Healthy Foods That Fill You Up Fast, Not Out, Are Exposed

foods that fill you up

The more you eat, the less likely you will be hungry. It is a logical assumption, yet research shows that there are several types of foods which are are far better than others at beating the belly growls. This writing from VKool site introduces to you top healthy foods that fill you up fast, not out. Check out below!

I. 9 Healthy Foods That Fill You Up – Keep Fit With Smart Diet Choices

1. Oatmeal 

foods that fill you up

Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal. This is a good source of fiber that can help lower cholesterol in the blood, support the digestion and aid in weight control. Moreover, oatmeal is also a rich source of protein, essential fatty acids, amino acids, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin E. A breakfast consisting of oatmeal, curd or yogurt and a few fresh blueberries not only make you feel full longer, but also is very good for your health.

2. Eggs 

foods that fill you up

When it comes to healthy foods that fill you up fast, we could not overlook eggs. A breakfast with good quality is really an effective way to start your day because it can reduce the feeling of hunger all day long. Scientists have proven that people who eat eggs for breakfast will load fewer calories at lunch and eat less even 36 hours later. Eggs contain protein and amino acid, helping you control your weight. Meanwhile, some sweets will increase the feeling more hungry. In addition, eggs are nutrient-rich but less calories foods.

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3. Avocado 

foods that fill you up

Avocado is one super food that contains 25 essential nutrients including vitamins A, B, C, E and K; minerals such as copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium; fiber; protein and plant-based chemicals can protect the human body against some diseases. Because of the high fat content of butter, consuming these fruits makes you feel full faster and therefore avoid unnecessary snacks or overeating.

4. Apple 

foods that fill you up

Apple is not only a rich source of fiber that helps you control your weight, but it is also a food which is extremely good for health. Many studies have proven that people who eat an apple before each meal can reduce more 40% of weight than those who do not have this habit. With low calorie and rich water content, apples also quickly make you feel full. Besides, the components of pectin found in apples, acts as an anti-oxidation to help prevent damage caused by high blood cholesterol level.

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5. Nuts And Beans

foods that fill you up

Nuts and beans are the smart choices for a healthy snack because they maintain the stomach feel full between meals due to high fiber content. Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios are not only delicious but also effective in weight control. However, due to the high caloric content, you need to choose a moderate diet for yourself. Have the same effect as beans, almonds are a rich source of fiber, protein and carbohydrates, so consuming them can help you maintain a feeling of fullness for longer.

6. Vinegar 

foods that fill you up

In this list of foods that fill you up, vinegar might surprise some of you, right? Studies showed that vinegar can help you avoid the feelings of hunger by slowing gastric contractions. Also, it reduces the glycemic index of foods with high amounts of carbs, which means it can help you feel full longer by slowing the release of glucose into your bloodstream. Some people often lose weight by drinking apple cider vinegar every day because it is rich in vitamins and can aid digestion.

7. Soup

foods that fill you up

Studies show that those foods high in water could help us fuller longer. And, when we start the meal with soup, the brain begins to signal to the body that we have eaten enough, so that when we finish the second dish, we will feel full. You can choose a bowl of broth with fiber-rich vegetables such as celery and spinach. This is a recommendation from many nutritionists.

8. White Potatoes 

foods that fill you up

White potatoes get a bad rap, yet spuds could actually fill you up. According to a study conducted at the University of Sydney, it is shown that boiled white potatoes could be one of the most satiety-boosting foods, keeping study participants full approximately 3 times longer than the average food. Just a single medium potato packs with about 20 percent of your fiber demands each day. Nutritionists recommend boiling, baking, steaming, or roasting your spuds. However, you should make sure that the potato has not sprouted nor is shriveled and soft as these are signs that they might be past their nutritional peak.

9. Chia Seeds 

foods that fill you up

The last one in the list of foods that fill you up is chia seeds. These little seeds could be combined with many foods, from soup and salads to healthy breads, helping boost the satiety factor of the meal quickly. For example, those who consume muffins packed with chia seeds rated themselves as feeling fuller for 90 next minutes in comparison with those people who noshed on chia-free muffins. Fact is, each ounce of chia seeds includes 10 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. You can sprinkle them on vegetables, cereal, and rice dishes; mix them into yogurt, smoothies, sauces or beverages; or add them to baked goods.

II. 11 Foods That Make You Feel Hungrier thực phẩm càng ăn càng đói

1. Biscuits And Crackers 

foods that fill you up

Biscuits, crackers and croissants – these three foods should be avoided because these are foods that contain processed carbohydrates and sugar, so they tend to cause hunger. You should choose snacks made from whole grains instead (can be replaced by low-fat popcorn).

2. White Bread 

foods that fill you up

White flour used to bake bread has been stripped of all bran outside; that means grain starch layer removed. Eating these foods boosts insulin production process, making you hungry quickly. A recent study on eating habits have shown that people who eat more white bread a day are likely to be overweight or obese, because they eat more food then.

3. Juices 

foods that fill you up

Juices melt tiredness. However, they do not contain even a little starch. You can drink a glass of juice, but if you want to feel full, you should mix it one scoop of protein powder or nut butter to help balance blood sugar, increasing satiety.

4. Salty Snacks 

foods that fill you up

These foods cause the feeling as if you still do not feel full after eating. That is also why you crave for sweets after eating a crazy bag of chips. These foods are digested rapidly, accelerating the process of insulin production fast to require to the next sequence. Moreover, the salty feeling becomes full; the human stomach switches to request the missing sweetness. Hence, you have to prepare two foods to balance the needs of your stomach.

5. Fast Food 

foods that fill you up

Almost every ingredient in fast food makes you more craved all the food. For example, trans fats causes intestinal inflammation, leading to impaired ability to produce neural transmission of controlling appetite, absorbing fructose corn syrup (the substance commonly found in bread, condiments, and desserts) fast, causing mutagenesis of insulin and hunger.

Additionally, fast food with high salt content also promotes dehydration that fools your stomach to eat something to offset this loss.

6. Alcohol 

foods that fill you up

Not only does alcohol reduce your healthy eating determination, but it also makes you feel hungrier. According to a research published in alcoholics, alcohol depletes the body’s carbohydrate storage, making you crave carbs to replace what was lost.

7. Macaroni 

foods that fill you up

Like white bread, but this kind of food makes you more marketable. When you eat too much of these foods, your body will go into the production of insulin, leading to the creation of too many hormones resulting in hypoglycemia. For that reason, when you finish eating these foods, you still feel terrible appetite.

8. MSG 

foods that fill you up

This is the flavor added to the substances causing your appetite up to 40%. According to a study published in the Obesity journal, people who eat more MSG are capable of overweight tripled compared with those who did not use it. Furthermore, leptin in MSG (the substance that reduces the amount of fat in the body) makes you even want to eat more.

9. Cereals For Children 

foods that fill you up

This food if eaten in the morning can cause low blood sugar and insulin changes. The cortisol levels in this food are high but still untouched those necessary cells, leading to fatigue and hunger.

10. Pizza

foods that fill you up

Pizza is made from the combination of white flour, unsaturated oil, cheese and preservatives. These substances can release sugar levels, hormonal satiety and hunger requirement. If you eat a pizza, then surely you would have to eat more snacks during the next hours.

11. Artificial Sweeteners 

foods that fill you up

Whether you are on a diet of sugar and have to use artificial sweeteners, you did not know that these substances stimulate your brain, giving you the feeling of abundance of energy but produce insulin to lower blood sugar. As a result, you may appetite throughout the day, trying to make up for your disappointment.

If you are serious about getting in shape, then you need to add more healthy foods that fill you up and avoid the foods that just make you feel hungrier.  Do you have any idea relating to this article about nutrition? Share your thought with us below this post. We will feedback soon.

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