How to prevent atherosclerosis disease naturally

Atherosclerosis means clogging in the arteries. It is the systemic condition. It can threaten the people’s life. Unfortunately, not many patients can recognize this dangerous disease until when some debilitating symptoms including heart attack and angina continuously happen. However, it is better to keep the disease at bay before atherosclerosis starts. Therefore, it is time for me to introduce to you some effective tips and home remedies on how to prevent atherosclerosis disease naturally.
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How To Prevent Atherosclerosis Disease Naturally – Effective Tips And Home Remedies That Work

Atherosclerosis disease happens when arteries are hardened and pressed. If this process continues, it will block arteries and affect the blood flow. Atherosclerosis can easily lead to cardiovascular diseases including peripheral vascular disease, strokes and heart attacks. In 2005, there were 800,000 deaths due to cardiovascular disease in America. In order to investigate the causes of atherosclerosis, we need to know that the arteries are covered by the layer of cells which are called the endothelium. The endothelium will make the arteries smooth.
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When the endothelium is damaged by several factors such as smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it will result in plaque.
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A jumble of cells, debris and cholesterol forms a bump on the artery wall. The bump becomes bigger and bigger.
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As a result, a blockage is created. The problems can lead to a lot of health issues related on heart such as heart attacks and strokes. There are not obvious symptoms of atherosclerosis disease until it gets worse. When the narrowing of arteries become more severe, they affect the blood flow and can lead to pain. In the worst case, it affects brain and heart. Anyone can suffer from atherosclerosis. It is stated that 17% of teenagers suffer from atherosclerosis while 85 % of the people at the age of over 50 also have the symptoms of atherosclerosis. This disease can be diagnosed by special tests. When you are over 40, despite good health, you will face a 50% possibility of occurring atherosclerosis in your life time. When you get older, you will get more chance. When you are at the age of 60, there are not obvious symptoms. However, it is said that when a blockage is affected, it will not disappear. However, the good news is by the use of medication and lifestyle changes, you can slow the growing process and make the pump shrink effectively. Therefore, it is time for me to introduce to readers of the effective techniques and home remedies on how to prevent atherosclerosis disease naturally.

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1. Natto And Nattokinase

how to prevent atherosclerosis-natto and nattokinase

Consumption natto and nattokinase is considered as the first tip on how to prevent atherosclerosis disease. It is said that the reason why Chinese people have less chance of developing heart disease, breast cancer or some health conditions than the Western citizens may be that they consume more fish and seafood as well as soybean products. The scientists have proven that consuming natto, a soy-bean based product, can make you healthy. Many people call natto as “vegetable cheese” because its taste is similar to cheese. The enzyme nattokinase will help to clear the arterial blockage. You can eat natto and nattokinase at any time even when you have strokes and heart attacks. However, it is suggested to consume natto and nattokinase with evening meal. Moreover, nattokinase is proven to be effective in treating chronic circulation issues. Therefore, if you have stroke and heart attack, it is the good idea.

2. Amino Acid L-arginine

how to prevent atherosclerosis-amino acid l-arginine

It is proven that amino acid L-arginine is the effective nutrient on how to prevent atherosclerosis. According to Dr.Chauhan, L-arginine will make blood vessels dilate and relax. As a result, blood flow will increase. The small changes in diameter can lead to great increase in blood flow. For instance, the radius of a vessel is double, the blood flow increases four times. L-arginine is the miracle secret to boost the elasticity in blood vessels. It is recommended that 3 grams of L-arginine should be taken twice a day. You can take supplement. However, it is better to consume it with diet. L-arginine is available in protein-rich foods such as chicken, beef, pork. Seafood like halibut, tuna, trout, salmon also contain L-arginine.

3. Magnesium

how to prevent atherosclerosis-magnesium

If you want to eat a healthy diet in order to keep atherosclerosis at bay. Magnesium deficiency can lead to heart disease and atherosclerosis. A study conducted in 2024 found that low magnesium concentration can result in cardiovascular problems and it can cause death. You can take magnesium as the supplement or take a diet. You can find the magnesium available in foods such as dark nuts and seeds, fish, soybeans, avocado, bananas, dark chocolate and low fat yogurt.

4. Lecithin

how to prevent atherosclerosis-lecithin

Lecithin is proven as the effective way on how to prevent atherosclerosis by decreasing cholesterol levels. It is said that we can keep the heart disease and atherosclerosis at bay when the levels of homocysteine decrease. You can get this great result by consuming more vitamin B12, B6 and folic acid. However, lecithin can also help you that. Lecithin high foods include seafood, dairy products, egg, vegetables and legumes.

5. Vitamin D

how to prevent atherosclerosis-vitamin d

It is found that vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of mortality due to cardiovascular problems including heart disease and atherosclerosis. Moreover a study shown that the small increase in vitamin D intake can reduce mortality. Foods which are high in vitamin D are cod liver oil, oily fish, mushrooms, fortified cereals, tofu, dairy products, pork and egg.

6. Garlic:

how to prevent atherosclerosis-garlic

All we know that garlic can be the treatment to eliminate constipation and make your colon stronger.  Moreover, garlic is not only the way on how to prevent atherosclerosis but also the home remedies for heart disease and stroke. Many researches have proven that garlic can limit the plaque formation. Therefore, garlic helps the people who are at risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis to fight against the problems.

I mentioned about 6 ways on how to prevent atherosclerosis disease that you should not skip. I hope that you will find this information effective.
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For any questions raised in your mind, please feel free to ask me by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer you all.

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