Top 10 Ways On How To Improve Sleep Quality Naturally At Home

how to improve sleep naturally

Sleep plays a very important role in the body growth and general health of the humans. The quality of sleep can vary the performance in all aspects, longevity, and brain function to become better or worse. So, it is vital to find out the ways on how to improve sleep for the health maintenance. In the modern life, people get busy with work thereby decreasing the time for sleeping even losing a nice sleep. That means they need some simple ways to keep their mind calm and most comfortable when sleeping.

The causes of sleeping lost are the stress of work, the improper diet or habits that can be all changed and controlled in greater ways.  Therefore, if you want to have a healthy life, be effective in working and comfortable in any social relationship, you should maintain an enough and nice sleep to make your mind always fresh. Several methods are highly recommended for you such as arranging a proper schedule, maintain a healthy diet, doing essential exercises, managing stress, and time attention.

This time, wants to recommend you top 10 ways on how to improve sleep quality naturally at home. Due to the importance of sleep in the daily life, you all should maintain enough and nice sleep during the night which helps you fresh and more concentrate on work the next day. 10 mentioned ways are consulted and researched from a range of reliable sources, so you can really believe in our health information. For those who meet difficulty falling asleep, continue reading our article to get the essential information.

Top 10 Ways On How To Improve Sleep Quality Naturally At Home

1. Avoid Supplements Interrupting Sleep

how to improve sleep - avoid supplements interrupting sleep

Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are known as typical supplements interrupting the sleep. Therefore, one of the ways on how to improve sleep is avoiding these factors as much as possible.

Caffeine is concluded in many products, particularly coffee, cola, chocolate, tea, and some types of drugs. The consumption of caffeine keeps the users awake as an effective stimulant, so it is much used when working. But these stimulants can decrease the quality of sleep if they are consumed 4 to 6 hours before going to bed. And it is an advice for the smokers to refrain from using tobacco closely before the bedtime.

Many people consider alcohol as a beverage improving their sleep but it is just right in a few beginning drunk hours. After being deep in the drunk sleep 1 to 2 hours, the users will become awake and hard to come back to their nice sleep because alcohol acts as a stimulant as well. It is the reason why the consumption of alcohol should be limited per day as much as possible, or less avoided 3 hours before the bedtime.

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2. Have Proper Diet

The dinner may play the most important role in how to improve sleep. Although it is advised to take in less food each evening, you should not go to bed when being hungry or stuffed. It is because the discomfort of hungry sensation can keep you awake or interrupt your nice sleep. Easily digested food is highly recommended for the dinner while fast food or anything with fat is necessarily avoided.

Before going to bed, you should drink enough fluid to prevent being wake up because of thirsty sensation. It is the reason why a glass of milk is suggested before the bedtime. However, you should not drink so much or so close to the bedtime because this requires you several trips to the bathroom during your nice sleep.

3. How To Improve Sleep – Do Some Exercises

Including some physical activities in the daily routine is also a way on how to improve sleep quality. These regular activities help stimulate a better sleep because it is easier to fall asleep and to be deep in a nice sleep.

However, the time of doing exercises is very important. If you practice too close to the bedtime, you may meet the difficulty falling in sleep as this can stimulate your body to generate the stress hormone called cortisol that activates and keep your brain alert for a long time. Therefore, you should ensure to finish your exercises at least 3 hours before going to bed or earlier in the day.

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4. Establish Sleeping Routine

how to improve sleep - establish sleeping routine

Establishing a proper sleeping routine is another way on how to improve sleep. It is advised to participate in several relaxing activities before the bedtime, which is the best way to transit yourself from wake time to resting time for a nice sleep. You should read a book, take a warm bath or shower, listen to a radio or soothing music. Everyone has an individual way to start their sleep most comfortably.

Besides, there are some activities to avoid particularly stimulating and stressful ones such as working or discussing some emotional issues. Similar to do exercises too close to the bedtime, the stressfully psychological activities can stimulate the body to generate a stress hormone called cortisol that relates to the increase in alertness. In addition, you should avoid using electronic devices like TV, smartphone, or tablet as the long look at the screen as well as other media usages before the bedtime can interfere with your sleep.

5. How To Improve Sleep Quality – Notice The Bedroom

The bedroom and anything associated with the sleep is very important, so you have to pay attention to them all. Creating an ideal room for sleeping is the key factor on how to improve sleep. It must be a place where is dark, quiet, and cool with heavy curtains, room-darkening shades, fan or even air conditioner. You can lower the volume of noise outside by the earplugs or any appliance preventing noise. The suitable temperature in the bedroom is 60 to 75°F that should be maintained. And you can also use an eye mask to restrict the light so that your mind becomes easy to deep in the sleep.

In addition, the mattress and pillow are also very important. You can choose the soft or harder pillow that gives you most comfortable sensation and always keep them clean with a favorite smell to stimulate your sleep. If you have to share your bed, you should ensure enough vacancies for all but it is also preferred to sleep alone. Don’t let your pets wake you up at night as then you will be hard to sleep again.
If your bedroom is prone to be slept in, you should keep TVs, computers, telephones, or any work materials out of it, which creates a strong mental association between your sleep and your room.

6. Use Light

Your bedroom should be designed in the pattern that you can see the mild light each morning. The natural light is considered as an external clock of your healthy sleep. It is easier for you to get out of your bed and start a working day when seeing the light each morning.

Besides, it is advised to fall asleep when you really want. It is because struggling to sleep just causes frustration while being alert and tired. If you cannot fall asleep after 20 minutes, you should do some relaxing things like listening music or reading then your mind becomes gradually tired and deep in sleeping.

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7. Keep Consistent Sleep Schedule

Maintaining a sleep schedule or sleep habit is a very important way on how to improve sleep quality naturally. Going to bed and getting up at the same time daily helps set an internal clock that you have to follow strictly, so you always remind you of sleeping on time. You should try to follow the schedule every day except for the weekends when you can sleep as your desire provided keeping comfortable sensation.

Waking up at the same time every morning is very necessary to set your clock, which encourages you to get up from the bed on time even you stay up late the last night. In other words, keeping a consistent sleep schedule gives you a proper sleeping and waking cycle as well as promotes your sleep quality at night.

8. Don’t Watch Clock Much

how to improve sleep - don’t watch clock much

You may think having a clock in your bedroom is necessary but it can also give effect to your sleep quality. It is because you always keep looking at it every time you try to fall asleep or wake up in the middle night, which can increase the stress and make you harder sleep again. Therefore, you should turn the face of the clock away from you.

As mentioned above, when you cannot fall asleep after 20 minutes or wake up in the middle night, try some restful activities like listening soothing music or reading book but not keep your eyes at the clock and criticize why you stay up so late.

9. Decrease Daytime Naps

Many people consider daytime naps as the essential parts of their lives but the long daytime naps are also the cause of hard- to- sleep problem. So, limiting the daytime naps is also a way on how to improve sleep quality at night. The naps, particularly afternoon nap, can interfere with the night-time sleep. And it is more serious if you are suffering from poor sleep quality or insomnia. The naps should be kept for 30 minutes in the mid-afternoon or before 2 p.m.

There is an exception when you choose night is the time for working which means you have to spend daytime sleeping. In this case, you have to ensure the daytime sleep to be enough and not be interrupted by anything. However, the night is always the best time for a nice sleep and keeps you healthy and energetic.

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10. How To Improve Sleep Quality – Manage Stress

Stress is known as the main reason of sleeping lost. When having to do too much work or think too much, you often meet difficulty falling asleep.  The only way for this problem is Stress Management which helps restore the peace in your mind. In the aspect of work, you should arrange it properly, set it as priorities then gradually complete the tasks. And always let yourself an allowance to have a break from working and spend enough time with friends and family members who help you reduce the stress. Before going to bed, remove all the wonder and problem out of your mind to start a nice sleep then you will handle them all more effectively the next day.

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There is much more health information available in our main How to page including the ways to deal with many disorders, so you can drop by to get more. With the article of top 10 ways on how to improve sleep quality naturally at home, hope that you all find the best way to start and maintain a nice sleep after a long working day. And now, if you have any question or other ways to improve sleep, leave them below then they would be replied as soon as possible.

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