How to strengthen your eyes naturally without glasses

how to strengthen your eyes

Your eyes need to work for a long hour, which lead to some vision problems. However, with some effective exercises, you will be able to get rid of eye symptoms, including nearsightedness, astigmatism, light sensitivity and farsightedness.

How To Strengthen Your Eyes Naturally Without Glasses – Effective Exercises Forever

Today, it is proven that stress and anxiety are the main causes of some ailments in human. Several number of mental and physical health problems are caused by environmental, psychological and cultural factors. These studies are shown in the number of people who have to wear contacts or eyeglasses in the United States. Moreover, there are 70% of Americans who have vision disorders but still pay attention to the problem. It makes sense to prove that good eyesight nowadays is hard to maintain. Of course, some people were born with visual abnormalities. However, according to Dr. William H. Bates, there is still the way to train your eyesight naturally without wearing glasses or eye contacts. He has conducted an experiment on the visual training method with practitioners who can see the gradual decrease of time they need to depend on eyeglasses and contacts. Therefore, on, I would like to introduce to you some exercises based on the visual training method of Bates, which give you the ways on how to strengthen your eyes naturally without glasses. This article is solely for information purposes, so we do not prove or debate the Bates stance. However, you should try these exercises because you will not lose anything.

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1. Palming: 

how to strengthen your eyes

This is the first exercise on how to strengthen your eyes. The best place and position to do palming are sitting on the floor. You elbows can rest on the knees or a cushioned surface. And then close your eyes. Cross five fingers of one hand over other hand and place your palm to cover your eyes. Your fingers lie on the forehead and the heel may rest on your cheekbone.

It is important to make sure that you should not put too much pressure on your lids with palm. If you see the blackness, it shows that you are in state of complete relaxing. However, when you see light, patches of gray or bright color, you should not try your best to see blackness. The reason may be that it can cause you some strain and pain. Solution I would like to recommend to you is to try visualizing a past happy memory which can help you ease your mind. While visualizing, you can keep your neck and your shoulder comfortable. You should repeat it a few times, the better result will be achieved with great patience.

2. Swinging: 

how to strengthen your eyes

Swing is the whole-body exercise which is not only good tip for body but also effective way on how to strengthen your eyes. Swing will boost the mobility of eyes and reduce fatigue, stress. In order to do this exercise, you separate your feet about 12 inches apart. Rotate parts of your body from head, shoulder to trunk. Put your weight on your left side while allowing your right heel to lift up on the floor. While doing this exercise, it is important to keep your body straight. After that, change to the other side while your eyes move a 180 arc. It is better to relax completely. I mean you should not try to focus your eyes on anything. The swinging needs to be repeated from side to side 100 times.

  By performing this exercise, you will avoid eyestrain after sleep.

3. Looking At A Specific Point: 

how to strengthen your eyes

This exercise on how to strengthen your eyes naturally is also called central fixation. It refers to the fact that the central portion of retina gives you the opportunity to see the central point of object the most acutely while other parts are slightly blurred. When people see a thing, their eyes will shift rapidly in order to see the entire object. By training your eyes to see only one specific point of the object, your orbs will learn to move and focus again rather than put the pressure to try to see the entire object.

After doing this exercise, you will see your vision improve.

4. Blinking: 

how to strengthen your eyes

We all know that the tears are good tool to cleanse and lubricate the eyes. Blinking exercise will help you release tears. Moreover, it is the simple way to help your eyes relaxed and fresh. As a result, your eyes will have ability to focus longer. It is the fact that television watchers and computer users blink less than others because they have to focus on screen.  Therefore, when your eyes feel tired, you should keep blinking for at least 2 minutes. After a few minutes, stop blinking and write down mentally how you feel. Do you feel relaxed, strained or comfortable? In addition to, blinking also helps you build a relationship with people. The reason may be that when you keep staring at the person you are talking to, you will show your aggressive side. On the other hand, blinking during the conversation will be the sign of friendliness and relaxing.

5. Sunning: 

how to strengthen your eyes

There are not many evidences to prove that sunning is the way on how to strengthen your eyes. However, people with eye problems should try this exercise because of its benefits, especially when your eyes are sensitive to the light. In order to do this exercise, you should sit or stand under the sunlight. Let the sunlight penetrate into your eyelids. This is also the good way to start a new day. If you want to avoid strain, just rotate the head from left side to right side while breathing deeply.

6. Shifting: 

how to strengthen your eyes

The final tip that I want to introduce to you is shifting.  Your eye motion will be lost due to eye problems. Therefore, eye-shifting will help you reduce difficulties, including astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness. In order to do this exercise, you should let your eyes make small shifts.

These are 6 exercises on how to strengthen your eyes I would like to introduce to you. If you find this article effective and informative, please leave your feedback at the end of the post. I am glad to hear your voice. Thank you all.

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