Energybolizer Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Energybolizer is a metabolism boosting and muscle-building supplement that aims to offer both the benefit of helping users burn fat, while they increase muscle mass through regular workouts.

Often people lose muscle along with fat when cutting calories, and for some people that may be unappealing. Let’s take a look at Energybolizer and see how this product lives up to its claims–or doesn’t.

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Energybolizer Overview

The company, Olaax makes Energybolizer, as well as a collection of weight loss teas, shakes, and age reversal supplements. This product aims to help users lose weight through a combination of herbal ingredients and stimulants.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure if this is a safe product. In 2024, it was discovered that the company that makes this product was adding the banned substance, Sibutramine to the formula to ramp up the weight loss potential. This ingredient has been linked to heart attack and stroke and was banned by the FDA back in 2024.

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Energybolizer Claims

The Energybolizer web copy claims that most diets don’t work. We’re not sure if they’re referring to traditional calorie cutting and exercise programs or dietary supplements, but the logic here is, diets tend to cause a loss of muscle, which ultimately decreases strength and energy.

Energybolizer weight loss supplements, as per the official website, claim to help the body build muscles and absorb protein through the use of amino acids.

The amino profile is supposed to increase your body’s metabolism, gaining energy from your natural fat stores instead of the protein your body needs to build strength and generate energy. For this reason, Energybolizer claims to keep lean muscle intact during weight loss for better results.

The makers of this product also make an Energybolizer Herbal Slimming Tea, which they suggest purchasing as a companion supplement to the pills.

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Energybolizer Ingredients

Here is a look at the ingredients listed on the product label. We’re not sure how much of each component is present in this formula–which means it’s hard to predict any potential side effects. With that in mind, let’s take a look at this product:

  • White willow bark
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Bladderwrack
  • Green Tea
  • Guarana
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Green tea
  • Yerba Mate

The product contains yerba mate and green tea—both known for their moderate caffeine content and rich antioxidant profiles. Both teas are used for their potential to boost the metabolism.

Ginkgo Biloba is an herbal ingredient used to promote cognitive function and boost the immune system. Bladderwrack, a type of sea vegetable, is used as a laxative and for its potential to treat thyroid disorders.

Siberian Ginseng is thought to have a positive effect on the immune system; protecting against incoming colds and other infections, as well as increasing energy. That said, sometimes Siberian ginseng (not to be confused with other types of ginseng) is compromised with other ingredients and not closely examined for quality.

Guarana seeds are used for their ability to increase energy and boost metabolism. They are also thought to improve sexual desire and enhance mental performance. Though this is a common ingredient in several energy drinks, not much is known about the long term effects of taking guarana.

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The Science Behind Energybolizer

Energybolizer primarily relies on caffeine to boost the metabolism through the combination of yerba mate and coffee. We’re not entirely sure if the product contains any additional ingredients as this product seems to be consistently sold online without an image of an official label. The Energybolizer website isn’t especially forthcoming when it comes to providing details about how this product works.

White Willow Bark: This is a chemical similar to aspirin but can cause upset stomach, vomiting, kidney inflammation and stomach bleeding.

Guarana is a bit troubling, too. The ingredient, often found in energy drinks, contains high concentrations of caffeine and may cause some adverse effects with use.  Research has shown that taking guarana over a long period of can cause vomiting, upset stomach, tremors, and delirium.

One of our concerns with this supplement is the fact that the manufacturer never covers the strength of the product. You won’t know how much of each ingredient is included in the blend.

It’s true, many supplements don’t share the full details of their products, but in the case of Energybolizer, you’re looking at a list of ingredients that collectively pack a caffeinated punch and as a result, may cause some unwanted side effects.

Even the other non-stimulant ingredients can be potentially dangerous when you take them in unknown amounts. A lot of these ingredients even if they were added in safe amounts aren’t shown to be effective for weight loss.

The company also mentions how this brand helps the body synthesize proteins, but they never provide any proof of this indications.

Energybolizer appears to contain a long list of ingredients that may be linked to some negative effects. The product does not come with a warning posted on the label, despite being full of stimulants. And, there are almost no reviews on this product–so even on an anecdotal level, we don’t really know what this product can do.

A lot of the ingredients used in this product have not been researched extensively. As such, we don’t really know whether or not the supplement, as a whole is safe for consumption. have not been researched enough to know what adverse effects they may have, especially if taken for a longer period.

There are also no scientific studies on how these ingredients interact with each other, which can also lead to some serious health issues.

WebMD, states that bladderwrack has not been linked to any promising scientific studies and that it may cause some negative effects.

Side effects include allergic reaction, blood clotting, and the potential to cause infertility.

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Word on the Street about Energybolizer

The Energybolizer website seems to be the exclusive source of information on this product. Aside from their platform, few people are talking about this product.

The product was created by Octovanio Aja, a former bodybuilder whose career was derailed after he broke his spine.  Aja claims the product helped him regain his athletic ability–though there are no studies listed on his website. Essentially most of the information available about Energybolizer comes from Aja himself.

What’s more is there’s no evidence that the company offers a money-back guarantee and we still don’t know much about the operations process.

There are a few reviews on Amazon and eBay, but again, it’s hard to get a sense of what this product can actually do for dieters. Most Amazon reviews contain little more than a few words here and there and fail to describe the pros and cons associated with using this pill.

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Is Energybolizer Worth a Try?

Energybolizer may be unsafe, but we don’t have a definitive answer. Here, you’re getting a blend of ingredients that could be dangerous when combined. For example, the supplement contains both a lot of caffeine, as well as some herbal ingredients known to cause some adverse effects.

Because little research has been done on this product or this particular blend of ingredients, you don’t know what’s going to happen when the ingredients mix.

What we do know is, this formula contains some stimulants like kola nut, guarana, yerba mate, and green tea, so this is a lot of caffeine.

There’s also the issue that, the contents of the 72 mineral blend promoted in the web copy are never explained. Minerals are a healthy part of any diet, but when used in excess may have some negative side effects. The website, too, doesn’t do much to promote confidence in the product. Part of the site is dedicated to promoting some money-making scheme.

In all, ingredients like royal jelly, gingko biloba, vitamin B12, and green tea sound like a healthy addition to any diet, but the website has a lot of red flags, and we ultimately don’t know much about the product or the potential side effects.

Energybolizer FAQs

  1. How much does Energybolizer cost, and where can I buy it?
    The official website does not offer a straightforward e-commerce experience. Instead, when you hit the “buy now” option, you are taken to a page that asks you to call the company or send a fax with your order information. The price is never stated.
  2. Is the product available on Amazon?
    It looks like you could buy Energybolizer on Amazon at one point, as there are reviews still posted on the site. But, it has since been taken down. No word on whether this product is coming back in stock.
  3. Is Energybolizer legal?
    It’s not clear. The company has used illegal substances like Sibutramine in the past and now seems to operate somewhat under the radar. The ingredients listed on the official website are legal, but we’re not sure that Olaax is a trustworthy company.

What Really Works?

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