How to make a baby stop crying at night – 5 tips

how to make a baby stop crying

It is tough for parents when a baby cannot stop crying, especially at night. If you were them, what would you do? will provide you some useful knowledge about reasons why a baby is crying at night and 5 tips on how to handle it effectively.

How To Make A Baby Stop Crying – Best Way To Soothe Your Baby

Have you ever wondered why your baby keeps wailing for hours before bedtime or at midnight? In fact, crying is a normal part of a baby development. As the baby growing, crying is his/her way to communicate with parents and others. Each spell of baby’s crying mean different things, maybe she/he is hungry, thirsty, needs a sleep or a diaper change. Another possibility is your baby wants to be held or she/he is trying to discharge the wound-up energy gathering during the day and settle down for a night’s sleep.

Even though you have had a long busy stressful day, you should not become angry or lose control if your baby keeps crying. You will need some plans, here are some tips on how to make a baby stop crying instantly so that both of you and your husband/wife can relax.

Here are some tips on how to make your baby stop crying at night that people should not ignore or skip but try making use as soon as possible to stop the concern about a crying baby:

1. Find Your Baby’s Need:

how to make a baby stop crying

The very first tip on how to make a baby stop crying instantly is finding her/his need. Crying is the way baby communicates to get your attention and express their needs. Baby cries for several reasons: I am hungry, I am sleepy, I am frustrated, why you do not change my nappy … At first, it may be difficult for you to recognize and meet your little angel’s need. But gradually, you will be familiar with it and easily figure out what makes your baby cry to soothe her or him.

Finding a baby’s needs is always an important mission of parents, especially in stopping a crying baby.

2. Hold Your Baby:

how to make a baby stop crying

If you have checked all the possible options (hunger, nappy change or thirst…) and your baby just will not stop crying, you should try to hold your baby closely. Sometimes, the baby cries because she/he misses you and wants to be in your warm arm. Few months ago, when baby was in your womb, she/he could hear your heartbeat. So she/he probably enjoys and feels secured when being held close to you, because the beat of your heart is familiar.

You can also sing or talk to baby in a soft voice about anything to distract and give her/him added comfort.

3. Rock-A-Bye Baby:

how to make a baby stop crying

Most of babies under 12 month-old love the parent’s gentle rock, so you could hold baby and walk around with your hand pat baby on the back, or place baby in your arms, stand with your feet and slightly swivel your hips to create rhythmic movement. This method is not only an effective tip on how to make your baby stop crying at night, but also help to reduce your distress at that tough time.

4. Use Constant Lullaby Sound:

how to make a baby stop crying

If you want to lull your baby to a sleep quickly, you can use some ‘nature’ lullaby such as the washing machine’s steady rhythm or the noise of a hairdryer. There are many available mp3 files of this kind of sound, which are especially made for baby, on the internet, you can easy download them and give your baby a try. Or you can simply put your baby on the floor next to these machines. But always remember to be careful to keep your baby safe.

This may be the easiest tip on how to make a baby stop crying at night that brings effect instantly.

5. Give Your Baby A Suck:

how to make a baby stop crying

And the last tip on how to make a baby stop crying at night I want to share with you to day is give your baby a suck. If you are feeding your baby by breast milk, her/his sucking need would be very strong. If your baby fusses or cries at night, you could breastfeed to make her/him comfortable. Alternatively, you could give her/him a nipple, or let her/him suck her/his finger or knuckle.

Sometimes, you have almost done everything to make your baby stop crying, but she/he doesn’t, just left her/him alone in a safe place and go to take a rest for a few minutes. You can find our suggestion about how to combat anxiety to overcome and control your frustrate feeling of your baby. You also need to talk to your husband and your family, so they can care for you and the baby, sympathy and give you a hand whenever you lose your calm.

Another thing that readers should do after reading the list of tips on how to make a baby stop crying at night is to spend time reading another useful article if possible – the 10 Reasons Babies Cry All The Time And How To Sooth Them article. This is an entire writing that also helps those concerning about the crying baby issue as it provides some of the most common reasons leading to this issue. As every knows, once we find out the reason of a problem, it will be much easier to address the problem at the next step. That is the reason why I give my readers this article as another help for them to deal with the problem mentioned in the article today.

In summary, the article I give you today is a gathering of the most effective tips on how to make a baby stop crying at night that are very easy to apply. Thus, what you need to do is just follow the instructions and suggestions mentioned above and remember to share this list widely with others to make use together. Everyone you know who is also looking for a good solution for this problem of their own baby will thank you for your share, so do not hesitate!

These are 5 tips on how to make a baby stop crying on that would be perfect for those who are concerning about this problem. As an author of Vkool, I hope that this article will help you take care of your baby more easily and get rid of the crying baby issue within a short time period. If you have any question about this article or any comment for us, feel free to put them below. It will be my pleasure to answer them and I will try to reply as soon as possible.


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