How To Prevent Dementia Naturally In Old Age

how to prevent dementia

Dementia is a brain problem associated with aging. In fact, these conditions can’t be cured permanently but people can prevent them by having a healthy diet and lifestyle. Don’t think about protecting your brain and mind power until you are retired. It will be too late to take action at that time. In this writing, I would like to show you proven ways on how to prevent dementia naturally in old age basing on food and lifestyle changes. Keep reading to improve your brain function and lower the risk of dementia naturally.

How To Prevent Dementia Naturally In Old Age – Top 43 Tips Revealed

I. How To Prevent Dementia With Super Brain Foods

1. Dark Chocolate

How to prevent dementia - Dark chocolate download

Studies conducted by Norwegian researchers showed that flavonoids in cocoa aid in increasing blood flow in human brain and help protect your brain against conditions related to the reduced cerebral blood flow such as stroke and dementia. To get the best effectiveness of flavonoids, consume dark chocolates with high cocoa and low sugar.

However, cocoa contains beneficial compounds; this nut is rich in saturated fats. It is paired with high fat ingredients in desserts like creams and chocolate bars. So, it’s recommended that you should consume dark chocolate a day, instead of white chocolate.

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2. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens

Next are some green ingredients for you to prevent dementia, including kale, mustard greens, spinach and collard. These leafy greens are rich in B9 and folate so that they aid in improving cognition and reducing depression. Besides, you can consume cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy, brussels sprouts and cauliflower. These vegetables are rich in folate and cartenoids, which help lower homo-cysteine. They are also linked to cognitive impairment and help you prevent dementia in old age. Remember to consume these leafy greens gradually to get the best result of dematia prevention.

3. Vegetables Rich In Vitamin A And Folate

Vegetables rich in vitamin A and folate download

Pumpkin, asparagus, squash, tomatoes and carrots, if not overcooked, are good sources of vitamin A and Folate. They are essential properties for your improving cognition so that you can get rid of the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Remember to consume these vegetables as raw foods or not overcooked ones. When overcooked, they may lose up to 30% of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Beside vegetables, you can eat beef as this meat is also a good source of vitamin A and folate.

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4. Seeds Rich In Choline, Vitamine E And Zinc

Seeds rich in choline, vitamine e and zinc download

Next to foods on how to prevent dementia naturally, you need to add more seeds in your daily meals or consume seeds as snacks. Some good seeds for dementia prevention include pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. These seeds can aid in preventing dementia because they contain choline, vitamin e and Zinc. These agents are essential ingredients for healthy brain and powerful mind. Don’t skip eating these seeds several times a week. Especially for old people, these seeds are more essential for their improved cognition and mind power.

5. Red Wine

Red wine

A Norwegian study also credited the modest red wine drinking for conferring good effect on cognitive function and reducing the risk of dementia. Thanks to the high level of flavonoids and other polyphenolics like resveratrol present in red wine, you can also lower aging and keep your beauty physically and mentally.

However, you should use red wine with caution, as this is also a type of alcohol, a double-edged sword. Ironically, many researches and studies have indicated that an excessive alcohol intake may lead to dementia and a host of serious health problems such as cancer and chronic inflammation. Hence, if you drink like an addicted, limit amounts of alcohol to no over 1 glass per day.

It is also necessary to know that alcohol can slow your thinking and it also temporarily interferes with memory in the first hours after drinking. If you are going to have an important test or health examination, or any important event, drinking wine is not a smart way to show your best performance.

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6. Green Tea

Green tea

Beside some vegetables rich in flavonoid mentioned above, Green tea adds itself to the list of flavonoid-rich foods. Exactly, the type of flavonoid in green tea is known as catechins. You just need to make a cup of green tea and get 1 gram of catechins for your better brain function each day.

Numerous studies and studies have attested to beneficial properties of tea, including its ability to prevent cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. The ability to keep weight in green tea also makes it an easy choice in a variety of health promoting diet plans.

Evidence indicated that green tea stalls cognitive loss. The more green tea you consume, the sharper mind you have and the lower ageing memory you get. Secrets of green tea now are not mystery. The green tea leaves are packed with health properties that can block ­neuronal damage and penetrate blood-brain barrier.

Antioxidant in green tea can block beta-amyloid toxicity, which may kill your brain cells. Make a point of consuming green tea. Don’t add much milk, milk is proven to reduce antioxidant activity in green tea by 25%.

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7. Spices Rich In Flavonoids

Spices rich in flavonoids download

There are various alternative foods to enhance your brain function and help you prevent dementia, including some rich-flavonoid spices such as cinnamon, cumin or sage. These spices can help reduce brain inflammation, break up brain plaque, relieve headache and prevent triggers causing memory issues. Additionally, by consuming these herbs listed above, you can decrease high risk of common illnesses that make the brain age like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

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8. Clam


A research from researchers in the Investigate Memory and Aging Project of Oxford (OPTIMA) indicated that elderly people with low vitamin B12 intake had over 4 times of the risk of memory problems such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. As vitamin B12 in the body are low, blood levels will increase, significantly raising high risk of heart attack, dementia, and other ailments. You should supply your body with the healthy intake of this vitamin by eating clam. This shellfish provides you with about 98 mcg of vitamin B12/100g serving and 1648% of RDA.

9. Rich Sources OF Vitamin B12

Rich sources of vitamin b12 download

Beside clam, you can consume other animal sources rich in vitamin B12 such as animal liver, scallops, beef, shrimps, oysters, eggs, cheese, fish and mussels. Add to animal meats, brain foods with vitamin B12 include vegetables and fruits such as avocados, papaya, carrots, mangos, melon, peaches, apricots, squash, peppers and sweet potatoes. In addition, you also pay attention to choosing food to know what foods are low in vitamin B12. For instance, yeasts, seaweeds and fermented foods like tempeh and miso have low levels of vitamin B12.

10. Asparagus


A study published in 2024 by Korean researchers found that people who were lack of folate got 3.5 times of dementia development. And those who did not lack folate but had low folate were also at high risk of dementia. To be sure that you have sufficient folate measure, add asparagus to your meals as a cup of green spears can fulfill about 66% of daily folate needs/person.

Other sources of folate you can find in citrus fruits. Make sure to sprout them to maximize the nutrient intake and boost the absorption in the body. Some typical folate alternative sources include cauliflower, lentils turnip greens and spinach.

11. Wild Salmon

Wild salmon

According to a research released by Tufts University, Boston, individuals who are an average of 3 servings of fish/week had about 50% lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These people had increased levels of omega-3s in their blood than people who just took fewer intakes of fish in their daily meals. According to experts, salmon is a great source of omega-3s and other essential nutrients like vitamin B12 and vitamin D. These nutrients can help to improve neurodegenerative disorders as well as prevent dementia naturally.

As wild salmons generally have less toxins, more omega-3 and less omega-6 so that they are better choices for you to consume for strengthening your brain and empowering your mind.

12. Omega-3 Supplement

Omega-3 supplement download

Another choice for you to supply your body is fish oil. To get rid of worrying about environment toxin in seafood such as PCD, you can consider consuming purity fish oil. Instead of omega-3s intake in natural sources from fish, you can take omega-3 supplements for saving your time and maximizing the effectiveness of dementia prevention. According to doctors, only 2 or 3 servings of omega-3 supplement per week can provide the body with natural inflammation beating compounds.

Beside fish like sardines and anchovies that are high in omega-3s, you can change your diet with flaxseeds, walnuts and dark green leafy vegetables as they are also rich in omega-3s, EPA, ALA, AHA.

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13. Walnut


A research on aging published by the Human Nutrition Research Center indicated that a moderate diet with walnuts helped people improve the cognition in older people. The experts indicated that the combination of omega-3 fats, polyphenols and bioactive substances found in walnut is beneficial for your brain and overall health.

However, a higher dose of these ingredients is not really good. A study showed that mice fed on walnut diet with high intakes, equivalent to that in human displayed lower memory skills in the long term.

The researchers explained that due to the high intake of omega-6 in walnut, consumers will get more inflammatory compounds, less omega-3, an anti-inflammatory compounds in their bodies.

Though the effects of walnut in improving cognitive function are not unclear, most nutritionists and doctors recommend people eating a variety of food, including walnut. So don’t skip walnuts. Grab a handful of dried fruits, seeds and mixed nuts like hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans, raisins, dried blueberries and cranberries in order to get health-boosting nutrients every day.

14. Cherry


Scientists indicate that anthocyanins, antioxidant compounds give cherries their anti-inflammatory properties as a pain medication like Celebrex and Vioxx without nasty side effects. While anti-inflammatory drugs can cause bad effects such as heart attack and stomach bleeding among the elderly this bright red color fruit does not irritate human stomach and keep the brain function working well.

Beside cherry, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are alternative fruits to prevent dementia. They are rich in anthocyanin, vitamin E, vitamin C, so they are beneficial for brain protection, plus further damage formed by free radicals. They are also jam-packed with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that aid in reducing, brain oxidative stress and brain inflammation – both of them are associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

15. Turmeric


In reality, brain plaques contribute to brain cell degradation and lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A research found that the curcumin property in turmeric is a very effective substance for removing plagues from human brain. Turmeric is also well-known as an anti-inflammatory ingredient used in ancient times, also a popular spice in various curry dishes. Countries with people who eat a lot of curry regularly like India, report the lower rates of brain problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss. Thus, add this versatile and inexpensive spice into your diet once per week to be beneficial with cool inflammation as well as ward off your high risk of dementia in old age.

16. Ginger


Next to natural foods on how to prevent dementia, you can add ginger into your diet and enhance your brain function in the long term. Ginger, with anti-inflammatory agent is a cousin of turmeric that aids in reducing the development of dementia in human directly. Though few studies on the effects of ginger on brain, its ability to increase inflammation is clear. So, the same to turmeric, ginger is an alternative choice for you to consume daily for dementia prevention.

There are different ways to consume ginger. You can add it to meals as a spice. Also, you can drink ginger tea daily. Or you can eat ginger jam.

17. Beans


Beans are good sources of iron, potassium and magnesium. They also include vitamin B to boost acetylcholine – a neuro-transmitter for the brain function. Don’t skip this type of grain. Add them to your meals at least once a week in different recipes. For instance, you can drink boiled black beans to reduce inflammation in the brain, aid in neuron firing and general body function. You can add different types of beans to snacks, cakes, soups or porridges. You also find beans in ice creams. Besides, you can consume bean sprouts and get the same health benefits as dried canned beans.

18. Apple


Apple is a common ingredient added in the Mediterranean cuisine. There are a hundreds reasons to take apples daily, include its benefits for dementia prevention. According the scientists from the Cornell University, quercetin, an agent found in apple skin is proven to protect human brain from neurodegenerative disorders and dementia. Other studies and investigation have also indicated that apple is beneficial for reducing high risk of cancer.

Beside apple, people can consume onion and lovage as they are great sources of quercetin, too.

19. Vinegar


There are a lot of evidence show that ­vinegar can reduce risk factors causing memory decline, high blood sugar, diabetes, insulin resistance and weight gain. In addition, new studies on animals and human conducted by researchers in Arizona shown that acidic properties in vinegar pack glucose-lowering influence. Accordingly, according to the researchers, vinegar can help people have good appetite and prevent obesity – a disease associated with heart disease, diabetes, memory loss and accelerated.

To consume vinegar, pour some tablespoons of vinegar and add them to your salad dressings. In another way, you can drink 1 or 2 teaspoons of vinegar in the early morning before having breakfast. If possible, you can mix vinegar into water and drink; and get the same health effects.

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II. How To Prevent Dementia With Lifestyle Changes

How to prevent dementia with lifestyle changes download

Continue a wide range of foods on how to prevent dementia are lifestyle tips. You should adjust your daily activities and lifestyle to stay healthy, keep your brain function working well and improve your mental health better. Below are typical tips on how to prevent dementia naturally in old age for you to practice every day.

1. Exercise


Exercise is an important daily activity to improve brain and body health. Getting physically active can boost oxygen in the blood to all body parts, including the brain. In addition, the exercising process aids in strengthening cell development and connections. It means that daily exercising might help you grow throughout your life.

Moderate exercises also increase your physical activities to build up your healthy habits. Walking is considered an affordable and easy way to stay motivated. For some people, they set their own fitness goal to train their physical health and mental health. For instance, you can buy a pedometer to measure your walking steps taken during the day. Try to reach about walking 10,000 steps per day. In another, you can do indoor exercises at least 30 minutes every day.

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2. Sleep Well

Sleep well

Studies and researches show a connection between high risk of dementia and interrupted sleep. Especially, sleep habits change in old people. So, by requiring about 8 hours of sleep on average per day, you can enhance your brain function to work more effectively. As a result, dementia can be prevented in the long term. Medical experts indicate that sleep is a really essential part of self-healing process. People with interrupted sleep or sleep loss can have decreased memory, according to an article in the Journal Sleep.

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3. Eat Well

Eat well

As you see, learning on how to prevent dementia is not too difficult. Next, learn to eat well. Like sleep habit, eating is also important as an essential part of overall health care. According to nutritionists, low-cholesterol and low-fat diet are recommended to achieve healthy condition and prevent modern-life diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and dementia. For instance a research in the Nutrition Research indicated that high-fat diets are interfered with memory problems in adults, plus type 2 diabetes. To improve these health problems, you should consume a wide range of vegetables and fruits high in essential nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

In reality, eating well will directly feed your brain and reflect how healthy your brain is. Remember to check your health gradually to measure your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels and other problems associated with dementia in old age.

4. Socialize


Two studies conducted by the Journal of Public Health, USA showed that individuals over the age 50 had many social networks, they were less to sufferer from memory loss and dementia. Additionally, spending time with old friend or making new friends also challenge their brains to learn new things, remember more details and connect people with people via events.

To prevent memory loss and keep your mind and body healthy, you should learn to be more sociable since today. It will always not too late for you to find new friends at any age and any time. Keep that in mind to be more open-minded.

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5. Check Out The Ankle

How to prevent dementia - Check out the ankle

Your ankle condition can tell a lot of things about your health. In fact, the low blood flow is associated with your brain condition. The best body part to check out blood flow is ankle area. Watch your ankle to know your cognitive state as well as the likelihood of dementia.

In theory, blood vessel health can reflect the body health. Blood flow and clogged arteries might show atherosclerosis in your cerebral blood vessels.

Meet your doctor and ask him or her about an ABI test to check your ankle brachial index. This test involves a blood pressure cuff and an ultrasound device, which compare the blood pressure in the ankle with that of the arm.

6. Beware Of Consuming Bad Fats

Beware of consuming bad fats download

As I mentioned above, you should pay attention to improve your eating habit to strengthen your brain function better. Get clear about all good brain foods listed above. In addition, avoid consuming bad fats or saturated fat as with high dose of bad fats, they can strangle your brain cells. Hence, your brain will work inefficiently and cause many problems, including dementia. Basically, cut down on fired foods. Just consume low fat or fat-free products. Peanut, avocado, seeds and fish are recommended using while ice creams, cheese, fried foods with saturated fat are not.

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7. Learning To Grow Your Bigger Brain

Learning to grow your bigger brain download

Learn and learn non-stop! You will never be regretful for learning and widening your knowledge every day. In fact, learning activity forces your brain to work, so it trains your brain to work in a certain way. As a result, your brain is strengthened day by day. According to scientists, through activities of learning, your brain size might be increased. But don’t pay attention to this issue much. Foremost, by learning you will never think that you are stupid. You will also have more things to talk and to share with your friends while broadening your social cycles for stimulation.

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8. Know The Hormone Oestrogen Evidence

How to prevent dementia - Know the hormone oestrogen evidence

Discover more about the truth of dementia and explore how to prevent dementia from the root causes! According to a report, 68% of dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers are women. In fact, hormone oestrogen plays an importance role in boosting their memory. When oestrogen in their bodies decreases, they will lower the protection of memory ability in old age.

To improve this condition, women should be aware of the role of hormone oestrogen for mental health. Next, enhance women’s health by improving oestrogen levels as well as female hormones through dieting and exercising.

9. Raise Good Cholesterol

Raise good cholesterol download

It is divided into 2 groups of cholesterol. One are good for your health, another are harmful. So, to prevent dementia as well as beat health triggers, fix your health condition to raise good cholesterol while fighting of the bad one. The bad cholesterol group is named LDL and the good cholesterol group is called HDL. The bad one damages brain cells while the good one helps protect your against heart disease and save the brain. Researchers indicate that HDL cholesterol can block sticky stuff, which acts like an anti-inflammation for lessening brain damage. But, how to raise good cholesterol and get rid of bad cholesterol? Generally, balance your physical exercise to keep fit and balance your diet plan without alcohol and bad fat to ramp up your good cholesterol.

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10.  Know The ApoE4 Gene

How to prevent dementia - Know the apoe4 gene

In different ways on how to prevent dementia, get clear about the ApoE4 gene as this is a specific gene that can make you 3 to 10 times develop Alzheimer’s disease and brain problem. If you inherit the ApoE4 gene from one of your family member, your memory risk is higher than people without this gene. In case, you inherit this gene from both of your parents, the risk can rise by 10 times. Go to the hospital and ask for a DNA test to identify whether you may get ApoE4 genotype or not. Then, you have to depend on the real test result to find the best solution for your dementia prevention and dementia treatment.

11. Say “Yes” To Coffee

Say “Yes” to coffee download

Why not, if you have never pay attention to this drink before? Actually, coffee is said to be beneficial for dementia prevention. Just drink a cup of coffee a day to block side effects of high cholesterol levels in your brain, reduce inflammation, lower the risk of stroke, improve diabetes condition, get rid of depression, cure headaches and beat dementia, too.

In addition, coffee is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, so these agents aid in stopping neuronal death, lessoning diabetes and control high blood pressure.

But remember to take a moderate intake of coffee, don’t overdo it as more than 2 to 4 cups a day, coffee may give some negative effects to your stomach and digestive system.

12. Beware Of Losing Weight

Beware of losing weight download

Your weight condition also contributes to your brain health, especially for middle-age and old people. The weight loss after 60 may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia problem. A research showed that people with memory loss started losing their weight about 10 years before their dementia was diagnosed.

Among people of equal weight, they went to dementia development slowly. They were thinner more than 30 years; and when diagnosed, their weight were about 12lb less that those who got free from dementia.

13. Know The Signs And Symptoms Of Your Damaged Brain

Know the signs and symptoms of your damaged brain download

Memory problems may not have clear symptoms and it is not easy to identify the signs exactly. In other words, normal people sometimes have signs of memory loss or damaged brains naturally. For instance, you’ve pick up the key to go out, but you forgot and you are just trying to find the key.

In fact, based on certain ages and accidents, you can find the symptoms of your damaged brain easily and reasonably. If not, go to the hospital; make a brain check to know exactly how good your brain health work. Then, you will know how to fix your brain function and how to prevent dementia in time.

14. Make A Mediterranean Diet

Make a mediterranean diet download

Nowadays, many people follow Mediterranean diet because of its benefits for health. Similarly, you can follow this diet to improve your mental health as well as save your brain from dementia or memory deterioration. Some articles report that Italians and Greeks eat all brain foods so they have less problems of brain.

Mediterranean diet contains a lot of nuts, leafy vegetables, fruits, fish, and olive oil, so by using this diet, you can cut down the risk of dementia and related problems by a half.

15. Watch Your Middle-Age Obesity

Watch your middle-age obesity download

Pay attention to your health at the middle age. At this age, body function is aging, including brain health. Related to cognitive issue, this is middle-age obesity. Be ware of the link between your obesity after 60 and your damaged brain, then you will prevent dementia soon. Concretely, obese people had less than 8% of brain tissue; overweight people had less than 4% of brain tissue than people with their normal weight, according to a study about Alzheimer’s disease. Amounts of brain tissues could tell us your brain health and long-term memory. Brain shrinkage can occur in brain areas that are targeted by dementia and Alzeimer’s disease. Hence, it is critical for executive functions, attention, control of movement and long-term memory.

When you are middle aged, tackle different signs of raising weight! Oddly, gaining weight after 70 does not increase the risk of dementia. However, this does not mean that you can neglect doing exercise. To improve brain function, empower your mind and mental health, you should stay with your exercise routine, then you will be in safe zone with a stimulating cognitive function. In short, keep in mind that, dementia do not skip any body of any age.

16. Learn To Relieve Stress

Learn to relieve stress download

Stress can increase the release of harmful hormones, called corticosteroids. This hormone is created under daily stress you may have such as work frustration, financial worries, traffic jam and so on. When you get stressed, especially severe psychological stress in a long time that can precedes your damaged brain and dementia easily.

By controlling your daily stress and curing your chronic stress, you can get rid of the high risk of dementia or memory decline naturally. Just go to see the doctor, ask for professional advice, or simply change your positive thoughts, you can get rid of stress more easily. In other ways, medication or music therapy can help you cure memory loss and mental issues in early stage. Try some once and you to lower the risk of your damaged brain soon.

17. Take Care Of The Teeth

Take care of the teeth download

Among weird ways on how to prevent dementia, you will find one related to dental issue. That’s right! Bad gums may harm your brain. Individuals with gum disease tend to have lower memory and score low cognition tests, according to dental researchers in USA. Also, the infection related to gum disease might cause inflammation to brain areas involved in dementia and memory loss.

Consequently, floss, brush and prevent gum disease! They may keep your teeth and gums healthy and make your memory sharper.

18. Have The Eyes Checked

Have the eyes checked download

Like dental health, you also pay attention to your eye condition. Have your eyes check gradually. Ensure that you still keep good vision at your age. According to doctors, if your eye health is good, the chance of dementia formation will drop by 63%.

Scientifically, your cognitive function related to your eyes directly. You have to read documents to understand the meaning of words and get information, so, eyes function as a transformation of getting knowledge and reflect your brain functioning. By improving your eye health, you also boost your memory and delay your cognitive decline.

19. Prevent & Control Diabetes

Prevent & control diabetes download

Diabetes is a serious health disease in middle age people. According to experts, suffering from type 2 diabetes is associated with a higher risk of dementia or diabetes of brain.

The scientists explain that both diabetes and dementia have the same causes, including high blood pressure, obesity, high fat, high cholesterol, high sugar levels, lower physical activities and increased inflammation.

Get clear about the link between these two disorders, you should follow a regular exercise routine while consuming low saturated fat diet plan. In reality, learning on how to prevent dementia requires you to improve your overall health condition. So be patient to focus on dealing single problem!

20. Do As Japanese People Do – Add More Fish To Your Daily Meals

Do as japanese people do – add more fish to your daily meals download

Evidence shows that omega-3s can work to prevent both vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Recent researches have indicated that nations with fish-rich diets, like Japan achieve the lower rates of some diseases while boosting the long life expectancies. In fact, sardines, salmon and tuna are cold water fish that are high in omega-3s and low in omega-6s, so they are these fish are the best health boosters, also a best dementia preventing food. Just learn Japanese people to add more fish to your daily meals.

21. Cut Down On Smoking Cigarette And Drinking Alcohol

Cut down on smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol download

As bad lifestyles and habits, smoking and alcohol are not recommended using for health improvement. Related to dementia, there is a variety of studies shown that people addicted to alcohol and smoking can get higher risk of dementia. Basically, both smoking cigarette and drink alcohol damage brain cells, aging brain functioning. As a result, smokers and alcohol addicted people will lose memory faster.

By cutting down smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol, you can save your brain. If you are cigarette and alcohol addicted, don’t hesitate to quit smoking and get rid of alcohol today. It will not be too late for you to learn how to prevent dementia and other problems related to your brain function.

22. Cut Down On Junk Food

Cut down on junk food download

Junk food can related to excess sugar, diabetes, bad fat, obesity, blood pressure, so it is not safe for you to consume daily. If you love junk food, choose healthy snacks made of fruits and seeds to consume. According to doctors, junk food may imbalance your diet and healthy weight. So, the best ways for you to reduce the risk of dementia is to cut down on junk food. Balance your health and brain function with fruits, vegetables and no fat ingredients. There is evidence that simple foods and dietary factor might contribute to dementia delay.

23. Do Mental Exercise

Do mental exercise download

Next to ways on how to prevent dementia systematically, you can do mental exercise to strengthen your brain functions while beating dementia at the same time. Studies have shown that solving puzzles may aid in reducing the dementia onset. Some other frequent mental activities such as playing card also create the connections among nerve cells in your brain and make them become more resistant to the brain deterioration. Evidence has also shown that high levels of education also lower the dementia symptoms later.

Expand your mind with some metal games when you are free. Even, books and music instruments are also mental lessons that work to prevent dementia effectively.

24. Keep Yourself More Active

How to prevent dementia - Keep yourself more active


Besides being social with more friends, you can do anything to be active and remember to keep yourself more active through the day. For instance, you can play with your pet, walk your pet. Another way for you is to play with kids, travel and discover new lands. Why not? Act now, do anything you love to relax your mind and strengthen your brain for the dementia prevention. This is the last but not least tips on how to prevent dementia revealed! Learn to empower your brain and mind with these quick tips.

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I’ve shown you totally 43 practical tips on how to prevent dementia naturally in old age. Hope that you can make use of all these tips, including super foods and lifestyle changes for the dementia prevention.

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