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The basic and common nootropic supplement ingredients fail to impress and unfortunately the company was called out for auto-renewal charges. Their F rating with the Better Business Bureau and lack of reviews for this brand makes it hard to trust this. Though it does have a decent blend of ingredients, the company fails to impress.

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CeraLoft Overview

CeraLoft is a nootropic supplement that clams to offer overall support for people looking to stay on task and improve their mood and energy levels. This is intended for users who may have trouble remembering, and for people who want a jumpstart to their cognition.

At this time there are no outside 3rd party customer reviews and the formula in this is incredibly basic. It’s not to say that it’s a terrible blend of additives, only that it’s been seen in countless other nootropics. The price is also high as there are other supplements with even more ingredients that are about the same cost.

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CeraLoft Claims

In describing how this nootropic is better than others, they claim that it’s “medically advanced” and that it can provide general support. They add that memory, mental clarity, and overall mood can be enhanced.

It’s also said to have a concentrated blend of additives which are added in effective amounts which can maximize cognition. Some of these claims are fairly general and are what you’d expect to find, but they do not prove the fact that it has an advanced formula.

Another major claim is that anyone can benefit whether young, old, male or female.

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CeraLoft Ingredients

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Phosphatidylserine Complex
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • John’s Wort
  • L-Glutamine
  • DMAE Bitartrate
  • Bacopin Monnieri
  • Vinpocetine

Gingko Biloba has been used in ancient cultures for its ability to support mood and treat mood disorders. This is often used for people who want to control anxiety and depression. This is also used for supporting memory, as it can help aid circulation.

Phosphatidylserine Complex is naturally found in cells and it can help speed up communication. This is useful for aiding brain health, especially as it ages. It can replenish levels to maintain the integrity of the brain.

St. John’s Wort is most often used to help prevent mood problems and to relieve depression. This comes from a yellow plant that is also used to help treat sleep issues and immune health.

L-Glutamine is a useful amino acid that is most common in the human body. It can be used to help support healthy muscle tissue growth, and to improve brain health. This has many other important uses which are why the body often makes enough of it on its own.

DMAE Bitartrate works as a chemical which is found in the brain and that can help improve communication between cells. This is used to prevent issues related to natural brain decline, and it can aid those who are aging.

Vinpocetine can be found in a plant though it’s often man-made. This is used for enhanced blood flow and to prevent issues with age related decline.

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The Science Behind CeraLoft

Most of what is offered on their official website is only claims. They don’t go not specific details about how this is made to function. They also make unproven claims about the medicinal quality of this brand which is impossible to fully review.

Supposedly their formula is advanced and added in amounts which are purer than other supplements, but no science is provided to help showcase this. They claim that their scientists wanted to make a product which can enhance blood flow and provide important nutrients, but nowhere is there a description of the scientists.

It’s unknown what kind of science they practice, or who these people are. Many of the claims are suspect and cannot be taken as truth. When looking at the ingredients it’s clear that many of these additives may play a role in aiding cognition, but this is a fairly basic blend common to other related brands.

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Word on the Street About CeraLoft

There aren’t any reviews available on any 3rd party source. This is odd as the official website claims that they have countless users who have noticed great benefits from this. Judging from the lack of reviews, it’s hard to know if they are telling the truth.

Usually if a brand is supposedly this great there would be some users who would praise it. Since we can’t find a single source of information, it’s hard to say what can be expected from this. The only feedback given was about the company but it was all negative as they were called out for their forced auto-renewal plan which ended up in unexpected charges.

Nothing was said about this brand however, so users won’t know going in if this is likely safe and effective.

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Is CeraLoft Worth a Try?

The website makes it look like a great nootropic but the research shows this is clearly lacking.

Not a single user review is available anywhere, and the company fails to list important details about the claims made. Supposedly there are scientists behind this formula but they are never revealed, and we can’t take this claim seriously.

The company has had issues in their past with many customers complaining they were forced to pay a high price for the free trial. A free trial is offered with this brand as well which is controversial and should be examined. They’ve scored an F rating with the Better Business Bureau due to their shady business practices which users said was clearly unfair and never explained in full.

CeraLoft itself is made with a basic blend that’s far too unimpressive.

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CeraLoft FAQ

  1. What are some common CeraLoft reviews?
    There are no reviews available anywhere.
  1. Is there a CeraLoft free trial?

    They do have a free trial but he company was called out for auto-renewal that forced users into a monthly contract.
  1. Can I get CeraLoft on Amazon?
    It’s not available on Amazon.
  1. Are there any CeraLoft side effects?
    We couldn’t find any reviews so determining if side effects are likely is hard to know. They do have a warning about the use of this brand however, adding that if there are certain symptoms that people should discontinue use.
  1. What are the full CeraLoft ingredients?
    This contains ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylserine complex, acetyl-l-carnitine, St. john’s wort, L-Glutamine, DMAE bitartrate, bacopa monnieri, and Vinpocetine.
  1. What is the official CeraLoft website?
    They can be found here http://m2naturals.com/product/ceraloft-mental-performance-supplement/
  1. What can you tell me about the CeraLoft brain support supplement?
    There isn’t much known about this brand. Their formula is average, there are no reviews, and they make many unproven claims. No customer reviews are offered anywhere at this time.

So What Really Works?

Memotenz was considered the most effective nootropic supplement after much review. What made it stand out were the many positive reviews of people stating how effective it was, and the clear winning formula of science backed ingredients.

There’s also the respectable company history and fair pricing for this well-rounded supplement. Users had noticeable improvements in their overall focus, ability to remain zoned in, mood, energy, and their sense of well-being.

The ingredients are all natural derived from potent sources and they add them in amounts which can best deliver benefits. This is all a potentially useful blend which can support cognition on a daily basis. This is likely why there are many users who say they add it to their daily regimen. More information on what made Memotenz a top rated nootropic can be read in full by clicking here.

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