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You don’t know what you’re paying for when you order Probolan 50: its ingredients are a mystery, as is the company that makes it. For more on this weird and mysterious product, read our review below:

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Probolan 50 Overview

Probolan 50 is a male-focused testosterone enhancement product. It’s supposed to use natural ingredients to promote the body’s natural production of testosterone, as an alternative to drug and hormone-based methods. It’s directed at men who want to gain more muscle in general during their workout regimens, and promises libido support as well, for men who have had less energy in the bedroom.

Because of the ingredients in this product, it claims to have no side effects, but as we’ll see, there are multiple problems with this product, and they don’t stop at the ingredients.

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Probolan 50 Claims

This product is like many other supplements for men that claim to increase the amount of testosterone in the system: more testosterone in the system means you’ll gain lean muscle mass, burn fat, and have a higher sex drive. And this one claims to increase testosterone by 400%! That’s a big claim.

Besides this claim, this product is nearly identical to most other products in this category, right down to the claims, marketing, and even the website: the ingredients are natural! Look at these pictures of swole gym bodies! Here’s a generic picture of a smiling doctor, so you know it’s “science”!

They especially lean hard into the “science” aspect of the product, and they expect us to believe a team of doctors worked on objective, scientific clinical trials to test whether Probolan 50 works – and conveniently, it “did.” They have a whole section of their website dedicated to this, in fact, but one obvious oversight we noticed is that they don’t actually link to whatever this “study” was, so there’s no way to know what the circumstances were, how things were tested, or whether the sample size made it so that the conclusions could be trusted.

But why go that far? Probolan 50 thinks it’s more important to show us a picture of a doctor rather than provide us with evidence that their product works.

There’s also very little information about the people who made this supplement, even on the product’s own website. There’s a “contact” link, which takes you to a page where you can fill out a customer support form, and there’s an 800 number to call, but that’s it. We had to look long and hard to find the name of the product’s company: Dhamhil Corp, listed as being incorporated in Panama. But they have no website, no real online presence, and their name isn’t obviously on the product’s packagine.

Why would this be? Why would they want to keep themselves distant from this product? It just makes it seem a little weird and sketchy. It’s easier to trust companies that aren’t afraid to put themselves out there, and who are okay with having their own name on their own products. If they distance themselves like Dhamhil has, we’re left to imagine all sort of things, such as “what if they don’t want to be associated with Probolan 50 because they’re not confident that it works?”

Another point of contention for us is what exactly this product is supposed to be. On the one hand, they say it’s made up of ingredients that help the body produce more testosterone.

On the other hand, one web page refers to it as “legal anabolic steroids.” Which is it?

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Probolan 50 Ingredients

Probolan 50 has a huge problem: it doesn’t tell us all of its ingredients. They hide behind the claim that everyone is “imitating” them, so they can’t reveal their “secret recipe” to us. But all the same, we’re expected to just trust that it works. Sorry, but that’s not good enough, and it’s also borderline unethical: how are people with certain allergies supposed to know if they can take this or not?

They only list one ingredient that’s in it:

  • Epihydroxetiolan-17-ester matrix

What is epihydroxetiolan-17-ester matrix? It’s a little hard to understand from the advertising, but it’s possible that this is not actually “one” ingredient, but the sum total of all the ingredients in the product. We got this from trying to parse the sentence saying that the “blend” of “natural ingredients” was used to create this substance. We did our best to translate the little bit of information we are given, and it’s possible that this is just a fancy name for “a blend of ingredients.” What those ingredients are, we don’t know.

There’s no reference to this substance anywhere else but in reference to Probolan 50, so in all likelihood they did “invent” it, but the degree to which it’s actually a legitimate “thing” is subject to question, which we’ll cover in the next section.

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The Science Behind Probolan 50

So what do we know about the one ingredient we’re told is in this product? It’s an ester. An ester is a compound created from chemicals, whether organic or inorganic, and esters can take many forms: glycerides (which are lipids that make up oils and fats), with other esters taking the form of pheromones, or plastics.

“Ester,” therefore, is a far-reaching term that describes lots of different compounds that are totally different, so in a way, Probolan 50 could just be confusing us into thinking this is more “scientific” than it really is (Wikipedia). How? By describing something relatively normal as a long string of scientific words. You could call something a “plastic,” or you could call it “polyethylene terephlatate.” In the same way, epihydroxetiolan-17-ester could just mean “a mixture of oils and essences of plant and animal products.”

Of course, all of this wondering and speculation could be avoided if Probolan 50 told us what was in this product. But unfortunately they’ve decided to withhold this information, which from a customer’s perspective is a huge mistake. If there are essences or chemicals in this product that could cause some people to have allergic reactions, or which could be hard on the liver, a person could be putting themselves in danger by trying this product. It doesn’t matter if something is “natural,” it doesn’t matter if they promise that it won’t have side effects – it doesn’t excuse this company from withholding information about what’s in it. People need to know, and not just because it’s good business: it’s because people could get hurt if they don’t know what’s in it.

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Word on the Street about Probolan 50

Probolan 50 offers some testimonials on the product’s website, but there are only four of them, and you can be sure that they were specifically chosen because they are positive – after all, what business wants to include testimonials that make their product look bad?

“I used this product for three months, and I managed to totally change my body and build some serious muscle. Girls find me more attractive now!”

“This was really effective and helped me burn fat off my belly like no other – I highly recommend this product!”

“I’m an older gentleman, and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. After taking Probolan 50, it helped me see better gains in the gym, and I’m way more confident now.”

“This worked super quickly. I thank Probolan 50 for helping me get the body I always wanted, and achieved my New Year’s resolution in the process.”

It’s hard to gauge how well a product works when the customer reviews are so cherry-picked, and especially when the product isn’t available really anywhere. Seriously, if you want to buy this stuff, you have to go through the company website or through Ebay, where the product is sold by some supplement vendors.

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Is Probolan 50 Worth a Try?

The most important part of any supplement is the ingredient list: without that, you don’t know if there’s any science behind the product, you don’t know if it’s guaranteed to work,and you don’t know what the side effects could be. With Probolan 50, you have no idea what you’re getting into, and that’s a serious problem. It doesn’t matter if they try and dress it up by saying “Oh, we don’t want people to copy us” – there’s a difference between not telling people the exact dosages of ingredients in your formula, and not telling people what the ingredients are. They’re two totally different things: the first thing is understandable, the second is totally unethical.

Plus, we don’t even know what the average customer experience of this supplement is, since the only testimonials we have to look at were picked by the company to make the product look good (and there aren’t even many of those!).

In the end, Probolan 50 is a serious gamble. You don’t know what you’re really paying for. We advise against trying this product, and in stead going for products that come clean with what they actually are.

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Probolan 50 vs Methadrol

The main difference between these two products is what they claim to be: Probolan is supposed to be a “natural” formula that promotes the body’s natural production of testosterone, whereas Methadrol is a “prohormone” – that is, it contains ingredients that are converted into testosterone after ingestion. It’s a little different from an anabolic steroid, which is plain testosterone. As a prohormone, Methadrol is not recommended for anyone under the age of 21, since it could damage the endocrine system (SupplementReviewDotCom), while Probolan 50 is justa dietary supplement (although if you read our above review, this may actually not be the case).

Probolan 50 vs Somatodrol

These products both claim to increase levels of testosterone naturally in the body, but Somatodrol is way more forthcoming on what ingredients are in it, including zinc, magnesium, arginine, and ornithine. Probolan 50, on the other hand, doesn’t say a word about what’s in it. Price-wise it’s hard to tell which is better, since neither are easy to get a hold of and prices for both range from between $40 and $70, depending on where you’re buying it from. It looks like Somatodrol is out of stock most places, which means that it’ll be easier to find Probolan 50 than Somatodrol.

Probolan 50 vs GH Balance

Both of these products are made by the same company – Dhamil Corp – but they have totally different uses. Probolan 50 is supposed to assist the body in proudcing more testosterone, while GH Balance is supposed to promote growth hormone. The first is supposed to have effects on not just muscle growth and strength, but energy and libido.

The second can only claim to help with the size of the muscles. GH Balance is a little cheaper as well at around $26, while Probolan 50 is $49.

Probolan 50 FAQ

  1. Where is Probolan 50 for sale?
    You can find this product for sale from the Probolan website, as well as some Ebay retailers.
  2. Where can I see before and after photos from people using Probolan 50?
    There are some before and after photos at the main product website, but it’s not clear how representative they are of how effective the product is.
  3. Is Probolan 50 available at Amazon?
    We didn’t see it for sale there, but there’s a chance some vendor has decided to sell it there in the past.
  4. Is Probolan 50 available in the UK?
    Yes, this product is available in the UK (and will continue to be even if Brexit goes through).
  5. Can I get Probolan 50 shipped to the USA?
    Yes, it looks like the supplement can be shipped internationally, and the only change is shipping and handling charges.
  6. Can I buy Probolan 50 at GNC?
    No, right now it doesn’t look like this product is available there.
  7. Does Probolan 50 have its own forum?
    It doesn’t have it’s own forum, per se, but people have discussed it on some fitness and supplement forums.
  8. Does Probolan 50 have side effects?
    The company promises that it doesn’t, but since we don’t know the exact ingredients, we can’t say for sure if it does or doesn’t.
  9. What are the ingredients in Probolan 50?
    Epihydroxetiolan-17- ester matrix.
  10. Do you know how to use Probolan 50?
    You’re supposed to take a regimen of pills that differs in count, depending on what part of the regimen you’re at. Some days you’ll take more pills, others you’ll take less. You’d have to refer to the exact packaging of the supply of Probolan 50 that you order.

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