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rocket german premium

For those who are looking for the real course that helps to be able to speak German like a native person, then this Rocket German Premium review will reveal the best answer:

1. What Is Rocket German Premium?

2. How Does It Work?

3. Rocket German Premium Review – Product Details And Benefits

4. How Much Does It Cost?

5. The Full Package Of The Program

6. What About Guarantee?

7. Does The Author Offer Any Support?

Rocket german premium plus review

What Is Rocket German Premium?

Rocket german premium real user reviewsLearning a new language is enriching and a great way to forgo personal development. While there are a lot of foreign language courses available on the Internet, selecting one that fits well your own learning style, finance state, and daily schedule could be hard. Based on the real sharing of user named Steven Kodess, this Rocket German Premium review on focuses on Rocket Language’s Premium German lessons, what it is, how it benefits you, and many other aspects behind it. Rocket German Premium is created by Paul Weber who comes from the beautiful country – Germany. This system is broken down into 3 levels, which are Rocket German Premium, Rocket German Premium Plus, and Rocket German Platinum. People can opt for the level suitable their own needs.
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Actually, Program consists of 32 Language and Culture lessons which are available in mp3 format, which average to about 25 minutes of audio lessons. As using the scientific process called “chunking”, this program aims to break down daily German conversations into easy-to-follow segments so people will absorb and remember much easier.

With the second level of this e-course, people will be able to boost their German fluency drastically. Enhancing the number of German words you know is considered as the fast way to improve your self-confidence when speaking. Even when you do not know a complete German sentence, acknowledging some essential words can help to get your point across. This level allows users to adapt their German to various situations, extend their German vocabulary  and even get deep insights in the typical culture and the manner that the German language works.

And, the third level – Rocket German Platinum – is designed to help users focus on the subjects that interest them most. By expanding your own vocabulary, and strengthening your own understanding about the language, this level offers you advanced lessons that will empower you to speak as well as understand German in complicated situations, and introduce yourself with more flexibility.

Rocket german premium program with Paul Weber

It does not matter that you want to learn German to serve your traveling purpose or for preparing to live in a German-speaking country, or for any other reasons, this program is packed with great conversations that you could take part in easily. Keep reading my entire Rocket German Platinum review to discover some typical features and benefits of this product.

How Does It Work?

Due to the limited frame of this Rocket German Premium review, I just can list down some of the most outstanding features of each level.

The backbone of the Rocket German Premium is the 32 repeatable audio lessons which prompt learners to speak German out loud along with, and in response to, the fun native hosts. This program comes with a customized Dashboard which will walk you via the entire course to help you hit the ground running, allow you to track your own progress, and suggest the next greatest lessons for your unique learning style. Moreover, the e-course also utilizes helpful and unique testing tools which measure your level of learning. Included in the Rocket German Premium, Rocket Record is a voice comparison tool that aims to improve users’ pronunciation and accent. Also, you can boost your memory power fast by using this tool. This tool is also called as Hear it Say it.
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You can randomly choose the audio track from the individual words as well as phrases inside each lesson. Then, listen to it and record yourself so you can compare your voice to the German speaker. By that way, you will rate how well you absorb what the German speaker was saying.
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Rocket German premium program reviews

In addition to what included in the level 1, the level 2 of this e-course offers users 31 Interactive Audio Lessons, 7 Interesting Topics to diversify users’ vocabulary, and 31 Language and Culture Lessons, My Badges, My Level, Tests And Certification of Rocket German Premium Plus, and free online upgrades of the second level.

With level 3, you are going to get 7 more advanced topics to talk about, which are:

– The German way of life

– About German food

– Relationships

– At home

– Travel destinations and travel safety

– Daily communication tips

– When things go wrong

Besides, you also get 33 Interactive audio tracks with 20-minute duration each one. Thanks to over 13 hours of audio conversations, you could listen and practice speaking with as frequently as you need in order to speak more confident. The topics of conversations in the audio are various, ranging from German Literature, The White Rose, Typical German, At The Bakery, At The Super Market, Out For Lunch, A Weekend In Vienna, My Neighbor Claudia, The best friend, and House Chores.

Here is what people said about the effectiveness of this e-guide:

Rocket german premium success stories

Rocket German Premium Review – Product Details And Benefits

In reality, the author of Rocket German Premium understands that learners’ time is precious, and language learning needs to be suitable to their lifestyle. That is why this e-course has several key tips to cut your learning time  in more than 50%.

As a user, you will be able to enjoy language learning journey as the program is conversation-based. The conversations contained are real-life conversations about helpful real world events or things so you can actual practice right from the first lesson. Additionally, the Rocker Premium Master Games in this system also get users absorbing German words as well as phrases in a fun manner. In simple words, you will acknowledge how the sounds and the words fit together for formulating practical German phrases.

Furthermore, learning the Rocket German Platinum, you will get techniques on how and when to give indirect or formal commands, use the subjunctive and indicative mood and the passive voice. Once you get over the level, you will speak German fluently because you have mastered the art of the conditional, present perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses. With nearly all the essential functionality of the full site, the application in this program will help you listen to the audio lessons, study the vocabulary, take tests, and earn points and badges effortlessly.

Rocket german premium dashboard

According to Steven Kodess, a real user, what he loves about this program is that it offers useful and practical lessons that are particular to Germany. Most of the other language courses are geared towards teaching learners what is easy to learn. Nevertheless, unlikely, Rocket German system aims at teaching you what is most practical and applicable to daily activities and life.

The lessons are flexible in that people can take them right at their own pace without having to leave home.

How Much Does It Cost?

As mentioned above in this Rocket German Premium review, there are 3 levels of this program. Each level comes with different goals and prices.

  • Level 1 – Rocket German Premium

– CD Version  – 20 CD pack – $299.95
– Online Version – $99.95

  • Level 2 – Rocket German Premium Plus

– CD Version  – 20 CD pack – $299.95
– Online Version – $149.95

  • Level 3 – Rocket German Platinum

– CD Version  – 20 CD pack – $299.95
– Online Version – $149.95

Actually, with this product, you will save hundreds of dollars instead of spending on private German tuition which may cost you $50/hour and even more.

So, is it worth your money?

Rocket german premium order

The Full Package Of Rocket German Premium

Not only will you get all of the things above when ordering the program, but you also receive 3 free yet helpful bonuses, which are:

  • Bonus #1: Rocket German Survival Kit
  • Bonus #2: Rocket German Beginners MegaCards
  • Bonus #3: Rocket German Advanced MegaCards

Rocket german premium program bonuses

Hence, do not hesitate to take the first step to speaking German like a pro by giving this product a try now!

What About Guarantee?

Rocket german premium 60 day money back guaranteeThe author confidently claims that this e-course is actually the most complete guide that you could get anywhere. Regardless of your own experience with German is, the Rocket German Premium will work for you.

However, to ensure that there is no doubt rising in your mind when placing an order this product, the author provides customers with an ironclad 60-day money back guarantee if they feel this product is not as good as their expectations. Thus, you can try out this e-guide within 60 days without fee.

Is it fair enough?

Does The Author Offer Any Support?

For any further questions regarding the product, simple contact the support team email: support [at] rocketlanguages dot com

If you have any comments about my entire Rocket German Premium review, drop your words to below to let us know your thoughts. We will answer all soon!

Rocket german premium plus order

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