19 Home Remedies For Melasma Pigmentation On Face

home remedies for melasma

What is melasma? We can briefly understand that this is a manifestation of the skin disorder interfering to your natural skin color. A person with melasma will get the form of fail darker skin patches which are clearly visible on the skin surface. As we all know, the melanin is produced in the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) will determine the color of the skin.

Home Remedies For Melasma Pigmentation On Face – Best Natural Treatments:

However, when there is too much melanin is produced, it can lead to the development of brown spots on face. When it comes to skin pigmentation, people often prefer the home remedies for melasma pigmentation to treat this skin issue naturally, instead of using drugs.

Here are some of the best natural home remedies for melasma pigmentation on face that can help you overcome this skin issue fast with ease. The home remedies for melasma include:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

home remedies for melasma - apple cider vinegar (acv)

ACV is an extremely well-known treatment for different types of hair and skin problems. It is also regarded one of the functional natural home remedies for melasma. ACV comes with the acetic acid that makes it become a natural bleaching agent removing skin spots and making the skin smoother and radiant. Plus, it takes toxins out of the skin. You need to mix apple cider vinegar with water together in equal amounts. Later apply this solution on your melasma spots and let it air dry. Finally, rinse it off using lukewarm water and gently pat dry the skin. You should follow this remedy once every day.

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2. Turmeric

home remedies for melasma - turmeric

Turmeric contains potent medicinal properties making it become a well-known ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s especially effective for treating skin diseases and issues associated with skin. Turmeric can decrease the melanin of the skin and help combat melasma as well. It is a time-tested cure for pigmentation on face, also known as melasma. It comprises of the active ingredient named curcumin that has skin lightening and strong antioxidant properties, thereby treating melanin pigmentation well. Moreover, it removes toxins from your skin and helps treat acne and pimples as well. Milk in this recipe contains calcium and lactic acid that helps exfoliate and soften your skin. Let’s see the method below to make use of turmeric as home remedies for melasma pigmentation on face:

  • Firstly, prepare 5 tbsp of turmeric powder, 1 tbsp of gram flour with 10 tbsp of milk. Mix the turmeric powder and milk together to make a paste.
  • Then, add the gram flour to thicken this mixture and evenly apply this paste on your affected area.
  • Let it dry for 20 minutes and rinse it off by using warm water and later pat dry with one clean towel.
  • This treatment should be repeated daily for best results.

3. Home Remedies For Melasma – Gotu Kola And Ginseng

home remedies for melasma - gotu kola and ginseng

This is also one of the best natural home remedies for melasma. The herb ginseng is famous for its potent medicinal agents, and it’s widely used to cure various diseases and ailments as well. Both of Ginseng and Gotu Kola help in decreasing dark pigmentation, blemishes, spots, and scars. Thus, this remedy works as one powerful remedy to remove melasma. All you need to do is mix ginseng powder and Gotu kola in equal parts and add a little ginseng tea to form a liquid base. Then, spread this mixture on your melasma spots, wait for twenty minutes and rinse thoroughly. You should create a fresh batch of this paste daily and apply on your affected areas for two weeks to notice visible results.

4. Oatmeal

home remedies for melasma - oatmeal

Oatmeal consists of an amazing natural exfoliating property that can get rid of brown spots on your face and fades dead skin cells to offer you brighter, glowing skin. Oatmeal is also an useful way among home remedies for melasma naturally. For this, you need to mix together 2 tbsp of oatmeal powder with 2 tbsp of milk and 1 tbsp of honey. Later apply this mix on your affected part and rub off it with water after 20 minutes. Finally, pat your face dry by using a clean towel. Do this method  two or three times per week for a month.

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5. Home Remedies For Melasma – Papayas

home remedies for melasma - papayas

For looking for the best home remedies for melasma, you should not pass papaya. Papaya has numerous uses for your skin. Raw and ripe papayas both are used for using a few skin problems, and ripe papaya is used in fruit face masks widely. This fruit possesses the enzyme named papain, which is a natural exfoliating property that can eliminate damaged and dead skin cells. It also helps to restore a smooth as well as even skin tone. You take a ripe papaya and mash it to attain a paste-like consistency. To ½ cup the mashed papaya paste, add 2 tbsp of honey. Presently apply it as a face mask over your affected skin area. Leave this mask on for about twenty minutes, and lastly, rinse it off by using lukewarm water. Do this kind of home remedies for melasma one time a week for a few months.

6. Home Remedies For Melasma – Almonds

home remedies for melasma - almonds

Due to its high protein content, almonds contain a skin-lightening effect. Plus, almonds are a rich source of vitamin E that can nourish the skin and gets rid of discoloration. Here are two ways to treat melasma using almonds as home remedies for melasma:

Way 1:

  • First of all, grind 5 soaked almonds with sufficient milk to create a fine paste.
  • To it add 1 tsp of honey and mix well. Thereafter, apply the paste on your affected skin before you go to sleep.
  • Keep it on overnight and the next morning, wash it off using cold water. This remedy should be used daily for two weeks.

Way 2:

  • Make a thick paste by combining 1 tsp of powdered almonds with enough amount of honey.
  • Gently rub the mix onto the affected area and keep it on for half an hour.
  • At last, use lukewarm water to rinse it off and pat the face dry. It’s recommended to repeat this way 3-4 times a week until you notice the improvement.

7. Horseradish

home remedies for melasma - horseradish

One of the best traditional home remedies for melasma is using horseradish.The bleaching property found in horseradish can remove any discoloration kind of your skin, consisting of melasma. Follow two ways below:

Way 1:

  • Take 2 tbsp of horseradish powder and 1 cup of sour cream and mix well.
  • Later apply it on the skin and wait for half an hour.
  • Wash your face using lukewarm water at the last step. Follow this kind of home remedies for melasma once a week until you notice positive results.

Way 2:

  • Cut the horseradish into slices at first and directly rub it on the affected skin.
  • Let it dry on its own and use lukewarm water to rinse out and pat dry.
  • Repeat one time a week until your brown patches fade away.

8. Sandalwood

home remedies for melasma - sandalwood

Sandalwood is a good and effective skin lightening agent that is used in cosmetics as well as skin care lotions and creams widely. Basically, the essential oil of sandalwood promotes skin complexion and helps lighten melasma spots as well as other blemishes without side effects. For this purpose, all you need to do is mix sandalwood power, turmeric, lemon juice and whole milk in equal parts to create a thick paste for home remedies for melasma. Using this paste apply on the affected skin and let it dry on its own. Splash some water on the face to moisten this mask and in circular motions scrub it off. Lastly, rinse using more water and pat the face dry. This remedy should be followed three or four times per week until you achieve the desired result.

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9. Home Remedies For Melasma – Apricot Kernel Oil

home remedies for melasma - apricot kernel oil

Apricot is widely used in cosmetic as well as skin care products in the world. It acts as a natural scrub due to its skin lightening agents. Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins like A, C, and E, as well as fatty acids providing intense nourishment to your skin, relieving inflammation and lightening melasma spots from face. You can trickle apricot kernel oil (a few drops) on a cotton ball and with this cotton ball wipe your skin. Reapply the oil twice daily till the melasma spots have disappeared completely.

10. Potato Juice

home remedies for melasma - potato juice

Potato is also a natural and useful ingredient that gets rid of melasma pigmentation and softens your skin. Potato possesses an enzyme, known as catecholase, which can be effective in decreasing dark spots or blemishes. You need to peel off a potato and later grind it till it forms a pulp. Apply the juice on your face, keep it for 2 minutes and finally, rinse with warm water.  In order to attain the best results, you should use this solution daily or on alternative days. You will instantly see the dark spots disappear.

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11. Home Remedies For Melasma – Avocados

home remedies for melasma - avocados

Avocado is one of the most effective home remedies for melasma. The richness in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins improves the skin and treats as one natural beauty remedy. Vitamin E present in this fruit prevents from sun exposure and decreases the darken parts, affected from the sun. Simply, you can mash ½ a ripened avocado and later mix 2 tbsp of honey to create a homemade mask. Or you can also directly apply this sliced avocado on your skin, leave it properly to sit on the skin until your skin absorbs the juice.

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12. Grape Seed Extract

home remedies for melasma - grape seed extract

Grape seed extract is rich in minerals such as sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, and much more. It can remove Melanin spots and age spots since it is one brilliant for toning your skin and naturally fights off bacteria. Basically, grapefruits are extremely beneficial in encouraging weight loss, and the grapefruit seed extract is used in different cosmetic as well as skin care products due to its potent antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agents. The strong detoxifying power present in the extract of grape seed makes it become of the preferred natural home remedies for melasma pigmentation on face. Application of grapefruit seed extract daily can give unbelievable results.

13. Home Remedies For Melasma – Guava And Banana Pack

home remedies for melasma - guava and banana pack

Banana is widely used in many natural DIY hair packs and face packs. The combination of guava and banana is one of the best home remedies for melasma as well. Guava is one delicious fruit which aids in relieving gum and tooth problems and keeps your breath fresh as well as odor-free. Guava contains the compound lycopene that is useful for lightening hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Plus, this fruit pack helps in exfoliating your skin and flushing out dead skin cells. You only need to mash 1 each of guava and banana to make a thick paste. Then, apply this paste on affected parts, wait for twenty minutes and finally, wash off with water. You should repeat this natural treatment on a daily basis.

14. Olive Oil

home remedies for melasma - olive oil

Olive oil is enriched with anti-inflammatory qualities, so it balances the pH levels and hydrates the skin. It is one useful ingredient for decreasing Melanin spots or Melasma. All you need to do is take some virgin olive oil and gently apply it on your affected skin areas. Then, apply one hot towel to your massaged skin. It’s recommended to repeat this procedure on a daily basis until your brown patches of melasma disappear.

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15. Lemon Juice 

home remedies for melasma

This is the first and also among the best home remedies for melasma pigmentation naturally that I want to reveal in this entire writing and want my readers to apply for good! The regular use of fresh lemon juice, applying on affected areas of skin pigmentation or the areas with the form of melanin will help to push out and eliminate the ugly melasma skin areas will be gradually faded and disappear. The daily use of lemon juice will show the significant improvement in the number of occurrences of skin melasma pigmentation. One of the important components of lemon juice is citric acid, a natural acid which can help to eliminate skin discoloration, help to fade pigmentation spots, and lighten skin naturally. All you need to do is just applying fresh lemon juice onto the skin pigmentation on your face, let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse your face off with clean, warm water.

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16. Home Remedies For Melasma – Large Onion 

large onion

This is also a natural way of treating melasma which can help to magically heal skin pigmentation condition. First, you just need to cut the onion into very small pieces, separate the pieces of onion to prevent them from being stick together, and then soak them in vinegar. Use the onions soaked in vinegar to apply onto the affected skin areas (you can use ground large onion soaked in vinegar and apply onto the skin melasma pigmentation as well).

17. Home Remedies For Melasma – Essential Oils Combination 

home remedies for melasma

Both the essential oils of lavender and tea tree can help to cure many skin issues, and the combination of these essential oils can also contribute effectively to treat melasma. Mix the 2 oils in the ratio of 1: 1, and apply the solution 3 to 4 times a day onto the affected skin areas and this will help to lighten the skin and reduce pigmentation effectively. One other combination including chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil is also one of the best natural home remedies for melasma pigmentation that people should make use for good!

18. Cucumber 

home remedies for melasma

Say goodbye to the melasma condition with cucumber. Using cucumber juice or cucumber mask is also helpful in removing skin pigmentation and melasma. Not only that, the skin with blemishes, such as acne, rough skin… responds relatively well to this natural remedy. Black spots associated with pigmentation will soon disappear with the regular use of cucumber mask or cucumber juice.

19. Home Remedies For Melasma – Aloe Vera 

home remedies for melasma

This is the last but very important out of the home remedies for melasma on face that I want to reveal in this entire writing and want my readers to learn and make use!
Aloe vera will help you have healthy skin, so you should use aloe vera gel, which is a component of most skin care products, due to its ability to help to reduce skin problems effectively. You can use cold aloe vera gel to apply directly onto the area of skin discoloration. Gently massage the gel on the affected skin. Apply this method for a few weeks, and you will see dark spots faded away. In addition, there is another method to apply as a skin care routine using aloe vera: mix aloe vera gel with vitamin E and primrose oil, and use this mixture to apply onto your skin once a week to reduce the skin melanoma.

Another thing to know is that you should take time to read the article How To Remove Blemishes – an entire writing that introduces some of the best natural home remedies for melasma on face – the full collection of natural treatments for this kin issue that is proven very useful and safe to use. Now, in the final part of the article, I recommend you to read the writing above to learn how you can get rid of melasma at home without using any pills, drugs, or medications.

This is the list of 19 most effective home remedies for melasma on face that are very useful for readers of VKool.com and other people who are also suffering from the melasma pigmentation problem and want to get rid of this ugly and stubborn skin issue naturally without using any pills, drugs, or medications. These natural home remedies for melasma are very safe because they are all based on natural ingredients so that people should not concern about the possible side effects that they can bring about.

If you think that the home remedies for melasma pigmentation on face that are introduced this full article are what you and other people you know who want to stop the melasma problem are looking for, you should feel free to share this article widely so that you and your family and friends can make use together. To show me your own opinions, do not forget to leave your comments and feedbacks below.

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