11 Early Symptoms Of Dementia

early symptoms of dementia

Dementia is a common and serious problem that the old have to face with more and more. And there is a fact that dementia is not absolutely a disease, and it is a group of symptoms that are caused by other diseases. The symptoms of dementia are the weakening in thought, communication, and memory.

Alzheimer’s disease is known as the most noticeable cause of dementia. Plus, it can be caused by the brain damage that happens after a stroke or injury, and from some diseases such as Huntington’s or Lewy body dementia.

The early symptoms of dementia are often minor and then gradually get worse. That means it is difficult for you to find out your problem and it may become serious if even your friends and family don’t care about these symptoms. They tend to change and be more severe while your brain is more damaged and works less effectively, so it is a good idea to talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

The way your symptoms develop and the speed they get worse depends on the causes of dementia. That means the symptoms and experience of dementia can be actually different between other people. To help you to be alert about dementia, we would like to recommend some outstanding symptoms of it through this article.

In this article, VKool will introduce to you 11 early symptoms of dementia. The article listed the most popular symptoms of dementia from reliable sources so that you can absolutely believe in. However, it is just for the informational target and not aimed to give medical advice. Continue reading this writing to understand more!

Top 11 Early Symptoms Of Dementia That You Should Know

1. Losing Memory

symptoms of dementia - losing memory

When you are facing to some troubling memory problems, you may immediately believe that it’s dementia. It is not absolutely true, but they are able to be the symptoms of dementia. So you have to attention to them much more. The changes in your memory are often mild and tend to be gradually worse. You may forget the old melody or even the recent one such as what you have just done or where you put your phone at. They are called the signs of short-term memory’s changes.

People who have advanced dementia may even not aware their close family or friends. They may also not know where they live or where they are. It is difficult for them to understand simple pieces of information, conduct some basic tasks or follow any instructions.

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2. Lose Weight

symptoms of dementia - lose weight

In the later stage of dementia, people often have a loss of appetite and weight. If they repeat eating in the early stage because of confusion, they become bored with food in the later one. So it is important that there be people who help them at mealtimes to make sure they eat enough.

There are some cases that people having trouble with eating or swallowing can lead to chest infections, choking, and other problems.

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3. Be Difficult To Find The Right Words

symptoms of dementia - be difficult to find the right words

Extraordinary communication is one of other early symptoms of dementia. People always have to struggle to express their thoughts on the way they want to.

That means they can’t seem to explain anything and they are just able to reach for the right words while impossible to grasp them.

It is common to meet the situations that people with dementia become more difficult in speaking and even lose the ability of speak after a  short time. Therefore, it is necessary to keep communicating with these people or aware and use non-verbal means of communication with them. You can use gestures, expression or touch for your communication.

For a close example, the conversations with the elderly parent having dementia may be more difficult and take more time than usual. So, remember to take care of and talk with them regularly to help them be alert.

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4. Be Difficult To Follow Storylines

symptoms of dementia - be difficult to follow storylines

In the early stage of dementia, people may have a hard time following storylines. Because the reason above that they find difficulty using the right words, they sometimes don’t remember the meanings of words they hear, don’t understand what they hear.

So, they have to struggle to follow along with a TV program or conversation, which means they can’t follow the storylines. It is really a classic early warning symptom of dementia.

5. Be Difficult To Do Normal Tasks

symptoms of dementia - be difficult to do normal tasks

The way and the speed people have to complete normal tasks can show a sign of dementia. It often takes a longer time for them to handle something and they may get difficulty in doing more complex things. It can be expressed when they play a game with a lot of rules or balance the checkbook.

Besides the struggle to complete normal tasks, they may meet the difficulty learning to do something new or follow some new routines.

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6. Fail In Defining Direction

symptoms of dementia - fail in defining direction

One of the most important function of the brain is the sense of direction and spatial orientation, and the ability to do this function may start to decline when having dementia. Therefore, people who have dementia can even not remember their familiar landmarks or forget familiar directions.

Moreover, they can have difficulty following series of directions or step-by-step instructions.

7. Have Confusion

symptoms of dementia - have confusion

Confusion is another symptom of dementia in the early stage. When thinking, memory, or judgment lapses, this symptom can arise because they cannot remember other people’s faces, use the right words, or communicate with people normally.

Confusion is very common. For example, missing house keys, forgetting who someone is, knowing what have to do at the weekend… are the expression of confusion.

8. Be Repetitive

symptoms of dementia - be repetitive

For those who have dementia, repetition is common because they lose their memory and change their general behavior. They cannot aware that they have just done something and do it again without emotion. You can see your elderly parent repeating daily tasks such as collecting items or even eating.

These people also may ask the same questions or repeat a sentence in a conversation even they have just talked.

9. Change In Mood

symptoms of dementia - change in mood

One of the symptoms of dementia is the change in mood. It is not easy for people with dementia to aware this aspect in yourself, but it is easy for others to notice this symptom. Depression is a typical mood of these people in the early stage of dementia.

During the mood changes, you can see a shift in the personality of people with dementia. One noticeable type of personality change is the shift from being shy to outgoing. The reason is that the judgment is often affected.

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10. Express Apathy

symptoms of dementia - express apathy

Another symptom of dementia is an apathy or listlessness. You can notice the people with dementia that they gradually lose interest in their old hobbies or used activities. Plus, they don’t want to do anything funny or to go out anymore. They may even not have an interest in spending time staying with family or friends. They may also seem emotionally flat.

11. Be Difficult To Adapt To Change

symptoms of dementia - be difficult to adapt to change

For people who have dementia in the early stages, the experience is so frightening. They suddenly can’t remember their close friends or can’t follow what others are saying. They even go to a store and get lost on the way home. Therefore, they may just want to follow their routine and avoid new things. Struggling to adapt to changes is a noticeable sign of dementia in the early stage.

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If you want to know more about the symptoms and treatment of other diseases, please go to our main Health page. After reading the article of 11 early symptoms of dementia, hope that it can help you aware and understand more about dementia. If you have any question, leave your comments below, I will respond soon.  Also, if you know other symptoms of dementia, please leave them below.

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