Mediterranean Diet Plan To Lose Weight

mediterranean diet plan

Have you ever heard about the Mediterranean diet? Do you have any disease related to fast food or obesity? Don’t you know that Mediterranean diet can be beneficial for fat people? To get more information about the Mediterranean diet, check out this writing on VKool site to discover Mediterranean diet plan to lose weight without sweat!

Mediterranean Diet Plan To Lose Weight With Ease

I. Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet

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Clinical and observational studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is linked to overall better health as well as longevity, lower risks of common cancers (breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and uterus cancer), dementia and lower risks of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, recent studies and research indicate that the Mediterranean diet may help improve asthma, prevent type II diabetes and a lot of other health problems and disorders.

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Here are some examples of scientific research and studies on benefits of the Mediterranean diet:

  • Heart Disease & Stroke:

heart disease & stroke

The Mediterranean diet can reverse heart disease, as ingredients in Mediterranean diet are low in sodium.

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  • High Cholesterol:Mediterranean diet also helps lower cholesterol levels as Mediterranean foods contain healthy fats.
  • High Blood Pressure:You will get rid of the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension when following the Mediterranean diet.
  • Weight Loss:Since the Mediterranean diet is loaded with a lot of vegetables and fiber sources so that it aids in losing weight effectively and safely.

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  • Type II Diabetes:

type II diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes should follow Mediterranean diet plan as vegetables, fruits and other ingredients in this diet can help regulate sugar levels and prevent type II diabetes effectively.

  • Cancer:Many recent studies suggest that the Mediterranean diet can help modify the estrogen level and lower the risk of some cancers related to hormones such as prostate cancer.
  • Osteoporosis:Most people from the Mediterranean countries show their lower risk of hip fractures and bone problems such as osteoporosis.

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  • Alzheimer’s Disease:Vegetables and fruits in the Mediterranean diet are high in antioxidants so that they help in strengthening the cognitive capacity and lower the high risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Beside great health benefits of the Mediterranean diet plan, it also is beneficial for other health problems such as blindness, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, acid reflux, alleviate constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, depression and metabolic syndrome.

II. Types Of The Mediterranean Diet

When it comes to the Mediterranean diet plan, you should make it clear between the traditional and modern ones for their differences.

1. Traditional Mediterranean Diet

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Actually, there is no immutable, monolithic or traditional Mediterranean diet. Yet, there are similarities in many regional countries that unite them. Southern Italy and Greece and are specially influential in that context. Below are general characteristics of the healthy traditional Mediterranean diet:

  • The Mediterranean diet contains limited amounts of red meats. They are often used as a garnish than as a centerpiece of meal.
  • The Mediterranean diet maximizes whole foods and minimizes processed foods.
  • The Mediterranean diet is less than 4 eggs per week.
  • The Mediterranean diet is packed with many daily fresh fruit.
  • The Mediterranean diet is low to moderate poultry amounts and fish.

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  • The Mediterranean diet includes seasonal locally grown ingredients.
  • In the Mediterranean diet, wine is in low amounts, and it is usually used at mealtimes.
  • In the Mediterranean diet, concentrated sugars are just used several times a week.
  • Milk products in the Mediterranean diet mainly include yogurt and cheese in moderate amounts.
  • There is abundance of plants used as healthy foods in the Mediterranean diet such as beans, vegetables, fruits, seeds, potatoes, nuts, breads and whole grain products.
  • In the Mediterranean diet, Olive oil is considered the predominant fat.

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2. Advanced Mediterranean Diet

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Scientific breakthroughs over the last decade allow us to “fine-tune” the Mediterranean diet that lead to better improvements in longevity and overall health.  Specific modifications to the Mediterranean diet ensure that people can get optimal amounts of a wide range of foods, which are linked to lower risk of diseases, disorders as well as longer lifespan. Please consider some modifications below that I call Advanced Mediterranean Diet for better health.

  • Eat more fish.  Eat at least 2 servings of fish per week for preventing heart attacks and sudden death.
  • Eat different kinds of fish. In concrete, you can supply your body with cold-water fish like albacore tuna, mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout, swordfish, sea bass, herring, halibut, anchovies and pampano.

advanced mediterranean diet for women

  • Eat more nuts. You can consume at least 3 to 5 1-ounce servings a week.
  • Consume more olive oil. Consider consuming about 7 to 14 tablespoons of olive oil per week.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits. You should eat about 5 servings of fruits per day to reduce accidence of heart attacks, cancer and stroke.
  • Eat more legumes. Ideally, you can consume about 4 servings of legumes weekly to prevent the coronary artery disease.
  • Drink moderate amounts of red wine by about 4 to 5 ounces per day for women and 2 glasses for men, which can help in prolonging lifespan, reducing coronary artery disease and preventing dementia.

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  • Eat moderate amounts of whole grain. You can consume about 3 servings of whole grain per day to lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, coronary artery disease and premature death.

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In general, the traditional Mediterranean diet is high in fiber about 25 to 30 grams per day, which helps prevent constipation, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome.

  • The Advanced Mediterranean diet on the other hand encourages the usage of omega-3 fatty acids in vegetable oils (canola, flaxseed and soybean oils).  Dairy products were used in the traditional Mediterranean diet.  As we know it is believed that saturated fats can contribute to artery problem while the Advanced Mediterranean diet favors low-fat versions.  Also, the Advanced Mediterranean Diet cuts off meats and poultry.

III. Sample Mediterranean Diet Menu

Here is a sample Mediterranean Diet menu to follow daily.

1. Breakfast


    • Parfait (granola, low-fat yogurt and fruit)
    • Pancakes (low-fat yogurt, whole-wheat pancake, 1 egg, 1 cup of milk and 1 serving of fresh fruit)
    • Peanut butter bagel, 1 serving of fruits and milk
    • Cereal with 1 cup of milk and 1 serving of fresh fruit
    • Luna bar

2. Lunch


  • Chickpea Salad (olive oil, chickpeas, onion, black olives, green pepper, pepper, white wine vinegar and romaine lettuce)
  • Vegetable pot pie
  • Artichoke sandwich (light mayonnaise, whole-wheat bread, reduced-fat mozzarella cheese, artichokes and turkey breast) and 1 serving of vegetables.
  • Salad and Pizza
  • Veggie burger and salad
  • Pita sandwich (cucumber, yogurt, garlic, string beans and tomatoes)
  • Tuna pasta (tuna, whole-wheat pasta, mayonnaise, onion and bell peppers)

3. Dinner


  • Mozzarella Sandwich, Tomato and 1 serving of fruit
  • Chicken kabobs (fat-free Italian dressing, chicken breast, onion, tomatoes, green pepper, pita pocket) and 1 serving of fresh fruit
  • Orzo and scallops
  • 1 serving of vegetables or fruit and grilled sea bass
  • Shrimp salad (white vinegar, shrimp, lemon juice, romaine lettuce and basil)
  • Lamb souvlaki (couscous or rice)
  • Grilled chicken and Greek salad
  • Spinach feta flatbread (feta cheese, whole-wheat pita, spinach leaves, lemon juice, scallion, red onion, dressing, toasted pine nuts and zucchini)
  • Grilled Halibut and brown rice

4. Snacks


  • 1 serving of fruit, crackers and hummus
  • Vegetables, dip (chives, fat-free sour cream, zucchini, garlic cloves and bell peppers)
  • Fruit smoothie (light yogurt, fruit and fresh juice)
  • Crackers and peanut butter
  • Pita and ricotta spread


Remember to consume healthy ingredients in the Mediterranean diet plan while limiting some unhealthy ingredients as follows:

  • Limit saturated fats such as palm oil, butter, coconut oil and palm oil. In addition, limit fats taken from animal products such as dairy products made of whole milk and animal meat.
  • Limit red meats and just consume a few times per month in small amounts. For instance, 1 serving of meat is about 3 ounces.
  • Limit desserts and sweetened foods. Consider consuming these foodsonly a few times per week. They include sweetened foods and drinks like cakes and soda.
  • Drink moderate amounts of red wine. In fact, red wine is good for health and it is included in the Mediterranean diet plan. Remember to drink about 1 glass a day for women and 2 glasses daily for men.

Hope that this article on the Mediterranean diet plan to lose weight is helpful for you. Comment on it or share it!

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