Arginmax Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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While this product gets kudos for including some decent ingredients, its formula lets us down a little, and the customer reaction isn’t what you’d expect from a company that claims to be an industry leader. The truth is, there’s just more compelling products out there. Read more below:

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Arginmax Overview

Arginmax is a supplement for enhancing men’s sexual abilities, giving them a little help in the bedroom. It’s focused on giving you bigger, harder erections through natural ingredients. Other ingredients are supposed to help you with better sexual health overall, helping with arousal and sexual desire.

This product’s company, Daily Wellness, promises that they’re reliable, scientifically-minded, and that Arginmax is clinically-proven to work.
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Sounds great! Except it’s what this company doesn’t tell you that really makes a difference, and leads us to caution people before they spend their money on this product. Beware, it might not be what you think it is.

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Arginmax Claims

So what exactly is this stuff? Basically, it’s a dietary supplement that contains natural ingredients that assist the body’s natural sexual functions to help men who are experiencing sexual dysfunction – i.e. they’re having trouble getting it up. The main ingredients are supposed to lead to the production of more nitric oxide, a compound that naturally causes the blood vessels to dilate, letting blood circulate more quickly and more fully throughout the body. Since blood flow is an important part of sexual function, it’s supposed to be an easy and complication-free way to help you get stronger and longer-lasting erections.

They also say that men who take these pills will have a higher sex drive overall, and to have more stamina when making love.

These claims are being made by the Daily Wellness Company, a nutritional supplement company that seems to only be associated with two different products: Arginmax and FertilityBlend, which is just a multivitamin with a couple herbal supplements thrown in. Their website is clean and professional, and they claim to have been in business since 1996. How have they stayed in business all these years with only two different products, you wonder? Well, we’re stumped by that too. For a company that’s been around for more than 22 years, they don’t seem to have made a very big dent in the industry, and even though they have a section for news articles about them, there’s only a handful of them – and in most of them, they’re only mentioned in passing.

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Arginmax Ingredients

Arginmax has a pretty standard list of ingredients as a part of its formula:

  • L-Arginine
  • Ginseng
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Zinc
  • Niacin

L-Arginine is an amino acid that widens the blood vessels by turning into nitric oxide (as mentioned above), allowing more blood to flow throughout the body, and that includes the penis. It’s naturally found food sources, but can also be prescribed in supplement form.

Ginseng, or Asian ginseng, is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine as a way to enhance men’s sex drives – again, by affecting nitric oxide production.

Ginkgo Biloba is a South American herbal extract that’s been used mainly for treating bacterial illnesses and blood circulation issues, but it’s also been used as an aphrodisiac.

The Vitamin B Complex is basically a term for the inclusion of a number of B-vitamins, which are crucial for the body functioning properly and maintaining metabolism.
Zinc is a common mineral found in a proper balanced diet, but according to Arginmax, it’s supposed to correlate to higher levels of sexual function. We checked, and it looks like that claim comes from the fact that some people think zinc affects testosterone levels — a hormone associated with sexual function. Is that really the case, though? We looked, and what we found in our research was pretty disappointing.

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The Science Behind Arginmax

Arginmax claims that it’s based on science, and it’s true that there is some research that shows l-arginine and ginseng to have a positive effect on people’s sex drives (Kotta, Sabna, et al: “Exploring scientifically proven herbal aphrodisiacs” Pharmacogn Rev, 2024). That said, not all of the science that went into this product is solid.

Zinc is a problematic addition, because even though it’s true that the body does need zinc to properly function, there’s no clear proof that it improves testosterone levels. In fact, the one trial we’ve seen that tried to make the connection between the two claimed that there’s actually no significant correlation (Prasad, Mantzsoros, et al, 1996 via National Institutes of Health).

Arginmax doesn’t contain many ingredients at all, unlike other sexual health supplements that often contain several different aphrodisiacs. We wonder if, because Arginmax has restricted itself to only three herbal extracts and natural chemicals, that the product might not be weaker than the competition.

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Word on the Street about Arginmax

Arginmax wants you to believe that they’ve had thousands and thousands of satisfied male customers – after all, if they’ve been in business for over 20 years, they have to have been selling these pills to enough people to keep them in business. If this was the case, you’d expect to see large amounts of positive customer reviews, right? Well we went looking, and that’s not exactly the case. There are only a few places where customers have left reviews, like iHerb, VitaCost, and Amazon, and while there are some positive reviews, not all customers were satisfied with the results:

“Helped me have a good erection, without having to use Viagra.”

“You’ll feel the difference too if you take this and exercise as well.”

“This worked, but it took six weeks for me to see any changes.”

“This didn’t work as advertised. All I got was a lighter wallet!
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After two months I saw zero benefits. What a waste.”

“I got this stuff for my husband, but he was disappointed. We’ll be looking into other products.”

“It worked the first time I took it, but the effect seems to have gone down by the third day I used it.”

“Took for two months – saw no results.”

We should also say that again, for a product that’s been out for two decades, the fact that there are less than 60 total reviews across several websites says that something might be seriously wrong – and that either this product only worked for the minority who wrote the reviews, or that no one is buying the product in the first place.

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Is Arginmax Worth a Try?

This is a tough one. On the one hand, Arginmax does contain some decent ingredients like l-arginine and ginseng, and there are some customers who have had positive experiences with it. On the other hand, there are lots of things about Arginmax to be desired. For instance, it only contains three active ingredients, while the competition usually contains more than five or six. Some of its capabilities are also based on insufficient evidence, such as the claim that zinc improves the sex drive, showing that it’s possible that the company that made this product misunderstands the basic science that’s supposed to drive it.

There’s also the issue of the low number of customer reviews, compared to how long this company has been around. In a world of competitive nutritional supplement companies, you need to really stand out, and if you’ve been around for decades with little to show for it, it doesn’t really look good. And you’d definitely expect there to be more customer reviews, but Arginmax doesn’t have many to speak for it, compared to how long it’s been out.

Right now, based on what we know, we’re inclined to advise people to hold off on trying out Arginmax, and go for a product that has a stronger performance record (pun intended). You should want only the best for your body.

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Arginmax vs Staminol

These are similar products in principle: they both promise to improve men’s sexual functions, such as erection strength and libido. Arginmax only contains three active ingredients, while Staminol contains around a dozen different herbs and aphrodisiacs. Arginmax is more expensive at $29.99 (Amazon) while Staminol costs only $9.99 (on sale at GNC). However, Staminol does contain yohimbe, a dangerous herbal extract that is banned in several countries. Arginmax, on the other hand, contains ingredients that are legal worldwide (and it contains more vitamins and minerals as well).

Arginmax vs Maca Man

These products are fairly similar, in that they both contain herbal extracts that are supposed to be able to help men function better in the bedroom. They even share a key active ingredient in common – l-arginine –, but that’s where the similarities more or less end. Maca Man appears to be only available at GNC (as it’s one of their proprietary products), while Arginmax is available not only at its own website, but Amazon as well. Arginmax costs $29.99, while Maca Man goes for $22.99. Like Staminol, Maca Man contains yohimbe, which means that it’s considered more dangerous than Arginmax, due to the ingredients involved.

Arginmax vs Steel Libido

Arginmax and Steel Libido have the same comparisons and contrasts as our previous two product comparisons, since Steel Libido – again, made by GNC – seems to be more or less the same product as Maca Man and Staminol. Arginmax contains fewer ingredients overall, but again Steel Libido contains yohimbe (why does GNC love yohimbe so much?
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), in addition to l-arginine, the primary active ingredient in Arginmax. Unlike the previous two products reviewed, Arginmax and Steel Libido share the same price – $29.99 – so if you’re looking to weigh the pros and cons, price is less of an issue than it is with the previous two.

Arginmax vs Viagra

These are two very different products. Arginmax is a natural supplement, one that contains natural ingredients (herbs, natural chemicals, plant extracts, and vitamins), that’s supposed to gently support the body’s natural chemistry. Viagra is a drug, on the other hand, meaning it contains a synthetic chemical that’s supposed to change or affect a part of your body. Also, unlike Viagra, Arginmax claims not only to improve erections but to increase your sex drive and endurance as well, something that Viagra can’t promise. Viagra also comes with known side effects, including nausea, changes in blood pressure, and hearing loss, while Arginmax doesn’t look like it comes with any real side effects.

Arginmax FAQ

  1. Is there a women’s version of Arginmax?
    Yes, Daily Wellness also makes a women’s version of Arginmax. The main difference is the inclusion of the aphrodisiac herb damiana instead of ginseng.
  2. Are there any side effects to taking Arginmax?
    We haven’t read about any side effects being experienced by any customers, and the company doesn’t say there are any to be expected, so as of now it looks like this product is side effect-free.
  3. What are the ingredients in Arginmax?
    Vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Selenium, L-Arginine, American Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, and Ginkgo Biloba.
  4. What’s the dosage in Arginmax?
    Each full dose is 6 pills, which you need to take every day for the full effects.
  5. Can I buy Arginmax at Walmart?
    No, Arginmax isn’t available at Walmart right now.
  6. Where can I read reviews of the female version of Arginmax?
    You’d have to look up customer reviews on the female Arginmax product page on any number of vendor sites.
  7. Does Arginmax increase size?
    No, neither Arginmax nor any other pill supplement can make your penis bigger. Anyone claiming otherwise is probably trying to sell you something.
  8. Where can I read Arginmax testimonials?
    You can read customer reviews at Amazon, VitaCost, and iHerb.
  9. How long does it take for Arginmax to take effect?
    Some people have seen effects the same day as taking it, while others had to wait from a couple days to 6 weeks.
  10. What’s the best time to take Arginmax?
    Since it’s a daily supplement, you’re supposed to take it over the course of the day, as its effects are supposed to be cumulative and not necessarily immediate. In other words, you’re fine to take it whenever you feel like.

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So What Really Works?

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