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What is Substratum?

Substratum is a decentralized mobile network that can be run on many popular browsers of your choice. This is available without the need to download software, and it prevents censorship on the internet.

The way it works is by using each computer as a hosting server to display content. This gives people the ability to truly have a decentralized and fully open-source network to enjoy content.

Fundamentals of Substratum

As soon as you set up the Substratum software you’re than able to provide syncing up as a small server. Other people can then use this portal to access the internet. Those who provide hosting are paid in the official Substratum token, the SUB. It’s democratic in that the total fee depends on how much CPU power you’re using, and the total bandwidth. As a host you can set up an individual schedule of your choice to ensure that it fits the times you’d like to serve, also preventing data usage when you’re on the internet.

There is a full dashboard where you can easily set up a schedule of your choice, and you can even dictate how much energy you’d like to use to set up the network.

It’s very easy process and there is a video provided on the official website which guides users into how to start hosting. You provide a DNS request and it connects you automatically to the closet node. Because it uses DNS this is fully compatible with major browses like Firefox or Chrome.

CryptoPay Function and SubstratumHost

To have any services or personal content hosted you’d have to pay an additional fee to the network, as this does take resources. Businesses and people hosting individual websites can take advantage of this, as there’s the possibility to get paid with CryptoPay. With this people can easily set up payments for any kinds of services or good. Any kind of coin can be sent as your preferred payment method.

This also makes it easier to host content without having to go onto a 3rd party site.

What is the Need for Substratum?

Multiple benefits can come from using a fully decentralized blockchain like Substratum. There’s the ability to make web surfing less likely to fail and it makes sure that your network privacy is upheld. This reduces the risk of losing sensitive information or of suffering from a DDOS attack.

Additionally, people who host a website will only have to pay the amount needed for the amount of data which was required to visit your address. So you only have to pay the amount which is equivalent to the data used. This also makes lesser known websites easier to host, since you won’t have to keep paying a monthly rate when there is a lack of traffic. It ensures that people only pay for the data that was required, instead of a large lump sum at the end of the month

Freedom of Internet Use

With certain countries barring internet use for certain sites or applications, the threat of censorship can become a major loss of freedom. There’s also the ongoing issue with the possibility for repealing net-neutrality which can affect the cost of visiting websites.

As a global force with Substratum users don’t have to worry about potentially being unable to secure access to their favorite website without there being a fee or complete blackout.

Substratum also offers encrypted data through a completely fragmented node which prevents anyone from knowing which websites you visit. This offers people the ability to use a fully private browsing experience, similar to what a potentially costly VPM might charge.

Unlike already existing browsers which can be slow or have network issues, since Substratum uses the Ethereum blockchain, it is more likely to operate fast without technical issues.

Storing and Buying Substratum

Substratum is available on different markets an currently sells at an average price of $0.677232. You can find ion multiple marketplaces like Binance, Kucoin, OKEx, HitBTC, EtherDelta, COSS, Tidex, and Radar Relay.

Any ERC20 storage wallet can hold onto the SUB token. You can use MyEtherWallet, hardware like a Ledger Nano S, or any other compatible wallet.

Substratum vs Tron

The goal of Tron is to provide a decentralized internet for general content.  They also work to have people take advantage of their blockchain instead of what SUB offers, which is making every computer into a node to make their own blockchain. Tron does not focus on a full network as a whole.

Substratum vs Tor

Tor is a free and anonymous way to browse the web. This has been around since 2002 and is able to prevent tracing of a user’s web history and location. It is not complete untraceable as an out of date browser or software issue may actually show the users identify.  It has also had some vulnerability issues in the past which made it possible for people to survey Tor users.

Substratum vs Golem

Golem focuses on decentralized cloud computing instead of web hosting. This is especially for professionals who need excess computing power to operate things like rendering long strands of data, or running simulations. It’s a far different focus since Golem would only be needed for people who handle complex or data draining tasks. This can work for scientific computing or video editing for example.

Substratum vs Shift

Shift is a decentralized blockchain tech that is made for mass adoption since it was made with JavaScript. This uses a dPOS algorithm which is used to provide a fast acting and more easily adapted blockchain. This is also more useful for scaling and prevents the need for delays when dealing with larger transactions.

Substratum vs MaidSafe

MaidSafe is also mean to provide a fully decentralized network for internet use; this is also available for mobile use. It is usable with any kind of apps, and is offered as a free download. This is fully anonymous and free from any 3rd party intervention. The network is also said to be available with little fees for web hosting.

Substratum vs Bitcoin FAQ

  1. Where can I buy Substratum coin?
    Marketplaces like Tidex, Kucoin, OKEx, Binance, and Radar Relay offer it.
  2. What site has Substratum news?
    Their official website keeps thins updated as well as their Reddit page.
  3. Can I get Substratum on Bittrex?
    Not at this time, it appears it has yet other listed on Bittrex.
  4. What is the Substratum roadmap all about?
    They fully outline all their goals which shows they’ve hit many of their goals including launching a version 3 of their website, and they started on a private alpha test version 2.
  5. How to buy Substratum?
    A few marketplaces offer it in exchange for ETH, BTC, WETH, and USDT. You ca get it at Binance, Kucoin, EtherDelta, OKEx, COSS, Tidex, Radar Relay and HitBTC.
  6. When is the Substratum release date?
    To get updates you can sign up to their mailing list, it appears they are still launching their tests in order to make sure the network is fully operational before it is released into the public eye.
  7. What is Substratum?
    This is a fully decentralized network which allows people to use the internet anonymously, without censorship, and through using other user’s computers as an access point.
  8. What’s a good Substratum wallet?
    MyEtherWallet, MEW, and any other kind of wallet which accepts ERC20 tokens.
  9. Is there a Substratum coin Reddit page?
    Yes there is and it is frequented by representatives:
  10. Can I get Substratum on Bitfinex?
    No, it’s not sold on Bitfinex at this time.
  11. Where can I get the Substratum node download?
    There is a demo but they do not have a download of the node currently available.
  12. What is the Substratum Twitter handle?
    It is:
  13. Is there a Substratum YouTube page?
    Their page is:
  14. Is the Substratum beta available?
    Not at this time but they do have updates and suggest signup up for their email list to get a message when it’s up.
  15. What is the meaning of Substratum?
    It means a foundation, something that a material is made out of.


Substratum is working on building a fully anonymous and private way to surf the internet without having to deal with sudden censorship or expensive fees. They also provide businesses and website owners the ability to only pay for the data that is required for people to view their sites. They also offer a way for people to get paid with any kind of cryptocurrency.

This network works on other people’s computers, so it integrates the network by giving people the ability to provide as much CPU power as they’d like. With Substratum people don’t have to deal with sudden legislation which may limit access, or be charged for certain websites such as what may occur with the repeal of net neutrality. It’s also better than a VPN or other anonymous network since it’s less likely to fail and it operates quickly.  As Substratum grows more traction it’s looking to serve as a reliable network for anonymous web browsing.

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