19 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Banana Consumption

Updates: 04/27/2024

Wonderfully sweet with firm and creamy flesh, bananas with yellow coats have a great influence on the human health. This kind of fruit is adapted in a variety of ways, from the fried chips and cool ice creams. So, how to take all advantages of this fruit? Check out top 19 health and beauty benefits of banana consumption here to discover the answer.

I. Health Benefits Of Banana Consumption

1. Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

By eating a banana, you could indulge your sweet tooth without damaging your diet. A banana is equal to 100 calories. Also, bananas are naturally cholesterol and fat free. You can use mashed bananas to substitute for the butter or oil when making cookies.

Besides, bananas are also high in potassium content, with more than 400 mg potassium in a single medium-size banana. Because potassium is good for nerve and muscle function and necessary for maintaining a healthy balance of fluids in the human body, so you can consume banana right from now to avoid muscle cramps after doing exercise and boost circulation of blood and air to your brain.

2.      Help With Quit Smoking

benefits of banana for men

Smoking, nowadays, becomes a common habit as well as an addiction of many people. Though these people want to give it up, they still face with many hurdles to overcome smoking and get rid of smoking addiction. There are many places to quit smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Yet, why do you have to go elsewhere while there is always a simple thing that can help you stop your smoking addiction naturally? To quit smoking, go for banana.

Similarly to quitting smoking by chewing gum, eating banana could help you quit smoking. Smoking is the impact of nicotine addiction. Banana contains B6 and B12, the vitamins can help you neutralize the impact of nicotine.

3.      Cure For Constipation

If your stop is full, the food included is in digested, you might suffer from constipation. As a result, if your problem lasts for a long period of time, then you might get unhealthy symptoms of an ineffective excretory system. The main issue of this is improper function of the bowel system. To resolve it, you can add bananas to your daily. This fruit consists of dietary fiber which supports the maintenance of the bowel system of the human body.

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benefits of banana shake

4.      Boost Energy

If you want to get favor of the vitamins included in bananas, there is no time for restricting you. However, it is better if you consume banana after lunch for good digestion.  Having two big bananas after doing workouts are the common advice of dieticians. Keep in mind that, bananas are beneficial at most time of the day, yet eating it after your workouts can give better results as banana has the possibility to boost your energy immediately. Instead of consuming sport drinks and energy drinks, replace them with two bananas. They can refuel your body in an all-natural way. Therefore, banana is the hidden secret of your energy.

5.      Cure Mosquito Bites benefits of banana for hair

Not only does banana help people with health benefits, but it also can treat mosquito bites. Just peel out the banana and eat. Then, you take the inside part of the peel to rub onto the wound caused by mosquitoes. Remember that you should apply water to sanitize your wound before rubbing the peel of bananas. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you will feel the disappearance of itching sensation; slowly, your wound will be healed. Especially, this method can cure completely scars, itching, and swells causes by mosquito bites. There are a lot of positive feedbacks regarded to this method. So, why don’t you take a try of a natural mosquito bites treatment?

6.      Depression Reduction

The banana contains a protein named Tryptophan, which can enhance the mental health as well as mood. Also, it gives people a feeling of happiness and relaxation. In other words, bananas can control blood glucose levels via vitamin B6. It impacts people’s mood. This chemical can help people relax their brain before they start to feel relaxed and comfortable. As many prestigious studies, eating banana can help depression sufferers get rid of their problem.

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7.      Protect Eye Sight

Just one banana includes minimum of 10 mg of vitamin A, alpha and beta components that eventually converts to vitamin A. This vitamin A keeps the human eyes healthy. Generally carrot is considered as the eye boosting vegetable. Yet, bananas are also considered as fruits which keep the eyes strong & healthy with good vision. Banana also prevents a lot of retinal diseases. Hence, a lot of old people are usually recommended to consume banana in their daily diet in order to boost their eyes’ health.

8.      Great For Pregnant Women benefits of banana in urdu

Because of the calming properties of bananas, pregnant women often eat this kind of fruit to combat their morning sickness. They may assist people in replenishing the body and restoring a healthy blood glucose level.

Additionally, they also regulate pregnant women’s temperature, though this is mostly used in other cultures which rely more heavily on natural ones.

9.       Aid Digestion 

High in pectin, bananas aid digestion and chelate toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Bananas can act as prebiotic, boosting the development of friendly bacteria in the bowel. Also, they produce digestive enzymes which are beneficial for absorbing nutrients. Especially, if you get the runs, then bananas will sooth to your digestive tract and restore lost electrolytes after diarrhea.

According to studies, bananas are a natural antacid, supplying relief from acid reflux, heartburn as well as GERD. Thus, people can make use of it to control their heartburn condition naturally.

10.       Build Better Bones

Build better bones by consuming bananas? Sure, consuming bananas regularly will improve your body’s ability to absorb calcium through several mechanisms thanks to the presence of probiotic bacteria. Green bananas are particularlly helpful in absorbing calcium. Hence, go for bananas now to build better bones.

11.       Anemia

benefits of banana peel

Bananas are not only high in potassium but also high in calcium; thus people who eat bananas will increase iron and thereby high hemoglobin. As hemoglobin content is enhanced, naturally anemic conditions reduces. It is time for you to forget all pills for anemia and take a banana.

12.       Improve Brain Power

A survey indicated that people who eat bananas in their breakfast, break, and lunch can increase their mental power alertness and enhance brain power. Remember this one in the list of health benefits of banana and make your family members eat bananas every day to score high in studies.

13.       They Are Portable And Versatile

Bananas are a great versatile fruit that could be eaten on-the-go or used in tones tasty recipes, from smoothies to baked goods. For healthy dessert option, you can try this: get a couple of ounces of dark chocolate before melting it. Slice up a single banana and dip each slice in the chocolate until they are cover totally. Then, place them in a certain container lined with parchment paper. After that, put it in the fridge. Just let them freeze and simply enjoy a slice as a snack or dessert.

14.      Banana Is A Pain Killer

Most girls, from young girls to menopause stage women have to deal with a pain during the monthly periods. Normally, that pain is so unbearable and at that time they are very weak as well. Therefore, instead of getting tablets, or tonics, you can go for a medicine, called banana. You should have 2 bananas in order to heal your pain. Even pregnant women can also eat bananas to overcome their morning sickness.

benefits of banana during pregnancy

15.     Combat Stomach Ulcers

Some substances in bananas can stimulate the cells that make up the stomach lining, this may enable the production of a thicker mucus barrier against stomach acids. Also, the substance known as protease inhibitors in this kind of fruit helps people get rid of bacteria in the stomach that produces stomach ulcers. As a result, it can protect against damage of stomach as well as ulcer.

In fact, banana is considered as the natural remedy for many disorders and diseases due to the benefits of banana introduced above. When compared with other fruits, banana wins the race with a lot of features and factors. If you still doubt about the benefits of banana, why don’t you add this fruit to your diet to experience whether they are true or not now?

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II. Beauty Benefits Of Banana Consumption

We all know that skin problem is so often and it is said that the medicines used to heal skin diseases are so costly and stimulate sleepy state as well. To get rid of common skin diseases naturally, you can use banana. Actually, banana has made it much easier for a lot of anti-aging cream products and is considered as an anti-aging fruit, so they have beneficial ingredients to help your skin look fresh and young. As banana is rich in vitamin A, B, and E which is often used in beauty products, so instead of purchasing these costly products, you can use banana in a natural way or have meals with bananas.

The following are more details about beauty benefits of this fruit:

1. Natural Moisturizer

Banana is a natural moisturizer for skin. Vitamin A found in banana restores moisture and repairs damaged and dry skin. To moisturize your dry skin, mash some slices of ripe banana and apply them on face. Avoid eye areas. Leave on skin for 20 minutes. Then, wash it off with warm water to instantly get soft and beauty skin https://vkool.com/simple-tips-for-whitening-skin/.

If your skin is extremely dry, mix honey and banana smoothie as a face mask. Apply this mask on face to get rid of pigmentation naturally.

Another face mask for moisturized skin is to mix ripe banana with yogurt and Vitamin E oil. Apply this mixture on your clean face for 20 to 30 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water.

2. Glowing Skin benefits of banana glowing skin

Beside a good source of vitamin A, banana is also rich in Vitamin C so that this fruit aids in maintaining a youthful and natural glow of skin.

Below are some ways to make DIY banana face masks for glowing skin:

  • Mash 1/2 ripe banana. Mix it with 1 tbsp sandalwood powder and ½ tsp honey. Leave on skin for 20 minutes and wash this paste with warm water. This mask is good for oily skin because sandalwood aids in cleaning excess oil from skin while ripe banana keeps your skin moisturized.
  • Mash ½ ripe banana. Mix it with 3 tbsp lemon juice and apply this mixture on face. Let the mask stay on your skin for 25 minutes. This mixture is high in vitamin C that is beneficial in reduce dullness, spots and blemishes on skin.

3. Banana Skin Scrubs

Banana is rich in anti-oxidants, which are not only aid in removing deal skin, but also leave your skin rejuvenated feelings.

Here are some ways to make banana scrubs:

  • Mash a full banana and mix it with 1 tbsp sugar, then mix them well to have a smooth paste. Apply it on skin. Rub it well in circular motions. Banana helps moisturize dry skin while sugar aids in rid of dead skin.
  • Take a mashed ripe banana, mix it with add 3 tablespoons oats, 1 tablespoon milk and 1 tablespoon honey. Apply the mixture on face. Leave it for 5 minutes. Then, slowly rub the mixture on skin. Wash your face off with warm or cold water. In case, if you have dry skin, substitute fresh cream with milk.
  • Take 1/2 ripe banana, 2 tbsp uncooked rice and 1 tbsp coconut milk. Blend these ingredients together to have a paste. Massage face with that thick paste and wash it off with cold or warm water.
  • To make a DIY body scrub, mix 2 mashed bananas with 5 strawberries by using your blender. Mix bananas and strawberries with 3 tablespoons sugar and apply this mixture on your body when taking a bath.

benefits of banana banana skin scrubs

4. Foot Care

Moisturizing properties of banana are beneficial in improving cracked heels.

Gently mash the pulp of 2 ripe bananas, then apply the pulp on your dry feet. Let this pulp on the feet for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse your feet clean. This banana pulp penetrates deep into your cracked and dry skin to regain supple and soft feet.

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In fact, banana is considered as the natural remedy for many disorders and diseases due to the 19 health and beauty benefits of banana consumption introduced above. When compared with other fruits, banana wins the race with a lot of features and factors. If you still doubt about the benefits of banana, why don’t you add this fruit to your diet to experience whether they are true or not now?

Leave your comments at the end of the post of the top 19 health and beauty benefits of banana consumption to let us know your thoughts, we will answer all soon!

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