10 benefits of avocado oil for health, skin and hair

For most people, it is no secret that avocados are considered as one of the healthiest foods in nature. Eating one avocado each week is good for the skin and hair health, improves circulatory function and helps keep hormones in balance – just to name a few.

Avocado oil which is derived from the avocado fruit boasts some uniquely and unusual healthy properties. In fact, most fruit contains primarily of carbohydrate whilst avocado is rich in healthy fats. According to a lot of prestigious studies from all over the world, avocado oil has powerful effects on health. Avocado oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fats and includes more protein than any other fruits and more potassium than a banana. Avocado oil provides a variety of purported medicinal and nutritional benefits, some of which have been well confirmed via scientific research. If you are looking for the most well-known benefits of avocado oil for health, skin and hair, then you are at the right place as here, we at VKool.com introduce to you the most appreciated ones. Take a look!

Benefits Of Avocado Oil For Health, Skin And Hair – 10 Out Of Best

1. Rich Source Of Oleic Acid 

benefits of avocado oil-rich source of oleic acid

It is shown that the majority of essential fatty acids in avocado oil are monounsaturated oleic acid. Oleic acid is well-known for its effects on the human body, such as reducing the risk of some types of cancer, preventing development of some auto-immune diseases, speeding cell generation and wound healing, supporting the body in eliminating those microbial infections, and decreasing inflammation both inside and outside.

Moreover, oleic acid is highly resistant to oxidation. That means avocado oil will not go rancid as fast as other oils if stored for a long period of time. Because of its stability, avocado oil could also be used for processing and cooking at high temperatures like stirring, frying, or sautéing without breaking down as well as losing its benefits.

2. Good For Heart

benefits of avocado oil-good for heart

Among benefits of avocado oil for health, this might be the most well-known. Avocado oil has high concentration of beta-sitosterol, a kind of cholesterol which the human body could use to convert less healthy fats into the forms that are more usable and less harmful to the cells. In fact, it is found that avocado oil can be comparable to the olive oil as heart-healthy dietary oil. As avocado oil is anti-inflammatory, it could help prevent the damage to the arterial walls that in turn will lower the odds of heart disease resulted by plaque deposits. In addition, less inflammation in the arteries also means avocado oil could help keep the blood pressure level in healthy levels.

3. Good Source Of Vitamin E 

benefits of avocado oil-good source of vitamin e

Among the top 5 foods richest in vitamin E, avocado oil with its fat-soluble vitamin is well-known for improving the eye and skin health, improving the immune system, providing defense against the oxidative damage to cells resulted by free-radicals, boosting mental and memory acuity, and also boosting the overall efficiency of the human digestive tract.

As the human body absorbs vitamin E along with other nutrients more effectively from foods than from supplements, you should add cold-pressed avocado oil to your healthy nutrition shopping list.

4. Improve Digestion 

benefits of avocado oil-improve digestion

For those who often suffer from heart burn, gas and bloating on their regular basis, consuming avocado oil is their best option. In reality, this is one of the greatest benefits of avocado oil you can reap. Try adding avocado oil to your daily meals to fix the issue. The minerals, vitamins, and monounsaturated fatty acids within the avocado oil can help the digestive tract to process food more effectively. Whilst this will not help handle the issue instantly, you still might be surprised at how fast you will have more energy, and feel better as a result.

5. Lose Weight

benefits of avocado oil-lose weight

As early mentioned in this list of benefits of avocado oil for health, thanks to the high content of oleic acid within avocado, it could help you lose weight naturally, particularly if combined with a proper regime and a healthy diet. Avocado oil is full of great nutrients, thereby meaning that it will make you full more quickly and keep your own appetite pleasured longer. In addition, as the vitamins as well as minerals in avocado oil could help boost digestion, you will get more energy from other foods that you eat with it. As a result, it will be easier for you to join in physical activities that you otherwise may not feel like doing.

6. Strengthen Skin Health

benefits of avocado oil-strengthen skin health

The vitamins and minerals within avocado are not just simply nourishing for the inside of the human body, but also feed people from outside. Consuming and directly applying avocado oil all bring good effects for your skin health. The potassium, vitamin E, and lecithin which are the primary skin-feeding nutrients within the oil will be easily absorbed via the epidermis – the out layer of the human skin.
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Thus, it helps supply energy for the development of new skin cells and fortification of the existing cells.

7. Grow Hair 

benefits of avocado oil-grow hair

Avocado oil has the nutrients which are ideal for feeding and moisturizing the hair health. To make use of avocado oil for your hair, after washing your hair, you apply this oil over your hair, or mix this with the hair-friendly or scalp-friendly essential oils in order to boost the appearance and structure of your hair whilst concurrently improving the faster and healthier development of new hair.

8. Lessen Itching

benefits of avocado oil-lessen itching

Once again, because of the high content of anti-inflammatory oleic acid, you can use avocado oil to apply topically to relieve the discomfort resulted by most skin infections, containing cracked heels, dandruff, keratosis pilaris, sunburn, psoriasis, insect bites and stings.

Additionally, as avocado oil is thick, it will not soak in as quickly as other oils. For those with chronic illnesses like eczema, a thin coating of avocado oil can relieve the itching of break outs. Though not everybody has the same reactions to all plants, you had better test a few drops of avocado oil on a small skin area before spreading out it to larger ones.
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9. Mouthwash 

benefits of avocado oil-mouthwash

One of the less-known benefits of avocado oil is that it could be used as an ingredient in mouthwash. It is shown that the natural extracts from some plants can supply antiseptic properties, thereby killing bacteria responsible for bad breath as well as tooth decay. Besides, the anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent the harmful inflammation within your mouth.

10. Gum Disease 

benefits of avocado oil-gum disease

The last one in this list of top 10 benefits of avocado oil is decreasing gum disease. Actually, avocado oil can help in preventing periodontal disease which is a progressive ailment damaging the jaw bones and leads to tooth loss. By using avocado oil, you can alleviate the inflammation of the gums.
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You had better take advantage of low doses of avocado oil instead of high ones in order to inhibit tissue-degrading enzymes, implying that it may stunt tissue damage in the gum disease. To conclude, avocado oil is a good choice for improving the oral health and preventing potential oral diseases in general.
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Now, after reading top 10 most appreciated benefits of avocado oil for hair, skin and health, which ones do you like most? Try to incorporate avocado oil to your daily diet, skincare and hair care routine, then you will be surprised at how versatile it could be.
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Feel free to share your thoughts with us by dropping words below this Nutrition post, we appreciate your contribution and will feedback as soon as possible!

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