How to stop itchy feet fast and naturally – 6 tips

Itchy feet are a fungal infection. It happens in warm, damp conditions. When you experience itchy feet, it means that the fungus spreads from the toes, toenails to the fingers. Because redness and patches are the signs of fungus, symptoms of itchy feet include stinging, burning and itching. This ailment is contagious; therefore, it is important to treat it carefully in order to keep it from spreading from person to person. Fortunately, there are many effective home remedies and techniques on how to stop itchy feet fast and naturally.

How To Stop Itchy Feet Fast And Naturally – The Effective Tips You Should Know

Itchy feet are the most common fungal disease of the skin. More men who are affected this infection than women. The possible explanation may be that men tend to wear tight and heavy shoes while fungus love living in the moist, hot and dark environment. It is said that fungus may live in locker rooms because locker rooms is the perfect environment for fungus to grow. However, this is the wrong myth. It is the fact that people have fungus living on their skin. When people have itchy feet, the skin on feet is irritated, vulnerable, weakened and continuously moist. Some drugs and medications such as corticosteroids, antibiotics and birth control pills that can block the immune system and influence it function may be the causes of developing itchy feet. Patients who have weak immune system, diabetes and obesity may face more risks of itchy feet. This disease can affect anyone but teenager and male adults are the most susceptible. The symptoms of itchy feet are uncomfortable. There are scaling, itching, flaking and redness on the soles of the feet and the areas between the toes.

When you suffer from itchy feet, you may feel the stinging pain between these fissures. If not treated soon and carefully, it easily leads to secondary infection. It also harms other parts of your body. The doctors do not agree the myth that the itchy feet will spread when you contact directly with infected patients or contaminated objects. In fact, the real factors are how you keep your feet clean and how strong your immune system is. If you experience the itchy feet, there is no need to worry at all. There are a lot of home remedies and techniques on how to stop itchy feet fast and naturally I want to share with you on

1. Reduce The Risk Of Spreading It: 

how to stop itchy feet-reduce the risk of spreading it

If you have the itchy feet, you should follow these tips as the ways on how to stop itchy feet. The first tip to reduce the risk of spreading it is to wash your hands carefully with soap before touching the surfaces or sharing objects. And after bathing, you should clean the tub and shower with Lysol, the antiseptic cleaner. The compulsory tip in order to keep itchy feet from spreading is not to share the towels with others. The socks should be washed with the hot water to remove the fungus completely. It is recommended that you should wash at least twice a week. Never wear the same pair of socks.

2. Wear The Comfortable Shoes:

how to stop itchy feet-wear the comfortable shoes

As the tip on how to stop itchy feet, you should wear barefoot or comfortable sandals, shoes which do not give the fungus the moist environment to grow. If you are not allowed to wear barefoot in the office, you can take off your shoes to let your feet relax during the break, lunch time. Even when you sit at the desk, you should do it. Barefoot is the best choice for feet when you are indoor.

The possible reason may be that you will not cut, injure or scrape your feet.

3. Keep Persistent: 

how to stop itchy feet-keep persistent

Many people stop using itchy feet treatments including antifungal preparation as soon as the symptoms reduce. This is the wrong belief. The possible reason may be that the symptoms will easily come back if you stop using medication for three or six weeks. Therefore you should keep persistent in order to achieve the best results. Even when the symptoms of itchy feet completely disappear, it is still needed to use antifungal cream or powders for once a week.

4. Keep Your Shoes Clean: 

how to stop itchy feet-keep your shoes clean

If you suffer from itchy feet, it means that you have fungus in your shoes. Therefore, it is needed to keep your shoes clean as the way on how to stop itchy feet fast. You should take care of your shoes by Lysol spray or antifungal spray any time your shoes are taken off.

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5. Home Remedy To Treat Your Itchy Feet:

how to stop itchy feet-home remedy to treat your itchy feet

The solution of 2 table spoons of Himalayan Crystal Salt with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is effective as the way on how to stop itchy feet naturally. The possible reason may be that this tip will create acidic environment in which the fungus will not have chance to live. After taking a bath or showering, you can spray your feet and use this treatment with the cloth. After applying this solution, you need to make sure that your feet will dry completely.

6. Organic Tea Tree Oil: 

how to stop itchy feet-organic tea tree oil

Another home remedy on how to stop itchy feet naturally that you should know is organic tea tree oil. In order to take this treatment, you should drop sufficient drops of organic tea tree oil into your foot bath and relax your feet for 10 minutes in the bath. After that, make sure that your feet will dry completely and massage the affected areas with the oil. Organic tea tree oil will help you kill the fungus on your skin and stop the itchy feet from spreading.

In conclusion, there are 6 tips and home remedies on how to stop itchy feet fast and naturally. I want to note that this article is only for informational purpose. I hope that you will find these tips effective. If you have any information to share with me, please leave it bellow. I am glad to hear your opinion.

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