Top 20 Benefits Of Radish On Health And Beauty


Radish is one of the popular vegetables which we consume every day. It is very delicious and nutritional. Besides being cooked, it can be eaten raw. There are some kinds of radish such as white radish, red radish, black radish or purple radish. And it can be round, long and cylindrical. Although it can be in terms of shapes and colors, it brings us a lot of benefits. Thus, today, VKool will show you 20 benefits of radish for your health, along with your beauty.

Top 20 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Radish

1. Benefits Of Radish In Treating Jaundice

Radish is said to be good for our stomach, along with liver. It can act as the powerful detoxifier. In other words, benefits of radish can help to purify the blood as well as eliminate the waste and toxins. Also, it is very useful in curing jaundice since it eliminates bilirubin, along with keeping its production at the stable level. Plus, people who suffer from jaundice often face to the destruction of the red blood cells. If you consume radish regularly, it can help you to increase the supply of the fresh oxygen to your blood.

In order to treat jaundice, black radish is preferred using.

2. Treating Piles

benefits of radish - treating piles

In the list of benefits of radish, treating piles should be mentioned, too. Radish is the roughage. It means that radish consists of indigestible carbohydrates. It has beneficial in water retention as well as digestion. Besides, it can fix constipation, which is the main reason causing piles. In addition, radish can help to heal the pile’s symptoms very fast by soothing the excretory system and digestive.

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3. Benefits Of Radish In Treating Urinary Disorders

Radish is also uretic in nature. It means that radish can help in increasing the production of urine. Additionally, radish, together with radish juice, can treat inflammation along with burning feeling during urination. Furthermore, radish can help to clean out your kidneys as well as inhibit infections in your urinary system and kidneys. Therefore, radish can treat variety urinary conditions which are exacerbated the excess toxins in the urinary systems.

4. Benefits Of Radish For Weight Loss

Radish is believed to be filling. That means radish can satisfy the hunger without running the calorie count up. Also, radish is low in digestible carbohydrates but high in roughage. Moreover, it contains a lot of water. Thus, people who are fat and decide to lose weight should add radish to their diet every day.

Furthermore, radish is high in fiber as well as low on the glycemic index. It increases the lack of the metabolism for every bodily process.

5. Preventing Cardiovascular Conditions

benefits of radish - preventing cardiovascular conditions

One of the benefits of radish is to treat or prevent cardiovascular conditions. It is the rich source of anthocyanins – a type of flavonoids. That gives radish its own color but provides a lot of health benefits as well.

As you know, anthocyanins have become a wonderful subject of various medical studies. Also, anthocyanins have been linked to decreasing the appearance of cardiovascular disease positively.

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6. Curing Cancer

When talking about benefits of radish, curing cancer is one of them. Radish is considered as a natural detoxifier and it has a lot of vitamin C, anthocyanins and folic, so it is effective in treating a lot of types of cancer such as kidney, colon, stomach, oral and intestinal cancer. Furthermore, like the different members of Brassica family, radish consists of antioxidants. And the isthiocyanates which are found in radish are able to impact on genetic pathways of the cancerous cells. They change the pathways so much. The fact shows that they may cause cell death. That’s why they can remove cancerous cells from reproduction.

7. Benefits Of Radish In Treating Leucoderma

Another health benefit which radish brings to us is to treat Leucoderma because of its anti-carcinogenic and detoxifying properties. In order to deal with this problem, it is suggested that you ought to take radish seeds. Then you grind these seeds into powder. Next, you soak in ginger juice, vinegar or even in cows urine. Finally, you apply on the white patches. Besides that, you are able to eat radish to treat Leucoderma, too.

8. Treating Constipation

If someone often suffers from constipation, they should try using radish to deal with this problem. Radish contains a high amount of fiber. That means it can add the considerable bulk to the bowel movements, which can help to promote the regular excretory patterns along with relieving constipation symptoms. Besides, radish can help to firm loose bowels up as well as get rid of diarrhea or loose tool. Moreover, radish can help in promoting the production of bile which is an important part of good digestion, along with helping in protecting both the gallbladder and the liver.

9. Reducing Blood Pressure

Reducing blood pressure is also one of the health benefits of radish as it comprises a high amount of potassium. When potassium interacts with the arterial supply of the vascular beds. It is able to relax the blood vessels. As a result, it helps to increase the blood flow. And it can decrease the blood pressure by expanding the flow of blood instead of compelling it through constricted, narrow channels.

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10. Benefits Of Radish In Preventing Diabetes

benefits of radish - preventing diabetes

Radish has been known to possess a low glycemic index for a long time. That means when you eat the radish, it doesn’t impact on your blood sugar levels. Radish also helps to control the sugar absorption into the bloodstream. It means that those who are suffering from diabetes do not have to worry about the sudden drops or spikes when they eat.

11. Treating Fever

One of the wonderful health benefits of radish, treating fever ought to be mentioned. The reason why radish can help to treat fever is that radish can lower your body temperature as well as relieve inflammation from fever. And when you have a fever, what you need to do is to drink the mixture of radish juice with a little black salt. Because radish can act as the good disinfectant, it helps to fight the infection which causes fever, too.

12. Benefits Of Radish In Treating Kidney Disorders

Radish can work as a cleanser, disinfectant and diuretic; therefore, it helps to treat many kidney disorders. Thanks to the diuretic properties in radish, it can help to wash the toxins which are accumulated in your kidneys away. Plus, radish can help to reduce the accumulation of the toxins in your blood. Therefore, it reduces the concentration in your kidneys. Additionally, radish can help to protect your kidneys from any infection due to its disinfectant properties.

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13. Keeping Hydrated

In the list of benefits of radish, keeping the body hydrated is one of them because radish is mostly composed of water. When your body is well hydrated, it is very beneficial to a lot of different parts of the health. And one of the essential parts of staying hydrated can be the impact of water on your digestive systems. Keeping hydrated can relieve constipation, improve the lack of digestion as well as ensure the proper uptake of the nutrients from the food which we eat.

14. Benefits Of Radish In Curing Insect Bites

If you have bitten by any insects or you have got a bee string, you can also try using benefits of radish. Radish includes anti-pruritic properties which make radish become an effective treatment for bee strings and insect bites. Besides that, radish juice can also reduce pain, together with swelling, and soothe the affected area.

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15. Improving Immune System

benefits of radish - improving immune system

One of the most important benefits of radish is to improve the immune system. Radish contains a lot of vitamin C which can help in improving your immune system. Thus, every day, you take a half cup of radish in  a salad. Or you can eat it as a snack. It will provide you with 15% of the daily intake of vitamin C. If you consistently add dose of vitamin C to your daily intake, it can help you to rejuvenate the immune system by replacing a lot of white blood cells and antioxidants which are essential for fighting all illness from the simple disease like common cold to serious one like cancer.

And not only vitamin C improves your immune system but it is also considered as the super vitamin due to all the different high-impact effects which it owns on our bodies. It can help to regulate the metabolism. That changes the fat into the usable energy. Moreover, it is the major factor which contributes to the creation of collagen. That is an important protein which can help to strengthen the blood vessel walls as well as reduce the chances of atherosclerosis, along with some different heart diseases.

16. Protecting Liver And Gallbladder

One of the important benefits of radish is to protect your liver as well as the gallbladder. Radish can help to regulate the production, together with the flow of bile, enzymes, acids and bilirubin. In addition, radish can help to remove the excess bilirubin from your blood. It also consists of enzymes such as esterase, myrosinase, amylase, and diastase. Hence, eating radish regularly can help to protect your gallbladder and liver from infections and ulcers.

17. Benefits Of Radish In Treating Skin Disorders

Radish includes vitamin C, zinc, phosphorus as well as some types of vitamin B. These ingredients are very good for your skin.  Besides, radish contains a lot of water which helps in maintaining the healthy moisture levels in your skin. Furthermore, thanks to the disinfectant properties which are found in radish, it can help to clear up the skin disorders such as cracks, dry skin or rashes.

18. Soothing Sore Throats

Soothing sore throats is also a benefit which radish brings to us. The natural spice and pungent flavor may help to remove the excess mucus in your body. Especially, it is an effective treatment when you have a cold. It helps to clear the sinuses. That’s why it can soothe the sore throats quickly.

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19. Benefits Of Radish In Fighting Hair Fall

In the case of hair fall, radish is also a good suggestion. The fact shows that the black radish juice is believed to promote the hair growth when you apply this juice topically. Therefore, it can help you to strengthen your hair from within as well as prevent hair loss. And it can be a good way for you in order to take care of your hair

If you want to treat hair fall, you can follow this way below.

  • Firstly, you take a radish, peel it off and grate it in order to take the juice
  • Next, you rub this juice on your scalp
  • Then you use a shower cap to cover your head
  • After that, you let it sit for 30 minutes
  • Finally, you rinse off your hair

In order to get the best result, you should leave it on overnight and wash your hair in the next morning.

20. Treating Dandruff

If you are looking for something that can help you to get rid of dandruff, why don’t you try using radish? If you decide to use radish, there are some simple methods which you ought to consult. Here are the methods for you

  • Every day, you add radish to your diet. You can make a salad or add radish to your main dishes.
  • Alternatively, you can take some radish juice. Then you run it on your scalp. Next, you take a towel and cover your scalp. After that, you leave it on for about an hour. Finally, you wash it off thoroughly

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That’s all about 20 health and beauty benefits of radish. Personally, we hope that you can find the best and the most suitable benefits of using this common vegetable after you read this article. However, this article is only for the informative purpose. Thus, you should consult the doctor’s advice before consuming this vegetable or using it for the different purposes. If you want to know more about the benefits of other ingredients, you ought to visit our main page Health. If you know the different benefits of radish or you have any questions, please let us know by sending us a message or a comment below. We will respond your message and comment soon.

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