you’re getting when you do your research. There is a questionable ingredient; DHEA is banned by athletic agencies like WADA for a reason. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that DHEA:

“can have side effects”

They also say that though it’s used for erectile dysfunction, there has to be more research done to know for cetin if DHEA is actually effective. It’s also advised to seek medical support and have a doctor prescribe what an optimal amount should be. They even say that when taken at a high amount it can stop the body from producing it naturally.

Side effects are possible and they can include: acne, high blood pressure, weight gain in the waist, shrunken testicles, male pattern baldness, and testosterone related cancers. This was all mentioned by the same group that reviews it so it’s important to be careful with this.

There’s also a strange issue with the ingredients list, they say that a total of 500 mg is used of all their 11 ingredients. What this mean for customers is that they’re going to get small amounts of either all, or some ingredients. 500 mg is not nearly enough, if you divide the ingredients this amounts to only 45 mg of each. Clearly not enough for there to be any male enhancement support. Many of these ingredients have to be added in dosage strength of at least 100 mg for there to be any benefits.

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Word on the Street about PHGH

“made me feel like a took a whole bunch of coffee, not at all what I was hoping for”

“You’re going to waste both your time and money like I did if you try it, really pissed I saw no benefit”

“Yeah I took it just like they said it should be used, but it didn’t do anything. Had a floppy penis and my blood pressure shot up, that’s all I got from it”

“I actually lost my libido and my stamina. I have no idea how they could market this as being a great product when it clearly is bad”

Most customers had the same repeat problem; it failed to offer any improvement. Disappointment was the main repeat issue.

Side effects were a major issue for some users. This may be due to the added DHEA, which can cause changes to hormones which may be dangerous. It’s never explained why this is added when it’s clear that there are numerous possible side effects, and it’s only advised to get it in amounts recommended by a doctor.

Too many customers said they felt worse off, and that their sexual stamina and desire went away. This may be because the DHEA was affecting  their hormones.

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PHGH vs Viagra

If you want to take Viagra safety it’s going to take a prescription. The problem with it is that it’s pricy, you have to be healthy enough to use it, and it’s only allowed for a short time period since side effects can occur.

Viagra should never be taken with alcohol since possible side effects can be extreme. There’s also the issue with the side effects which can occur even when taken as directed.

The only real benefit of Viagra is that it can prevent erectile dysfunction. No other possible benefit can happen, for libido you have to look elsewhere.

PHGH vs VigRX Plus

The most noticeable thing about VigRX Plus is the widespread negative criticism from customers who said it didn’t work. Repeat issues were found with hundreds of people saying the exact same thing; they tried it as directed and saw zero results.

Not a single change was noticed by consumers. The official website does make it seem like a great product, offering a full clinical review which they paid for, already marking it as a biased analysis. A better understanding comes from those who tried it and it’s clear, it wasn’t effective.

Is PHGH Worth a Try?

There’s not a single reason why this should be used, it’s a very poor product for male enhancement. There is such small dosage strength that it’s impossible to see much value in it. This is likely way the majority of customers had the same experience it didn’t work. Worse yet, some said it made them feel much less sexually responsive, they actually lost their interest or ability to perform in the bedroom.

They also only allow for customers to get their money back if they make sure to send back the supplement unused. What this means for single bottle purchases is that they are going to lose out money if it fails to work, as it did for so many.

The price is also an issue; no one should pay for such small dosage strength of ingredients when other brands offer the same kind of ingredients at a similar cost. There really isn’t anything at all to like about this supplement, the formula is under dosed and not nearly as strong as it needs to be in order for there to be an improvement of sexual health.

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  1. Can I get PHGH at GNC?
    You can’t get it there, only online and not on the GNC website.
  1. Where to buy PHGH in stores?
    At this time it appears the only place to get it is through their official website or Amazon. No physical stores sell this.
  1. What do PHGH reviews on Amazon have to say about it?

    The majority 35 customers complained that it failed to provide any real benefits. Most said the exact same thing, claiming it was a waste of time and money and that they would not recommend anyone use it.
  1. Is there a PHGH coupon code?
    No discount offer is featured anywhere online, only bulk purchases come with a small discount.
  1. How long does it take for PHGH to work?
    They recommend daily use and if done so it’s meant to work within about 60 minutes. They do admit that this is only for some customers, and that it may take about 14 days to really work as strong as it could.
  1. What are the full PHGH ingredients?
    DHEA, maca, piperine, arginine, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, L-Carnitine, catuaba bark, ginkgo biloba, and muira puama. DHEA is not in the Canadian version.
  1. What is the PHGH promise?
    They claim their money back guarantee ensures that erections will be stronger, come easier, less recovery time will be needed, orgasm will become stronger and that with a few weeks you’ll feel like a “teenager… all-around sex drive” It’s a cheap promise however, they only allow returns for unopened bottles.
  1. Does PHGH cause any side effects?
    According to customers there were some side effects including high blood pressure, headaches, and loss of blood flow, reduced endurance, and difficulty performing in the bedroom.
  1. What do independent reviews of PHGH have to say about it?
    The consensus on Amazon was clearly negative, 35 totals said it failed to produce results.

    Some complained about different difficult side effects such as loss of endurance, impotence, reduced energy, raised blood pressure, and difficulty having sex.
  1. Will PHGH provide a power boost?
    The most notable issue people had was that it failed to do anything at all, and that includes boosting power. It’s hard to determine exactly what power would mean, but in either case people often saw no improvement.

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So What Really Works?

The answer was clear after we did our research; Viritenz was the best male enhancement solution. The ingredients leave nothing to be desired, you get a high amount of each and all without the use of any kind of cheap filler. All the ingredients are what you’d hope to get in a product made for male enhancement.

No stimulants of any kind are used and they’re no needed. All that’s added are studied ingredients which showed a great potential for lasting male enhancement. You get the benefit of natural ingredients in a properly dosed blend to make sex enjoyable. This is useful at boosting blood flow for erection strength, improving mood so users can get in the mood, and many other improvements for sexual vigor. Learn what we figured out about Viritenz by checking out the full review linked here.

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