18 Tips To Study Better And Remember Easily In College

Learning is the constant fabric of our life.
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Study is not just one task, but many. You might need to memorize facts or just understand the basics. You may also need a broad conceptual base, or just skills. Each person has different learning styles and preferences. No method is the right one fit all. Yet, with top 18 tips to study better here, you are bound to find something that may help.

18 Tips To Study Better – Maximize Your Learning Results From Now

1.      Know Your Learning Style

Everyone has a preferred manner of learning. So, getting to know your learning style to study in the ways you love will boost your learning effectiveness. Here are some common types of learning styles:

  • Auditory learners: they can learn their best by listening. If you are an auditory, then you could read your notes aloud and discussing them with others. Record the key points and play them again.
  • Kinesthetic / tactile learners: they are able to learn effectively via doing. If you are a person like that, you could refer methods like role-playing for building models to revise the key points.
  • Visual learners: they show off their best of learning through seeing. If you are a visual learner, you could use colors in your own notes and draw charts or diagrams to help you represent your key points. You can try to remember some of information or ideas as pictures.

tips to study better in school2.      Visualization

Abstract ideas are difficult to understand and memorize. In that case, you can get closer to them by making use of vivid pictures, images, or feelings that relate lots of information together.

When learning something, in order to learn and memorize better, it is recommended that you should visualize the information into a picture. If you are trying to understand a certain concept, then visualization is a great technique that you can begin with.

3.      Get Enough Time To Learn

Do not only learn until your last minute. There are so many students who might thrive on last-minute “cramming”. Most of us often accept this; nevertheless, it is not a good way to deal with an exam. Create your own schedule for studying. Then, you should write down the quantity of exams you have and the days on which you have to do them. Based on the timetable, organize your study properly. With some exams, you might want to spend much time on some certain exams than the others, so find the balance to make you feel pleasure with. 

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4.      Organize Studying Space

Just make sure that you have a comfortable and enough space for spreading the notes as well as textbooks out. Do you have enough light? Is your desk comfortable?

tips to study better pancha bheda

Get rid of distractions when learning and make sure that you are able to focus. This is extremely important for effective learning. For some people, this means almost absolute silence; for others, background can help. So, think about what works best for you, and take time to do it right.

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5.      Make Use Of Diagrams And Charts

Visual aids could be actually useful when revising. At the beginning of a certain subject, just challenge yourself by noting down things you know about a subject. Then, highlight the important points. When your exam is up coming, condense your revision note in diagrams. Making a brief format will be very helpful to rapidly recall everything you have learned during your exam.

6.      Do Your Old Exams Over Again

It is assumed that one of the best tips to study better is practicing, taking past exams. By this way, you are able to get used to the format of various questions. Also, if you can time yourself, then this is a chance for you to make sure that you are spending the proper amount of working time on each task.

tips to study better for exams7.      Group Studying

It is better for you to get study with your friends for studying sessions. When learning by group, you might have questions that your friends have the answers, and vice versa. Nevertheless, make sure that both of you are staying focused on the subject for an agreed amount of time. This could be one of the best ways to challenge yourself.

8.      Do Not Be Afraid Of Asking Study Questions

Obviously, depending on what you are learning, it might be rather hard to get into a position to understand the theory, concept, or other information you have to learn. Do not be afraid of asking your teachers, lectures, or educators an even “stupid” question because when it comes to studying and learning, there is no such thing called ‘stupid. Just embrace yourself with your own curiosity. Doing so can enable you to fill in your blanks and careful prepare you for exams.

9.      Link Method

This is considered as advanced memory techniques that can work surprisingly well, but it might take longer to set up and might require practice if you want to do it rapidly. The idea here is that you link two ideas together by forming a bizarre picture that can involve both of them.

For example, if you need to remember a grocery list that contains milk, apples, and beans. Then, you can create 2 images which are linked apples to milk, and milk to beans. The first one, you can imagine the picture of a big apple milking a cow. The second one, you could imagine a milk container which is poured baked beans. That is simple.

tips to study better during exams

10.     Find Patterns Of Information

Look for the common patterns in information. Information will become easier to arrange and organize once you could identify broader patterns which are similar across various topics. In reality, the way a neuron fires has some similarities to “if” clauses in programming languages.

11.     Get Solid Foundation

Reading lots and supplementing understanding of different topics can give you more flexibility in finding patterns as well as metaphors in brand new subjects. The deeper and the more you know, the easier it is to learn.

12.     Test Yourself

If you think that you upcoming exam is the only way to test yourself, then you are wrong. Do not wait for a formal exam to test your understanding and knowledge. Try to test yourself first. Do it by getting a friend or family member to quiz you on some key concepts or by offering to help other students with their studying. It is really a positive and great way to be confident with what you know and find out what you still have to learn more!

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13.     Get Motivated

Think about what it will mean for you if you do well in your studies. How can it make you feel better? If you keep the end result in your mind, it will become your motivation.

You can find some quotes or images or something else that represents success and put it somewhere that you can notice while studying. It is a good way to help you get motivated when learning.

tips to study better in college14.     Give It A Hand

Use the fingers as well as thumbs as a memory tool. Just connect different names or words to your specific fingers and remember which go there. Though the fingers are limitation, so there are limits to this unique application, but you can make use of this if a good acronym does not come instantly in your mind.

15.     Create

Creating and learning are, in essence, the same activity. Do not let learning become a tiring and passive activity where you just try to absorb the information without interest. Instead, it is better for you if you can create information. Try forming your own descriptions, relationships, and examples. By this way, you can make it easier to learn.

16.      Eat “Brain Food”

Keep in mind that you should keep yourself away from junk food. Sometimes, you might think that you deserve to eat any food you want, and that you do not have enough time to cook. Yet, in fact, what you are eating now might affect your energy levels as well as concentration. So, in order to keep your brain healthy and well-fuelled, it is better for you to choose nutritious foods to eat. Healthy foods which are proven to assist your focus and memory can be fish, nuts, seeds, blueberries, and yogurt.

Here is a simple example of one exam day that you can refer.

Before your test, eat a good meal based on foods that can slow down the energy release throughout the day.

Do not consume sugar, though it might be appealing.
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In fact, it cannot help when the energy levels crash one hour or even so later.

tips to better study habits

17.     Drink Enough Water

Remember that the importance of water cannot be denied in most situations in our lives. Being well hydrated is necessary for your body, and your brain to operate effectively. Just ensure that you drink plenty of water in both your daily studying route as well as on your exam day.

18.     Take Breaks

The last but not less important one in most effective tips to study better is taking regular breaks. You might think that it is good to learn for as long as possible; nevertheless, it is really counterproductive.

Studying for a long term without taking break can result in tiredness and ineffectiveness. Taking regular breaks can actually help. Do something different from what you have been doing and in a different area, such as walking around if you have been sitting. This can help you reduce stress and tension with ease.

 Or, you can go out and start enjoying the sunshine because vitamin D in the sun light is very critical for a healthy brain.

You can refer some useful tips for relaxing, and easy meditating and breathing techniques to help your breaks more efficient.

After reading the tips to study better above, so what are your favorite tips?

Whatever it is, whatever method you come up with, once you find something that works best for you, put it into practise and then go for it immediately!

If you feel this article of tips to study better is interesting and useful for you, then leave your comments at the end of this post. We will respond all as soon as possible.

In addition to these useful tips, if you want to know more about other easy ways to score high while studying less, you should read the How to Become a Straight-A Student book.

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