How to combat anxiety attack naturally

Everyone can be affected by anxiety and struggling with it is no easy. Just like you, millions of people want to seek the ways on how to combat anxiety attack naturally. Anxiety control requires long-term process and needs patience. You can not get rid of anxiety immediately overnight. But fortunately, there are many ways that help you to decrease anxiety. If you experience the anxiety, you should try the following tips and techniques.

How To Combat Anxiety Attack Naturally – Effective Techniques And Solutions

It is normal to have anxiety over some issues that happen to your life. However, it will become the problem if you suffer from excessive, intense and frequent anxiety about any situation without good or apparent reasons. Excessive, persistent anxiety is often called anxiety disorder. When the patients get diagnosed with anxiety disorder, they will suddenly feel fearful, anxious and this feeling will last within a few minutes. Sometimes, it is called panic attacks. The feeling of panic and anxiety may interfere in your daily activities and it is difficult to control. The symptoms of anxiety may start during your childhood or your teen years and develop into adulthood. There are many types of anxiety disorder, including social phobia, separation anxiety disorder or specific phobias, so on. The patients may suffer from more than one type. Symptoms of anxiety include nervous and powerless feeling, panic attacks, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, trembling, sweating, difficulty in concentrating and thinking. Although we do not know what the exact causes of anxiety are, it is said that life experience, traumatic events, or inherited traits may trigger the problem. Moreover, some medical causes, including heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, drug abuse, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, side effects of anti-anxiety medication, alcohol, premenstrual syndrome and rare tumors. If not treated soon, anxiety will get worse and lead to serious complications, such as trouble sleeping, depression, headaches, substance abuse, bowel or digestive problems, poor quality of life, or suicide. Therefore, if you suffer from the intense, persistent anxiety, it is important to consult the psychologist in order to get suitable treatments. However, there are many easy and effective way on how to combat anxiety attack naturally I would like to introduce to the readers of

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1. Know How To Breathe:

how to combat anxiety-know how to breathe

Sometime poor breathing can lead to anxiety. It is proven that men and women with anxiety often have poor breathing habit. Knowing how to breathe is the effective tip on how to combat anxiety.

Therefore, when you suffer from anxiety or panic attack, you should take breathing slowly and try to take deep breath instead of speeding it up.

In order to take slower, more controlled, deeper breaths, it is recommended following these steps. Firstly, breathe through your nose gentle and slowly for 7 minutes. After that, hold the breath for a few seconds. Finally, breathe out through your lips gently for 7 to 9 seconds. You should repeat this approach 10 to 20 times in order to get rid of anxiety completely. This method will help to keep your from hyperventilating which is the problem associated to anxiety. Moreover, proper deep breathing will balance the Co2 in your body. Co2 imbalance will make the anxiety symptoms worse.

2. Do Aerobic Exercises: 

how to combat anxiety-do aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are effective in treating several disease such as  joint pain or constipation. Moreover, when you suffer from the panic and anxiety attack, there is increase of adrenaline in your body. Aerobic exercises will help you to reduce the level of adrenaline; therefore, it is considered as the effective technique on how to combat anxiety. For fighting against panic and anxiety, there are a variety of advantages when you do aerobic regularly. Firstly, it burns stress hormones that lead to anxiety. Secondly, aerobic will alleviate your muscle tension and provide you energy in daily activities. When you do aerobic exercises, endorphins release. As a result, your overall mood and emotion improve. Because aerobic is the combination of good gesture and breathing.

Aerobics will create the good breathing habit. You do not need any intense exercises; some aerobics exercises like fast walking or jogging are effective in decreasing panic and anxiety symptoms.

3. Try To Relax:

how to combat anxiety-try to relax

There are a variety of things that help you to relax. Although your work is busy, you will still need to relax in order to keep the anxiety at bay. You need to find out several ways to help you relax and try it immediately. For example, taking a warm bath makes you relax and is the effective techniques on how to combat anxiety. If you feel that, do not wait for the time. You just jump in the warm bath and light some candles. It is recommended doing massage while bathing. This combination will immediately help you relax and get rid of anxiety that attacks you.  Do not let yourself overwhelming by anxiety and worrying. You should try the solutions.

4. Talk To Someone:

how to combat anxiety-talk to someone

When your mind is filled with anxiety and worrying, the best way on how to combat anxiety is distraction. Talking to someone such as your friend will help you forget what makes you anxious. Even talking to someone on your phone is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Therefore, for the next time, when you start being anxious over some issues, do not be shy and you should try to tell the person your trust your emotion, feeling. Support from your family, your friends will become motivation that helps you to get out of anxiety soon and effectively. Moreover, it also increases your confidence. It is said that most of patients with anxiety disorder have the problem with their confidence.

5. Try Kava Herb:

how to combat anxiety-try kava herb

If you ask me the home remedies on how to combat anxiety naturally, I recommend kava herb for you. Many people find the kava’s effectiveness in controlling anxiety symptoms effectively. The possible reason may be that kava contains nutrients called kavalactones which help you to relax and decrease the anxiety and worrying without any unwanted harmful effects. However, before trying kava herb as the way on how to combat anxiety, you still need to consult the doctors whether it can interact with alcohol or some certain medications.

6. Stop Negative Thinking:

how to combat anxiety-stop negative thinking

Anxiety can not disappear when your mind is loaded with negative thought. As a result, you will have anxiety attack without control. Therefore, if you want to stop anxiety, you should stop thinking negatively and learn to forget the triggers that lead to anxiety. You should ask yourself some questions like “ is there something that makes you anxious and worried” “Can it happen”  and “What is the solution for your problems”.  The next thing you need to do is affirmation. Affirmation means that you say to yourself to build your confidence and get rid of anxiety. You should say to yourself like “I am okay. It is just anxiety, I will overcome it” “I will not let anxiety control me”. Finally, you should adjust and get used to physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat or dizziness. By knowing the symptoms of anxiety, you will find the solutions to decrease it soon.

7. Listen To Music:

how to combat anxiety-listen to music

Scientists suggest that listening to your favorite music is the effective tip on how to combat anxiety. You should choose the song you like. However, it is recommended listening to happy and relaxing music that will help you to boost you positive mood. It is said that music can affect your emotion. Therefore, angry music will make people angry and sad music will make them fall into negative emotions. These kinds of music do not make you better. If you want to have positive thinking and be happy forever, you should listen to the song that you want to feel.

8. Scream Your Anxiety Out:

how to combat anxiety-scream your anxiety out

One problem which makes the anxiety worse is holding it on or keeping it silent. This approach seems crazy but it works. When you start feeling anxious or worried, you should find the quiet place where you are alone. Everything you can do to let your anxiety out should be tried. For example, punch the pillows, scream or yell at the mirror. You should make fun of it. This approach will let out of your negative emotions and make you feel better.

9. Make Love: 

how to combat anxiety-make love

It sounds strange but it is effective as the way on how to combat anxiety. Some studies have found out that sexual intercourse will make you calm. Moreover, it releases endorphins. These chemicals will help you to feel happier and more relaxed. Making love also helps you to improve your relationship with your special lover.

These are 9 tips on how to combat anxiety attack naturally you should know. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer as soon as I can. Thank you for reading.

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